The Perfect Birthday Dinner Party: The Dinner Bell

it’s so piping hot like 350 degrees inside this thing if we all blow on it I think it’ll work I’m just kidding I’m just gonna go for it and just grimace oh my god it’s so hot I really really really good strong hands too okay one two ha take two ready 1 2 3 beautiful I’m Julia and welcome to my home so I live in the North Fork of Long Island having lived in the New York City for about 12 years so I have an art background I went to Rhode Island School of Design and then shortly after graduating you get to the real world and you’re like hey how the hell am I supposed to support myself so I kind of fell into the restaurant game pretty quickly and was lucky to sort of fall under the umbrella of a lot of really great Brooklyn restaurants decided I would like to try cooking and going from like small nothing nobody no beginner and then was like why don’t I just put the pedal to the metal and just like start having people over for dinner I started the dinner bell which was a supper club where people would come and have a four-course meal you know oftentimes with strangers and my home in Williamsburg Brooklyn I think one of the biggest things that I hear people saying is like oh I wish I could cook and I’m kind of like then you should a good meal when you can bring people together and they’re all like digging it is it’s up there with like one of the best feelings for me and you’re watching the dinner bell on munchies dot TV it was my friend Simone A’s birthday this weekend and I love having people over so any chance to get to have people come over to my house is a real treat today we’re gonna make a salt crusted whole fish with anthe bean and a beautiful summer pudding with fresh berries and whipped yogurt and for that it’s so simple there’s really only like three components it’s the cream the berries and the cake and so each needs to really carry their weight so we went to oyster ponds farm which is a really excellent berry farm out and orient it’s a family owned and operated adorable little farm stand so excited thank you guys so much take care we are back with all our berry fixings and we’re going to be making the summer pudding next kind of spread everything out to make ourselves a little bit more sane so we have raspberries blueberries and golden raspberries from oyster ponds and we have plumcots which are like a little hybrid of a plum and broke up strawberries not in season but still tasty let’s not judge either we have egg whites that we’re gonna whip this is four egg whites five egg yolks so figure out something interesting to do with egg white do a little facial hair mask I don’t know one and a half tablespoons of sugar for the topping we’ve lemon thyme from my garden a lemon to zest and to squeeze the juice of one cup of flour and then three quarter cups of olive oil first thing we’ve got to grease our pan a springform pan works best for this cake so firstly grease the pan a tiny bit just with oil rub it in with a paper towel if you’re finicky fingers if you’re not this helps the parchment stick I just like to put it down here and tighten it tight as a drum boil that up a bit that way our cake won’t stick that’s good to go next up is to zest this entire lemon into the flour this is considered a dry ingredient and you know it gives you the chance to incorporate it microplane is a life changer I don’t know when it was invented but I sure do love it a lot so we have zested the lemon into this flour and I’m just going to whisk it up here going with this lemon we need about a tablespoon and a half of lemon juice just to leave aside because that’s going to come in handy okay next step five egg yolks total gonna go right into the mixer with that so in this egg yolk goes 1/2 a cup of our 3/4 of a cup of sugar let that beat on medium to high till it pale and fluffy about 3 minutes okay and at this point we’re gonna start pouring our olive oil and while this is going out like a medium pace I’m also going to incorporate the lemon a steady for nothing super finicky and it’s gonna look clotted and weird and scary but that’s okay and I would just stir to incorporate turn that off and then grab your one cup of flour and we are going to turn it on the lowest setting and start to shake that in cakes don’t really like to be over mix that’s like the number one cake rule and I’m just gonna take my rubber spatula and so you can see this goopy sides and just kind of fold it over on itself a couple lumps are okay they’re gonna work themselves out okay all of this batter we’re gonna scrape into this bowl that’s later gonna house the egg whites now this next step is crucial because we’re gonna kick to work we’re gonna whip the egg whites and that has to be happening in a really really clean Bowl so it’s a drag I hate doing it but we have to wash and dry this really well or the egg whites are gonna fall flat I’ve definitely tried to take shortcuts before I’ve tried to do meringues before and then you pour them out and it looks like a sad lady lying on the beach with really flat titties it’s like really not cute so this is worth it it really will make a difference I promise four egg whites going into the mixer loop start mixing them till they’re frothy and then in that as well goes half a teaspoon of salt that you can put on pretty high make quicker work of it it’s pointing the stop and add 1/4 cup sugar into the egg whites and I won’t even believe what’s gonna happen to thee I would think that qualifies as a soft pink we’re going to incorporate probably a third of it into our egg yolk mixture fold it in using kind of like broad strokes like so you can hear the precious air bubbles popping and then the rest this helps the cake stay light and fluffy then straight into our parchment paper pan and then I like to incorporate some of my lemon thyme and then last but not least our little tablespoon and a half of sugar sprinkling over top this is gonna give it that nice like crunchy texture which will then be smothered in cream so if you do get a bite of it it’s kind of like a nice little surprise putting that in the oven that’s been preheated for 350 and this will take about 40 minutes but keep an eye on it cuz sometimes it can be done sooner depending on your oven and it goes a woman’s work is never done next up is to make the cream filling and that is a quart a K 4 cups of Greek yogurt you know it’s kind of work with all the hype you know what before the yogurt we’re gonna whip this 2 cups of cream on high while on a high-speed kitchen maid this baby can get it done in I don’t know what was that a min and a half so you can see this is starting to get to where we want it to be I think the inside because of the tangy anus of the yogurt it should have a little sweetness so I’m gonna jump in probably like a quarter of a cup of sugar that’s all it takes is about 15 seconds longer then next we’re gonna take our yogurt you know I’ve used cakes with whipped ricotta and I just wanted to try this cuz I really love like a fresh berry dipped in yogurt that’s like my dream breakfast you can stick a very clean pinky or if you’re neurotic and you want to go by the health code use a spoon mmm I was really please leave I need to eat the rest it’s good it’s really really good we’re gonna get our fruit together now and because your pawns doesn’t spray and they’re so gentle and loving with their fruit we don’t even need to borrow their rinsing these which is great because something I hate about rinsing berries like this they’re like basically miniature cups so they’re gonna fill up with water they’re hard to dry yeah these we’ve already washed for these these are kind of like great to have as the thing that kind of supports the cake so I’m really only not cut these in half this is a great chance to kind of use any fruit peaches apricots if you don’t like strawberries and you love raspberries just go ham on those I mean I wouldn’t really do like watermelon or something but if you did I’d still be your friend cutting the plumcots now and I’m just gonna do nice little like thin slices I’m gonna pause on this and and check on my cake so I can smell it and that’s a sure sign I haven’t even been paying attention to the time but the nose nose and it looks ready indeed it is and we’re gonna let that hang out there for about 10 minutes sorry all the bubble water we’re looking for like a golden-brown crust as you can see if you want you can take a knife and poke it and see you know the old brownie test from the 80s came out totally clean so it means it’s done I might have just stabbed a hole in it and I might shrink but not gonna be too mean to myself today I’m gonna go get my summer pudding pot and we can start layering it up once that guy’s cool Here I am look at this this is actually a punch bowl but I feel like it should be for desserts too because besides alcohol what else do you want to do in life eat dessert why don’t I start getting the first layer while that guy cools this is like the really really fun part all that cleaning of this dumb bowl pays off coz this parts really fun I actually a little lemon on these will be make for a really nice juice a little sugar see how they’re hearty leaking it’s crazy and I think our cake is probably cooled by now my god it’s fine holy oh boy Oh Hank sorry didn’t touch the floor so it’s safe to eat I had dipped the knife around it so that it would work like that use a serrated knife to cut through this so just gonna like start in the middle here and just basically gently very gently start sawing through at a straight angle god it smells so good that lemon thyme is like bananas steroids it’s so good and then on with the next one and then since it’s all kind of a similar color I think I might put a little garden flowers that you won’t want to necessarily eat but make it really pop because this is really pretty the way it is but I think one last little attempt could be really cool who knows if they’re edible so I’ll just pull them before people start munching away flowers I think we’re what makes it like a jewelry box almost where I’ve even seen grown men fawn over it and I had some little spearmint tops it’s actually a perfect excuse to pinch these because that’s actually a gardening chore then I think they just look so pretty so scatter a couple those around and that’s actually exactly what this needed to make all the colors really intense I mean what’s not to love it looks like a cartoon so I’m gonna stuff this in the fridge now cuz I actually like a little chill on it you could easily keep it out I have a bunch of errands to run a few more ingredients to pick up so I’m going to pop it in the fridge and pick it back up right before we put the birthday candles on it and present it to the table we’re headed to my favorite fish shop which I visit sometimes twice a day and the guy’s name is Charlie and he is awesome him and his sister kind of like run the show and it’s just such a cool version of a family business you can just tell how hard-working and then they’re just like full of really young teens selection like could not be beat it’s super awesome hi Charlie hey how are you good teddy is Teddy’s here perfect no he’s got a whole tourist seabass company and so how old are these like seconds old yeah he just caught him so it’s perfect Wow perfect timing for you to come in seriously then uh yeah you’re blackfish these guys got some major major T oh my god yeah well all they do is they break the shells clam shells mussel shells crabs that’s what they do so he needs go to dentist oh he’s a little broke up Holy Mother this one’s a teenager yes he’s a nice one it’s just going to walk in yeah well that’ll go right out actually sea bass is gonna go right out into the case and then the porgies will go out in the case striped bass to go through the case and that’s that’s the nice thing about living out here you know arm our backyard is the water so it’s it’s quick it’s it comes out of the water uh nice boom into your plate you know my belly then into your belly so heading to the fish shop I was really I had my mind set on doing a salt crust for a whole fish you know I was open to the different variety but he kind of steered me in the right direction then we got black sea bass probably one of the best fish that we have locally I have a smallish pan and a big platter to serve it on so I thought maybe two would be good do you mind doing the Charlie yeah we’re cleaning them up for you shot them actually I want to watch and how did you learn all this do you have a were you ever a fisherman or you your family uh I miss my family my father my grandfather both fishermen and I actually when I was 12 years old started working at a local fish market and I just kind of worked on the boats and then back and forth in the market and I stayed in the market we don’t have a problem we clean a lot of fish I mean basically we have two or three kids cleaning every day so I think you know the key is when you go there you got to tell them exactly what they want because if you come in I just say you want it clean we’ll just scale and he got it so you could also just start at the top saying this is what I want to make and you guys can help yeah yeah I mean you know that’s that’s the key that’s why we’re all here we’re here to help help the customer make sure they get the right thing so that’s basically your finished product and that’s gonna be a nice thing I did oh you’re a gem yeah and no problem so we’ve got our black sea bass here and we’re gonna start chopping up things to stuff the body cavity with because that’s gonna basically fold on over like that we’re gonna put the salt crust over it and it’s kind of like gonna seal it and cooking it’s all its juices and pull all the flavor from from the inside so I’m just gonna start chopping fennel and we’re gonna do some lemon you don’t need too too much because obviously there’s not a whole lot of material this is not finicky this is like really fun simple dump of stuff I’m gonna get some herbs from my garden seeing this tarragon and it’s looking really good as we had a little bit of rain and this guy really perked up also this is the marjoram so we’re gonna get Rab the lemon thyme because that’s one of like the biggest most abundant guys back inside now we have all our herbs laid out plus I have a little store-bought dill and parsley as you can see we’ve kind of like stuffed it really to the maximum but that’s okay because the salt crust is gonna help close that up oh here’s some guests arriving hi oh we’re coming – hi welcome it’s a little bit brighter in here than it was last time yeah boy you guys know how that goes yeah that beautiful I’m excited so we’re doing a salt bake happy birthday yeah look what I caught guess what I did I forage in the North Fork so you might all have to spring me out of jail cuz yeah look at sea beans have you ever had these for some added Flair we went and got some sea beans foraged some sea beans at a nearby little water inlet and I’d never actually cooked those before I just kind of like snapped on on hikes so these are the sea beans here kind of growing all along the scraggly shore all the way down and along the path so just have my little clippers and just gonna snip snip and the only thing that’s useful for us to eat is from about two to five inches so they do have kind of a reading as to them if you go down deeper so we’re back at home with our sea beans so we’re gonna unpack them pick the Reedy stems off bought them in here in our salad spinner really quick rent because I mean whatever was in that water I want to eat it really quickly I just melted butter and then I’m shaved some a clove of garlic or two and then through the sea beans and air they don’t even need seasoning cuz they’re so damn salty and just sort of you know toss them than that sauteed them a bit and not even for very long they just they go from like kind of a beautiful jewel green to like this really i popping green and they were still crunchy to the bite and they were just really really great it was a fun wow factor because nobody even people have been living here for 25 years we’re like what is this so that was fun I always like to do the the Janet Jackson nip-slip if you will mm-hmm and of course seeing the sea beans and this crazy fish on the table everyone’s like wanting to be part of it or take interest in it and you want to you know you’re here covered with like fishy guts and you’re trying to say hi but luckily in this kind of weather you can gonna just be like shoo shoo and send them out to the garden give them alcohol a little snack that always ties people over I always do some kind of like you know little bite with the drink so you’re not having like people who are so hungry by the time they sit down that they’re angry hangry I had a grilled apricot crostini where I just did a little ricotta and goat cheese spread but you can click below for more recipes if you’re curious so we’ve stuffed the fish it’s all ready to go what we’re going to do next is make the salt crust so with that we’re going to crack a couple eggs and we want to save the white keep the yolk separate I’m going to start with six so we’ve got two to cover so it’s a good amount next up is to pour your kosher salt into here you can just make it rain I all I ball it I’m looking for a texture which is like wet wet wet sand that’s probably about two cups of salt I’m going to keep going I did six eggs I’ll probably do more cups of salt okay this is starting to feel right I putting a little bit underneath so that this fish rests on the salt so it permeates the bottom side too so it’s not just the top guy having all the fun start to lay the foundation down it doesn’t need to be thick at all I would say half inch to a quarter of an inch it’s just basically want to capture all of the seal seal it in so I’m gonna have to make another pile for my other fish obviously but this is so cool it’s almost like an Adobe oven or something like that so the ovens been preheating for a while now at 450 so I’m going to pop it in and I’m gonna check on it basically what we’re gonna be looking for is like this just gonna start turning brown and beautiful and hard and crusty I would say normal oven 40 minutes so I’ll just kind of keep my eye on it oh it’s done you can tell because it’s very golden and glorious and that noise it definitely sounds like concrete so now is the finale we’re gonna crack it open which is really fun it’s like a pinata just gonna kind of slightly peel it back don’t go crazy but kinda lightly tuck away here and you’ve got this beautiful fish and a mold of a fish start to pick away you don’t really want to puncture the meat beautiful look at that if our sea beans waiting in the wings here for this amazing decoration and those are a nice added effect kind of looks like it’s jumping out of a seaweed when they’re friends I feel like you can get it really messy and maybe like the person who sits near it is like forced to become the server which is funny and fun it’s probably gonna be me so I shouldn’t really laugh too hard to show thank you yeah amazing amazing thank you my loved ones it was delish really good yeah it really sucked up the flavors of all the day stuffing yeah just like taste of the ocean you know I don’t know there’s just something about it that feels so rewarding when you pull something off you know and it feels yours and when someone cooks for you it’s like as intimate as sex sometimes you know it can be and the meal is just kind of the tie that binds it’s not so much like the front runner and that’s what’s so great about home cooking and and kind of building up those skills it’s it’s never supposed to be like we went to Charlene’s in her lasagna was blah blah blah it’s more like you know what an amazing night that’s what I want people to feels when I hang out it’s just like that was fun mmm stage bye I’m gonna go cry in a ditch somewhere I think I’m lactating good night

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