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– Hey, I’m Lee Kalpakis,
segment chef at Thrillist. And I’m the host of our
new show, “$30 Dinner Party.” Thrillist is sending me
all over New York City to help people just like you
throw killer dinner parties for very little money. But enough about that,
because it’s game day, and we’re making some nachos. First things first, I’m
gonna take my whole bag of tortilla chips, and I’m
going to spread them out over a foil-lined baking sheet. I have about two cups
of Monterey Jack cheese. Chorizo is great to use when
you don’t have a lot of money to spend on meat because
it’s so flavorful — a little bit goes a
really long way. One can of black beans. Next we’re gonna put
these in the oven at 400° for five to six minutes. Nachos aren’t nachos
without your toppings. Half a red onion, sliced. One teaspoon of sugar and
one cup of white vinegar. The pickled onions are
gonna add a nice acidity that’s gonna cut through
the richness of the chorizo. Now let’s move on to our salsa. That’s a salsa dance
because we’re making salsa. All right. One large tomato, diced. Red onion, diced. Cilantro, half a jalapeño, diced. And if your friends don’t like spicy, just tell them not to come. A pinch of salt, and last but not least, the juice of one lime. And then we’re gonna
stir everything together. For our crema, we’re
going to take sour cream, and add a tablespoon of water, just to thin it out a little
bit and make it more pourable. Whoa, these look awesome. Let’s dress ’em up. We’ll add our salsa, spread it around. Crema’s up next. Let’s add a little bit of hot sauce. Some slices of avocado. Crunchy, sweet, delicious pickled onion. A little bit of radish
for a nice, peppery bite. I’ve sliced up the second
half of our jalapeño. And some cilantro. And our nachos are done. Look at how pretty they look. They look like a fourth-
quarter first down to me. All right, I’m going in
for some play-action. That’s spicy. I’m definitely in the red
zone on this one. The pickled onion, and the
cilantro, and the radish make everything super bright. But then the cheese, and the
beans, and the smoky chorizo make it really hearty and delicious. Whoo, these nachos are making me thirsty. If there’s two things I love about sports, it’s nachos and booze. So let’s make some micheladas. So I’m going to start with
some Mexican seasoning salt. This has a nice kick of lime to it. A few dashes of hot sauce in each glass. So we’re gonna take a soy sauce packet, and add a little to each drink to give it a nice umami flavor. So when you’re making a beer
cocktail, go for the tallboys to save yourself a couple of bucks instead of buying a whole six-pack. Squeeze a little bit of
lime juice in each one. And now we’re gonna garnish each one with a wedge of lime. My big-game thirst is quenched. So now you have a killer nacho recipe, a kickin’ michelada recipe, you’re ready to tackle the big game. Hell yeah. Thanks for watching everybody. Don’t forget to check
out the first episode of “$30 Dinner Party” coming
Monday, February 5. And be sure to like, comment,
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  1. Beautiful nachos indeed. 👍 BTW, if anyone visits Mexico and orders a michelada, they're pronounced Meech-Eh-La-Da and come in many varieties. I had a few in Mexico City last year. Pretty good

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