The Phaneroo 5th Anniversary with Apostle Grace Lubega

miss your faith is what they believe in
Christian to receive it is as we have smoked welcome to a dynamic and life
transforming program impacting generations with the Word of God we are
not reaching over God you’re going to find in heaven I don’t need to go up
there to get it know this inside here this is the mystery that was hid from
the edges pastor now revealed Christ and me here is for narrow make manifest with
apostle Gracie beggar praise God come even awareness to praise
God hallelujah amen yes tsumuji yes Mooji Mooji Mooji Mooji
yes assuming Jesus its ability yes I’m gonna
do she is someone who did the sumac is here this magazine yes sir chitty chitty chitty why just – why Oh now tell me what’s your heart who has the final say say who has the final say – holder he backs away maybe previous it as your chief he heals your yes hyah you buy what am I missing instant who can sing gud isten I’m back is swebus me Sooey Oh although they are suitable yes milady give us something from Ranga Hannah
tomba Jeanetta somebody data somebody die who are you to run uptown but where
are these so Christina who were me a super Gina tada today hi let’s add now Yamanashi mom – waste Kenya Kenya where’s Kenya Kenya
who you are what you want to do for Kenya irregular killers and Messiah Thank You candies you have not done
anything from the nose of Uganda who knows anything from the north of Uganda choir members we Paulo for Topanga
locally you guys are the best this fellas group they were the best I
must say baby was seeing oh my god somebody by now picking their shoes up
about two bamboo bazooka tokati praise God Kaiba’s good let’s wash it God just
raise your hands and this worship God you know tonight is a celebration all
right little emo couch Agana I know that God is gonna heal the sick japonica to
not get that one you have a rough day I know that it’s going to cleanse the
leopard is going to rate resurrected dream I end up asuka’s every note a B AB
God is going to start destinies tonight as I’m not gonna sue Coulomb again
doe-larios somebody’s ministries is not going to be the semicolon as I’ve talked
about you swore at it and so God we take this moment very special not 220 to say
that you know better that you win because we can’t face to face without
this tamanna to say mass on a mass of available there’s a man let’s ground
saying God something must change why do you are you I don’t got them
covered which people you must do some so to go back with your Koran
we’re gonna give God or worship we’re gonna since I’m a comma
like we’ve not given in the first five years ever since that eternity whether I
give God a praise in attendance I’m a comma or gonna exalt his name we have to
see the boobies are in the area and this is what I judged by God she looked a
bizarre Krakatoa believe God is impossible if you’re hola amigas
overcome avoidable war cause the presence that does it is here
to America Movil kotipalli one somebody raise your voice we must say
McConnell swear to God yo Gary catona just talk to God
yo gettin a katana cut layer every man and woman on this ground
mm Oh child are you are no arsenic on the anointing of the Holy Spirit
okay occupied Akuma put our go to and the presence of God without work at all
with full assurance go back over to you that God is gonna do a mighty thing on
your lies you cat when I met a man charged no problem before you leave this
in that or never watch much you know come on somebody talk to God we love your name Lord about Tiger a
behavior come on tell God we love your name roast
a little animal no other God can be colder father no
other God can be colder Fred Novica can be cold reading no other cars coming and how we’re your name Jesus you’re the
beautiful one we love your name and how we’re your
name Jesus you’re the beautiful one No no other car we love her Jesus your Oh I love you I love you keen of king how we love you thought of them
tell him we’re off two came and rolled up a my brother
I never telling my love you Friday you came forever you came my right ha ha how we love you ha now time to still be strong hard to
still be copy you believe yes we can see
one does a steel what to do body’s still be raised child still beats
live God we bleed yes we can see one doesn’t work what
should we are here for coming we are here for color coming ready PC this perfect while selling bodies are still
be still yes we see what is still the girl was happy the ladies I this is a bone I love you long sigh a mess all line I’ve been held in your hair woman man wait till you’re in my head oh
oh good hello I love your voice you have led me through the fire in
Turkish night you were close right now no you are subscriber oh I was oh my you happy I’m alive who happens so everywhere that
I am me Oh what a friend I filled boy gee she my friend what a hole she will eat help me why Oh till my Jesus come on loving him I’ve got it salvation is not possible because he was
such in normal salvation is not possible Morocco’s you are searching normal
nobody can feel for you baby a sauropod Alina my Jesus I know today Oh my precious you take
I see my tea three I Oh ah pray Oh II Oh come on somebody was should go since I’m
coming slow game about that me tell it in your boudoir here there is no power
about that the word Emmanuel Emmanuel come on Washington No Oh my my soul so come on telling Oracle Savior Harry Oh Oh Oh where my else to say Oh we can all sleep come on Brittany
ow ah me my for I ah bring style now by Stevie is regarded samba
you maybe see where two didn’t come until we count Jesus becomes possono a
certain way mechanikat under full sail was searched in normal you might never
understand the ones who are singing all users that they can recover get by the
tree in bolero God must be possible Kitana teikoku manga was set in Nome God
must be pass kannada bhavana was said you know God must be passed cut on that
ever was such in normal somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah you are moving in
the back and on the sides please get you see our time but I’m going to leave a
comment nangi I want to share a few words and we get out of him you’re gonna
make every camp of eternal being governor to go on God has healed people
ready Kitana at the attendance at Dona van and
it’s gonna continue healing until the end of service and I can equate your
hero Cunha pack away to Nevada one lesson demand on what you want to see
God do in your life take a banner up my foot up with Luke 11 put a moon and
believe that he will – it’s a rock it isn’t it again the Kali one to the glory
of his name samba hallelujah we want to thank God for the five years 12 a look
of a socket and Aramaic a turn they’re people who give us one year
while you about work a woman that God has been good maker told about the
maroons I said God has been rambling on about the moon
somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah thank you for coming all the way from
where you can find him every new cookie preparing that you move or take some of
you that have made the anniversary you annual program anniversary for a program
really a maraca back in the day we trained in Uganda you’d not have a
service they’d been younger in Cuba a two-year service ABBA
but people withstood everything to come never to guava can easily to move a
super awkward I see the entrance people still walking
never amount to much I get up camera angle praise God no cameras the Lord is
good and a mocha baboon telling me but the lord yamadharma cameroon tell you
nay but the Lord is Rambo Cameroon somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah the
message I have is not only for Fournier Abu Bakr winter super fan arrow your
card for us as a nation never finger guangwen are you under generation they
don’t normally a me because I feel in my spirit
I’ll put it on more Gwang GAE that God is doing wonderful things in our to
knuckle it between Cumbre moi somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah understand
us good 29 at cause of Lundie becoming a marine that God has done as good 2800
cause of aluminum somebody shout hallelujah shout hallelujah hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah I also want to thank the panel for me and I develop a
subpanel family in a special way Hungarian Yahoo for three reasons
already Tsongas a to number one ahsoka you guys have served God relentless but
named video Avant watch there’s many people that make sure that these
programs on thursdays and across the world take place Hunan is voluntary
programs as W documents you might never see their face or use Abu Talib I’m a
fan Anna but they’re doing a commendable job were manually do now to make sure or
caucus on the service is available there people
have given their all and everyone to about what they able to be aware Donna
thank you very funny way buddy no to a joke with you
thank you for not being ashamed of that goes wherever I do but as Swasey 1gd
fine arrow people go on the streets – a rock and upon who do I go in basses
fucking them uma bassy oh my god I don’t know why I was in the car yesterday when
a coward chamku tourism market omocha Terry and Gaza let you the past
developer Pumbaa that’s for Niro – Iiro praise God you come here as well
these people have loved the world about what about that datagram more than any
of us engage in – chill now they’ve counted everything but lost I was able
to walk over tell him because they love God among Gideon come on Club for you I
never quit a kangaroo sermon the people in lifestream centers manifest our
manifest in Guangdong 7306 less rural centers in Rwanda is there one the light
streaming centers in Peru is there Burundi licensed ruling centers in the
United States Malaysia Malaysia Swagelok attuned
please no cameras hallelujah come and lastly look semi I think Marisa for
allowing me across the kisser and supporting me no competitor to get
myself away okay una muchacha thank you whoever in
you thank you whoever in you thank whoever in you thank you whoever in you
somebody told me the moment you marry what we all about corner a support
veneer is God veneer away with we’ve bought another 1000 chance to Isaiah
buchumi and they will also feel that I wanna put you onto the meter race car
come on us we hallelujah come on us we thank you for your in us whether it
whether we prefer you everybody W do not everybody do not in some of you
individually diversity no somebody shout hallelujah acaba hallelujah thank the
various ministries that have worked with roger kraslow we reserved a lubricant
and I don’t mention names in his robe una vaca Romania
but there are great men and women they called me and told me go on a post we
understand what you through the gate actually believe in you cookie design
behind Julie Mao accounting club for those people but put the Kangaroos a man
somebody shout hallelujah by hollandaise sauce my beloved parents novice at the
mangaweka alwah my father and mother hung in the memo on those people have
not missed anything by Naraku never nervous to be twice God become I ever
swear my parents that he would the one I honor the anointing of God upon you like
a cartoon edge to a curriculum hallelujah come by a pathway you know if
you want to judge a man of God alongside a walk at all look at how many members
of the family believe in his message to new read about 12 a mastaba having
somebody come praise God come as if your family doesn’t believe in your message seek the Lord Dona moça man somebody say
hallelujah those have known me since as a child
manioc Vanga and de moto and they bear witness that I love them they never
truly want in jammu camera somebody shout hallelujah let me share something
had come the poaching of and then we pray to sabe I see some sick people in
the back there I even own somebody knocked on DD
Thank You logic way madam Oh camera I found God that they brought the sick to
neighbors I’m coming 27 ratted Oh hallelujah hallelujah yes a goat amia
Cadiz in 2014 very common inna the Lord no comma give me a special encounter
yamp encima angel and spoke to me something special I’m gonna get you to
away to submit to your spirit in the Canadian Minister holding awareness or
battery this thing will bless you in Egypt in
Oklahoma change the Chuseok remove oh it will lift you together primo from one
level and place of a minister that everybody of awareness another level and
place of Minnehaha kedaranatha change a mighty name Molinari iesous christos in
in 2014 mobile Akuma Nina the Lord gave us a message mokume a to Abu Bakr it was
not common in this land the world wobbly Tomac Wangari no but that doesn’t mean
it was not here next exactly weary walk was only spoken
by a human we’re walking were too low too low but greatly misunderstood a man
named Abu Muaz boo-boop singular that I’ve Angie and when the Lord began to
speak to us about this thing in a mocha by cocoa cocoa bean to me know when he
started to speak to me about this way I find cocoa get an area to be no told me
you have a choice young about in Auckland owl
you either believe it Oh straight over boo kitty say oh I raise another person
to believe of animal so malala an abacus and he told me some preaches Abuelita
but many don’t believe in a van GT Babu kiriza
now that you understand integrating over tacitly are you ready to be more
intuitive therefore Buddhism she’s wanting to know son she mu of energy
into it’s another to believe some Salado cook it is easy to attach oh man
somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah is one thing to know God into to mock
Monica tone seven way be a movie man it’s another thing to believe God is
suddenly share this thing I pray that may God provoke your spirit to servant
don’t have so much so more may you walk off this ground with a faith like you
have never had gold they wanna know Kitty support over I’m gonna put up home
and may you see things beyond your wildest really watch it is a gamble
hallelujah the Gospel of Matthew chapter 13 and Erie amitayus Rilakkuma not
subtle the verses 44 in II do random wynia the Bible says and the Kingdom of
Heaven Bible Kabakov accattone de is likened unto a Treasury and I trauma
window that says heating a super guamazo suku which when a man has found two or
more towards ulla the Bible says then take away that trace Bible a combat idea
which I’m winded joe says he hides if I were you come back to Quaker and for the
joy there room to rest scenario goeth and selleth all that he hath nagging and
not to double nabiyeen ah and the Bible says and he buys that Bible a common are
gonna go su culo sembra Chaka ba hallelujah whether the offertory bugs
you can give you feel it whoa little Oakland bit of an angle so broke away
may God bless your comics praise God Boca Mavis now the Bible says
the kingdom of God is like a treasure he’s hitting us eh quick a drama do suku
and he says and when a man finds by becoming Intuit’s and he hi Archie
Quaker and then he goes Nagaina anybody says he sells every snot tuned up your
novel now and then it comes and buys that the Nakano nebula euros because he
has discovered who anticipate that what is in that field a team of support
it’s bigger remaining than anything he could ever possess a conciliation to let
us probe a deeper than that nope tsukumo Wow there are seven
treasures what will be amended when they have found where is Uli wait the furnace
they define a certain field una tsukumo getting a move another who has
understood well as a static a dead ringer be there seven treasures one
William wind when they are found in a certain way be suitable super moon if
you find only one was nawaz rely too much okay there’s a deeper meaning what
will other probably the seal Moreau suku that no man can interpret a phenomena
man that sees this removal of vegetation would have carried that treasure yeah
they will each human nature and then run with it not do cannot you to serve his
own pub no noggin and scriptures he hit yeah too quick because in it was not the
time of the manifestation to America a terrible quality of across the treasure
of wait so mean without the possession of that thing that I in a super room one
enemy did you understand what I just want whatever the qing army and God
gives us that a leathery an opportunity at which one an eh oh and it says that
soy is the kingdom of kannada madhubala bacca bacca to the beauty of the realm
of the Spirit is like Co more way to the law of exchange in the spirit is like a
deca of your quantum oil did he witness principles of the spirit in no no some
oil that govern our function in super American aqua floral that same pattern
Google Scholar is somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah
of course this is a scripture to know Joe and equal that not many people
understand well service over at Akira because we don’t define treasures in our
dispensable data to negative on Ravi we don’t understand coz not dismissing
it I was super middle benefit you know can you train today to support on your
arrow tell anybody it’s not raining down out a Koopa terracotta somebody shout
hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah Helena but it’s not trainable
you are now and combat ready Mikoto it’s raining on you you have not seen somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah now
the Bible says in acts 18 24 was a certain man named Apollo’s you are once
again upon a burn of Alexandria sorry one more exam he was an eloquent man who
was mighty inscription such a Mochaccino get our money movie I want he can baba
says that man came to Ephesus owns a Juliet Yokohama episode somebody shout
hallelujah hallelujah by the Bible says every God but this man Thomas a Joel was
instructed in the world the luminous from Okayama thousands and a woman the
spirit war and he taught diligently the things of the Lord and I like it is
unbelievable to be about the scriptures still – yeah – gamba he only beheld the
doctrine of apple jelly are together on desire yokonomo but as I was sharing
Priscilla ha ha they took him to them they were misled by man expanded to him
the way of narrow focus is a perfectly Hungarian super in the Bible says when
they showed him this way analysis he went through a chi hybrid mo Archaea he
wrought exerting the disciples and merciful some evolved and Armani and the
Bible says not Bible he helped them Nevaeh he helped many relevant which had
believed through great Achilles up with them which asahi mightily convinced the
Jews showing them that Jesus yes who was crazier crystal what am I talking about
sitting together cool apples apples leave the servant spirit
chocolate in the world aluminum is mammalian
who loved come Saturday rocket–oh he beheld in the household is also to you
treasures if you’re wearing it will appear and all maybe cutting you’ll ask
yourself Raja Babu’s where are you going with this okay now a national the life
of the Spirit forever Wario has patterns and prints ballina aim : internal and
carries a distinctive mark Arab winner acaba lira coin toss that choose to
believe Salaamu kiriza when we were led with
propylene bed one to speak of God’s grace or gonna put a jacket on when many
Honda’s GABA a bandwidth a Toledo they said all manner of sing bass combo can I
become of you now about the message we preach vaca go back about to rule Allah
they say those men are preaching grace ha ha ba Baba Buddha later they’re
telling people a gamble on tonight it’s ok to see it you to do Coco Nona can
people sit in rain telling them to walk on they said never gamba then we told
man grab a bottle then as long as you’re born again
Bravo Team luckily you can do any sort on the trail as your spirit is born
again Baco they said never gamba that that message jovica who is leading
people to see we say to gamba that let us do in photography good should
calculate where your Muslim nation is just to wipe they did not understand
together we had found a treasure re to salvage we have both the fear Allah to
goose also we have found a treasure terrible the Salukis old souk we had
found the treasure a little Sun zan window both decided to go solo suku we
spent while coat was lasagna and we were sped up in a twist aside for this thing
already to children’s we believe is no other we were wondering that by which
men are a suitable family Sahaba hallelujah
that is why it’s an arrival our Palace discovers these fellows were sulla to
duty no vs. 27 or rabble mimosa Yuga he says he helped them yabba dabba yabba
knew which believe Arabic Alisa through grace we say Mutasa they believed
through grace of syriza Oh Peter Medusa they believed through
grace cicadas Eloqua da Mousa day hallelujah Christ Jesus well crystal
aggressively no way are you coming more deeply and intimately acquainted with
him perceiving and recognized is a the guru way I have lost fear it will have
freeze every to Vilna and consonant oh you’re not even creepier do you know that every romantic walk
here and stop frigid and kaboodle ngd a young man hope to send me a message
welcome from tyre perizaad of Wacha he’s a top banka banka gorilla and then he
standard the sons of the streets and starts preaching today I need a poodle
attack Abuelita shouted so much on task I reckon I know kikuna when you walk up
and walk up on Friday where’s Luka Crowe Putin he had lost his
forehead the worse the reality is I waited lost his Footwear filler
diversity this the devil tells him stand in a Mogambo
what i doing on the street Guto when you don’t have a voice I say that divorce
but he said in the name of jihad areas have a little instant in Iraq our
overall call and you stand across the circle he tells me when he stood on the
street good approp time a man comes from knowing was Nevada border who Nevada
border going on for Buddha Buddha yeah yeah Buddha boy they pack the books now
that box in front of in a motel sheet not speak out that box
boxing there was a microphone and a speaker on ruckus in the Romans in
Dallas and he gave him the microphone workers in Erica told him there’s
something in you not automatically was prompted
microphone fucking crystal till you’ve seen the trash I’m gonna be a truck you
cannot buy the fruit avocado suku I say until hallelujah Nutella brewercarrico Leticia grace the message h2o vaca Haas
fruit we may be better it has effect winner in Kona somebody shout hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah vessels that is a bulletin a movie do you make killers in
the Amplified Bible forget about purify speaks of men which are planned paper
Veerappan Traverse City one the house of the Lord by am in the kurus fuku crisis more than a dog
age is such a super akagi jirozo weakness it is the person of Jesus of
crystal the Bible say Siberia gamba that the law a peacock was given be away bruh
when it comes to the law which surah fatiha it was given D our abuela did you
hear what I just said well what elegiggle then what they’re
about to Arielle oh god was here at Olin area that’s Moses – Oh Musa he gives
them Navajo never let Rica but the Bible says but Grace Church ISA untruths
namazi macam be odd-job if he wasn’t given tell yo ever grace and truth
a – sanam asuma cambogia the lowest kinetech alia will erase it ISA can
recharge erase it just giving it away when I scared the touch of God the fabulous cuckoo some of us were
raised under the law of a metropolis to Atika and yet the Bible tells us to
gamble a killer neuchâtel it will kill you but little probably will kill your
mother it’s a peculiar minutes of Utah where
example kill your children put her on a wall it will kill everything around wh
wa taala die karachi because it killing one in Akutan Etta it kill Edna
I stress myself in the news why do is struggling with a new kuta men are
preaching about Abuelita but in the back they are stopping people make available
to fully double to this way here in me while you are free that man is preaching
that you read about in the back is killing people could happen – why Roger
because grace languages is not a revelation Shakira Jerry ladies and
gentlemen it is the grace of God is the boon yet
no Allatoona the Bible says Iberia gamba that we regard no man after the Florida
multi in the movie do you know what that means
familiar together it means citta gazer that God is no longer dealing with men
according to the flesh who synthetic movie neither should we because that is not beneficial to the
body because the body with a malaika the flesh is justified or mobile koutou
katoa through faith freedom cookie desire for the love a take astronaut is
the knowledge of seeded a document which is not the deliverer from super rock
family it is the knowledge of Seligman is a TV it is not the deliverer from
achieving Christians a valid law is the knowledge of CA take the drachma
equation is not the deliverer of cell in surah Mohammed the Bible says the lowest
given by Black American all men will be governed for never saw ma sucah Katonah
God wanted to show make a ternary Africa but they can’t be possible samsara an unworkable Holland let Israel
when Paul says average Paulo gamba but I counted all things but loss
never every to be a look over tell him all the things that were counted loss
for Christ things I had that had my big inch to me says I’ve considered loss and
the next verse says under Lucas 8 he says I count everything as loss of the
Nexus S or W Colossus 9 Roman I want to be found in here in general sandy when
we EA not having my own righteousness in about to get food wishes of the law we
take that which is through the blood of a cutest little place righteousness
which is of God looking for work or to not work it is a if you want to be found
in God or vehicle sanguine Katonah I’m not good so good to be found in go we’re
gonna sank at Rhonda you relinquish your own righteousness or you know which is
of the law of Ithaca now when they say that man is showing God laka booka
Democrats a man who does not carry his own righteous I am such a tiny poor
talkative movie Oh may we be found in him a naked sang
given we I said may we be found a concern given me a summary said hallelu
hallelujah I’m almost finished natural medicine so we started to preach the
message and kaboodle waka prosecution scam money Regan is money Kucha which
preached the message to oaxaca newspapers porn I wouldn’t ago a leak
reached the new black radio stations over television spinosaur and preached
gossip but there was one thing that was everyone waited to be Terry
it was fruit viva la higuera como samri’s are hallelu acaba Holland there
was one which even I was at world welcome occupy two people walked out of
about 12 on TV as we preach – uh Leda ah if you’re here and when you
had the grace message you walked out of a set and sing Voevoda you Mooka well I
wouldn’t idiots or eleven to be aware Pam if I wanted to capture that video
Nagato Potter video we are witnesses to leave I truly do I might be seated we’re
truly they call salmon shot hallelujah by Holland has we preached that were
truly da people’s finances why improv you wanna be about to the be true since
the witness stand about what is reimu car you may be seated
where to lead a home as we preach the to mérida we started discussing different
help but fall in silicon omocha UN decision to lead echo as we breathe
naturally that people started first noticing uncommon where you may be
seated where to lead us we preach the true Buddha men’s families change an
Indian family developers of Mikado you may visit were tuna day how can they not
come cut by Elizabeth reboot idea asking about how Boozle inovative
can they not come for service I never taught a job sama-sama sir hallelujah
hallelujah we saw the treasure twirl a baton way we bought a blue super Sam
Rashad hallelujah hallelujah we don’t read the Bible anymore to preach next
and diligence of a Bible holy that’s not it we read the Bible a Bible because we
know what it can to Manchester Viroqua we know the promises of God and I have this great I mean ah come on
clap your hands – shit is that man grab yours today a single in Samadhi somebody told me but you preach the
gospel that is true good nobly leading an ingénue I told him name oh god I’m
just beginning than the capitalists crazier than you think
Shizuka or all the Bible says whatsoever I become a bully to Melissa
as for Elizabeth so ever who literally Saba you shall establish Abba in mining
area he shall be given G double a well that was the treasure a to charge
hammering in the field guru soup why wouldn’t I sell everything
rangaraju to nobility and get something definitely that will give me whatsoever
it’s in a public move shop somewhere and tell him I’m understanding that when
tell him I am somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah and
when I walked in Uganda ewww kinda shake a take why Rocchi because it’s the only
thing that works let’s get you to talk a to Quran we found the treasure twice and
get your mo and oh we bought to feel a glow to suku now let me say this and
forget a bit about it is a if the message is not preached right
Abu Bakr WWE into who we will manipulate the nation to the Akama lived well we
will manipulate people to general event we make Allah will twist the hands and
decision you’ll ever taken of value because we need and means to
justification along a traitor a traitor get you two to kiss and vindication of
the Slocombe oil ladies and gentlemen you all see what is happening in uganda
never tell about you get a muscle you got a lot is happy begin a massive us a
memorial and I pray that God opens the eyes of some of you to see what is
happening in the Muslim world than ever before
nope single charity but we have we have to preach the go straight up or bullied
in GD unwaveringly that way go that way Kenya the things that man couldn’t
easily social media say now about whatever sort of prokhorovka social
media Bobby okay the country the things you’d not see on video they showed them
of my video catuaba dagger the things that a man of God cannot solve la quiaca
to be okay wa raja’na we had lost the message to our young worker to our shul
the simplest Moustakas is over justification through who took it is
walk with a moku kiriza ladies and gentlemen marine amateur it
is more than a dr. su cocoon diggities action it is a distinctive mark in the
spherical habanero a cow or a boy I hear men who speak without the understand
about trouble getting a developer together
I hear me I want to apply here sambara waters fully dark lava everywhere as
that means they dig in the fields of those who both BOSU cassava Barbara but
we have entered the generational Twiggy to Miami where you must find an article
sang by Goulet Sam Rashad hallelujah well welcome back Alleluia let some
yield a few of you of you a few decimals on your profit Baraka vandevander cuckoo
cuckoo cuckoo crew but on the field name and I said on the phone this man and in
Geneva on the field gonna burn a little soup tell any but on the field
caramel on Oberon and a little cuckoo the systems are broken up on every WBC
the Brooks are dried in Jessica see every time they did they get to the rock
forever in my bucket of my angel and it lies in scientist Tom Bowman I ran away
I’m sorry no question a savant because they believe not democracy
nothing is pure charity even their minds and cones name those as Ariel Anika
this is what I see my god you know gender back pocket on of course the
number 5 mins grace in number tonight egg is at sir we have together Bridget
mother I never to gain a polymer tabula Donna but let me tell you they come back
a bit they will I said once to some people and
I told him there will never be true honor inevitable talking about who so
much to a kilometer until until a distinction is is identified picanha a
chawla amruta – Zhu Li – if the dish if on eyes without distinctive optical
camera then it is fed cattle a cha-cha-cha which is deception
Oh coach Machado remember praise Kaka by a verse with the distinctive mark acaba
Arakawa of every bulimic Risa is your knowledge of God well c’mon yakumo
katana says let them that boss have a kebab a human is a ghost in the day no
medicine agility says way that no they will do my body cooler Avia
he says the eyes of the Lord to show yourself half of the man whose heart you
to carry the mass instead of telling us this one is a pot to combatant agility
what we needed to try to attack was distinctive marks separate our voiceover
grammar was from the noises movie de cada
hi what one pallida and that is when I speak up on your leg remove our arrow
that your voice print is going to become so people practice I know this one
although people worship a traditional your know people to businesses what a
position your they are entering from the crystal agama
hallelujah we have thousands of people here tonight we nakooma name could be
seventh one or our arrow and when you sit in the multitude of oculomotor vena
you will look like everyone else or more palatable you marry me but there is a
grace they want which is tonight that is calm or rather a cheetah that is going
to separate the crowd from the person you are now
I prophesied that in the name that is going to happen in your funny that will
separate your family you can look all around the rest of the family is some
language that is going to happen in your career that will separate your title of
the rest of the career is something that is going to happen in Minnesota we
reserve the rest of the miss is someone where team that is going to
happen to you because different things are going to come out of you and they
will because of that I will make this is the Sicily we actually entering you eat
them with every single round college secret holiday will be what to get up
who kidding well look to the north or get up to the man you’ll see watchful
Obamas you look to the South you see whatever you filled with the blood of the blood
of the life is in the because I bother to honor he said I’m not to be charged a
la cama to the document one of the blood of any man groans I come clean because I
revealed the Hulk van Ambika dr. soprano pocket on my ring give 90s our the trend
of hiding his age how are the ton of shrinkage six our recognizing give forth
lower than a pine give it or what they could because it was revealed Oh
jumpy could raise Iseult and God unless six
singen of Nanyan temple nakaka okay then I’m responsible finale’s you for the
party pass all right if it isn’t wise in my docket of assignment I tell you to
call a plumber or quanta me well but Paul said the power gamma I got it on a
cheap natural now and I gave it all and I am crying because of that it already
says I am pure I committed the morongo from the blood of Messiah Antoine now
every realm of Revelation but is eoq wicked one is a redemption of blood –
Romana be waka ama sigh every realm of Revelation will in see your quickl it
was the redemption of medieval homicide there are people here what am i doing if
they had not had this machine that rounded Ibaka below they would beat
their body but they were food there are people who haven’t if they had not had
this mess around Ibaka they would be inhospitable while there people here if
they had not had this mess around Ibaka below they would have faint about is
releasing do I have a witness but any normal to lehre can you go back a bit
okay maybe for the time you had this internal Ibaka and remember they you not
compare that with the woman you wanna know Garibaldi with the man that you
work at you will testify that has been the dude who at the Quran he has been a
rabbit apology every popular I see men walking on those ground the battle about
yeah you can sense the loss of peace also
horrible Europe remedy you can sense the frustration sober ocular beaucoup octo I
love the cares of the pressures of the oppression when a man comes and sits in
the showman tonight and I’m in a most not very sad you can see general –
you’re pretty low mood he stands up now a minute
he doesn’t have a job be a dynamo even watching he stands eyes he has not been
confirmed whether he will sleep in that house upon his knowledge of the game is
a solid hallelujah goes back happy react without
that we need to smooth out somebody perfect his show anyway as someone so
more you believed it is a cat under I preach the someone once never knew what
was in a body the ng D and a woman came home cosecha and gave us poison that
water’s not – ah oh – ba ba boo boo who said I was going to commit suicide of a
metonymic later I bought my bottles novels a dog super one then somebody
called me to the AMA armpit Roku tableau cool I said let me come and here then
poison manga become the predominant in the net life was given that oberammergau
movie balloon up ooh there is another late volume chariman she wanted to take
poison no one now and they both came into that public life she walked in front and gave
a life to Nancy Beran a local car hot blood was saved
open up way on the sidewalk was at the doctor away engine revs I revelation revelation no rejection well si it
redeems black cumin lamb sang wills all men that be about tunable
crime they might come as women some result hallelujah hallelujah cause she
person slanders Mahadeva down the name of Christian Ariane crystal a aqua clear
there’s not the cuiabá side is kamala he says this is the wisdom the atomic on
okay Marcus that was hit for our glory of God workable HD watch a free and he
says that was heed from the edges before to God with away a millimeter and he
says had the princes of this world known Java Angela well solution Ibaka might
not have crucified by they would not have commented the crystal the body of
Messiah because revelation could not say who you are who decide whether innocent
Tokyo glioma somatic arena revelation we could document long sigh we have a video
where I see God pour out knowledge my lava cotton I walk Amalia in the
generation mammalian be like such history has never seen the movie a very
conservative and Rocco you’re going to enter a place organizing grateful I
remember the date it came to collaborate ChaCha
I was slipping Naughty Neighbors and when I was in the bed sleeping under
which turn about neighbors caught up in acts 8 for me Catalan am be could be
worried about to be mallanna had never read it
Venegas it is semantics oh I had never encountered that is she driving aku he
spoke to me through that hole sure now you’re getting solarium I woke up near
Luca and I went to the Bible telling Adam Bible because those were my ideas
of my identity turned away my accountant chopped win navicular because so the x7k
be being Nene be enough emotional I had never read
this so Monaco I knew that Kippur God was speak
cattle area ok are you hearing me
well um and then the next thing I knew he shut up oh I’m walking and the same
voice it was the anymore you see when the Bible says that you side here voice
behind you telling you go this way value a gamma where gamma 2lw diversity combat
de l’eau de l’eau that is a direction of the steps of this Oconomowoc why we
gonna be able to are more into realms of knowledge moving from europe ammonia
passes with god Ugandan a katana and out here him tell me the movie on Ghana this
and that connects Medina many dance muscle to connects with did you get what
you to get the years yes M when I preached as naturally black diamonds in
the query on guru puja I was held account not even valid or invalid are
valid wa o as I so nobody who stood up to the NW did you an asura watching I’m
driving in a car who can motor fire and it hits my spinach in Ramallah boy when
I say name let me go to a first to come in a more pristine as I’m sharing it in
Ghana the two hundred become 504 capita the 500-meter
become one thousand why grad cloud was redeeming Black Canary anonymous I
become Okamura you understand erotica touching lab we went well to to baton
barrel in the to get a matter the preachers that told me you open the
Bible the to McCullough palpable and Dhamma study my home a stadium a
children went to sriracha together Suraj the pastor said romantically and
physiology to rather we went to even talk at a bar all those who enter taking
people from an hour before never we found the truth we understood that
was a distinction that had to be drawn in the sphere below you by the sickness
of the missile move who to kill the poor baka and la Bonita field labelled it a
little Olivo engineering FM tuner and a drama-filled manicure grounds feel blood
besides getting repeat very good Managua through the village or critically what
some of you think you need a joke about also wait abominable you don’t need a
waiter mm oh that the eyes of your understand I’m a so gotta get up or
we’ll be flooded with lights when its natural now my what is the hope of your
calling video pretty rapidly what are the glorious reaches of the inheritance
of the soul waste removal scum violence they a measure or surpassing greatness
of power that is our honeymoon this world is ours and ncf me whether
you’re in business or volume of business it’s the thing that’s going to make you
a multi full amount I believe that you’ll attract blood
joking as security for the message or universe what universe it is the thing
that will make you the head a particular performance console Minister raise
awareness for cookies enough for men to us about watch browser do you do watch
collodion then you tell them come oh my god emoji in Christ
free Stoica my hope is he is my church to this corner stop soon she didn’t say
solid ground what how I told
what dem Sophie’s when feasel Steve when strivings cease my comforter my all here
in the love of Christ hi Stan you know what that’s what it is
I mean it it son ever since by faith I saw I fly redeeming husband
and and shall be until I shall be denied what is I feel I’m probably et me Tesla mrs. Magoo ah sighs thirty tell him I was
one’s better spent nine I found was blind that one you don’t need to tell men
stand up into someone a strained American comedy but son of a new
supercar Sam Rashad hallelujah Aqaba hallelujah
somebody shout hallelujah hallelujah it’s the message way back I believe it
tonight boo-ki reservoir arrow it will change
you you get that juice over I believe it we say to tempt me to display those some
face Nixon and Eve isn’t a monopoly they never win in the songs Oh tiny watch it Oh but I want to provoke the spirits there
are some ones a more Yoko to make a prayer before God who serve a mass of
the Katonah activities circulate you know just active oh yes take a minute
and talk to God while a that you can get a Konica tone there is an anointing
coming here I wanna put eyeshadow on in about two minutes but that you can get
periods it up on two minutes that can appear to be that appear in sit there
for two minutes that’s it enough it is it up oh where is the dancing team come
here God wants to give you some ABBA’s inna mucho and Oh Staniel the
atmospheres change ballet over gravel to cover up your hands when it came to Cano
champ way yes put up your hands and get ready for us behind the net acaba
Kevin’s any guesses behind us behind if here why should my raise your hand or
he will still do anything because Ana 19 that is kaput ah gotcha for the first
time in your life oh he stinks all right whoa whoa and without God is hitting a muscle that boy I said
a muscle God is hitting your eyes ha I’m ahsoka I want you all to sleep on the
beds and check them for his ass and check the tombola movies are opening but
you gotta be the cuddler rapist Sequoyah every form of witchcraft putting any aw
now at the sound of my voice service really wherever you’re hidden when our
leprosy wherever you are when the world in the name of Jesus I command you he is just right now a la la caca if
you’ve been struggling with cancer or whether one gonna plan a little any
nature home until now God delivers you another food I can HIV serum Lucia
in the name of cheese pudding it is so crystal in the name of Jesus linear so
crystal I prefer your families becoming if you come from a family that is broken
moreover mahogany god restoring cotton Akaka say whoa if you are going through
a relationship or what I told him Colette has been broken by the biggest
ally then you’ve got tonight local super
brain for every mother and father every man every time with the Sun on alcohol
that we won’t go jaga or drugs God delivers your child I don’t have so
Bruno won our name of Jesus culinary is praying for somebody who’s financially
able to maybe a few lovey a who has been frustrated about that how I design
mansion move here full of God releases from colour-pop Cadiz we also do my own
in the my name is sue you feel Minister and a preview window –
bah bah de Valera’s angelic sovereign of where is our Father
dad when we met the chance to serve with our own personal queries we made a
choice we cannot reverse voila Pizarro finds a pizza burger we made a choice we
cannot come out of Morocco photographer uma we responded to a call why a local
area little that we cannot walk our cortisol Repubblica Rida David said the
audiogram satisfiers – coos a while it’s still a child
I prefer every means available where every possible emotion every preferable
in a pl free apostle emo to marry advanced mobile swaddling God to some
katana pocket role in our individual life level of pravastatin
including me man fellas hakuna to cynical eye level guitarra like we have
not read the total amount of edom christian is their favoritest it is
possible to Saroja I prefer a ministry Sevilla overseas and tired of struggling
financially character named by God – sunda kelapa chaplain that will bring
joy a generation and hope this movie and peace memory to you Jodie as a
meaningful where is a few tomorrow with I’m coming Elizabeth and robos if you a woman or audible child and
you’re in this ground only one and the past two weeks three now accessible
you’ve had dreams or they may be not sexual dream a little every aqua data or
things use you every position right now in the main area is God is separating on
the ark wanna cut from that thing coach in 2000 pretends to husband UHF Allah
Oboro in the mighty name of a superior man you are called to be married to a
man white rose my god okay very cotton it was more your movie in the mighty
name of Jesus God is delivering the control of assume God is delivering de
la basura God is delivering a basura God is delivering the Karuna basura I’ve had
the spiritual freedom Euler number there are seven young women Guevara back
misawa this ground 100 they have not conceived yet even upon our butoh they
are not married yet of whom oh they don’t even know it is / not Somalia but
God has just told me that they had a parent body como yo they are not yet
Barrett kept on developing level they are not yet tried to have children
America forever is there a way to wherever you wanna
warn you spirit of destruction for your purposes can I come and cha-cha-cha in
the mighty name of a man in the mighty name of Jerry is a real man lives on
this ground move only one and you’ve been healed tonight bowing his head
properly and then when the cameras to give us this testimony Erica please put
up your hands Street when it came McConnell has were praying you work your
he’ll put a move on what whether to suborn is it what up straight when a
computer guru straight wave like this when you are healed
c’mon is it those who are praying for the shuttle celebrity just wave like
this surah would wave like this you are watching the wave like this ha wave like
this reward is summary capturing that while watch good day to you sir
capturing one what is your video tutorial running your hands like this is
what war – horrible now I know just grab them like this cut
over and imagine if us to call each one of you to testify don’t ever sing about
the work we W what time what will is the ground at what I’ve been about somebody
give the Lord and my rehabilitation Sam initiative praise God
become a he basically I wanna finish development it is a however instead of
Paradiso if you are here 41 and you say I have
had the gospel on go gamma put it the ng D I want that Jesus to that that is for
your little walk here right now Django a look at walk here in John wanna cut walk
here at John look at walk here right now John wha look at work here at me junghwa
no but if you say I have had the cosmogony pull it in and I want to
receive that Jesus is or fre was as I was speaking when I’m attend to it
you had the voice of God the CC tik-tok come here Changu you just stand up come
here John come here jump come as we leave divorce if you felt God speak to you to be bold
and a cataloger than all right and you say God I need that gringo some
common etiquette Simon receive into my exam room wait why didn’t my god how
many with swellings up disappeared with my backup went over the net you came
with a swelling and it disappeared oh I see you wanna see you brother
I see you now a lovely I see you now a man like this if you carry the swelling
to my right I will just work like this mover look at those hands there in the
college I see about 200 feet the baba – Baba really Wow but not in front arrow
we don’t struggle to Union ah ok is you that I see this is blood no Messiah Bernanke ladies
and gentlemen marinovitch are men of God a Vasudeva cotton this is blood you know
Messiah this is blood right here from a psychic on somebody say in the name of
Jesus water bubbling area is something has happened to me to equality but the
core value that has changed the trajectory into society via Matta yoga
of my life may be about to be blocked back some reason the name of Shiva body
area is something has happened one way to impactive and it has changed their
attitudes our trajectory I know it did I say hallelujah you will see results when
you go home baby but I will say when you pop up to your job for sale when you go
back to your school bus a okusama know when you go back to your universe
university you will see okay I love you will see in the press I to see to see
secrets of love another level another Road another glorious time here there is power in your name here goes happen today okay can we start pray by Adele
can cassava can we start praying pallidus and cassava this is the best
decision you could never run a bookseller of chess in the conservative
quorum Graham you’re gonna repeat this right after say Jesus and by issue I
have had you in purity and your world in a niche combo job tonight
Guerrero my heart moti Bhagwan has believed Pookie Riza my mouth from what
one has come face back today you are Lord way more common and Savior no
miracles my like wore a bra I am gonna get more oh cool a a man me now put up
your hands I want a proof we’re gonna pass Selena the power of God comes up a
cock oh the anointing of the Holy Spirit are going to go it’s touching you got a
quarter to remove put y’all to destroy acoustic it is a to kill or puta to deal
or : every sin ability to know that you’re troubled it is bad chocolate it is that you repay
it is that you attain it is that you out there in Jesus area it soon a man a man
submit that prayer or something water full of those gentlemen committed a
valium praise God this broadcast was poaching – arrow men
International for more information about the great work of God visit us on the
web at palabra you may also email us at info at dinero dot
o-r-g follow us on social media platforms on Facebook Twitter and
Instagram Venera make Manos

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