This is not today’s regularly scheduled upload. I actually have a video that I shot yesterday and edited that I was planning on uploading today, but then Niantic announced what they’re doing for the Pokemon GO! one year anniversary… And I figured I should get this video out before that one because this is sort of time-sensitive. So let me just warn you now that this video is going to be kind of short, it’s going to take place right here at the desk, and I’m sorry if this is underwhelming, if this is not what you’re expecting; Tomorrow’s video will be a little bit more exciting, but I just didn’t have the time and energy to shoot two videos yesterday because I’m leaving for camping in like two hours. So I’m trying to get this up to let you guys know what’s going on. So here we go. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the official launch of Pokemon GO! and to celebrate, Niantic is giving us another Pikachu with a hat so the official announcement starts, “Happy Birthday Pokemon GO! Trainers, it’s hard to believe that Pokemon GO! launched just a year ago, and what an amazing year it’s been. I’m just going to skip all this. We’ve caught a hundred twenty five billion Pokemon combined worldwide. That’s kind of crazy.But the post continues. Just a few weeks ago, the one-year anniversary- Can you guys keep it down? Sorry, it’s just so loud living in downtown. The post continues. Just a few weeks ago, the one-year anniversary Celebration kicked off with a bang. So this event that they announced today is not the only thing they’re doing for the anniversary. The anniversary celebration is everything that’s happening this summer, so there’s a lot more to it. Keep that in mind as I continue to read. Please. You and millions of other trainers went outside to battle in revamped gyms and participate in raid battles with family and friends for the first time, but this was only the beginning of an action-packed couple of months. The celebration continues with a special Pikachu wearing a familiar hat appearing all over the world, from July 6th at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time – that’s two hours from the time this video goes up – to July 24th at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time – one week later. Pikachu – just-that’s-no, that’s not a week. That’s a long as – that’s like, but that’s almost three weeks. That’s almost three weeks, that this Pikachu is going to be hanging out with us. Pikachu discovered in the wild will be wearing Ash’s famous hat – which unfortunately I don’t have – from the Pokemon animated series, so make sure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch one. You’ll also be able to stock up for raid battles and events ahead with a special limited time anniversary box which will include incubators, max revives, ultra balls and raid passes at a discount in the in-game shop. So besides the Pikachu with a hat we’re also getting a box – a sale box – in the shop that includes Incubators and Raid Passes and then also Max Revives and Ultra Balls which depending on the price of the box may or may not be worth buying. Raid passes are a very hot commodity right now. Everyone wants them. Incubators have sort of fallen off a little bit. I would say people are far more interested in raids than hatching eggs at the moment. But if the deal is good enough on those, the Max Revives and ultra balls are sort of just a bonus. The post ends with “Stay tuned for even more exciting news over the coming weeks including additional information on Pokemon GO! fest in Chicago this July – that’s July 22nd – events hosted at select Unibail-Rodamco locations this August and September in Europe and PokemonGO events at the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, Japan this August. And just a reminder for anyone who’s not going to make it to GO fest in person, Niantic has said that there are going to be in-game events going on during GO fest, so even people who aren’t there at GO fest will be able to participate in whatever they have going on in the game. So even if you’re not going, there will be something special for you to do in the game on that day and probably for a little while – after or before – you know. It’s going to be ok. I know, we’re only getting a pikachu with a hat, but remember everything that’s going on this summer is part of this one year anniversary celebration. So please try not to be too disappointed with this anniversary celebration announcement. There is a lot more to it. We just got a huge content update with gyms and raids GO fest is this month, Pikachu outbreak’s next month. There’s a lot more planned throughout the summer for Pokemon GO! So again, I’m sorry that this is all I have uploaded today. Like I said, I’m heading out of town. I have another video for you tomorrow. Go out, catch some Pikachus with a hat today while it’s still exciting. They’ll be around for almost three weeks, so you’re probably going to get tired of them. But if you’re excited about this and the rest of the Pokemon GO! anniversary celebration use rock smash on that like button and if you hate the news then use body slam on the like button because I’m really not looking forward to reading all the comments from people who are disappointed so positive feedback, please! Thanks for watching, see you guys tomorrow. For a regular – regularly scheduled upload. And then after the weekend, for an exciting, out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere episode.

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  1. Instead of giving us a bunch of pikachu with hats why not just put the option for any pokemon to spawn with a hat randomly and rarely? Imagine how much more funny if would be if you got a ditto witb a bright party hat. Or maybe give us Shiny pikachu? I dumo I'm not to impressed. This is as stupid as Ash Greninja.

  2. The problem is that we all not going to Pikachu Outbreak or PokemonGO fest. we're not gonna buy a 10 dollar box, just a waste, and a pikachu hat bet next year will be the same…so why bother this anniversary. way to go Niantic

  3. Where the bloody f*** are the legendary Pokémon!!! Goddamn you Niantic, stop being like Mclaren Honda F1 Team and fricking deliver already!

    Yesterday I put 3 Pokémon in gyms and all of them came back approximately 7ish hours later minutes apart from each other and got back guess: 0 Motherf***ing coins!!! 😡 I swear to god I'm sick of their shit now, this has been happening for two weeks now with only one of my 7 Pokémon bringing back a measly 50 coins. Plus my game has more crashes then 5 Russian Crash compilations every fricking day 😤 FIX IT!!!!! 😡

  4. Dat balancing skillz! But you're right there is so much more coming than just this Ash Hat Pikachu. People can participate as you said around the world while GO fest is going on.
    I think most people felt Blindsided by the Gym rework being considered as part of the One Year anniversary.
    Definitely buying the box though. Get those incubators to clean my eggs out once it gets closer to GO fest for those special 2km's.

  5. this event SUCKS!!!Niantic really screwed up with the live event . scalpers bought all the tickets and now cant get a ticket for less than $200 bucks..good job boys

  6. hi trainer, this question goes to all the Trainer in Asia area, I'm traveling to Asia soon, all because I want catch Farfetch'd, does he spawn in Asia often? If yes where in Asia does he spawn often? Thanks for sharing information 🙂

  7. i thought that lil hat thing was funny. lil things like that give ur vids sum extra lil humor. even for a short vid i still thoroughly enjoyed it. keep up the amazing work Nick!

  8. When your roommate was in the back ground you should have paused it, taken his hat, record, and then having him confused that his hat was gone =)

  9. Good update etc. Hope you feel positive.

    Unfortunately, the "discount" on the box is terrible though so… 🙁

  10. I could just imagine this happening
    -Pokemon GO Anniversary event comes out
    -People look at what the event has
    "Breaking news, Pokemon GO has 0 downloads remaining"
    -Niantic Employee #1: "What do we do?"
    -Niantic Employee #2: "90% off raid passes! Quick!"
    -"Breaking news, Pokemon GO now has 2x the amount of players it had BEFORE the anniversary event!"

  11. I'm still salty about the Chicago Fest….I live and work in Chicago but I'm not feeding the scum of the world hundreds of dollars of profit for spamming the sales in the first 5 minutes.

  12. @2:00 Noticed you said "one week later" and knew you were wrong and watching your reaction realizing you did the math wrong was halarius. "That's a long a** time!" Rotflmao!! xD

  13. Haha Nick. So serious with so many hats. Yeah the hat and sale box are underwhelming but the rest of the update is awesome!

  14. That´s true, we have a lot of things this coming up this summer, I know the box may not be a good trade, but hey! it´s always good to have a new special pikachu, so let´s just enjoy it and be patient for the rest of cool things; btw you look great with a lot of hats, love you Nick! <3

  15. Two things happened after this video has concluded: 1st Nick is now 1" shorter, 2nd Nick gained 1" of pure neck muscle.

  16. 1) For the anniversary. Another pikachu with a different hat is a shitty gift. Just being blunt.
    2) All of your videos. Small or Big. are welcomed. You are my go to news of the week/day when frustrated, confused, or happy with current pokemon go play.
    3) I've played many top games and the gaming companies are much the same hoped Niantic would be different/better. Point being Niantic stop shitting on your fans/trainers.
    4) 1200 coins is a slap in the face of the fans after limiting coins to 50 per day

  17. last I heard youtube treats positive and negative attention the same, meaning whatever people do helps you…

  18. Hello again, my brother is a huge fan and on his behalf (he's unable to attend Chicago fest) I was wondering if there was anything Dori and I could bring from Okinawa Japan. We'll be in Chicago and are looking forward to meeting you.

  19. buying the box is all a matter of where you are.. if you have a lot of stops/gyms around you then maybe no.. but if not it is a good way to get balls.

  20. I really hope people weren't awful in the comments, and I wish you didn't feel like have to apologize for being a video without much "excitement." A lot of us love seeing the updates and game info through your eyes. Nothing wrong with an update like this!! LOVED the hat visual gag. Cute. 😁

  21. If only the anniversary box had three eggs that were guaranteed to hatch any of the region exclusive pokemon.

  22. Best part of the video: HATS! This isn't a terrible event, but its not great either. With everything going on and all the new content that is here already plus that which is coming makes this much easier to accept for what it is.

  23. dont worry u r entertaining team instinct leader…. member since 12/8/16 … joined to play together with my son 12 aaron, and we should have had two phones. he stopped wanting to do it with me when a girl he likes at school found out his dad liked playing it. 🙁 apparently i am too old and its uncool, or he doesnt like pokemon anymore. Anyways I pressed on without him and reached l3v3l 30 without buying a single coin or spending any money. The new reward system in the gym has killed my hunting for the time being, as I cant earn enough to play more than one raid a day, and in this remote village of Margaret River West Australia, Kangas are super common. If you ever visit it'll be an honour to trade with you, and go control the gyms in town. All up we have 5 at the beach and 10 in town, with 7 pokestops at the beach and 19 pokestops in town. We are historically known for our ancient culture the noongars and they have a very ancient racial verbal history of many incredible animals from the dreamtime. I think you would enjoy it here. ok, well been really enjoying your daily videos. keep up the great editing, and interesting photography. regards James

  24. I'd like to see Niantic implement a same-team communication system. Not necessarily a full on chat, but a way to share information quickly (50 character max sticky note on the gym your team is currently holding).

  25. Nice hats, which did something like thing Halloween event where it was 2x exp, 2x candy, and their were an influx of Halloween Pokemon Gastly, Haunter, Gengar and Zubat.

  26. Dang, bro. Those hats are stacked. I think this is is the most I've ever laughed during one of your videos.

  27. I am actually fine with shorter episode. I had little time to go through episodes that piled up over holiday.

  28. If I could like all your videos that doesn't play your theme song I would. I smashed today's like button.. Thx..

  29. So…. Thanks for your videos again, always good information and an entertaining presentation. I had to comment though… I was watching this only half the time, as the video was in the background off and on as I listened to Nick and did graphics work. At about two thirds through the video I thought I was losing my mind because of the hats, lol. I had to back the video up for a second and do a sanity check. Me, to myself: "Okay! You're good! It's really a thing, the hats. Ha, that's funny. Looks like I didn't forget my meds after all."

  30. I wish you had worn a hat for this video! Do you even own a hat? So very disappointing! 😉 Seriously though, Pikachu is so rare near me that it will be a miracle if I get a single one. Oh, well. Keep up the good work!

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