The President’s Birthday

(singing) happy birthday to me…. happy birthday to me! Hey Georgie! what’s with the singing? I thought your birthday was February 11th? T’was, but good people of this fine nation felt they should honor my birthday on the third Monday in February. Wait… the third Monday in February? I thought that was Presidents Day, a day to honor all of us presidents. Presidents Day? no way! this holiday is all about me. Dude. I’m right here. I was born in February as well… … which is why it’s called Presidents
Day in some states. …But it was my birthday first! OK true. But your birthday is February 11th and the holiday is on the third Monday in February. That means the
holiday can never fall on your actual birthday. Err …let’s not get hung up on this…
just shut up and give me some cake. Oh boo-hoo! you and Abe get a holiday – even teddy got a toy bear named after him.
I got nothing. “All men are created equal”? Yeah right!

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