The Princess and the Frog Cast and Crew Celebrate 10 Magical Years

Tiana’s the first Disney Princess who
had her own business and was determined to get it. She’s really self-propelled,
and now we have a few princesses that are moving in that lane. But, that was a
big deal—you know it was 1920s South and she was a young Black woman making her way—it’s pretty
fantastic! It was actually John Musker and my idea to set it in New Orleans in
the 1920s: The Jazz Age. And, they have magic there—magic is sort of real in New
Orleans. You feel that magic kind of everywhere you go. Oh my gosh. Well, I love
it just like everyone else and I’m really proud of the movie. I think we all
are! “I found a stick!” I love this movie and I love the effect that it’s had even
ten years later. It’s a really wonderful film. I mean, the writing is great, the
talent is fantastic! It was a wonderful thing to be a part of and I’m, like, over
the moon! It feels great to have taken part in what we knew at the time was
gonna be something I was gonna be really historic for the studio because they
were doing something that was kind of a first, really kind of featuring
African-American characters as the lead, and so myself and a lot of animators were
really excited. When I look at any Disney film I’m enthralled at the beauty but
then to know the deep intricate work that goes into just one character.
Everything about it was amazing. And you know you’re gonna live forever! You do a
Disney voice, you’re gonna live forever! I mean, I can still quote Snow White!

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  1. That moment you realize The Princess and the Frog came out 10 years ago.

    Also Disney, please bring back 2D to the theaters.

  2. I'm almost there accepting that It's been 10 years and longer since I heard they were returning back to the traditional animation! Keep it up!

  3. At 0:18, like what she said at that part it's all true of how Princess Tiana wanted her own restaurant. And on only that she also dreamed of becoming a real princess.

    And she also said that it takes place in the 1920s in the Southern United States, however she forgot to say that it takes place primarily in New Orleans.

    At that time and still to this day, New Orleans is very special for the Southern United States, the black community and most importantly which I believe is its Origins. Jazz music plays an important role for New Orleans.

    And one of the producers had said, that New Orleans is magical. And I do take his word, New Orleans is really magical. Another place where dreams come true, and it's no wonder why Walt Disney wanted a New Orleans replica for Disneyland

  4. I remembered this year is the 30th anniversary of The Little Mermaid, but I had no idea this is the 10th anniversary of The Princess and the Frog.

    So this year is really a big celebration for to Disney classics, that featured our two favorite Disney princesses. Both Ariel and Tiana

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  6. To me Tiana is very special because she is the first African American Disney Princess. Tiana was the first and the only Disney princess to be my favorite immediately by watching the first trailer for her movie without knowing what will happen in the movie unlike Rapunzel , Elsa , Moana…etc who took a little time to be my favorite Disney Princesses .

  7. I literally just watched the movie yesterday and I didn’t know the next day would be the ten year anniversary of it.

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