The Real Reason Barbara Bush Was In A Hurry To Get Married

Barbara Bush, the daughter of former United
States President George W. Bush, married screenwriter Craig Coyne in early October 2018. The couple
put a lot of thought into the timing of the marriage, which may come as a surprise, considering
that the two were engaged for only five weeks before they actually tied the knot. So why
the quick turnaround? Speaking in an interview with People magazine,
the former first daughter revealed that past regrets and current concerns over her grandparents’
declining health was all it took to inspire the couple to take the leap together, and
get hitched sooner rather than later. You may remember that the Bush family lost
their matriarch, Barbara Bush, in April 2018. The former First Lady of the United States
passed away at the age of 92 after opting to stop receiving treatment for multiple medical
issues. She left behind her husband of 73 years, former President George H.W. Bush,
as well as five children, 17 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. The death of the elder Barbara Bush seems
to have sparked a shift in perspective for her younger namesake. As Bush told People, “That’s the one thing about waiting. You can
have this great career and this great life. But, of course, the older you get, you lose
people that you love.” While it was reported that her grandmother’s
health had been declining for weeks prior to her death, the younger Barbara still described
her death as being unexpected. As she said she realized in the People interview, “Craig didn’t get to meet my grandmother.
I thought there would be plenty of time for that to happen.” Soon after the death of the elder Barbara,
the widowed George H.W.’s health began to take a worrying turn for the worse. Just days
after his wife was laid to rest, the 94-year-old was hospitalized in Houston, Texas after an
infection entered his bloodstream. One month later, he was admitted to a hospital in Maine
due to low blood pressure and fatigue. At the time, the younger Barbara had been
dating Craig Coyne since the beginning of 2018, making their relationship official at
the turn of the new year. So when Coyne popped the question on August 25, during a family
occasion near the same location that Bush’s grandparents got engaged back in 1943, the
couple decided that they didn’t need to wait. As Barbara explained it to People, “We just thought, let’s try to do it soon,
a small wedding with just our family and my grandfather, here.” The newly-engaged couple committed to the
idea of a very brief engagement. According to Barbara, the two would have been perfectly
happy to get married as soon as the very next week after the proposal. As she explained
it, “We knew we wanted to be married, we’d already
made that decision, so we didn’t need months of an engagement.” Fortunately for the Bush family, George H.
W.’s health held up as the big wedding day approached. According to Barbara, her granddad
was doing “great” at the time of the wedding, though he does still miss her grandmother. Bush and Coyne tied the knot in an intimate
ceremony held in the backyard of her grandparents’ home in Kennebunkport, Maine on Sunday, October
7. According to the Today show, the wedding itself was indeed a family affair. The bride
donned a custom-made Vera Wang wedding dress, and completed her gorgeous look with a moving
bit of “something borrowed”, her late grandmother’s bracelet, which she received from George H.W.
on their 70th wedding anniversary. Former president George W. walked his daughter
down the aisle in a ceremony that was officiated by Barbara’s aunt, Dorothy Bush. Barbara’s
twin sister, Today show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager, was also part of the proceedings
as the matron of honor. She described the ceremony by saying, “It was a very secret wedding, a little bit
like my elusive sister. But also, just family in a place that means family love, and it
was just beautiful.” However, it sounds like no one is happier
for Barbara Bush and her new husband than her father, the 43rd president, who took to
Instagram to share his compliments to the happy couple on the day after their wedding.
The celebratory post read, “Barbara is named for a unique and strong
woman, and rightly so, because she is unique and strong. Laura and I are so proud of our
compassionate, daring, fierce, kind, intelligent, loving daughter. And we’re thrilled to welcome
Craig Coyne to our family.”

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  1. Lets see the red flags, husband is a screen writer no one has herd of, that makes him a failed Hollywood screen writer, 2 they knew each other 5 weeks before getting married, 3 Barbara Bush is pushing 36 years and is desperate to find someone, anyone to get married and have kids with, and this guy she knew for 5 weeks is the perfect guy with chump written on his forehead, Their excuse, we need to get married for grandpa, So their excuse is that grand pa bush has never seen a wedding in his life conclusion shotgun wedding, desperate spinster, guy who need a place to live, or a rich wife to mooch off, pick you choices.

  2. So she just HAS to marry someone lol. Whatever happened to people being Independent, instead of pairing up to survive the harsh world?
    Wow, I just realized how NIHLISTIC I am after reading this post lol

  3. Anyone else notice Republican President daughters are SO much prettier than Democrat President daughters are? Amy Carter, ugh. Chelsea Clinton, nasty. Feel sorry for her daughter, they seem to get uglier each generation. Obama's daughters will end up with asses like their mom having to turn sideways to get through a door.

  4. That would have been a big, big wedding if she went with all the formalities, etc. Big bucks wedding. Lots of big bucks gifts. Guess she didn't need the money or to be in a wedding show.

  5. When Barbara Bush becomes President she will be the first woman, the smartest, and the most beautiful that will hold that office. Hope we don't have to wait 10 more years!

  6. Best wishes to Barbara. I think she knew her grandfather was near the end and wanted him at her wedding. What a loving thing to do.

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