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– Are you having second
thoughts now about bringing Monster to Huntsville? Absolutely. Hm. I’m not saying he
doesn’t need his dad. Of course he needs his dad. But his dad is there. His dad is present. He’s there. I mean, he’s not in the home. But he’s there every opportunity
that he can, he’s there. So I’ve never tried to
take that away from him. However, I didn’t feel
that he should take that away from me, as well. OK. Maurice, how do
you feel about her having second thoughts about
moving Monster to Huntsville? I don’t think that that’s
fair considering the father that I am. Tell her. I don’t think it’s fair. Right. But you’re looking at
it from your standpoint. I– I– that’s– You’re not looking at it as
if [INAUDIBLE] were to sit here and say the stuff
that she said on TV, that he didn’t want
to be a parent, or he said he didn’t–
he didn’t feel like he wanted to raise another child.
– Alone. – Or if–
– I’ve never said that. – Alone.
– I’ve never said that. – The key word is alone.
– OK. Alone.
Whatever. So– or if he said that if he
had a major issue with you– You act like you haven’t given
me a reason to have an issue. You keep acting like I came
up with this by myself. What have I done to you? – All of this stuff!
– What? Are you kidding me?
– What have I done to you? Why do you keep that? What have I done to you? You’re taking about– Kiowa, you have been ill
towards me from day one. You’ve never had a nice
thing to say to anybody. Maybe there’s people you don’t
think are going to tell me what you say, and then when
Maurice even addresses it, you say, well, I
said that in private. No, no. Just because you
say it behind my back doesn’t mean that
you don’t say it. First of all, why– why
wouldn’t I think that? You think I’m going
to trust them? – I’m saying–
– That’s your people. Why would I– How are you going
to sit here and acting like you didn’t say nothing.
– Whatever. – But I don’t–
– The reason we’re here– Saying something?
That’s what the problem is? The reason we’re here– Because of
something I’ve said? That’s the problem? You’ve– yes.
You constantly disrespect me. All right.
OK. All right.
– You constantly disrespect me. I haven’t disrespected you.
I haven’t disrespected you. And for years he’s let you– I’ve– I’ve not– –because of this–
because of this moment, when you say, I’m thinking
I might change my mind. That’s why he’s let you
disrespect me this long. Mm. OK. This is the problem. This is the problem. Before television,
and on television, Kimmy’s never said
anything negative about Kiowa, except
for I’m not going to keep getting disrespected. That’s it and she
said, I’ve gotten– [APPLAUSE] I’ve got taken to task
for years about this. And it’s an uncomfortable
situation to be in, just to try to parent. And I’m saying that,
right now, this is a responsibility that God
gave me and I cherish it. Like, when I wake
up in the morning, and I see my son every day? Do you understand how
that makes me feel? [SNIFFS] Mhm. I’m happy every single
day I see him, man. I sure do. For real. Because I– I do the same thing. [APPLAUSE] Well, wait a minute. Well, Kimmy made
it very clear when she was speaking with you
that she wanted for her to be able to move forward. She wanted an
apology from Kiowa. And you said, I’m not sure
you’re going to get what it is that you’re looking for.
– I don’t– What– what is
it you want Kiowa to apologize for specifically? I am a person of
ownership, period. And when you own it, you
say, damn, I’m sorry. I’ve been in her place. I know everything. I’m a single parent. I don’t have to keep proving
to her that I get it. I don’t have
anything against her. I love her kid. And I don’t have one
single thing against her. We fight because I try
to help him understand the position as a mother. They haven’t even been to court. I had a police officer
knock on my door and give me papers to go to
be full custody with his dad. He’s trying not to
do that with her. He’s doing the best he
can not to go to court. And I’m in her corner. And she just can’t
[BLEEP] see it. And I don’t get that. [APPLAUSE] Kiowa. Yeah. Come on. They’re trying. He’s stepping up to
do what a lot of men don’t do when they move
on with their lives. And then she’s a
willing participant. She loves your son. And it feels like, from
the outside looking in, that you’re resisting. And– and I think it’s
time for you to let it go. Just let it go. Do you think you can
apologize to Kimmy– Yeah, if she can
tell me what I– –for what has been
said so far so that you guys can move forward? What have I said? You got to own it. Mhm. I will. Whatever I said. – Kimmy?
– I’m good. Kimmy. No, no. I’m good. Kimmy, what about– I’m good and that’s the truth. That’s the truth. That’s the truth.

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  1. Super uncomfortable. I hate they put his ex wife on front like this. No money is worth the humiliation or scrutiny she will face just because of the platform maurice & kimmy have. Wrong. Kimmie comes across childish in how she fumes at Ki. Women and ex's have baggage and things that are said about the other it comes with the territory. This is making Ki look like a fool for no good reason.

  2. Ugh…that ex wife is so bitter and is playing victim. She is rude, disrespectful and jealous. I can't stand women like her

  3. That ex wife needs to know her place…. Now the new wife is in her place you Petty cold asf… I never like her on the show just a lil fame camera time….

  4. The child is old enough to decide where he wants to be. The judge can ask the child in private so the other parent cant influence them.

  5. Maurice can get as emotional as he wants, but fact is if he wanted to have his son around more he should’ve never moved away from him, but he did. Now he wants to sit up there crying like it’s someone else’s fault that his son still lives states away from him. Own THAT.

  6. Maurice, your son said he doesn't even want to move there with you… Kimmie is selfish though, she knew when she got with maurice that it was a goal for him to have his son live with him. She talking about she doesn't want to raise another child "alone"'. No sis, you don't want to parent another child PERIOD, and it shows in her demeanor. She was cool when it was just summer visits and holidays😂😂😂

  7. Don’t worry kimmie God is backing you and your husband don’t cry not one more tear, God will work it out. #LetGoAndLetGod

  8. Sometimes ………the step-parent falling back and allowing the parents to come to whatever agreement that works for them regarding the child is best. I’m team kimmie but sometimes letting the parents figure it out and not getting so emotionally involved to the point that it’ personal between her and his ex is not what’s best for the child in the long run.……it only complicates things even more……especially for the child.……and no one wins.

  9. I think Kiuwha is over her ex, she is remarried come on guys 🙄. She just has legitimate concerns about relocating her family for Maurice (which is completely understandable).

  10. I don't care what people say about the ex wife….but if she has raised her son all those years …now you want her child to move permanently in the dads house….and i did not hear what kimmie wants an apology for?????

  11. I can empathize with the ex wife. I dont think Kimmi and Maurice getting together and starting their realtionship is as innocent as they want to make it appear. Also the show only shows things from Maurice and Kimmi's perspective not hers so I can understand why Kiawiah has an attitude but I do feel like she should get over her resentment. She is a nice looking lady with a husband of her own so she needs to just work together with her ex husband and move on.

  12. Yes! Kimmy. Kiowa his bitter because she still cares for Maurice and uses their son as a weapon. If she agreed that he would be with his father during this crucial formative time in a boy’s life; then she should follow through. Kiowa’s husband should have some questions. She knows what she has said but it will all but her soon enough.

  13. I’m confused 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t think Kiuwha has anything to apologise for. By the sounds of it other people have been injecting themselves into the situation and confusing the matter.

  14. Let that B×÷+*h have it. They think they hold all the damn power I had a crazy wife in law to it was like talking to somebody who had special needs never did get through to that woman. Stand-your-ground Kimmy

  15. Kimmey is about 90% right!! But if the ex can't say in her FACE what she thinks then 🖕her. She's not worth Kimmey's time. BUT BUT BUT BUT!!! KIMMEY ALSO HAS TO ADMIT SHE DOESN'T WANT THE SON MOVING THERE!!!! SHE DOESN'T WANT TO RAISE ANY MORE KIDS AND THE SON FEELS IT & KNOWS IT!! OWN YOUR OWN 💩 TOO 💁‍♀️

  16. Oooooo that Kiuwha is something SERIOUS. One. She never remembers nothing she states. Two. She plays victim toooooo much. Three. She just coming off as if she’s still in love and it’s all bitterness. I need her to GROW the heck up! Take OWNERSHIP! And move the HECK ON!!!

  17. The mom has been raising her son and now They want him more Court it has to be. The son already said he did not want to move with his father which the judge will ask in court and the jusge will rule in the mothers favor

  18. A woman is not a man and cannot raise a boy to be a man. Men know that who were raised by their mothers. Men WANT to be raised by their fathers and mothers. Maurice WANTS to raise Monster, and I hope he gets the opportunity.

  19. You didn’t think about that when you moved away? The son not leaving his mom, no matter how lavish a life y’all can provide him.
    Kiuwha knows this that’s why she can play the wife vs. ex wife card bc she knows who the son is going to chose. This argument ain’t about him and Kimmie knows that, that’s why I don’t understand why she’s going back and forth.

  20. People like Kiuwha aggravates me so much. She knows she said alot of hurtful things but when confronted all the sudden she doesn't know why there's an issue

  21. This is BS I don't get how everyone is supporting Maurice on this.
    He is the one who moved to a different state- he is the one who left his son and now everyone needs to accommodate him?? Narcissists!
    The ex is married, everyone is disregarding her husband in this convo. That is major disrespect so he needs to jump when Maurice wants? Like, what???? The son has expressed that he doesn't wanna move. So everyone doesn't want this except him but the move must still happen. WTF!???

  22. Nah is ex wife wants to be in Kimmies position so she’s using the child to hurt him. She’s bitter and needs to get over the fact he is in love with someone else. Even on the show the son asked if the mom could come move in with them. That was the mom talking not the son. At a point boys need there dad more than the mom sorry. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Men like that aren’t really around anymore so just let that baby go. Also so damn what if the kid said he doesn’t want to live with his Dad he don’t have a damn choice. He not paying no bills any damn way.

  23. There comes a time when a woman raising a male child needs to let the father take lead. Especially if the father is a positive influence who's willing to do his part!

  24. Dont y'all forget we only know half of the story. Ijs always two side to a story never one. Its something way deeper than just this lil bit we see on TV..

  25. He went on her word..they discussed him staying with his father once he reached a certain age…shes clearly mad about their relationships demise…shes married yet she still has feelings for her husband

  26. People seem to forget that he also has a step father, which the child apparently also has no problem with. It looks a certain way because he is not on the show. He never one time said he had a problem with her husband in his sons life. I wonder what that’s about. He moved now he wants her and her husband to move. This woman is remarried and has her marriage to consider also. Are the willing to up and move to where she is with her family? Why does it have to be them moving to him and not the other way. That’s what I would be asking as her husband as it doesn’t seem like that’s where they were as a family when the were married. It clear she allows him to see his son. You got to consider that her husband may be viewed as less than a man to up and move on another mans request people probably can’t wait to dog her husband out they do move. Everyone is not involved in this conversation which is unfair to the ex wife also, so she comes across as looking like the bad guy. Is she supposed to risk her marriage too to accommodate them? Really?

  27. Kiuwah issue is her understanding when she and Maurice relationship ended and Kimmi’s began. She may have not been done with the relationship when Maurice chose to moved on with Kimmi. So she will make it difficult to get an apology because of her understanding that is not understood. Does it make it right, no Kiuwah. It could have been handled years ago if Kiuwah gained clarity on the fact the relationship between she & Maurice was no more regardless on if she was ready for it to be done or not. He was done. So her taking the stand on not moving to Huntsville is the way of having control in this situation. She get to make the call when it starts & when it ends.

  28. Kiuwa is holding onto her 'unarmed' resentment like a Rotweler to a pork shank, and she refuses to display a shred of ownership for the breakdown in communication with her son's father. It's a pity, you see a black man stepping up to the plate to co-parent his son with full engagement , and the mother weaponizes his desire to do so to satisfy her own ego. That's so ugly .

  29. Basically everyone believes the son should be uprooted to live around his dads and new wife life…?🤦🏽Hell nah. That’s not fair, why does she have to be bitter because she supposed to allow her ex to manipulate whatever situation he sees hisself in?🤔

  30. The word bitter has made such a ugly scar on our sistas , I can’t stand that word. People should be more compassionate no one here lives behind her doors. Just simple minded judgement.

  31. 1. Why do they keep calling the child, "monster"?
    2. The ex wife has a lot of bitterness, jealousy and envious. She, needs to grow up and let the bull** go. Life is to short to be holding on to the baggage.
    Kimmie, I'm with her and husband 💯💯
    Kiuwha, it's time to grow up and woman up, and stop being so stubborn and bitter. Unforgiveness and miserable make you sick. She needs some serious help. The child is the innocent, and he can make up his mind, where he wants to be.
    Hope the situation improves.

    Much love and be blessed from Delaware ❤❤

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