The Secret Parties Billionaires Don’t Want You To Know About

Billionaires: they’re not just like us. Something happens when you reach a certain
level of wealth. The jets become private. The apartments become penthouses. And the parties get real epic real fast. Here are the secret parties billionaires don’t
want you to know about. In the hanky-panky filled parties of Silicon
Valley, dinner comes first, usually prepared by the host to avoid the prying eyes of cooks
and cleaners. Social media is strictly forbidden, for obvious
reasons. Then the drugs come out. MDMA seems to be the top choice, although
it’s far from the only offering. The guests break off into groups of two, three,
or more, usually for “cuddle puddles,” a cute way to describe a gang of groping millionaires
and billionaires. From there things get really freaky. The mostly-male bigwigs of Silicon Valley
have these drug-fueled love parties on the regular, bringing in a bevy of young women
from anywhere they can get their hands on them. And get their hands on them they do, often
with their wives and girlfriends right beside them. These men tend to be the wealthy tycoons behind
some of the biggest brands in the world. As Emily Chang, author of the book Brotopia,
describes it, they like to treat these parties as extensions of their world-changing professional
philosophies by overturning traditions in their private lives. In the end, that means a boatload of hookups
in private mansions, estates, and yachts the world over. You won’t find a lot of Carvel ice cream cake
at a billionaire’s birthday party. Even Jay-Z and Beyonce dropped $200,000 on
their daughter Blue Ivy’s first birthday. Businessman Ronald Perelman likes to celebrate
his on a 188-foot yacht in the warm waters of St. Barts, often flying in famous folks
like Barry Manilow to sing him “Happy Birthday.” Retail tycoon Philip Green once surprised
100 of his friends with a last-minute trip to the Maldives for his 55th. And that’s nothing compared to Jho Low, the
Malaysian billionaire who turned his 31st birthday into the biggest bash Las Vegas had
ever seen, even though no one was quite sure who he was. Low built what looked like an aircraft hangar
on a vacant plot of land and then filled it up with some of the world’s biggest stars. Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian
were there, along with a Ferris wheel, carousel, circus trampoline, and cigar lounge. Jamie Foxx hosted, with performances by Britney
Spears, Q-Tip, and Chris Brown. To end the night, a giant fireworks show exploded
over the Nevada desert. Henry Nicholas, the founder of the tech company
Broadcom, turned a warehouse in California into a neverending adult fantasy room. The personal pleasure pad was reportedly stocked
to the brim with cocaine, meth, and ecstasy, along with cutting-edge technology, making
it the ultimate spot to hang with his friends and an endless rotation of ladies of the night. And when that wasn’t good enough, Nicholas
allegedly hired a construction team to covertly connect the place to his home through underground
passageways. This shouldn’t come as a shock to the folks
who know anything about him. He used to secretly spike his colleagues’
drinks with ecstasy, and he once smoked so much marijuana on his private plane that the
pilot was forced to put on an oxygen mask. Unfortunately, at least for Nicholas, it all
came tumbling down when he was arrested for his Caligula-esque lifestyle, along with a
laundry list of securities fraud. He was acquitted of all charges, but his rap
sheet still isn’t a great look for him. The Cannes Film Festival is a lot of things,
from a glamorous party to an over-the-top trade convention. Hollywood heavyweights cut deals and schmooze
with their favorite movie stars. But for the working girls who fly in, it’s
a bit of a goldmine. Thousands of women flock to the fest every
year, from high-end call girls charging in the thousands to streetwalkers plying their
trade for 50 bucks. But find the right john, and you can hit it
big. Some of the women have been reportedly known
to make $40,000 a night. According to a Lebanese businessman who described
the scene to The Hollywood Reporter, there are about 30 or 40 luxury yachts in the bay
during the festival each year. Each boat is filled with about ten women,
plus drugs and alcohol. And apparently this has all been going for
the past 60 years. The 2012 Kappa Beta Phi dinner, a secret gathering
of Wall Street royalty, began with the address: The dinner was designed as an ultra-exclusive
financial community fraternity at the dawn of the Great Depression. Kevin Roose, author of the book Young Money,
described it as a “sort of one-percenters Friars Club.” It’s a chance for some of the richest men
in the world to shut the doors and let loose. It may be the only place you can see literal
billionaires perform sexist and homophobic skits and sing lame song parodies about how
rich they are. As Roose put it, Roose snuck into the 2012 festivities, and
when he was discovered, none other than Wilbur Ross acted as a one-man bouncer and dragged
him out. The black tie dinner isn’t for prying eyes. “It sounds like something Occupy Wall Street
would invent if they wanted people to hate bankers even more.” Burning Man may be full of trust fund kids
and millionaires, but it’s always gone out of its way to shun showy signs of its own
wealth. Not so for Further Future, the offshoot festival
designed for and by the uber-wealthy. If you’ve always wanted to be a Burner but
also have access to top notch lavender lattes, this is the spot for you. It’s website lists “unabashed luxury” as one
of its primary goals, and its guests won’t be disappointed. Beyond the VIP fencing sit Airstreams and
“Lunar Palaces” going for thousands of dollars per night, often fully staffed with personal
valets and private chefs. If that’s not good enough, Nobu offers $250-a-seat
dinners, or you can just take part in something called a “smudging aura cleansing.” Saline and vitamin transfusions are available,
and there’s a beer and foie gras au torchon tasting. Dressed in the “steampunk futurism” style
that’s the official aesthetic of the festival, entrepreneurs and tech billionaires mingle,
cutting deals between wellness panels. So let the Burners eat cake; this is where
the powerful come to play. As Mel Brooks once said, “It’s good to be the king.” In Saudi Arabia, it’s good to be one of the
kingdom’s 10,000 princes, flush with cash and a lack of concern for their family’s oppressive
rules. Why else would a deeply religious theocracy
look the other way as its royal class hosts decadent parties, breaking every law in the
books? One Saudi prince named Faisal is a second-tier
“Cadet” prince, which is about as far from the throne as you can get, but he still enjoys
all the perks and privileges of princehood. His epic 2009 Halloween party, whose details
were revealed in a leaked diplomatic cable, is still the talk of the town. Alcohol was plentiful at the party’s bar,
despite being prohibited by Saudi law and custom. There were also plenty of working girls among
the guests, which is allegedly not uncommon at such parties. A guest list determined who made it inside
the exclusive affair. The scene resembled a nightclub, with alcohol,
dancing, a DJ at the turntables, and guests in costume. It’s a good thing Saudi Arabia just lifted
its ban on female drivers, so that next time Prince Faisal can invite even more single
ladies. According to a spokesperson for Bohemian Grove,
the mysterious annual retreat of political power players in Northern California, the
club is nothing more than a chance to “share a passion for the outdoors, music, and theater.” But then again, this is where the early planning
for the Manhattan Project took place, so it might not be all fresh air and camp songs. No outsiders really know for certain what
this place really is, but when former president Bill Clinton was asked about it, he said: “That’s where all those rich Republicans go
out and stand naked against redwood trees, right?” Spy magazine reporter Philip Weiss managed
to sneak into Bohemian Grove back in 1989 and then reported on the handful of rules
he encountered. Basically, they were: don’t do business, don’t
pee on the trees, and always be drunk. Only the last rule was strictly enforced,
though. Inside the campgrounds, he found powerful
men making powerful decisions over copious amounts of alcohol. In one notable bit of Bohemian Grove history,
in the summer of 1968, Ronald Reagan reportedly agreed not to primary Richard Nixon as the
two mingled there. At the 2018 President Club Charity Dinner
at London’s Dorchester Hotel, host Jonny Gould declared, That may actually be an understatement. Supposedly a fundraiser for a variety of English
charities, the real purpose of this men’s-only gathering seems to be a bit more nefarious. British power players from the worlds of finance,
politics, and business gather every year to throw their money around, imbibe, and leer
at the scantily clad hostesses. In fact, that last part seems to be the main
purpose of the party. Hostesses are hired based on their looks and
then ordered to wear black underwear to better match the skimpy outfits they’re given upon
arrival. Once their phones are confiscated, they’re
given drinks to loosen them up and then paraded out for the men to gawk at. This was reported by Madison Marriage of the
Financial Times, who went to the dinner undercover. Hands are slipped up skirts, bottoms are pinched. Drunken men dive in for kisses and ask women
if they’re actually sex workers. The bathrooms are even monitored and the women
are timed to make sure they don’t just go and hide. Keep in mind that this is a charity event,
with prizes including lunch with former London Mayor Boris Johnson and the proceeds going
to places like a prominent children’s hospital. In the wake of the Times report, future iterations
have been canceled. When you’re a billionaire, you don’t take
no for an answer, especially not when it comes to your wedding. That’s how Napster creator Sean Parker found
himself among the redwoods of Big Sur, California back in 2013, celebrating the most lavish
wedding this country’s ever seen. No expense was spared. Over months, crews built an artificial pond,
a bridge, rock staircases, fake stone castle ruins, and a 20-foot-tall wrought iron gate
with the couple’s initials. The costume designer for the Lord of the Rings
movies created Tolkien-themed outfits for all 364 guests, including Sean Lennon, Emma
Watson, and California Governor Gavin Newsom. Bunnies were handed out to cuddle with. Animal furs were draped on chairs and full
beds. Pigs were roasted on a spit, and Sting sang
in front of a 9-foot-tall wedding cake. It was said to cost between $5 million and
$10 million. But then the bad press set in, and the legal
issues started. One website called it an “eco-wrecking wedding,”
and Parker was forced to write an apology. The wedding was hosted at a luxury hotel whose
owners had failed to apply for the appropriate permits. But billionaires don’t get in real trouble,
not for long at least. Parker paid a fine and agreed to design an
app for California as restitution. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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    2. Believe it or not, most of Millionaires and Billionaires are self-made. Many of them started in the same position as you are now. Humble beginnings should be the fuel to your life, not the excuse.

    3. MOST IMPORTANT: They don't change time for money. Realizing that being paid by results instead of hourly is the only way to gain true wealth (even when you sleep)

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