This video was made possible by EA gamechangers. Hi guys, Rachybop here. Back with another Sims Mobile video. In this video I’d like to tell you about a
few packs that are coming soon. These are really cool anniversary packs. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited. So we’ve got a bronze anniversary pack, silver
anniversary pack, gold anniversary pack and platinum anniversary pack. Plus Mawdrey the plant, which I will explain. So these are all going to be available in
your game starting February 5th and they’re going to be there for 8 days. So let’s start with the bronze pack. And they’re all available for levels 5 and
over. So these packs are kinda cool because you
can huy them seperately, and I’ll tell you the prices as we go, but if you buy all of
them you get Mawdrey the plant for free. That’s why you can see him on the image. Ok so in the bronze anniversary pack you get
the good all around room divider in 9 different colours, that’s a 3 star item, and the Le
Portrait De Bert in 6 different colours, that’s a 3 star item. You also get 200 simcashand 10,000 simoleons,
and this one is priced at $5.99. Ok so onto the silver pack, in the silver
anniversary pack you get the peek-a-boo fence in 6 different colours, which is a 3 star
item, and the floral draped archway, 6 different colours, 3 star item. You also get 500 simcash, 13,000 simoleons,
and it’s priced at $9.99. So far I don’t think those 2 packs are that
notable. 0:01:49.910,0:01:52.369
Now let’s look in the good anniversary pack. So in this pack you get the hunk o’ hunky
stone statue, 6 different colours, and the stop and smell rose bush, 6 different colours. Plus 1,200 simcash and 20,000 simoleons, and
this one is priced at $19.99, and then in the platinum anniversary pack, this one’s
great, I really, really like this one, I think you’re gonna like it to because of that piano
heirloom. You get the heavenly pipe organ. Oh my goodness I hope that has sound and animation. 5 different colours. The square cut bath tub, 6 different colours. The cherubic fountain, 4 different colours,
love that. Flaunty fireplace, 6 different colours, and
the piano heirloom, which will then mean you can do the piano hobby. Very exciting if you missed out on that but
it’s not cheap. You also get 1,900 simcash and 25,000 simoleons. I’m really glad they put the simcash in there
because you are getting a good value on these. It would cost you more than that to get the
simcash so these are very good value. Nevertheless though they are expensive. $29.99 for this one. So I hope you’ve been saving your pennies
if you want that piano heirloom. And if you do buy all of these packs you whill
then get the ability to get Mawdrey the plant for free. So it will pop up when you’ve got all the
packs and you can just tap it to pay zero simcash to get this 3 star plant which has
a cute animation of it stealing your sims food. Mawdrey comes in 6 different colours and yeah
she’s pretty awesome. Please do let me know your thoughts down in
the comments as regards to value and whether you will be getting any of this stuff and
if you were holding out for that piano heirloom. Thank you so much for watching. Hope this video has helped you. Don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you
again soon. Bye.

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