The Sims Mobile Anniversary packs+Mawdrey

This video was made possible by EA gamechangers. Hi guys, Rachybop here, back with a Sims Mobile
video. In this video I’m gonna be showing you everything
in all the anniversary packs that have just been released into the game. So let’s start with the bronze anniversary
pack. This pack is priced at $5.99 and in this pack
you get this 3 star divider. This is available in 9 different colours. These are the colours. I quite like that blue one. It’s a medium floor decoration. And you also get this portrait in 6 different
colours. Which is 3 star. And there are just view interactions on these
items. It’s not the most exciting pack. You also get 200 simcash and 10,000 simoleons. All of these packs are great value for the
amount of simcash and simoleons you get, so you are getting the objects free if you were
gonna buy the simcash anyway, and that’s kind of the moral with all these packs. Especially with getting the “free” plant at
the end. It’s only free if you were gonna buy the packs
anyway so just be savvy about this. Don’t go spending anymore money than you can
afford on things that you don’t want. So then we’ve got the silver anniversary pack. This one is priced at $9.99 and these are
the two items in this one, you also get 500 simcash and 13,000 simoleons. This is a fence. It’s pretty cool because you can buy, like,
all the panels and you can do a complete fence going ’round your lot. I’m going to use that, I think it’s a really
cool object and it comes in 6 different colours. I think that one’s pretty neat. I like it. You could even, like, mix and match the colours. I think it’s oretty cool. And then this floral draped gate. This is available in 6 different colours. It’s absolutely beautiful and if you have
something that needs this vibe, you need this object. I really like that. I think there’ll be some really great builds
coming off that being at the front of it, I love it. Or even just having it as a gateway to your
secret garden on the back of your property. Let’s just check the interactions. So nothing with that and just view that. Ok so now the gold pack. This gold pack is priced at $19.99. This has 1200 simcash and 20,000 simoleons
plus these two items. There a statue in 6 different colours. It’s, I mean, that one’s ridiculous. They’re not, it’s a great statue I don’t know. And then this bush. If anyone was looking for a big bush, this
is the pack for you. I didn’t mean that to come out like that. Let’s just tap these, ok so we can view the
hunk o’ hunky stone statue and, oh my god I’m 12, and we can’t do anything with his
bush. Anyway. On to platinum anniversary pack. Now this one is actually a very good pack
and the price goes along with that it’s $29.99. You do get 1,900 simcash and 25,000 simoleons
with this plus you get the piano heirloomto unlock the piano hobby. So you’re getting alot there for your money. But you also get this organ. How cool is this?! It comes with its own stool. I love this. 6 different colours. It’s
pretty incredible, Quite like the blue. And you can put your sim in the piano hobby
and have them play it. There we go, she’s gonna do that. It’s amazing, I really love that. Does it sound like an organ? Let’s see. Yeah, it’s great, I love it. Ok and then you also get this bathtub. This is available in 6 different colours. Beautiful. I’ll leave it in that one. And we’ll get this guy to come over and take
a bath. I mean this video’s not gonna get monetized
now because of this but there we go. Amazing. Thanks dude. And you get this fountain which is absolutely
huge. Look at it, I mean, it’s immense. The is a cherubic fountain, it comes in 6
different colours. It’s stunning, I love it. And your sim can admore it, make a wish and
toss a coin, so we’ll make a wish. I mean look at the sim next to it, look how
small he is. Oh. that wasn’t the best animation, let’s
have a look. Toss a coin do you actually? Yeah ok, they toss a coin in ‘toss a coin’. What do you do when you admire it. You just, ok. I think that’s a lovely item. I love the little bubbles coming out the top. And then also this fireplace which is absolutely
huge it’s very, very wide so make sure you’ve got enough room for this. This comes in 6 different colours. And they’re all stunning. Oh my lord there’s a pink one. This is gonna look great with the lights off
’cause I really love how the fires, like, glow, they give off a glow in the night. Right so let’s just make it night, there we
go. Oh my lord. It looks so nice, I love it, I need to work
on my house, I know, and I will do. I feel like now we’ve got day and night cycle
I feel really inspired to actually make my house awesome again. Look how cool it is. Anyway. And, you may have seen in the other room… Let me just put it back to daylight. We have Mawdrey in this room. So if you buy all the packs, granted it will
cost you alot, don’t buy them if you don’t want all the packs, you will get Mawdrey for
free. Mawdrey is a plant. So it’s only an incentive for those people
who were buying these packs anyway. Maybe you were gonna buy 3 off them and you
think ‘what the heck, I’ll buy all 4 ’cause I’m gonna get the plant’ I think that’s legitimately
a good decision if the fourth one was the bronze one otherwise, I don’t know. I mean the packs. I think they only pack worth getting personally
is the platinum pack. The others are a bit meh. I do quite like the silver pack but the other
2 are just not great but anyway, it’s up to you what you do. Just giving my opinion. This is Mawdrey. He’s a plant and he’s from The Sims Freeplay
and he’s available in 6 different colours. I pressume he’s a he, maybe he’s a she? These colours are lovely! They’re so rich. I’m gonna go with that one and we can ‘feed’,
‘talk’ or ‘taunt’. Oh! Oh. So we’re feeding. Awesome. We’ll talk. Sure. And we’ll taunt. This is probably not a good idea. I don’t think he cares. Ok so the feeding action is probably the most
fun. And he’s kinda cute but yeah just a lovely
incentive fi anyone is dropping that much cash on the game. So those are the packs and Mawdrey. Let me know which pack is your favourite,
if you will be buying any and all your thoughts down in the comments. Thank you so much for watching, I hope this
video has helped you and I’ll see you again really soon. Bye.

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  1. As much as I can use the sim cash,I only want the bronze anniversary pack since it’s cheaper,The silver anniversary pack because I love the fence in that pack and the Platinum anniversary pack because of the huge fountain. I don't really care for Marjorie the plant much.

  2. The packs are interesting. I like the platinum but do not have the cash for that right now. Also because I just bought the boost for the sweet treat showdown.

  3. $65.97 in the US for all 4 packs for a plant. RIDICULOUS & u should be able to get the plant in one of the packs without having to buy all 4 packs. The pack with the piano Hierloom should be cheaper for me cause I already got that heirloom way before TSM launched global. There is no generosity with these packs

  4. I am always looking for a big bush tbh! lol! In all seriousness I like that fishtank, organ and fireplace. Don't think I would want Mawdrey in my bedroom tbh! 🙂

  5. Holy crap didn’t realise the organ was that gorgeous! I think 66 pounds just to get Mawdry doesn’t make sense to me, and I really don’t want to buy packs I don’t actually want. It’s such a shame because the plant is quite cool and I love the story behind mawdry in TS4

  6. Buttttt that heirloom is worthless when you already have it …The pricing is ridiculous… i really like rhe plant but for $66 nah !!!if it was buying one of the packs to unlock the plant i wouldnt complain this much but 👎

  7. Soooooo mawdrey is super duper vanilla ???thats what ppl gonna spend 66 dollars on ???Dude this plant suppose to 'eat' the sim where is that animation ????😒

  8. Thanks for this video of all items in this anniversary pack. Question after you buy all the packs where do you find Mawdry?

  9. 🙄Mawdrey is boring & a big disappointment. All she does is stay in her shell & she only comes out when I have my sims interact with her. I wish there was a option for her to stay out of her shell & be out moving her head & being active & whatever. I hope they upgrade her

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