The sister makes fun of her younger sister with her look! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.11]

I need your help. Be “woman 2.” (“A woman with her head down”) Hello. I’m a 17-year-old girl. People stare when I’m with my older sister. Wow. That’s your sister? She’s so pretty. Unbelievable! She looks like a doll. Woman 2. What happened to you? Why do you look like that? Oh my. I always get compared to my sister. But my friends aren’t not the worst. It’s my sister. Look in the mirror. Is that a face? You irritate me. Go away. What? Her own sister? When I meet her friends… It’s a guy friend. Daniel. Is that your sister? Why does she look so different? Was she adopted or something? (Oh no) Was she adopted or something? (I didn’t know I was the bad guy) (You’re so mean!) (You’re so mean!) That’s what it says. I think so. I think she was adopted. Her own sister? It gets even worse. My friends are coming over soon. You! Keep your head down. I’ll smack you if you lift your head up. Got that? I don’t want to be miserable anymore. Please help me. She sent in her concern to us. Let’s bring her out. Please come on out. (Who gets compared to her sister every day?) (Lee Lin) (She’s cute!) Hello. She’s so cute. You’re so adorable! You’re so pretty. Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m 17 years old and in high school. I’m Lee Lin. Nice to meet you. She’s so cute. Is this true? Is this really what your sister said? They are all true. And she really said those things to humiliate you? Yes. How pretty is she? You’re pretty, too. We go to a traditional art high school in Jindo. Since we live in a rural area there aren’t too many beautiful people. She’s one of the prettiest ones. Tell us stories of how pretty your sister is. When my guy friends see her they say, “Wow! Is that really your sister?” They say that she looks like a doll and that I’m ugly compared to her. I’m getting worried. We know who her sister is already. Every time she says her sister is pretty the audience looks at the sister and goes hmph! Her sister is sitting uncomfortably. My sister’s name is Lee Ji. Lee Ji. Most people around me say, “Your nickname is the ugly Lee Ji now.” When I entered the high school, her friends said, “Is that really your sister? Is she adopted or something?” Did they really say that? They said it right in front of me. What’s wrong with her friends? She never denied it. “I think so.” Your sister said such a thing? I’m sure she was kidding. We just can’t believe it. At first, I took it as a joke. But since she repeatedly says that sometimes I wonder if she is my real sister. When she told you to keep your head down, she was joking, right? We went to see a performance in Jeonju once. She whispered to me, “You embarrass me. Keep your head down. I’ll give you a hat so keep your head down.” Did you sit still after she said such words? One time, I just lost it. We have many instruments at school. I saw janggu sticks next to me. So that’s you two fight? I hit her with the sticks and they broke. We got in a fierce fight one time. But she’s your sister. You shouldn’t have gotten in a physical fight. You should’ve gotten into a janggu battle. (I’m the winner of this battle) If she really has problems with her looks as soon as she showed up, people could’ve been worried for her, but it wasn’t like that. Everyone said she’s cute. You are cute. I am starting to doubt if this concern is real. Let’s meet her sister now. We’re seeing her sister for the first time on TV. Is this truly a concern for Lin? Lee Ji. Where are you? – Hello. / – Hello. Please introduce yourself. I’m 19 years old. I’m Lin’s older sister. How do you feel? Your sister says this is her concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. Since I’m her family, she should understand that I’m teasing her. But you teased her in front of other people instead of taking her side. That’s why she can’t be understanding. I like her reactions so I end up teasing her, too. How does she react? She can’t laugh nor cry. – Do you like that she’s flustered? / – That’s mean. – For example… / – Daniel raised his hand. You be quiet. How dare you! Is it true that people ask if she’s adopted? Everyone in the family has double eyelids, but her. Hers are manmade. Why did you have to reveal her secret? (Boo…) Did she get plastic surgery on her eyes? Right. Many students get plastic surgeries over the break. I think you are pretty as is. Before surgery, many asked if she’s adopted. So I replied, “I think so” as a joke. Doesn’t it upset you when your friends say that? Look at her face. She has no other choice. Your friends are older than she is. Do you think the way she reacts is funny? Yes. I feel bad for her. Listen. What if… “What? You said your sister is pretty. She isn’t.” Then your sister says, “Right. She’s too cocky.” What if she says that in front of other people? Would you be upset or not? I’d feel bad and humiliated. And if she says, “Look at her reaction” and teases you? Then I would have to punch her. (Now you know how I feel?) You may have wanted to keep it a secret, but your sister just disclosed your plastic surgery. Do you want us to edit that part out? When this is aired, people will be able to tell anyway. It’s okay. (It’s not that obvious!) I didn’t know you got those done. – Me neither. / – I didn’t know either. They look very natural. Everyone says you look beautiful. Why did you get plastic surgery? I was the only one without double eyelids. People kept comparing me to my sister. But every time my sister looks at me she says, “You’ve become a plastic surgery monster now.” That’s what she would say to me. “Yours are fake. Mine are natural.” Do you think you are really pretty? No, but I know that I’m prettier than my sister. Must you put your sister down like that in order to be happy? She doesn’t have low self-esteem like that. She often performs in front of people. Boys would cheer for her or contact her personally. Then she would brag to me. I become spiteful sometimes. I thought that she shouldn’t date boys yet. Are you jealous of her? No, I’m not. She shouldn’t be interested in boys. That’s why I said those things. She’s just popular among boys. She is too cocky. I think you are being cocky. No, I’m not. (Mind your own business) (That feels good) We’ve listened to both sisters, but they speak from their stances only. So we have a friend here with us.

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  1. If that girl studies, she wouldn’t be calling her sister ugly. She even said that she’s the only one without double eyelids. Girl that means she’s unique. She’s pretty both in and out

  2. Older sister look so confident with her look while I think she just like a normal korean girl nothing special but her younger sister is different so look so adorable. Sorry to say that to older sister but I just think like that

  3. if someone called my younger sister ugly i would make sure to smack that person right in the face instead of making fun of her reactions.

  4. The first time I watched this idk who they were but loved them so looked up wanna one found out about produce 101 WATCHED the whole series fell more in love (experienced heart break from leaving trainees) fell in love with wanna one then they disbanded currently in sad phase of like (bht still supporting every member)

  5. Lmao I relate to the younger sister. My little sister is a whole VISUAL, and I'm over here with the long face and tiny eyes 😂

  6. I am having fun teasing my sister that she's ugly, but if there's i see anyone said that to my sister i'll slap their ulgy face!!

    Idk why the oldersister so mean to her younger sis when youre from the same blood,same mom and dad. Just love your family. So you can be loved too.

  7. Sorry to say that her older sister aint that pretty, as she just like the rest of the Korean with normal features. That’s it. Btw in my opinion her younger sister looks a lot cuter and beautiful.

  8. to be honest I expected to see a super beautiful magical human but she is sooooo normal and not that pretty 🤷🏻‍♀️


    also her older sister looks like her hair is abt fall off her head tbh and its obv dyed and she puts on an overload of makeup

  10. Her sister is insecure abt her own beauty…that's why she's trying to bring her sister down so nobody will notice her faults.

  11. Sisters should push each other and always be there for each other! Her older sister is superficial, selfish and childish! I hate people like this some people REALLY should focus on their personality more than their looks! Than everything would be so wonderful!

  12. Look at how the older sister answered the panelists' questions. It was very obvious!!! She was not just teasing her, she is just HARSH, UNKIND & INSENSITIVE! I feel bad for the younger sister to feel insecure from her own family. It's just a pity that we don't have a plastic surgery for attitude! Because if we have, I'd love to see the older sister as the first patient.

  13. First of all they literally look a like but her sister just have a small face that it’s she ain’t pretty as well 💀

  14. In my opinion, the older sister is jealous of the younger sister for being more talented. In another video, she says she does not perform as much as her sister, and that the youngest is called for more performances.

  15. her sister is so cocky like wtf, I am also an older sister of my sister and I but I don't embarrass her in front of my friends or anybody, it's ridiculous because you wont get anything good with embarrasing your own sibling in front of your friends.

  16. Wtf? I find her younger sister so much cuter than her? Or maybe it’s just that the younger sis is photogenic and it’s a camera angle but really… younger sis is so pretty

  17. Her older sister's terrible personality makes her ugly. Her younger sister is so cute and patient that she radiates beautiful energy. Having nice facial features isn't enough to mask your inner self.

  18. Pffft! The unnie aint all that. Dongseng is cuter! Even if unnie thinks shes prettier her inner heart is gross ugly aaaaii cheybai!

  19. if i were there i would say to her sister that if she's her younger sister how would she feel if her younger sister said what she said about her .

  20. I tease my sister a lot about her looks too and when I seen this video I immediately went and asked her that if what I say really hurts her so I could stop
    Because she also plays it off as if it’s a joke(it is a joke)but still I should know that she actually takes it as a joke I don’t want her to feel hurt by it

  21. Uhh ..are they blind the little sister is easier to look at
    And upon completing this video i can say easily…it appears that big sis is jealous of little sis BIG TIME
    So she constantly trys to drag her down with hurtful bitter words.
    And fyi big sis you are not prettier than your sister. Not in the face not in the personality and not in any way

  22. F*ck that sister those words shouldn’t be said to anyone it’s okay to get plastic surgery and she’s to cocky

  23. If she's ugly, what am I? 😭 and anyway, bring someone's self-esteem down isnt a joke. That's nasty behavior. That's it.

    Btw, the eonni isnt that pretty. She's just normal like her sister. That isnt teasing sis. You're just being mean. I am sick of people being crazy of having double eyelid, meh. I want to smack that big sis on the face.

  24. Let me smack your older sister with a make up wipe then again with my fist 👊That's so abnormal for a sister to do 😑 i have a older sister and i know she beautiful than me but she never does shit like that to me, its one of my insecurites is my looks but older sister never shames me infront of anyone, this is sad….

  25. Sorryyyy but are you really 19yo????
    I think you're 30 ㅠ.ㅠ

    the younger sister look so cute.. Her cheeks are soooo cute..

  26. What's so pretty about her big sister? She (the younger one) is so cute and pretty and her big sister is so ugly.

  27. I think the younger sister is really adorable and cute, I don’t understand why her sister thinks she isn’t pretty. It makes me gag how high she thinks of herself 🤢

  28. Everytime I watch this show I get pissed and feel sorry for the ones who send concerns! Wth is wrong with people like these! Older sister made me so angry tbh

  29. She's fricken me out gees this older sister is she has a mind problem or something ! You must love your Family big sister…

  30. Her older sister is not that beautiful, and she is kinda mean to her lil sis. She is rude!, she is like " Im beautiful than mys sister" excuse me no one cares😒

  31. That older sister looks like she got plastic surgery and her younger sister looks more natural I can't believe she thinks she is beautiful 😂😂😂😂😂😂Lmao she looks so fake

  32. I’m still trying to figure out how that didn’t piss off the older sister because whenever I hear anyone mess with my younger siblings I go off on them🤷‍♀️

  33. Wtf do koreans care so much about double eyelids, like sis there just eyes. & you're Asain no shit you're gonna have mono lids.

  34. imagine embarrassing yourself in front of so many people by saying that she's "prettier" than her younger sister when 99% of everyone there and here think she isn't.

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