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Tia Tia! Look! Mom gave me the gift money that grandma had left for us when she visited. Mom said we can go and have lunch together with it. Oh, that’s awesome! Should we go now? Yes! Let’s go! We have some money left. Should we get some cake parcelled for our cousin, June? She will be visiting us in the evening. Why do you want to spend all our money, Tia? Grandma left it just for us. June doesn’t have to know we went for lunch. Okay. While we are waiting for the check do you want to hear a story? Oh, yes! Once upon a time, the Sun the Moon and the Wind went out for dinner with their uncle and aunt Thunder and Lightning Their mother, the Star waited for them at home Children, you can order whatever you like. Oh, wow! Thanks, uncle! I am going to try a bit of everything! And so the children had a delicious meal of countless dishes and desserts. None of them thought of saving anything for their mother except the Moon. From every dish that was served she hid a little piece in her hand to take home to her mother. When they reached home mother asked how their dinner was. Did you have a good time, children? Yes, mother! The dinner was just lovely! Oh, was it? Did you get some for me? Oh mother! I had gone to enjoy myself not to get you dinner. Hence, I didn’t get anything for you. Wind, did you get me any dinner? I had gone to enjoy a dinner out, mother! I didn’t go to get you a dinner parcel I didn’t get you anything! Moon, did you remember to get anything for me? Yes, mother I did. And she shook her hands. The most choicest dishes showered down from them. Sun! You went out for your selfish pleasures and completely forgot about your mother at home hence you will forever be cursed! Your rays will always be hot and burn everything that comes near you. Men will hide themselves in your presence! Wind! You too did not care for your mother. You decided to selfishly enjoy the dishes by yourself. Hence, you too will be cursed. You will always accompany the heat. And men will cover themselves in your presence. My dear Moon. Because you thought of someone else besides yourself you will always be cool and calm. There will no mean heat or blinding light from you. People will always love you and call you blessed. Umm…Tia, on second thoughts you are right we should take something for June. It is not right to think only about ourselves as we enjoy this lovely lunch. I am glad you agree, Tofu! And so, I’ll let you pick the cake. Let’s take her favourite one. Chocolate Super!

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  1. T-Series Kids Hut could i please use parts of your videos, max 20 sec each, on my website? It's a site for english students i'm developing. I'll put the credits.

  2. Morning is really good or you should always give food to your mother why do you always Do you guys dohow

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  6. wait bro is the sun not a star? based on real facts it technically is……… the mother just cursed herself XD

  7. Moral of de story
    If ur kid doesn’t get u food put. Curse on them
    Have fun killing ur kids reputation 😼


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  10. I know the moral of this story is to not be selfish and think of others, but The Star cursing The Sun and The Wind just because they didn't bring her back something to eat was a very excessive punishment for them both. If they had gone rogue and hurt and killed anyone, on the other hand, then I believe The Star cursing them would've been justified and made more sense.

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