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Loretta Lynn rightfully deserves to be called
the queen and innovator of country music. She is the only female ACM Artists of the
Decade. Loretta, who is now 86, has walked a long
path, from the poverty of a mining town to the top of a superstar career. She survived several miscarriages and the
death of her two children and her husband. Even though he helped her open her talent
to the world, he was nothing like an ideal partner. Find out the life story of this fantastic
woman in our video! Loretta was born into a very poor, large coal
mining family in Kentucky. She was named after actress Loretta Young. “My mommy and daddy had 8 kids, so there were
10 of us living in a small cabin in the mountains,” says Lynn. She was only 15 when she fell in love with
Oliver Lynn, nicknamed Doolittle. The teenage girl could not resist the charming
and cheerful 20-year-old stud. They got married within just a month and Doolittle
left with his young wife to Washington state. While needing the most support from her husband
during her final trimester, Loretta found out about Doo’s love affair. Lynn gave birth to her first baby when she
was 16 Doo’s admiration and enjoyment of having a
baby made her forgive his cheating. Working on a farm and taking care of her children
absorbed all her energy, but Oliver’s present – a $17 guitar, inspired her. Loretta wrote her first song when she was
24. She had been married for 9 years and already
had 4 children. Lynn and her brother formed a band and performed
together in bars and small concerts around the state. For a beginner country star there was no other
way to build a career but to move to the center of country music- Nashville. Patsy Cline helped Loretta a lot to settle
in and to get used to the world of show business. Loretta’s unique talent did not go unnoticed. Her song I’m a Honky Tonk Girl struck like
lightning and Lynn was unexpectedly flooded with record offers from top to toe. She hit the road for a music tour around the
country together with her husband. As it turned out, it was the best time for
their relationship Loretta Lynn immediately became famous and
her songs rocked the top of the music charts. Lynn’s peculiarity isn’t her voice only, she
tells about women’s misfortune in her lyrics, bringing up things she was afraid to talk
about before. It’s not a mystery that her songs were autobiographical,
including “Don’t come home a-drinking”. The great success of his wife crushed Oliver’s
self-esteem The constant love affairs that Lynn was trying
to put up with for a long time increased dramatically. Coming home drunk after romancing another
lady, Oliver roughed Lynn up. Loretta recalls: Once, trying to protect herself she hit him
hard in his face. The second Loretta saw the blood and teeth
falling out, she got scared to death. She thought: ‘I’m dead. I am dead. I am completely dead.’ Oliver said nothing and just left the room. And as usual, she paid for his visit to the
doctor. In early 2000 Loretta published her autobiography,
Still Woman Enough, where she described their relationship in details. She describes him as an alcoholic man, who
beat her, was unfaithful and spent her money. After her husband’s death in 1996, Lynn moved
to a smaller house. Her former dwelling with Mooney is now open
to tourists in the summer. She never felt comfortable there, because
Oliver’s girlfriends were in the house when she was on the road
Loretta rarely went on stage, preferring a regular life on a ranch. In her interviews she says, she’d never wanted
to go through the hell with Doo gain. But on the other hand, she admits, that without
Oliver, she wouldn’t have become the Loretta Lynn we all know and love. What do you think about family violence? Is it worth staying in the family if a man
beats his wife? Thanks for watching. Click on the Ossa icon to subscribe to our
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  1. No it only gets worse so sad i didn't know she took regular beatings he was lucky to have a woman like her really sad moved to smaller home shes just simple i dont blame her i wouldn't want to live there either really sad

  2. Good things come to those who wait! Jonathan Kleck is the angel of the church of Philadelphia ! Jonathan Cohn is the SERVANT of the MOST HIGH FATHER!

  3. She would have still had great songs without him because of her talent which did not come from him but from God abuse should never be tolerated by anyone for any reason

  4. Been there done that. Got the hell out… never happened again. I was 15 when married. I needed to be an adult my family was in trouble. I got married and took care of my sister and brother and mother. I took a lot of crap till i was 18. Then he beat me and I left and lived in a car till.i was able to find work and a place. Been fine ever since.

  5. Gift that God gave her, she used to glorify Satan. She will give an account for this misuse. And that's LOVE!!! Wow, just wow!!

  6. I don't think it was right to hit her but if she hit him back then i can understand staying in the relationship. Most men are incapable of staying loyal in their marriage. It's harder to stay together than it is leaving. In the long run, he learned his lesson and it was worth it for Loretta. Singing in a man's world of country was groundbreaking. After WW2, it a time for women to be independent. She's really inspiring.

  7. She married him and stuck with him even though she could and should have divorced him. She made the living. She could have taken the children with her on the road, hired a nanny and tutors. I don't know why she called it love because love doesn't drink, lie, cheat and hit!

  8. Nope!! Once a man hits you & cheats on you, he always will. Time to cut ties & move on. She didn't deserve the hell he put her thru.

  9. No, it's never good to stay in a marriage when either partner beats the other. It's not worth it. I watched my mom get beat by my dad during their marriage until she got the courage when I was 12 yo to divorce him. My mom said that I gave her that courage to divorce him, and I don't know how I gave her that courage.

  10. Hell NO!!!! His a×#* would've BEEN DEAD. OOOH no good BASTARD. His responsibility was to LOVE, PROTECT and PROVIDE for his Family. Not to abuse her.

  11. Physical violence is absolutely not acceptable, however I can see how Loretta would use her private pain as fuel to write great song lyrics .

  12. I don't even think it's rational decision. Nobody should put up with hatred from the abuser. Many women have been killed staying in those situations.
    I don't care if you think you are loved by the attacker, at any moment you run the risk of dying.
    I know because I have been abused by a man who I deeply loved but truth be told I was nothing to him but a use.

    If you are in this situation, I beg to get out of it. Too many women have died from this.

  13. You have to think more of yourself than to be with someone running around with disease City women…and then beat her?… sounds to me he liked little girlls…..We don't really know how all of us would act in this situation…from being soooo poor. .and from a good loving family…then marrying into a family like that……

  14. Once she became famous, she could have left him & been fine. But her generation believed in staying married no matter what. Glad she fought back but she should have left! Her kids witnessed that violence!

  15. Hell no, my son and I paid dearly and I barely made it out alive. It messes up your children for life their relationships will suffer badly. Get out he doesn't want you

  16. My Dad was born & raised in Hurricane Mills where later Loretta virtually bought the town, if one could call it that. ha

  17. Loretta Lynch should have left his sorry ass and divorced them and taken her children with her my biological father was a violent drunk I know about the mental abuse that I went through as a child and the mental abuse that my mother went through if there's anybody out there who reads this message if you are in an abusive relationship your best to leave and get away from that person I stay away from that person also if a woman has children she needs to realize what the abuse is doing to her children and leave him and make a new life for her and her children nobody deserves to be physically or emotionally abused by another person

  18. You are talking about a c omplete different time . it was a shame and embarrassment for anyone to be Divorced. She was beginning to be discovered so none of the abuse could be known.

  19. Doolittle walked out after Loretta Lynn hit him because he knew if he did anything, as mad as she was, that may have been the end to his gravy train!

  20. I'm not saying abuse is right. Because it's not. But you need to remember Doo's generation didn't have access to such thing as anger management classes. ECT. and in an interview she said if he swung once she swung twice. Personally, I'm glad people are realizing that there's a problem with so much violence. However, I don't think we're any better if we call him a monster.

  21. No! My grandmother stayed with my dads stepfather and he had put my father in hospital several times. No way you stay with an abusive person.

  22. If he/she hits once, they'll do it again. Over & over until they perfect the intimidation & bullying technique. Don't wait for that 2nd shoe to drop. GET OUT NOW!! Yes; this is from personal experience. It took my mom not being able to recognize me the next day to wake me up. Don't wait that long, please.

  23. It was the law that all births are to be recorded. Her parents more than likly couldn't afford one. I believe the midwife did the reporting. Her parents didn't want her to marry lynn. He was a no good booze maker. It was when he returned from the military he put his sight on a child to marry. Pedophile

  24. Well I think when a man abuses his wife he's a very sick bastard and needs to be locked up separated from her and taught how it feels he needs to deal with his own feelings instead of trying to make her feel terrible what a jerk he doesn't deserve a wife! I don't care how famous you are I know she was thankful to get out of Butcher Holler but doing good for someone doesn't give you the right to beat them up!

  25. OSSA – #1. You don't even begin to know what you're talking about in this video.
    #2. YOU ARE VERY DISREPECTFUL trying to use a southern accent. You are making fun of a wonderful & talented person.
    #3. As talented & giving as she is……. YOU, had to pick Ms. Lynn to talk about family violence considering her husband's been passed away since August of 1996?! I'm sure they had made peace with each other! You woulld know that if you actually saw some of her interviews. I would like a reply. I'm not a troll. I'm a grown woman that can't believe you have the ba#%$ to be so disrespectful.

  26. So, they said elvis was a pedo when he met Priscilla in Germany in 1959 when she was 14 and elvis was 24. They didnt sleep together its documented in elvis and me. But dolittle married a 15 year old and he was 20? Something is definitely wrong with that picture. And dont say "what does elvis have to do with Loretta? Nothing. But, i guess the age of consent was 13 in Kentucky. Elvis married Priscilla when she was 21.

  27. He was a pedophile, and he was looking for a way to live off her, which is why he bought her the guitar. I bet she's been the happiest since his passing that she's ever been, but, to her credit, she'd never admit it.
    Love her!!! ❤

  28. To me it's never worth staying in an abusive relationship period that's why I left my sagittarius ex girlfriend because she grabbed me and left a mark on my arm I was about to call the police on her thinking back now I should have done it and pressed charges

  29. Your southern accent is atrocious. Don't ever insult us like that again. And if a man constantly cheats on and abuses you, they don't love you. Loretta is the Queen of Country but don't follow her examples.

  30. NO…. it is NOT a good thing to stay in an abusive relationship. (Among other things, says Dear Abby, the kids will see the abusive situation and will come to regard it as "normal".)

  31. Violence against women is NEVER ok, no matter how far back in the sticks you come from. I heard she's had an affair with Conway Twitty when they were doing all of the songs together. Does anyone know if this is true?

  32. Wrong. She married at THIRTEEN and had her first baby at 14. Get it right. Dont do videos when you dont come with the hard FACTS.

  33. Another weeping woman propaganda yarn.
    Anyone ask her husband his side of things? Oh that's right, he's dead. We're it not for his lust, love, faith, encouragement, initial financial support, and foot in her ass, we would be saying, " Loretta Who?…"
    He probably had mistresses bc she cut him off, afraid of getting pregnant. What's he supposed to do, let his stones explode, while she's in the road? Was she squeaky clean faithful? More indoctrination propaganda from the estrogen squad. Bunch of leaky c u next tuesdays

  34. If you're abused, and you stay in the relationship, you are part of the problem. You teach people how to treat you. Staying after he hits you sends the message that "this is okay with me."

  35. It's people who did not live then who are the 1st to holler about leaving. I DID live then. Every time I got pregnant that bastard beat me! Police would not help. No shelters, my parents said, "you made your bed so go lay in it." Yes. A MUCH different time!

  36. This is going to sound weird, but when I was 13 years old, living in an Oakland ghetto, I envied Loretta Lynn – not because she was Queen of Country Music, but because she was married at age 13. I wanted to do the same thing, to escape the ghetto. Then I saw the movie and read the book, "Coal Miner's Daughter", and that gave me a whole new insight on the matter.

    What really clinched the deal was learning Ben Carson's mother was married at age 13. Her husband had a whole other family across town, where he would take their two sons for play dates. She wound up doing time in a mental institution, as a result of the stress.

  37. Loretta Lynn may have dealt with tragedy & misfortune, and she certainly made lemonade from lemons, but she is NOT the person people think. She’s spiteful, vindictive, she lies about the bosom buddy relationship with Patsy Cline, and she was NEVER the great singer she’s given credit for being.
    Her relationship with Patsy Cline is largely a revisionist history invented in her own head to ride the coat tails of someone with REAL talent.
    I’d rather not say how I know this to be a fact, but I’m so sure it’s true, I’d bet my life on it.
    She treated multiple handicapped people in her wake like garbage, and her feigned persona of ignorance is the only real part of her invented story that holds up.
    I hate to run anyone down, as it’s not helpful, but I’ve watched her receive accolades & honors my whole life while I’ve known the truth. It’s time to either tell the truth, or just stop talking about her. Jean Shepherd knew. Connie Smith knows. Country music had dignity when it was seen as often poor folks trying to aspire to a better life. Loretta Lynn was a pioneer in country music celebrating its own ignorance & trailer park pride. Glad she accomplished much in her life, but she treated others so bad, that no amount of illiterate pride & fluff could EVER right it.
    Someone should ask her what she did so long ago to a guitarist named Wayne Beckner.


  39. This is one strong woman , most of her music is centered around her life , she is amazing . Violence is not worth staying but some woman are to afraid to leave ..

  40. For God's sake. Stop trying to put on an Appalachian accent when you speak her quotes. That's so God damn annoying and you sound like an idiot. You clearly don't have an Appalachian accent.
    "ah LuhV heeM aYuNd He LuHvEd Me"

    God help us.

  41. I was on that road. Came to realize that was just plain wrong. I thought I loved her but again realized that wasn't love. 1Corinthian 13:4-8. The first part of verse 4 tells what love is. The rest of 4 thru 8 tells you love isn t. Studied the whole chapter because I didn't want to go through all of that chaos again. Did get married again because she wanted to go into her religion and her religion stated that you have to be married to live under the same roof and share the same bed. I asked her what religion now a days required you to be married and she told me. Jehovah's Witnesses. Really I've heard of them. I didn't want to marry her due to the fact that if she didn't get her way it was the highway. True to her nature she left and I continued to study and very glad I did because I found that Jehovah Witnesses live ther lives by bible standards. Although other religions allow sexual immorality to go on Jehovah's Witnesses do not put up with because God's word the bible explains all the do's and don'ts that Jehovah God allows and don't allow. 2Timothy 3:1-5 speaks of the last days and how people will be. We are now in the last of the last days. There's a destruction coming for the wicked. Satan has fooled people into thinking they are ok as long as they are baptized. Not so. Question is are you willing to put your life on the line listening to Satan or will you want to find out what the bible really teach? Balls in your court. You can choose to be proud and hard hearted or humble yourselves before Jehovah and Jesus Christ his son and learn about ever lasting life and how to gain it.

  42. You can add Rape to the list of atrocities that Doo did to her, although back in those days when a man married a woman he could do what he wanted with her, I saw in the movie a scared 13 year old child who knew nothing about sex and a man making her do it anyway, now think of your own 13 year old daughter now being forced to have sex pretty scary to most mothers although nowadays they are doing it younger anyway but 13 way too young so Loretta you are a hell of a strong woman you worked hard to get to be where you are but you paid a price honey!

  43. Please you a narrator with a proper grasp of grammar and a much broader vocabulary. This woman is a halfwit, and does not have anywhere near the sophistication of language to be storytelling. Also, the script is dumbed down to 6 year old level. What sort of retarded audience are you expecting?

  44. I've seen this scenario more than once in my lifetime:
    Marry a woman and treat her like a queen, catering to her every whim, and she'll make your life hell and finally divorce will be the outcome. On the other hand, get married, slap her around, get drunk on the weekends with "the guys", show her absolutely no respect while keeping her pregnant and barefoot, and she'll love and hold onto you 'til the day she dies, and that may be because you finally kill her. Weirdly tragic, but it has happened and continues to happen.
    If your husband is violent toward you, GET OUT, STAY OUT, AND DO NOT EVER GO BACK!

  45. She did what she could to preserve her family and utilize her gift, I’m sure Jesus gave her much Graces, she definitely needed a Holy Rosary and Jesus’s Mothers to help her through.which he has and She does. Suffering is part of the human experience, but we should all do our part to confront and eradicate Domestic abuse. You need Holy boldness to Stand your ground against things that are Not of Hod, like Satan’s assault on The Family and The American Dream, which is God’s Gift to Humanity “Awake O’Sleeper and Arise from the dead and Christ will give you Light.” Jesus, Mary and Joseph save souls, save the Family. Amen .

  46. I just don't understand why women stay in abusive marriages. If my husband had ever hit me, I'd have whopped him on the head with my cast iron skillet.

  47. Loretta loved him and he loved her or they wouldn't have been together 48 years. He did get Loretta out of Butcher Holler and help bring her to fame. I don t think Loretta would have ever left him nor him her. Like Loretta said there was 6 kids and she loved him.

  48. Things were much different for women back in Loretta's young years…there wasn't all the social services & help for battered women…she made the most of life's harsh reality reguardless…! A true testimate to her very strong character & determination..! That's what separates the average women from the super star quality legend that is Loretta Lynn..! 👍 Props to you Loretta..! You have endured mush adversities in life & still came thru like a trye angel, blessed by God himself..your a true Angel upon this earth..! No doubt you will always be remembered for many generations well beyond life as we all know it now..! And be a great role model for women of the future, forever..!#! A TUE ICON, LEGEND & MOST ADMIRED WOMEN I've ever known of as well…🏆

  49. He was a narcissist & she got her freedom when he died also she 13 not 15 when she married him Google is changing everything

  50. Someone’s lying 🤥 as the Loretta Lynn story on tv 📺 says the complete opposite, she married long before she was 15

  51. She should have left him but instead set a VERY BAD EXAMPLE for her children —will the sons think it is OK to hit a wife and will the daughters think they have to take such treatment from THEIR husbands? She had crazy logic on that one!

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