The Texas Tribune 10 year Anniversary – The next ten years

So for me, when The Texas Tribune started,
we were really trying to reach deep into the Legislature and the lobby and the policymakers
who are so sort of desperate for our work in order to do their jobs. I feel really over
the next 10 years that our responsibility is to inform and engage all Texans, people
who might not be natural consumers of our work, but who deeply need to be engaged in
these issues. The strategic plan is definitely a roadmap
for where we want to go and how we want to get there and it has four primary tenets.
The first tenet is double and diversify. What that really means is we are aiming to
double our audience in the next seven to 10 years and we are aiming to sort of dramatically
diversify the kinds of people who consume The Texas Tribune’s news, who come to our
events, who are part of our member community. The second tenet is that membership is our
mantra. We are really devoted over the next several years to dramatically growing our
ranks of members. These are the people who support us with anything from $5 a year to
$5,000 a year. The third is really to invest in technology. When The Texas Tribune started,
we were considered really tech-forward. We were a tech-friendly startup. We have continued
to make strides there, but probably not at the pace we want to. And so, we are really
sort of over the next several years reinvesting in innovation, both from the standpoint of
how we produce our journalism to how we conduct our business. The fourth tenet is really
about revenue. In order to do all of the things we want to do, in order to expand our base,
our readers, to really invest in technology, all of that costs money. So we are also aiming
to almost double our revenue over the next decade. This strategic plan lays out all kinds of
ways for us to get from point A to point B in serving this state even better. It includes
expanding our regional coverage. It includes experimentation in Spanish language. It includes
investments in investigative and explanatory storytelling. All of those things make for
a better, more informed, more engaged and more thoughtful Texas. I mean, when you think
about how far we’ve come from this scrawny little startup to being really the most visionary
and forward-looking non-profit news organization in the country, it is stunning and there is
so much work left to be done, but man, we are poised to do it.

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