The Time Zack Morris Cloned Himself To Cheat On His Girlfriend At Her Birthday Party

♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell rings) – [Narrator] Zack Morris is overjoyed about his latest detention sentence. – You know, I’m the only kid
on America’s Most Wanted? – [Narrator] No, but I’m not surprised. Kelly wants to know who has dates for her
birthday party, Saturday. Zack lays claim to his girlfriend’s flesh, then gloats about Kelly to Slater. Belding’s niece, Penny, is in town and he wants someone to
take her out on Friday. – What’s she look like? – [Narrator] Zack forgot Kelly exists. Belding notes, this is
Zack’s ninth detention. Zack swears it’s eight. – Number eight was when
you sold the school to the Japanese. – [Narrator] I remain not surprised. One more detention, and
Zack will be suspended. – Not until the cows give Pepsi, sir. – [Narrator] He’s only so
smug, because he’s so dumb. Zack, who should be on his best behavior, shows up late to class chewing gum. Then flagrantly passes notes,
and gets caught, twice. Detention. Guess cows are giving Pepsi
sooner than you thought, Zack. Belding offers to make detention disappear if Zack will take out Penny. – That’s blackmail. – [Narrator] Yeah, who do
you think he learned it from? Zack laments, wasting his Friday on a date with a Belding. Giving no regard to Kelly, who
he now has plans to cheat on. Kelly checks on Zack, as he
looks shittier than usual. Zack says he’ll be fine
by her party Saturday. Kelly reports The Max was booked, the parties moved to Friday. Guess there’s only one thing Zack can do. Fake every injury at the same time. He suffered a nasty skateboard accident. His doctor said – No dating. – [Narrator] I’d like to
see his medical license. Belding reminds Zack he used skateboard accident for midterms. He reinstates Zack’s suspension,
miraculously healing him. Belding tells Zack to
meet Penny at the mall, and to carry a red rose
so she’ll recognize him. The only way she’ll recognize him. This gives Zack a great idea. Zack enlists screech to free him from his latest self-made prison. – I’m gonna do you a favor. – Last time you did me a favor
I ended up naked on a bus. – [Narrator] Someone,
anyone investigate this man. Zack tells Screech he
needs to pretend to be Zack and go out with Penny. He breaks Screech’s
self-esteem by making him look in the mirror to acknowledge
his dating desperation. Then says, “Stop touching.” But Zack’s blabbering
has once again allowed his plans to be overheard
where people wipe their ass. By Slater, who he just provoked. Zack’s giving Screech a crash course in being a sociopathic
douche, despite the fact that all Penny knows about Zack is a rose. His delusional narcissism
deems all this necessary. Screech, trying to keep up
with Zack’s unholy curriculum falls down the stairs. Screech tells Kelly he
can’t make it to her party, since he has a hot date at the movies. Slater says he can come to
the party after the movie, because Screech shouldn’t miss out on life to do Zack’s bidding. Zack taunts Slater for not having a date then says nothing could ruin this night. About that. Screech arrives with Penny, looking like a bargain bin dick tip. Penny’s sweet, and likes
screech, regardless of his piss-poor personality. Zack yanks him away
from the date he set up. He yells at Screech for showing face at their friend’s party, then
threatens him with violence if he refuses to leave. But Screech, deep in character, disregards and disrespects his buddy. – He’s a dweeb. – [Narrator] Full method Morris. Slater, antagonized once again,
introduces Penny to Kelly, in hopes of shining a light
on the sewer scum Zack is. Penny tells Kelly she’s
having a great date with Zack Morris. And they’re leaving soon
to go get hot and heavy. Kelly is pissed the fuck off at this bitch showing up to her birthday talkin’ ’bout getting busy with her man. Penny’s afraid she’s about
to get her ass kicked. They leave. Kelly demands answers. – Would you believe we’re
on totally hidden videos? – [Narrator] No, because
that’s not a real show. Zack, forced to tell the truth, admits he put Screech up to the fraud. Kelly should be furious he accepted a date with another girl, but
appreciates the trouble that went into his ass saving con? No! Kelly, no! He’s got you brainwashed sweet Kelly. And we never see Penny Belding ever again. After learning she was
a pawn in a cruel game and dating an imposter, she probably fucking killed herself. Let’s review. Zack Morris was lucky
enough to have a date with Kelly for her birthday that he forgot about at the mention of another woman, when warned he was on
the cusp of suspension, got busted for the same
offense twice in two minutes. Instead of taking his
punishment took a date to bail himself out,
and would have been fine secretly cheating until it
was physically impossible. So he cloned himself
after revealing his scheme to the person he’s been picking on, resulting in his double
cheating on his girlfriend at her birthday party. And learned nothing. Because Kelly is an angel
with infinite compassion he does not deserve. Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell rings)

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  1. I LOVE how every one-off character in Saved By the Bell โ€œ…probably f**king killed themself!โ€

  2. Please do the rockumentary with Casey Kasem about the band Zack attack and how Zack turned into a Prima Donna lol

  3. Instead of opening the stall door and walking out, Slater just stands on the toilet and looks over the top??

  4. He brainwashed my entire generation and that's why we needed a MeToo movement to wash away the unholy stain he left on America.

  5. I've stated this before but, I will declare it again : Zack Morris character is a sociopath plus a passive aggressive bully

  6. The narrator episode by episode gets more and more tired of Zack's shit and is just slowly losing his sanity

  7. You all need a life and itโ€™s just a damn tv show! STOP ruining this show for people you butt hurt snowflakes.

  8. I just had a thought. Unless Belding has another sibling, Penny would have to be Rod's daughter. So we can only assume she is completely use to this from her father who most likely is just a dude who knocked her mom up and comes around sometimes. Hopefully, her Uncle Richard, who she cares about enough to come visit him and him her to try and make sure she has a good time with people her own age while visiting, will learn from this and never set her up with someone ever again. Or at least not someone who's record he knows is bad.

  9. My buddies and I loved this show when we were growing up. We discovered this series and did shots every time someone โ€œprobably fucking killed themselves.โ€ It didnโ€™t end well.

  10. LaVerne DiFazio (of the classic tv show "Laverne & Shirley") would love it if cows gave Pepsi. Her favorite drink was milk with Pepsi.

  11. There was an episode of โ€œKenan & Kelโ€ where Kel told Kenan, โ€œLast time I helped you, I ended up butt-naked in a zoo.โ€ย ย Kenan andย Kelย are basically the black Zack and Screech (the only difference being thatย Kel, unlike Screech, is the sexy one, LOL)ย and since that series came after "Saved by the Bell," I can't help but wonder if the writers of "Kenan & Kel" were inspired by Zack and Screech.

  12. I never understood why just not have Zack tbe like "Hey Kelly in order to get out of detention, I'm forced to date Mr. Belding's niece for a day". I'm sure she would understand.

  13. There should have been an actual episode about him selling the school to the Japanese (is there?) It would make a good ZMIT episode!

  14. This episode peobably would have been adorable if Belding asked Screech to date his niece. The lonely boy would have done it in a heartbeat for free.

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