The Toronto – Is this the Best After Dinner Cocktail?

We’re going to hero Canadian whisky, it
tends to be a little bit overlooked especially in cocktails, but this drink
is called the Toronto and was really made to highlight that quite nice
mellow flavor that you get from Canadian whisky. So we’re going for Canadian club
20 year old. So this one does have a little bit of rye a little bit of spice
but it’s still quite smooth and easy going,
obviously 20 years old so has been in barrels for that long which means it has a
nice oak influence to it as well and what that is mixed with is fernet branca
which is a really strong flavor it’s part of a family called Amaros, good
for your digestion for your tummy after you’ve after you’ve eaten too much.
It’s basically yeah a really kind of bittersweet almost quite minty flavor
going on in there and then you’ve got your Angostura bitters as I said usually
it was cocktail bitters it does just kind of lengthen your cocktail a little
bit and then some sugar syrup to just to round all out and provide a little
bit of sweetness. This is probably the kind of drink that people tend to think of
with American whiskey, you’ve got those kind of Old Fashioned’s, Manhattan’s more
stirred down (yeah) is that style that you like? It is the style that I like I think
that as I’ve gotten a little bit older my palates maybe gotten a little bit
more bitter so I’ve started to gravitate towards drinks like the Toronto that
have got that really nice kind of bitter herbal flavor profile. Maybe not the
first place that you want to start when it comes to American cocktails but if
you do have a palate that’s a little bit drier a little bit more herbal, not
quite on the sweet side other things and this is a really good option. So you do
have two full shots of your Canadian Club in there, so 60 mils. So then we’ve
got 15 mils of the fernet branca this is quite a fun cocktail ingredient, I think it can get overdone a little bit because it’s a bit it’s a bit trendy
and it is a really full on flavor but using it in this kind of scenario where
you’re just using it’s like a little accent, I think works really well
especially to kind of highlight some of yeah kind of like the bitter orange
notes and things coming through from the whisky as well. Absolutely and because
with this one using basically equal parts of that intensely bitter and
herbal Amaro, with also sugar syrup it kind of balances out really well but for
me this is one of my favorite after-dinner drinks because it does have
that bit of the fernet in there so it’s really good for settling your stomach if
you’ve had a big meal. A little digestif, and then you’re like it’s medicinal as well. Yeah that’s it, it’s good for you. Now I always tell you to get your garnish prepared before you
start making the drink. I forgot to do that this time, but we’ll do it know
before we put the ice in so that it’s not sitting and diluting while you’re
doing a lemon twist. Good call This one we did have a little discussion
about because orange twist is also accepted as your garnish in a Toronto
but I think yeah especially when you’re kind of wanting to highlight that quite
nice mellow kind of bright Canadian whisky having that kind of brighter
citrus pop there probably makes more sense. As always you want to put as much
ice in your mixing glass as you can fit then you want to stir it by putting the
back of the bar spoon against the inside of the glass and just kind of pushing
the ice around. This is actually Fred’s bar spoon. Is there a reason you have such an
ostentatiously long bar spoon? Because I’m way cooler than everyone else. Right. It’s the only way, I mean, how else are they going to tell? That’s right. What else am I supposed to base my ego
on if not the length of my bar spoon? Delicious. Grab your glass out of the fridge,
use your julep strainer to hold the ice back. And I’m just going to pour it in. The combination of the Fernet and the bitters gives you a great color with this one doesn’t it? It does, it’s very pretty. Now we’re just gonna
expel the oils over the top so just give your twist a sharp fold over the top of
your drink. And that’ll just really brighten it up because obviously it’s a pretty kind of boozy and full-on drink. Give it a little twist and pop it in
your glass. The Toronto. So now you know. Hmmm. That’s lovely. Thank you. Yeah. If you’ve liked
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  1. I'm going to have to get a longer bar spoon! LOL! 20 year old canadian club whiskey going to have to check that out. Don't forget that garnish! 🙂

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