The Truth About Donald Trump’s Marriage

The Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Marriage #16. Who is Melania Trump- Donald Trump’s third
wife, Melania, is the first and only lady to be born in and from a communist country. She was raised in a tower block in Yugoslavia,
which makes her the first lady to be born outside of the United States. She started modeling at just five years old. She was later signed to a top modeling agency
in Milan, Italy, when she turned eighteen. As a teenager she studied design and architecture
at the University of Ljubljana. At that time she was traveling to Milan for
work where she was signed on to a talent agency. While Melania was in Italy, she was on the
path to meet her billionaire husband. In 1996 she moved to New York on a work visa,
and has appeared on Magazine covers such as New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar in Bulgaria,
Vogue in Italy, and GQ in the United Kingdom. In 1998 she started dating Donald Trump, then
the two of them got married in 2005, she gave birth to their son, Barron, a year later. Melania stayed in New York with Barron until
he finished the school year then they both moved to Washington to join Donald in June
2017. Her nickname for Donald is “Little Donald”
because he loves wearing a suit and tie so much. Other than being viewed as a trophy wife,
people say she is a crucial part of Team Trump and the most powerful woman in the world. Melania is forty seven years old and speaks
five languages: English, German, Serbian, French, and Slovene. She’s also 5ft 11 inches, which makes her
one of the tallest first ladies in history. #15. When did Donald and Melania get married- When
the two first met Donald was fifty-two years old, they met at a party at the Kit Kat Club
during New York Fashion Week in 1998. At first, the supermodel was turned off by
the billionaire. Melania told the New York Times when she met
him she told her friends, “He’s here with a woman. I am absolutely not giving him my number.” So instead Donald ended up giving her all
his numbers, home, and business, and she gave him a call when she got back from a modeling
trip. After his second marriage collapsed to Marla
Maples, the two started dating. They got married in 2005 and had lots of famous
faces at the wedding. Bill and Hillary Clinton attended as well. Melania’s wedding dress cost $100,000 and
took five hundred and fifty hours to make. #14. First Lady- She has received a lot of flack
for being absent during multiple public appearances. Melania addressed supporters at the President’s
Florida rally saying, “I will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you no matter
what the opposition is saying about me.” “It is my honor and great pleasure to stand
here before you as the First Lady of the United States.” #13. Net Worth- Melania Trump’s net worth is
an estimated $8.8 million. In the early days of her and Donald dating,
she heard a lot of talk about her being a gold digger. Since marrying her billionaire husband, she
has had the opportunity to launch her very own watch and jewelry line, which she designs
herself. To give you an idea of what their opulent
Manhattan lifestyle is like, The apartment is decorated in Louis XIV-style and covered
with 24-carat gold and marble, along with murals painted on the ceiling and crystal
chandeliers. #12. How many women has Donald Trump been married
to? Donald has been married three times; His first
two marriages ended up in divorce. He married his first wife, Ivana in April
1977 and divorced in 1992, and then he went on to marry another former model named, Marla
Maples, in December 1993. Maples and Trump divorced in 1999. Donald’s thirteen-year marriage to Ivana
ended after he had an affair with Marla Maples. Trump did an interview in 1994, and he suggested
that his affair probably would have continued if the whole thing wasn’t made public. Trump said, “My life was so great in so many
ways,” he said. “The business was so great… a beautiful
girlfriend, a beautiful wife, a beautiful everything. Life was just a bowl of cherries.” After Trump married Maples, their marriage
ended five months before the prenuptial agreement would have ended up increasing her divorce
settlement from $1 million to $5 million. A friend of Donald told People Magazine, “He
basically didn’t want to get married. It was lust, not really love. She loved him very much. But Donald is somebody who’s in love mostly
with himself.” #11. Donald Trump’s Children- He has five children
total, by three marriages. The youngest, his name is Barron, was born
on March 20, 2006, with current wife, Melania Trump. His daughter Tiffany was born in October of
1993; her mother is Marla maples. And Donald’s three oldest kids, Eric, Donald
Jr., and Ivanka. Who were all born during his marriage to Ivana
Trump, in 1977,1981, and 1984. Donald’s son Barron is the first presidential
son in the White House in fifty-four years. Since 1963, there have only been daughters
that lived in the White House. Barron is the first son since John F Kennedy
Jr. #10. Not his first rodeo- Since Donald has been
married twice before, he married his first wife, Ivana, from 1977 to 1992. Their divorce ended up being the most expensive
divorce, with him having to pay twenty-five million dollars in divorce settlements. On top of that, fourteen million dollars in
cash, $350,000 in annual alimony, and child support payments of $300,000 every year. Ivana was given a Connecticut mansion and
a Trump Plaza Apartment. His second marriage was with Marla Maples,
from 1993 to 1999. #9. Having their own space- Donald and Melania
have been married for twelve years now.They say they both have separate bathrooms and
don’t like sharing. Donald says this works out for him because
he doesn’t want to hear his wife going to the toilet or passing gas. In an interview, he said he was quite happy
about the fact that he has never witnessed or heard his wife do either of those things
and after twelve years of marriage that’s pretty shocking. Keeping things separated seems to be a theme
in this relationship, they both take their hygiene very seriously. The couple is rumored to not sleep in the
same bed. Strangely it has been said that the couple
shares a bedroom, but not a bed. Maybe getting enough sleep is what keeps the
arguments to a minimum. #8. Donald’s spokeswoman- Donald relies on Melania
to help boost his confidence and image and also broadcasts some of his accomplishments. Melania also does most of the parenting; the
first lady takes her role as a mother very seriously. She told People Magazine that she has taken
over most of the parenting duties because her husband travels so often. Their son Barron is also at an age where he
is still learning about life and at a critical age where it’s essential to have his parents
around and to help him grow. She is also the stepmother to Tiffany, Donald
Trump Jr, Ivanka, and Eric Trump. #7. Perfect match- Melania says she prefers not
to be in the spotlight, allowing Donald to have the attention. This is why some of their close friends say
they’re a perfect match for each other. One friend said Melania has no problem with
letting her husband take the lead. She enjoys allowing him to take center stage. #6. Fashion Week- The couple met during New York
Fashion Week in 1998. Donald was on a date with his girlfriend at
the time when he was out that night and first laid eyes on the woman who would become his
first lady. The two were introduced by a friend who owned
the modeling agency that discovered Melania at the Kit Kat Club. Melania had been living in New York at the
time since 1996, working there as a full-time model. At the time Donald was in the middle of a
divorce from his second wife, Marla Maples. It’s been said that Donald sent his girlfriend
at the time to the bathroom, and while she was in there he asked Melania for her phone
number, but she wouldn’t give it to him because she was also already on a date with
someone else that night. She was skeptical and wanted to see what his
intention was. Donald ended up giving her all of his phone
numbers, cell number, and business number. #5. Donald proposed in 2004- On April 26, 2004,
Donald turned his girlfriend, Melania, into fiancee. He got up the courage and popped the question
at the Costume Institute Gala, at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. He gave her a 12 karat engagement ring, worth
two million dollars, but he actually only had to pay half of that because the diamond
sellers offered the discount to have their name attached to the proposal, mainly as an
excellent form of advertisement for the diamond sellers. Only a fool would turn down that discount
and pay a million dollars more than needed. The two of them got married on January 22,
2005, by the ocean in Palm Beach, Florida. #4. Divorce Rumors- Divorce rumors started long
before Donald Trump was elected president. Some people speculate that the intense public
attention and spotlight has taken a toll on the First Lady. It’s been said that the two of them sleep
in separate beds. Another rumor said Melania had divorce papers
prepared and she was ready to sign them if Donald didn’t win the 2016 Election that
made him president. Another thing that made people wonder what’s
going on with the couple is that Melania stayed living in their home in New York even after
Donald moved into the White House just added to the fire of all the other rumors that were
going around. For the most part, the Trumps have either
completely ignored or flat out denied the rumors about their marriage. #3. Broken up more than once- Melania broke up
later in 1998, because of Donald’s infidelity. He cheated on both of his wives, which apparently
inspired some concerns for Melania. She had trust issues at the beginning which
is understandable considering his past. Even when they were dating, she wouldn’t
move in with Donald because she wanted to have her own space in case it didn’t end
up working out, so she was smart and cautious. The couple split up to have their own space
for a while and ended up getting back together within six months. They ended up breaking up again in January
2000, but this time Donald was the one who ended things, but the couple got back together
shortly after because they were both devastated and unhappy without each other. #2. Modeling- Three years before Melania met Donald
she posed nude for a French men’s monthly magazine. The photo set was obtained by the New York
Post. The photos show her lying naked in bed alongside
Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson. Donald said, “in Europe pictures like this
are very fashionable and common.” So this makes her the first lady to have posed
nude. She sued the daily mail for false words, for
reporting on escort allegations. #1. Influence- Melania chooses to keep her influence
private, she is seen by the world as Trump’s silent partner. She says she likes standing by her man without
opinions or political aspirations of her own. Melania says she chooses not to go political
in public because that’s her husband’s job, but she’s very political in her private
life. Between Donald and her, she knows everything
that is going on from A to Z. She has made a choice not to be in the campaign
and that she has her own mind and she’s her own person, and Donald likes that about
her. The press has mischaracterized her quietness
and think she’s shy but she’s actually not shy at all. Reporters don’t check facts and just want
their fifteen minutes of fame she says. They can be very unfair.

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