The Truth About The Most Famous Married At First Sight Couples

When it comes to reality TV matchmaking, the
typical scenario usually involves a whirlwind romance, with a wedding by the end of the
season. But on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight,
couples are matched by relationship experts and meet for the very first time – on their
wedding day. Here’s the truth about the most memorable
couples on the show. Though Season 2’s Davina and Sean, seemed
to have great chemistry at the beginning of their marriage. “What is the most unusual thing someone has
asked you to do in bed?” “Ugh, I know what this is and it creepin
me out.” But Davina revealed to the New York Post that
the two never really made an honest connection. So, it wasn’t surprising when the couple chose
to divorce, when it came to decision day. “Make your wish… and throw it.” Since then, the two have gone their separate
ways. Sean said on Twitter that he has no connection
to the show. Still, he seems to have a sense of humor about
the whole experience. In June 2019 he retweeted a meme of a couple
from Married at First Sight Season 9, writing, quote, “Yup, been there.” Meanwhile, Davina found a new man and gave
birth to her son, Hudson, in May 2019. “Jessica Castro, meet Ryan Denino.” “Nice to meet you.” Jessica and Ryan’s marriage was filled with
explosive arguments and silent treatments on Season 2. “I don’t owe you anything.” “But you need to talk to me!” “I don’t owe you anything.” Though it may have been surprising that they
decided to stay together, by the time they came back for the reunion, Jessica announced
that she’d caught Ryan cheating, and that they’d split. But things got even worse from there. “One of the show’s stars filing a restraining
order against her new husband.” In 2015, ABC News reported that Ryan had threatened
Jessica and her family. Later, Ryan posted – then deleted – a photo
of the restraining order Jessica filed against him, saying that it quote “disgusted” him. Since then, Jessica has happily moved on. In June 2019 she posted a photo with her new
guy, saying, quote, “The best things in life happen unexpectedly.” As for Ryan, he’s been posting selfies on
Instagram and talking about quote “politics as usual,” on Twitter. Season 2’s Jaclyn and Ryan had issues starting
on their wedding day when Jaclyn wasn’t exactly attracted to Ryan. “I have a lotta doubts right now. I really do. And that’s just the truth. I’m not attracted to him at all.” But as the weeks passed, the couple grew closer
and decided to stay together come decision day. They quickly became a fan favorite – surprising
everyone when they came back for the reunion admitting that they’d since split. After a failed second attempt at romance,
the two went their separate ways. Jaclyn found a new man and in June 2019, announced
that the two are expecting. Meanwhile, Ryan seems to be staying busy working
in real estate. Season 4 began with Sonia and Nick seeming
to care about each other, but after explosive arguments and walk-outs, it was surprising
that they actually chose to stay married. “There’s nothing else to talk about. We’re gonna go back and forth with the same
conversation all night long.” “What you absolutely hate about me you’re
doing right now.” “So now you know how it feels.” They revealed that they were still together
at the reunion special six months later, but in the end, they finally called it quits. These days, Sonia appears to be single, and
happily working on loving herself, posting in June 2019, “I’m more than my weight. I’m caring, beautiful, funny and a whole lot
of adjectives which aren’t tied to the number on the scale.” Meanwhile, Nick and his new girlfriend, Heather,
welcomed twins in 2017. Tragically, things took a devastating turn
when Nick was involved in a near-fatal accident in January 2019, becoming partially paralyzed
from the waist down. He told People magazine, “[I’ve] had a lot of support from Heather
and especially my mom. […] I don’t know what I would have done
without them.” Season 5’s Nate and Sheila seemed to be a
good match with great chemistry. But as fans know, they had issues concerning
Nate’s competitiveness and drama with Sheila’s male friend – with the couple even almost
calling it quits at one point. “Marriage is serious. I mean, it’s so easy to wanna quit.” Still, they chose to stay married…That is,
until November 2017, when Nate announced on Twitter that they’d filed for divorce – and
at the same time, denying recent cheating rumors as the cause of the split. But Sheila wanted to set the record straight,
tweeting: “I see that instead of finally operating in
integrity, [Nate] chose to continue to lie. There were women throughout our ENTIRE marriage.” “I don’t feel like I have anything to give
at this moment.” Soon after their split, Nate welcomed a new
lady into his life. In December 2018 he posted a pic with, quote,
“I look amazing next to you.” Sheila doesn’t seem to have a new love yet
but she keeps ties to the show. Danielle and Cody seemed like a good match
when they met in Season 5. But Danielle had trouble getting intimate
with Cody, admitting, “He’s being patient, but kindly reminding
me every day that he wishes there was more.” Cody even considered divorce, but by decision
day, they choose to stay married – and they were even still together at the reunion show. But a year into their marriage, the two officially
called it quits. Saying she had only love for Cody, Danielle
posted on Instagram: “While this was a difficult decision and divorce
is not something either of us hoped for, we decided we will be happiest separating.” As of mid 2019, both Danielle and Cody appear
to be happily living the single life. In Season 6, Molly was hesitant to be intimate
with her husband Jonathan, claiming, “I like you as a person.” “You’re just not attracted to me?” “I’m just not physically attracted right
now.” But physical issues weren’t their only problem. During a couples’ session with show expert
Dr. Jessica, Jonathan played a video he recorded of Molly insulting him. “You’re disgusting. You’re disgusting.” Molly tried to defend herself, but Dr. Jessica
shot back at her, saying, “I understand you don’t like my honesty but
I don’t like your lies.”] By decision day, Molly and Jonathan clearly
wanted a divorce. “We really do see why we were matched. But… we do want a divorce.” While their split may not have been surprising,
what happened next was definitely a Married at First Sight first. In August 2018, Jonathan started dating a
new lady; none other than the show’s own Dr. Jessica. The two even got engaged in April 2019. Meanwhile, it looks like Molly still keeps
in touch with the show. She posted a picture with some other Married
at First Sight ladies, hanging out in November 2018. Jackie and Ryan from Season 6 really clicked
when they met at the altar. “My name’s Ryan.” “Ryan? Oh my God. I’m Jackie.” “You’re Jackie?” “Yeah.” “This is my bride guys.” But they ran into trouble fast. With stress about Jackie’s last boyfriend
who passed away unexpectedly, and drama about Ryan not being home enough, just days before
decision day, the couple admitted they had been talking about divorce. “We have to make sure that we’re on the right
page, and move forward.” At the time, they decided to stay married,
but split after less than a year together. Soon after, Jackie found someone new, and
in May 2019, she announced her engagement, posting, quote, “I have always just wanted
to feel this loved by someone.” Ryan has posted photos looking cozy with someone
new, so maybe he’s considering one day walking down the aisle again, too. Season 7’s Amber and Dave never seemed to
truly connect. Between her insecurities about being a bad
wife and their uncertainties about their future, things didn’t look great for the brand new
couple. “It’s pretty embarrassing that you don’t know
if you want to be here with me. You would just be here because you have to
be.” Though they decided to stay married on decision
day, the pair returned for the reunion three months later on shaky ground. Amber revealed that she had moved out of their
home, with Dave claiming, “We both hoped that it would be in a different
place right now but I think the reality is just that it’s not.” By December 2018, Amber announced that they
had filed for divorce. She posted on Instagram, “In the end we just weren’t a good match,
but I learned a lot through the experience and can now say I’m thankful for it.” Since then, Amber has been spending time with
some of the other ladies from the show and seems to be all smiles. Dave also hasn’t shown any sign of a new love
since the show, but he seemed hopeful when explaining the divorce on Instagram and wished
Amber, quote, “Nothing but the best!” Season 7’s Tristan and Mia may have had one
of the most dramatic beginnings in Married at First Sight history. Though the wedding went smoothly, Mia was
shockingly arrested at the airport when they were leaving for their honeymoon. She was released almost immediately, but Tristan
had a hard time trusting her after the incident. “On the warrant that was issued for Mia’s
arrest, there are three counts of stalking, and one with credit card fraud.” Still, by the end of the experiment, the two
wanted to stay married and work on their relationship. But by the reunion special, they had already
split up, with Tristan claiming, “I cannot bet my future on an unstable woman.” By November 2018 the two were officially divorced. Post split, Mia seems to currently be looking
for love, posting on Instagram in July 2019, “I love down to earth people that don’t have
huge egos and don’t seek praise.” Meanwhile, Tristan is ready to jump back into
the marriage pool. He announced his engagement in June 2019,
posting on Insta: “You are a Queen. There’s no one else like you.” Though the show is called Married at First
Sight, when Luke saw Kate walking down the aisle in Season 8, he knew he wasn’t meeting
his future wife for the first time. “I’m sitting here drinking champagne for the
first time with my new wife, and I’m just thinking how does she not recognize me.” He said in a confessional, “I have a speed dating business and she came
out to one of the events with one of her friends.” But the couple didn’t seem to have much chemistry
and had definite troubles with physical intimacy and attraction. Luke even said he was repulsed when he kissed
Kate, claiming he felt quote, “dead inside.” “It came out that no I’m not his type. It’s like worst case scenario.” By the end of the season, the two chose to
divorce. Since the end of the show, Kate has been updating
her followers with plenty of Instagram posts and stories. While she did say she had a new boyfriend
on the reunion special, by April 2019 she was single again, posting: “I’m all about ‘me’ time after a break-up.” According to Luke’s social media, he’s still
doing the speed dating thing and is spending his time traveling. While quite a few couples in Married at First
Sight history have decided to stay together at the end of the experiment, fewer have stayed
married long enough to show up to the reunion episode together. And even fewer were still going strong even
after that. But it looks like Season 8’s AJ and Stephanie
could really go the distance. “I vow to be your partner through this wild
but brave journey. And vow that you can always count on me.” This couple seemed meant-to-be from the very
beginning. They had great chemistry and they really seemed
to like each other. They ran into some small issues, like AJ’s
problem with getting “hangry,” but by decision day, the two wanted to stay together. These days, Stephanie and AJ are going strong,
with Stephanie posting in July 2019, quote, “This man is my heart.” Kristine and Keith got married in Season 8,
and their connection was strong from the beginning. “Whoo… I love the way she looks. I got butterflies as soon as she smiled at
me.” Of course, their marriage wasn’t without some
conflict. They argued over Keith having a photo of an
ex-girlfriend on his phone and about Kristine’s desire for more equally split household duties. “I’m happy to cook tonight, but this isn’t
gonna happen all the time. He’s gonna have to get in this kitchen at
some point” Still, the couple seemed to really love each
other. The two chose to stay together on decision
day and announced they were still together at the reunion. In June 2019, Kristine posted a photo from
their wedding with the caption: “The magic of this moment has never left.” “Will, you may kiss your bride.” Jasmine and Will had their fair share of relationship
struggles in Season 8, but they did share a connection. By decision day, Jasmine was willing to stay
married – but surprisingly, Will said he wanted a divorce, claiming he had a big issue with
communication. Show expert, Pastor Cal, said after the reveal: “I’m disappointed because I think you’re missing
out on a lot.” Later, Newsweek reported Will made a statement
on Instagram announcing that they had officially split, starting the post with what seemed
to be a dig at Jasmine, writing, “They say you can truly see a person when
you’re not looking at them, and those actions define their true character.” Jasmine apparently wasn’t feeling his post
because she responded by writing, “You didn’t sign up honestly, you weren’t
honest during the process and I called you out on it!” Sounds like this split was for the best. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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