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what’s up everybody I’m Rob I’m Reshawn
and this is Learn Hustle Grow if you are interested in all things money marriage
and travel this is the place for you so you are a happily married couple you
have defined your individual roles and responsibilities there is a rhythm in
your daily lives go to work go shopping date nights and celebrations we
celebrate pretty much everything birthdays holidays and anniversaries in
our family there is always something to look forward to of course every marriage
is faced with challenges you know the usual raising children deciding what you
want to be when you grow up paying bills and communicating with one another
in a way that ensures you to stay connected are you enjoying our videos
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miss our future videos life is hard it’s not easy being an
adult when Rob and I began doing life together we both knew we had found our
one we honestly loved being married the first 10 years have gone by incredibly
fast the first nine years were brief we both give credit our faith in God and
getting off to a good start we were fortunate to build a solid foundation
don’t get me wrong we argue and disagree sometimes these fights are about the
most ridiculous things many of our fights are the result of a
miscommunication prior to getting married Rob and I attended premarital
counseling yes we have heard people say that it doesn’t work counselling is like
anything else you get out of it what you put into it we have found that we do
better in a group setting versus just us and a counselor early in our marriage we
read books and participated in a small group for newly married couples all
believers in Christ we were close in age and married around the same time
as newlyweds we were sharing similar experiences and challenges one of the
most difficult things about the first couple of years of marriage is that the
two of you feel alone you think to yourselves people have been getting
married for centuries it cannot be that hard
there are couples who have been married for an eternity somehow you and your
spouse have failed to figure out how to make it work perhaps you were not meant
to be maybe this whole thing was a mistake of course this is absolutely
false but if you are alone this can certainly seem true marriage is not to
be done alone spending time with other couples who want to do marriage right is
extremely powerful finding those couples can be made easier if you are part of a
faith-based community understanding that our marriage is bigger than us helps
keep Rob and I on the same page we share all of this to say we still were not
prepared for the impact of uprooting our lives would have on our relationship
December 30th 2018 our lives changed we left the comfort of our 2600 square foot
suburban home for the space of a hotel room think about that for a second one
bathroom one television no mancave yes we know there are people who live like
this every day all over the world we are not those people in our video 5
rules for a happy marriage we share the fact that our relationship requires time
apart if you follow learned hustle grow on social media then you know that we
left our corporate jobs in late 2018 to travel the world and to pursue our
entrepreneurial dreams yep we’re working for ourselves
rashon is a travel agent specializing in group and international travel we are
the proud owners of learn hustle grow travel rob is a licensed Texas realtor
in 2019 we have traveled six continents 22 countries and more than 35 cities
sounds amazing right we think so being able to travel the world in our
40s is a dream come true our initial plan was to take regular vacations until
we could retire in our late 50s or early 60s before we began traveling the world
we had never been away from home for more than seven days we were married in
Riviera Maya Mexico that was the first time we used our passports together like
most vacationing Americans we extended our weekends and took advantage of
holidays we enjoyed every single vacation we took the destinations the
people the food the shopping we took amazing photos and videos we couldn’t
wait to share with our family and friends
why should world travel to our bucket-list destinations be any
different prior to this year our travel was focused on beach resorts due to the
day-to-day responsibilities of our jobs and the limitations of paid time off
there was just never enough time to go beyond Central America when your dreams
come true you rarely stop to think about the potential downside that’s right I
said downside when it comes to world travel the potential for downside
depends largely on your personality how you plan the trip also has an impact Rob
and I are both eldest children born to single moms what does that mean
we are both fiercely independent with very specific ideas about how things
should go after all we didn’t just decide to travel the world we decided to
share our journey via YouTube and start a business together when we disagree at
home we have the luxury of space and time to help us get over it on the road
we don’t have either we’re moving pretty fast we want to see as many places as
possible we don’t say anywhere longer than seven
to ten days imagine spending 24 hours a day with your spouse without the option
for a break every little thing that annoys you about each other
can and does become bigger jet lag sets in and patience wears thin
you cannot go out for lunch dinner or drinks with your friends man you can’t
even go to another room there’s only one room and you’re both in it traveling
together is not the same as vacationing together one rule of thumb for our
hotels has been a budget of approximately $100 per night
these are not high-end resorts we’re talking three-star hotels sometimes that
means a small room it has yet to result in a penthouse suite in Rio de Janeiro
we saved for $50 a night the Petit Rio was exactly as described petit oh my god
we were getting on each other’s nerves Rochelle and I argue so much in South
America we could not believe it when we left home the 10-hour flight
from Dallas Fort Worth to Buenos Aires was as long as we had ever flown ideally
on vacation you and your spouse have the same goals when we vacationed we had a
limited amount of time and just wanted to unwind and relax now we are traveling
the world how do we decide where to go Rob and I have a world map with pins all
over it believe it or not deciding where to go has not been difficult we’ve been
chasing summer you don’t realize how hot summer can be until you experience five
months actively exploring in the heat learn hustle roast the shell other
factors in choosing our route the price of airfare and the length of flight once
we reach our destination where we go and what we do can become quite the
discussion we have a limited amount of time in each city and there are just
tons of things to see and do it’s no longer just what to eat for dinner
now it’s also what do we eat for breakfast and lunch
there’s tons of decision to make when you’re on the road
what to photograph video or even post online can all become discussions before
long you’re just tired of making decisions
it’s called decision fatigue how good are you at dealing with change how do
you feel about dealing with inconvenience world travel is all about
change and inconvenience new places new airports new languages new cultures
changes in weather packing and unpacking these are all stressors you and your
spouse likely handle stress differently as exciting as it is it also takes a
toll on your body and senses burnout is real travel bloggers and vloggers don’t
talk about it much because it’s been so much effort put into the fantasy people
only want to hear how fabulous travel is being away from your home and routine
for months at a time starting a business and spending 24
hours a day together this kind of constant change will test your
relationship if we had to do it all over again
we would definitely do some things differently perhaps we will write a book
about it one day are you traveling full-time as a couple
are you in business with your spouse or partner what’s the longest you’ve
traveled with your spouse without returning home we want to hear from you
what future videos would you like to see comment below don’t forget to subscribe
see you in the next video

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  1. We love to do cruises, but you two are like travel on steroids;) More power to you two seeing the rest of those pinned places!

  2. The longest was an 11 day backpacking trip !! We laughed , we cried, I screamed! We pushed our bodies to the limits and felt like champions when we were done!! Its was a challenge and it made us stronger in our relationship and as individuals!!

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