The Try Guys Become Groomsmen For Keith’s Wedding • The Try Vlog

– I was just talking to
the bridesmaids and Becky and I said, “Who’s gonna cry first?” And everyone went, “Keith”. – Keith. (laughter) (wedding bells) (funky cowbell music) – Yay. – Good morning. – The Try Guys are all
here in Chicago, Illinois where apparently the
lake looks like an ocean. (ding) Did not know that. – I’ve never been in a wedding before. – We’re here for Keith’s wedding. He’s getting married to Becky. Finally. And all of the Try Guys are groomsmen. – So the wedding is about to start, everyone is going in their seats. – They’re filing in. – [Zach] And we don’t know what we’re actually supposed to be doing now. – We were mostly just
vlogging during the rehearsal. (low-pitched tone) We’re at the rehearsal lunch.
– It’s the rehearsal. – I showed up wearing maroon, but then I changed I’m so sorry. – Yeah we really have a.. – Oh we could have had a maroon moment. – Ned’s doing his best Eugene impression. (Eugene laughs) – [Zach] I’m doing my other
best Eugene impression. – And I’m just Eugene. (magical harp music) (soft guitar music) – Eugene and I explored
Chicago for the first time. – Here’s a quick Instagram story montage. (upbeat music) – Hashtag Beith. – Hashtag to hab and to hold. Hashtag Becky with the good Keith. – I like Beith. – But you have to say it like – [Ned and Eugene] Beith. (horn anthem) – Good morning, Ned.
– Good morning. – We look exactly the same.
– Yes we do. – I thought we were
supposed to be dressed. – No. We get dressed as part of the thing. Six hours to go. – It’s the morning of the wedding. – Yes. – Some things have happened. I didn’t read that part. There were a lot of text
threads that were on. – We are five and a half hours out and a groomsmen has no pants. – Mom? Hey. I don’t need, I just gotta go to the store, alright? It’s alright. There’s nothing we can do. Except for me going to the store now. – [Keith] One of the best men. – Brian is one of the best men. He brought his pants in to get pressed and the cleaner gave it back and the pants are missing. – Can I go to the store? – I don’t know if you’re gonna find, it’s really hard to find these blues. You might be able to. – Well I’d better fucking try. – Cleaners are closed. So can’t get pants. – [Brian] Guys. – Well. – I’m just going to get it right. That’s just the only option. – The other option is you
find really interesting pants that match well maybe you and Marc wear them so it’s
like a best men situation. – [Zach] Yeah, that kind of thing. – Because if there’s two, it’s a choice. If there’s one, it’s a mistake. – Eugene. (ding)
(magical harp) – Chaos. – Brian’s pants are missing. Brian right now is
sitting outside the shop. It opens at 11. – [Marc] They tried to
get into the cleaners. – [Zach] Can’t get in. – [Marc] Closed. – [Zach] They’re closed on Sunday. – Tried to get the cleaner’s home number. Get to their house. – They’re very private people. – Fuck. – I mean his options are what right now? – Break into the cleaners. – [Zach] Yeah. – Or check every suit store within a 10-mile radius
of this wedding venue and hope that somebody
has this sweet color. – I’m trying to remain calm. – Nothing but a little
wedding morning drama. (laughing) Hope that the bridesmaids
are doing better. – Yay! Wait, where’s everyone’s Millers? Woo. We’re so Midwestern and bad. – That goes from a comedy
to a tragedy real quick. (boom) – [Ned] We got some option
photos for replacement pants. – These aren’t really great.
These are not the right color. – [Zach] I feel like Eugene’s
plan is the best plan where finding one that looks like a choice and having both Marc and Brian, because otherwise Brian’s just gonna stick out like a sore thumb. – Yeah. Becky’s not gonna like that. (boom) Those pants, that suit.
They’re totally different. – Black and blue, red and gold situation. – [Eugene] Keith? I feel like someone
should quickly check in on the bridesmaids, right? Roll call. Let’s do it. – Hannah. – How do you know Becky? – We went to college together and got drunk and studied theater. – Roll call. – I’m Natalie. I’m Becky’s maid of honor. – Roll call. Oh. We’re walking down the aisle together. – We’re walking down the aisle together. I’m Christine. – Mandi. And I met Becky after college. – Bridesman.
– Hi. – Name? – I’m Jesus. I was Becky’s
roommate in college. – Hi, I’m Michael. I’m Becky’s brother. – Becky’s brother. – Becky the beautiful bride to be. How you feeling? – Good. Getting my makeup done. Looking dewy. Looking fresh. – What’s your favorite memory that you have with Keith like man to man? – Man to man? – Yeah. Have you ever like bro-ed out? – Yeah. I used to go down
to ISU with Becky and Keith and that was a good time. – Yeah. I feel like you’re very calm. – Thank you. – I can’t find my tux jewelry. (boom) – This doesn’t make any sense. It’s okay. Try Jos A Bank
and then try Men’s Warehouse. We need to be trying harder to get ahold of whoever runs that laundromat. – Yeah you should probably
just get into touch with the owners or – [Keith] I don’t know
how they can do that. – I know Brian’s mom
was trying to do that. I don’t know what – [Zach] Brian’s mom ain’t us. – They’re in a North suburb
it’s like 25 minutes away. – Well, let’s take a break. – [Zach] Wait what? – [Keith] Okay. I’ll get them and steam them and everything’s okay. Great. We’ll see you soon. – [Zach] What? – They were hung up in our closet. They must have fallen off
the hanger in the closet and so when B-Wo grabbed it last night, didn’t notice that the
pants were not there. Pants were on the floor in the closet about 100 feet away. – [Zach] So there’s no problem? – There’s no problem. (Zach laughs) – Wow. It’s a wedding day miracle. – There’s the groom steaming
his best man’s pants right now? – [Ned] It’s kind of the opposite of how it’s supposed to go. – Cheers. (upbeat classical music) – [Man] What do groomsmen
do while we wait? – Video games. You’re gonna put this on the plate, Ned. And you’re gonna take it and you’re gonna put it in where that room has all those arrows. – They’re making a whole
bunch of onion soup in what must be the most
romantic game of all time. – I’m taking you this
bowl. Take that bowl. (upbeat classical music) (boom) – [Zach] What are you doing, Eugene? – His boutonniere lost a rose so I’m trying to create a sort
of backup boutonniere look (magical harp tone) with some of these bouquet flowers. – This is Keith’s other
brother who we haven’t met yet. – I’m the reason he’s who he is. My senior year of high school, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and I came back with a conch shell. During pep rallies in high school, Keith started wearing a garbage bag and blowing on his conk horn. Apparently he was an absolute sensation and that’s how he got started performing in front of people all the time. I planted that seed. I am responsible for
everything you’ve seen so far. – [Zach] So basically, if it weren’t for that conch shell there’d be no Try Guys? – There would be nothing. (wedding bells) – [Man] How you feeling, Keith? – Good. On the brink
of emotion constantly. – [Bridal Party] Red
leather, yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather. – [Man] Let it out when
you get to the altar. – Yeah. I have to wait til
Becky’s there at least. If I can make it that long. – [Man] You’ll make it. – Feelin’ good? – I feel great. I just feel like I’m constantly
about to cry for nothing. – Don’t worry. You’re
gonna cry for something. – Yeah. That’s true. – [Keith] Right now, though. There’s no reason to start crying. – [Eugene] No. Of course there’s
a reason to start crying. Oh. It’s about to happen. I’m sorry. – [Ned] Your wedding is two minutes away. – I can’t start now. – Okay. (exhales) Think non-emotional thoughts like the state of the world. (chattering) – [Ned] That’s definitely
kind of emotional. – Okay. Think about Zach naked
just wagging his pee-pee. – I can do that right now. – (laughing) Don’t cry. – I’m so sad. So beautiful. – When did you know that
Keith was the one for Becky? – Oh, I would say after
a few months of dating and then we met him and
he was really sweet, kind-hearted and Becky really never talked about her boyfriends before and just wanted us to meet him. – [Hannah] She loves her Keith. – Yeah. She loves her
Keith and Keith loves her. – I love it. – And he’s funny. – [Hannah] And he’s very funny. – [Kim] And she’s funny. – [Hannah] They’re very funny together. – [Eugene] You gotta keep it together. – Eugene’s been saying this for a week, he’s like, “If Keith cries
I’m gonna lose my shit”. – I’m like on the verge of
crying all the time this weekend. – [Zach] Are we gonna cry? – I’m gonna try to be the last
bastion of Try Guys crying. – I don’t think I cry. I would love to cry for you. If I don’t it’s nothing personal. – You don’t have to.
It’s not a requirement. – [Ned] I just feel bad
if I don’t cry, though. – It’s okay you don’t have to cry. – I mean Eugene kinda threw
it out like a challenge. Now I’m like, “Fuck yeah I’m gonna cry”. – [Keith] Try Guys try crying. – [Try Guys] Yeah. (calm happy music) – Hello. I am Ricky Hashmeyer. I am here today to celebrate
and support the union of Becky Miller, daughter
of Don and Kim Miller, and Keith Habersberger, son
of Don and Patty Habersberger. (laughter and clapping) (laughter) (laughter) (laughter) (laughter) (applause) – [Zach] They got me. – [Bridesmaid] Not a dry eye in the house. – Did you cry? – Oh my god. So much. I probably don’t have makeup on right now. – Guys. Look at that. – I’m fucking crying. I thought I wasn’t gonna
cry but Keith got me. Ned. Marriage is beautiful. – Marriage is beautiful, Zach. – [Zach] I cried did you cry?
– [Ned] Yeah. – [Zach] I cried so fucking much. – How are you doing? – I think I did great.
This was a big day for me. Are they already like They doing it already? – They’re consummating it. – Wow. Fast. Wow. – [Blonde Woman] They’re gonna
have the baby in nine months. – They consummate immediately. – Hooray! – We did it. My wife. – Keith, were you able to eat at all? – No.
– You want a bite? (playful music) – I’m honored to have gotten a glimpse at the love that you
guys have for each other and I just know that it’s
the tip of the iceberg and your relationship is so much deeper and stronger than anything
that I could ever see from the outside and congratulations. – Well fuck, I can’t top that. – Becky?
– Yes? – You made a Try Guys
video at your wedding. – (laugh) Rude.
– We’re sorry. But I think we should end it with you cause it’s your day and
your white marriage. – It’s about me. Did
you say white marriage? – (laughs) Your white marriage. – Okay. This was a vlog. It was a vlog. (caws) (sign creaks)

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  1. Why am I crying like It's not me the bride these people don't know me but I love them so much

    Wish for them health and love for all their life

  2. It's kinda a shame that the wedding didn't happen while they were on their own channel, but at the same time, I'm sure Buzzfeed paid for a good chunk of this. Nothing like getting paid to have a wedding! 😉😊❤️

  3. I’m not an emotional sappy or romantic person in any way but I’m actually bawling listening to their vows they’re SO in love

  4. I was a bridesmaid once (like in June 😂)
    And I got so bored cause I had been there since 6am and I woke up at 5am and then it was like 7am and I made cupcakes while the bride was getting her makeup done… 😂😂

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