The Try Guys Shoot Guns For The First Time

– Oh! (slow James Bond themed music) – I don’t like guns at all. – I don’t have a negative
opinion about guns, I do have negative opinions about people. – I’ve been invited to a gun
range before with friends, and I’ve said no, and I’ve just sat in the car outside of the gun range while they shot guns. – I’m an Eagle Scout, I
was raised in the South, I’ve shot a lot of guns. .22 rifle, 10-gauge shotgun, 12-gauge shotgun, Desert Eagle, and another type of handgun
that I don’t remember. – Who are you?
– It was my bachelor party. – What? – I shot an arrow once. – I question why as a society
we consider guns masculine. – It’s like a James Bond thing, and he’s a cool, sexy guy,
and I’m a cool, sexy guy. – They keep talking about James Bond. Kieth will not shut up about Texas? – When we dress like James
Bond, it’s not real somehow. – These are military grade weapons, whose only purpose is to kill people. To kill a lot of people
very fast, very effectively. – When you grow up around guns, you know how to handle them properly. We should be able to go to a gun range and fire military-grade weapons. – I’m going to go into this fresh, thinking, what is the feeling
that I’m going to get from it? Because maybe there is something
to masculinity and guns. – If I get to wear a tuxedo
and shoot guns, I’m excited. (fast typing) – You could die here. – What? – I’ll hook it up in here for you. Only thing that you’ve
– Woah! – got to do is cock it down. – [Try Guy] Okay. – [Instructor] Then close it. – And I’m ready, this is live. – [Instructor] That’s a live round. – Guy’s I’m going to sh–
(gunshot) Oh! – The first blow went off and I jumped. I was not ready for it. There was no “ready, set, go.” – Alright, here goes nothing. (gunshot) – Oh, Jesus Christ! – Assault rifles are actually
easier to shoot than handguns. There’s hardly any kick
because it goes so fast. – Woo!
(gunshot) – It’s easy to forget why you’re there, that the purpose of these
guns is to kill people, and each time you’re pulling the trigger, that’s another life you could be taking. – I’m Keith! How you doing? – It gives you this real adrenaline that took me hours to come down from. – I think my body went on a high– – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Voiceover] and I just
completely turned into this very primitive, basic creature. – [Voiceover] When you just
repeat shoot like that, you’re almost afraid of yourself. – [Voiceover] Me taking the safety off, could’ve killed someone.
– Oh! – Can I just get a hug? Can I just get a hug real quick? (fast typing) – Does my cheekbone really have
to be that close to the gun? – No, not too close. – And it’s not going to hurt my cheek? – No, Lean your body forward. – Okay.
– Okay. (gunshot)
– Oh, mother of God! This (beep) became like an adult toy. Guns are not toys. – Oh, every time it’s
punching me in the arm. Now that I’ve done it, I
get it, it’s exhilarating. – Oh, I feel that power! It’s like I’m turning into an animal. I’m going to try and shoot
this guy in the nuts. Who does that? – Woo! – I killed him! How many times am I shooting this? All I could think of
while I was shooting is, “Aw man, I hope I’m out of bullets.” (fast typing) – Probably the biggest
– Damn revolver that’s commercially made. – Whoever gets the closest to the red dot will not have to pay for dinner. – It’s like playing a
round of golf with weapons. – Exactly. – If you feel the recoil
is too much for you, let it go over your head. Do not fight it, because
it will come back. – So you can punch yourself in the face? – Yeah, don’t do that. – Wow, it is heavy. – Who do you think will be the
worst, from what you’ve seen? (laughing) (gunshot)
– Oh, holy (beep). (gunshot)
– Ahhhhh! (gunshot)
– Ah! (gunshot)
(Jeers) – Ah, that was terrifying! – [Voiceover] Keith wins. – I’m really glad I did it. I’ve not done it so many
times because I was afraid, but I faced my fear, and
I think it’s totally fine to shoot any kind of gun in a gun range, because that’s the place you go. You play golf on a golf course, you shoot guns in a gun range. – The first thing I said
when I held the gun was, was I turned and then I
said, “Take a photo of me.” And all I can think of is I’m desperately trying to compensate for something. – I get it, I now get it. I didn’t get it, and now I get it. Guns are really (beep) fun. – It changed me. I don’t think that I’m as
pro-gun as I used to be. – In terms of actually feeling more manly from shooting a gun… I don’t think I’m more of a man. – The experience didn’t turn us into men, it turned us into boys. – I might have kids one day. There’s no way that my kids
are responsible gun owners. An accident is bound to happen. – The men, or the people at the gun range, who really knew what they were doing, I respect that. – I guess my takeaway today
is that the whole thing is a little more complicated. I see why people like it. It doesn’t necessarily
change the way I think, but it does shade it in a little bit. – For the record, for me personally, eating pizza is still
more of a genuine thrill than shooting a gun. – Yeah, this is pretty good. And, it’s quite a kick. (laughter)

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