The U.S. Capital is the Lifeline of the Chinese Communist Party: Roger Robinson Interview

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  1. Haul all the investors in front of the bipartisan enquiry and legislate the corporate governance to be made responsible to public interest law.
    Decouple or get impaled

  2. that's why I just invest in the c fund (S&P 500 mirror). I stay away from corrosive capital and would rather invest in America with good returns.

  3. Absolutely, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The "fake news" the business media, like Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters, etc, that publishes that China lends 3 trillion USD, majority of which goes to fund the US government is a lie, just like the Chinese climate hoax. MAGA!!!

  4. Striving for Money at all costs……Greed……Greed………Greed. This is a real problem. Unfortunately this is how we have been programmed.

  5. Roger Robinson is brilliant to see the real threat of China. We must Stop the dark Chinese companies from listing in our capital market

  6. The exact reason is those who put the chinese companies into index or portfolios are paid back by the Chinese firms , let FBI start the investigations, bet you there will be lots of nasty bribery cases out there.

  7. What is he talking about! He conflates wishful thinking with reality. Americans cannot live the life of 1st world country without Chinese made goods. And big corporations cannot afford leaving the Chinese market. Manufacturers, including Apple cannot move their factory back to US or any other country. China believes in the rule of law of the East and European law of the 19 – 20th century.

  8. The problem is that the capital moves ware it makes money and there are not honest so they will go ware its god for them comunist or any tipe of political goverment

  9. So what happens the millions of Americans who have invested our savings, the $2 trillion. And please do not be dismissive.

  10. Why are USA stock and bonds markets funding China and Russian military and human monitoring technology? Is this the right question?

  11. Simone, the CCP started releasing videos on one of their YouTube channels using your “Zooming in with” title. I’m not sure if you noticed because their videos aren’t very popular. If China feels threatened by your channel, then you are doing exactly what you set out to! Keep it up, your work is always appreciated!


    Simone has Xi terrified, as he should be.

  12. Not sure if u have Instagram. Please do take a look at it. If u like Fitness then I think you’ll love me, Simone.🙏🏽 My Instagram is “JUMPBABY”

  13. Leftist Democrats work with China for $$$ and to destabilize the US. We watched and said nothing. The satanic left turn our children into sexual playthings…we f'n wastch. We should all die.

  14. He is one of the genius Americans. No wonder how president Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet in the Cold War with such people like him working for the president. Now it is the time for president Donald Trump to bring in the genius Americans to sink the China Communist Party like Ronald Reagan collapsed the USSR.

  15. America stop accusing other Country especially China of Human Rights Abuses . Mr Rogers why don't you look how America used the Marshall Islands people to test your ATOMIC BOMB they are still leaving in HE'LL now

  16. Poor Simone Gao can't really help herself the need to over-reach, in her attempts to prove she is more American than her white masters.

  17. And Walmart sells half their goods that are made in china…and those chinese factories earn hundreds of billions of dollars every year , much of which goes directly into building thousands of concentration camps for ethnic minorities in China….not to mention for the chinese to develop their aircraft carriers, their SU35 fighter jets, their multibillion dollar casinos, and a whole lot more. SO the money is coming from the american consumer markets via legitimate business needs to then fund extremely questionable chinese domestic companies that are in some ways clearly corrupt.

    This goes back to the 70s when the chinese were allowed to trade and invest with the WTO effectively allowing literally every industrial market to be opened up to the chinese. The underlining trust was that after WW2, the chinese and the americans wanted to put off war and open up life through trade….the basic trust was that in exchange both parties would behave as morally upright actors with the USA being the moral authority auditing the various moral requirements of being admitted into the WTO….human rights and national security being the PRIME governmental concerns underlying the trillions of dollars of trade.

    It appears that attention has to be given to the laws and principle of human rights that is what makes the USA special.

    Jesus Christ is returning in power and glory by 2028. But the world will mostly ignore this fact….but the deliberate ignorance cannot change what will come.

  18. Another sad dig at China. Why don't we as a human race get along. Just look at the haters in the comments below. Stick it to the red Dragon. What is all that about? If this crap doesn't stop it means more of the same old same old. Don't watch these videos people. The East is on the other side of the planet. They are not interested in taking you down. They mostly want peace and to be left alone to handle their own affairs.

  19. If the US has $2 trillion invested in China's capital market it's because that money is getting a higher return than it would in the US. If such funds returned to the US it would inflate stock prices and dilute returns i.e price-earnings ratio.
    The US can't impose its regulatory or indeed accounting standards on foreign or offshore capital markets as suggested by the speaker. The proof in the pudding is simply how much returns funds make from China. If it's risk/return ratio is low such funds would leave China. If China prevented the repatriation of investment dollars or profit as alleged by the speaker, global capital markets would shun China.
    Besides the US has printed so much $money that it can't deploy such funds domestically without an inflationary threat of too much dollars chasing too few goods or investment opportunities. The already elevated stock market indicates that if even more funds or capital arrives on US shores, the S&P would rise well beyond sustainable earnings levels and subprime credit markets will see increased inflows like in 2008.
    The dollar shortage claimed by the speaker is not being seen in emerging markets that tend to move in tandem. If China was short of dollars the entire universe of emerging markets would also be affected.
    If not China, the US you can always move capital to Europe. Oh wait… with NIRP negative rates, outside basket cases like Greece, you'll have to pay europeans to store your dollars.

  20. Mr. Roger Robinson Interview

    Man is spelling out concentration camps, human rights abuse…palabra…there is nothing said about the interrogation facilities that US have "rented" around the globe and also detention facilities to hold their "victims", drone killings in countries US had not declared war, killing the "suspects" nobody counts them any more… Mr. Robinson is one of "American gun cannot do any wrong", be careful listener, one will quickly figure out from where his paycheck is coming from. But he must mention all exceptionally good financial reports made by Institutions of advanced learning being paid full tuition fees by approximately 3.5 million Chinese…he looks old enough to remember US euphoria: Chinese working in our (American capital) factories are paid by dime…now he wished to reverse the tune, but it hurts US to…

  21. let's saying little abouh this Global argument between these 2 giant economies Powerful countries for China if I was the leader of China in this 2 second step or the World second largest economy power house I wouldn't exist to be number 1 ouh of the Great United states and trying to bulldoze or bully the US government of been the second largest economy were a toke this country soo many years to come up this far and for any reason the government of the United states will remain number one until they don't want to and that any going to happen the Chinese are faster and smarter people but there a lots to do with this Government will to fall apart first most important things this country respect human rights so there a lots as the USA why this happens to the us government of 2 parts are not understood what is going on the Chinese infrastructure is so massive leaving the US behind tha is forcing points of MR TRUMP want to do look the UAE the United states infrastructure is getting poor and we all need to see what is going on this is ouh UNITED States giving his times will wake up this Country the Chinese don't really cares they are billion + people way mere than the United states so how can they ouh beat and fed everyone why the Chinese government aren't no yet feeding everyone in China so China need to be smooth handling its powers not to be to greedy or been fast by washing the US government will make China more Powerful cuz this country too many power companies the WORLD'S greatest power house the United states don't mistake me I loved China but jus low down a bit and focused on the peoples economy one LOVED and GOD blessed all

  22. That is why communist China is about to overtake the US by the end of the next decade, right.

    From the 10 largest corporations in the world 4 or 5 of them are Chinese state owned companies. They are all profitable. Incredibly profitable. In China itself there are thousands if not tens of thousands of other state owned companies. They make up 70% to 60% of the Chinese economy. Most of them are also profitable.

    When it comes to Chinese private corporations. By law all Chinese private corporations of a certain size by law must have one member of the CCP in their corporate board.

    Furthermore the US government is insolvent. Meaning it doesn't have any liquidity, assets or money that can raise without raising taxes or printing bonds. It also basically has no reserves. It lives of extending the debt ceiling to extending the debt ceiling.

    While the Chinese goverment is tremendously solvent. The Chinese goverment has a huge war chest of $3.2 Trillion in cash seating in their vault.

    If China wanted more money they could just sell those incredibly valuable state owned companies or just a portion of them in the form of IPOs stocks and make trillions of dollars more. Plus the Chinese goverment owns all of the land in China.

    What assets or companies does the US government have to sell to make more money?

    The US Post office? Some federal land, PBS maybe? That is about it.

    The only thing the US government has is federal reserve bonds and they are quickly becoming worthless.

    With $22 Trillion in debt

    China's growth might still slowing but they are still growing at a staggering $700 Billion to $1 Trillion a year.

    Tell me again, communism is dead.

    The fastest growing economies in World history was the USSR in the late 1920s and throughout 1930s that reported double digit growth figures for more than a decade and China from 1979 to 2016.

    No other countries in history have outperformed these two communist countries in human history, period.

    In China's case it's astonishing.

    They lifted 800 million people out of poverty built huge mega cities with infrastructure that makes the US look like a developing nation in comparison. They also built the largest middle class in history with 500 million people.

    Yes they allowed free market and private ownership, but they still have their 5 year central planned economic plans, they still have a huge part of their economy under state control.

    800 million people again is the combined population of the entire EU and the US put together.

    No one has ever done that, ever.

    Americans just don't get it why the rich and private corporations should pay more taxes.

    They don't get it that it doesn't matter if your economy is big or is growing if your goverment is broke and has to borrow to pay it's bills.

    The American economic system is insane.

    Yes there are really insanely rich people in your country, but if they don't pay taxes your goverment is going broke.

    The Chinese goverment makes huge sums of money from its state owned companies, huge. That is why believe it or not, taxes in communist China are way lower than in the US.

  23. I am sure his fellow American's values are the same as his own, which is about profit at all costs. He is the one that made those policies in the first place, the neo-liberal policies. It was never designed to last, and against a country with a better industrial base, paper money does not really mean anything. Many countries are already divesting from dollar reserves, so those days are pretty much over.

  24. Very poor journalism being demonstrated here. She makes no challenges to any assertions made by Robinson and just provides a platform for him. The sheer hypocrisy of what is being spouted on this soapbox is not addressed at all in the first 15 mins when I gave up watching. Let's not forget that China bailed the USA out in the 2008 financial crisis caused by Main and Wall Streets by purchasing trillions of $ of their debt.

  25. I would think that this amount of American capital in the Chinese market helps maintain the value of the US dollar. If you swallow the porcupine, good luck pulling it back out.

  26. Long live CCP fathers qualifications protections value for China 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Fights the terrorists attackers warmongers 👹👹👹 war or not 💪💪💪💪

    Hypocrites dark side jealous of China wish China failed !!! 😁😁😁😁

    Propaganda fake documents, fakes videos craps and anti China every day none stop ridiculous !!! 😁😁😁😁

    Nothing but to contain China rise !!!

    China unstoppable my friend 💪💪💪

  27. Too many Wallstreet operators too willing to throw in good money after bad. Their loyalty is not to the USA but to the ROI the CCP has promised them.

  28. Every time I see the media manipulated by western political groups distort facts and make up videos of lies, I feel shocked, absurd and ridiculous. And so many people are brainwashed and choose to believe. This is an era of information transparency, and your lies will soon be exposed. If we talk about democracy and human rights, compared with the political systems and ideologies of all countries in the world, including the United States, Britain, France, South Korea, Japan, etc., China's system is the most concerned. Because it is different, the Communist Party of China is very clear, so we should be very cautious in dealing with human rights and national freedom,They don't miss, they don't make mistakes,Because the whole world is staring at them, because Western politicians and media are like video dolls on the wall at any time. They will make a hoarse criticism on any political loophole, and will be attacked by western public opinion at any time even if they do nothing wrong. So basically, it can be judged that the Communist Party is more serious about human rights than any other political party in your country, because as a socialist country, they have no choice but to make no mistakes.

  29. Nonsense. Americans can’t even spare themselves from the Capitalist. Americans vote for the government, but they don’t vote for the “Deep State”. The “Deep State” have their arms in both Democrats and Republicans, whichever party you choose, it’s the same! They are the ones running the country and the world. And the Capitalists are the rulers of the “Deep State”.


  31. The commie China has built an economy 2nd to the mighty superpower from abject poverty in the span of 40 yrs. If all those claimed by the speaker were true, the road to success must be not the ways America has prescribed to the world.

  32. Short sightedness and greed. CCP is very content to see USA shoot itself in the gut as biz prefers Profit over Morality, rarely being held accountable. At the very root of the issue is lack of spiritual values, eaten away by the cancer of Materialism as God.

  33. 1.9 trillion is the low end – you don't include 10-15 trillion of other markets – but it is all a plot by the CCP to control everyone else under false pretext. If the REIT/Institutions – construction – check – the CCP cannot back any guarantees if all nations pulled the funds out. In addition building projects in NY State from the last few years have rust, sub-par materials – so the Belt and Road initiative is using cheap grade materials – extending the CCP's reach – but providing the folks getting these projects done getting ripped of by shoddy work – even trains are shoddy – but leftists have been trying to get 'lower costs' at the risk of local jobs and local job development. The CCP is the threat that must be countered.

  34. President Bush let China joined the WTO and China becomes the 2nd largest economy in the world by not following the WTO agreements.

  35. Making this a right wing issue will be a big mistake. Becoming McCarthyist and distrusting US Chinese, or bankers, or damning bankers is how we'll destroy the US. We need to do this as a country, left, right, independent; bankers and poor people, and our beloved Chinese Americans. A united America is very hard to beat.

  36. Simone Gao has my attention…I invested my time and energy watching this to realizing I need a girlfriend like her to spoil…. 😉

  37. I haven't listened to Mark Levin in probably a decade, but when I used to he would say exactly what this guy said. He may have taught it to Mark when they worked together for Reagan. I hope he's right.

  38. That’s such a generalized statement. The USA is THE world bank. So, everyone depends on it to get capital. You could reverse and say the USA depends on the world for business. Is like you cannot afford to lose the money/credit the bank give you. The reverse is also true that the bank can not afford to lose the customers. Without customers, they’ll go out of business!

  39. Dec 15, 2019. The speaker is excellent. However, I find it very difficult to understand the interviewer. Also, the very loud and overly dramatic introductory and segment pieces are very distracting.

  40. $1.9 trillion. These are life saving of ordinary hard working Americans. Right? You want invest in someone you can trust. Do you trust those glass wearing engineers from Stanford or Cambridge or Qing Hua University? Or do you trust Trump?

  41. So it's Wall Street that's supporting the Communist Chinese.
    Looks like world war 3 is like world war II.
    Money has no conscience!

  42. S E C is of little value in governing Wall Street Big Banks, Brokerages large hedge funds. It's a good old boy Network, if you're in, you do what you want, and get away with it. Madoff comes to mind. S E C will do nothing to protect the investment community, they're simply there to protect the well-connected large Trading operations, protecting those operations from competition while ensuring success for Friends of the network. It's corruption in plain sight, SEC needs a major overhaul in order to be of any value to investors and hard-working Americans retirement funds.

  43. WOW – the most checks in my library ever – starting with 'hair on fire screaming.' Need to follow tightly on him.

  44. Globalists have no interest in human rights or missiles pointed at American cities. Globalists only interest is return on investment. Globalist believe in socialized losses, and privatized profits, incentivized by central banks. You're not living in the real world if you think capitalism exists on Wall Street, it's nothing more than a derivatives shell game in the casino.

  45. What is most frightening about this is, it is common sense. Yet both parties and the military complex are heavily involved in the betrayal of the very country they serve.

  46. SEC is too busy making sure America won't be a player in the next great tech boom.
    SEC represent the big banks and their control and profits. Not America and certainly not investors.

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