The UK’s Many Political Parties Explained

In the aftermath of the UK voting to leave
the European Union, leaders of Britain’s political parties have begun to jump ship
to avoid dealing with the Brexit crisis. Party leaders David Cameron and Nigel Farage have
both resigned, and Boris Johnson has decided not to run for Prime Minister. The country
will likely see radical changes, so we wanted to know, what are the UK’s political parties
that will dictate its future? Well, not unlike the United States, the United
Kingdom primarily operates under two major parties, however third parties are not nearly
as disregarded as they are in the US. Early UK politics was primarily between the Whigs,
which represented the English aristocracy versus Tories, made up of the Church of England
and the landed gentry, or landowners. Once official political parties began to form
between the 1830s and 1860s, most Tories became the right leaning Conservative Party, while
the Whigs turned into the left wing Liberal Party. By the early 20th century, the Liberal
Party was replaced as the majority left party by a similar, but workers’ rights focused
Labour Party. These two parties have since alternated power, but third parties have seen
major support within Parliament, and are able to influence government policy in a significant
way. The largest party by vote is the “officially
called” Conservative and Unionist Party, which will be led by David Cameron until his
official resignation as Prime Minister. In the 2015 General Election, the party received
nearly 37% of the vote, and represents moderate economic principles and Euroscepticism, or
opposition to the European Union. The next largest party, with about 30% of
the vote is the Labour Party, headed by Jeremy Corbin. Like its original incarnation, it
is pro-workers rights and supports the EU, as well as implementing democratic socialism,
such as the type found in some Nordic countries. However, the Labour Party also implements
a process called “The Third Way”, which is a centrist mixture of left and right economic
principles. In fact, much of UK politics is more centrist than ideologically rigid. The
Labour Party also has a reliant partnership with the Co-operative Party, which holds 25
seats in Parliament, and IS an officially registered party, but does not have a central
leader. While both Labour and Conservative lean ideologically
away from each other, they are closer to the center than other, third parties. The largest
third party following the 2015 general election is the UK Independence Party, which received
12 and a half percent of the vote. It is a right-wing group promoting anti-immigration,
Euroscepticism, and a relative free market economy called “liberalism”. Its soon
to be ex-leader, Nigel Farage, was accused of encouraging the Brexit vote through dishonest
propaganda, such as promising millions of pounds to be used for health care, which it
likely will not be. On the other side of the political spectrum
is the Liberal Democrats party. These are progressives who oppose overreaching government
intervention, while supporting a government safety net for things like housing and medical
care. In the recent election, they received less than 8%. There are actually more than ten political
parties holding seats in the House of Commons, with some of the smaller ones focused on Irish
and Scottish independence, and various green parties focused on environmentalism and social
equality. But besides those with direct representation, there are also dozens of local parties, including
one “Fancy Dress Party”, a protest group formed in 1979. But with party leaders resigning en-masse
following the Brexit vote, the future of the UK and its political system seem uncertain,
and may just see a third party finally end the domination of two parties.

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  1. Like the USA Britain’s Political Establishment is similar to the USA , it’s a two party system and both are very similar like the USA both parties say there different but underneath everything there not both believe in the Monarchy and the Rich Bankers .

    Both parties lie and are very corrupt and both just take from the most poor and extremely Vulnerable in both the British and American societies , with huge massive increase in extreme poverty and huge numbers in homelessness never seen be before and a huge fall in living standards for all the real people , and a huge fall in the middle classes .

    We live in a society dominated by the Corporates and the Rich Billionaire And Millionaire lifestyles of the extremely rich , we have now become SLAVES of these two groups , the care as gone in every community why blame GREED .

    We’re no different to China only they have just the one party that takes care of all China’s needs , we have the same but we try to say it is democracy , when we all know it is not how can it be .

  2. I am having an oral test about the labour party in the UK. Can someone explain to me why, when and how the political party originated?

  3. The liberal party was never a left wing party, they were classical liberals who are economically right, even when they merged with the left wing social democrat party they only became a centrist party.

  4. No. Just no. Whenever you even mention the UK you have to hand out misinformation – either get someone who knows what they're talking about or stick to stuff you know.

  5. Let ukip win are country will become britian and no nigeal resiend because he was receaving death threats to him and his family

  6. The UK has a long history of paedophile rings in politics, the MP's pass poor children around and molest them. The UK public knows it happens and don't much care, they endorse this paedophile culture stemmed from an entitled colonial past, a disgusting country a horrible people.

  7. The Labour Party does not operate third way and socialist factions all at once. Under Tony Blair Labour followed the third way, under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour are following their more traditional socialist policies, further left than Blair was.

  8. UKIP did not come third, they got the third highest amount of votes, but only one seat. Whether the Lib Dem’s got eight seats

  9. So translated into USA politics

    Liberal Democrats = regular USA Democrats
    UKIP= Regular USA Republicans
    Labour= a bunch of Bernie Sanders type people
    Conservatives= the handful of people in the middle in US terms

  10. Get ready to pay for your health. This is what people are voting for. Wave bye to education because this is what this party wants. Bye NHS another mager meating today in ragards making more staff working uder a private company because NHS don't get funds. College's struggle right life and centre having to merge because they can't cope. I know this because I know people who work for both.

  11. the only GOOD uk politicians is a dead one they are only in it for the money kids go without because these fat cats line their pockets shame on them

  12. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON, but it makes no difference,,,,,tory or labour will never again get my vote.

  13. The labour party is A) somewhat split down the middle when it comes to Brexit, and B) focused on turning Britain into a social democracy, not on implementing democratic socialism; there is a difference. Do your research!

  14. When you said "run for prime minister" I knew this video was going to be filled with factual inaccuracies

  15. It’s not a crisis, it’s a decision made by the people, and one made that EU stay supporting parties do not want because they want to sell out to Europe.

    The stay parties are ignoring and are pushing the people to go their way by telling lies. A scummy thing to do.

  16. Every person could be given a secure government account and be allowed to vote regularly on issues such as changes in the law, the budget, foreign aid, whether to go to war or not etc. We don't need self interested leaders any more. We don't need politicians, swayed by their own interests representing us. Every man and woman of voting age could be given a regular say on how the country is run. At best we get a vote every four years to chose between two parties. It's out of date thinking. The civil service could implement the will of the people. Who, of the seventy million, would object to be given more of a say? Not many.

  17. Are the Irish and the Scottish independence party allowed to speak in London? If not do Catholics and other minorities in Northern Ireland and Scotland have a voice in London?

  18. Ukip isn't anti-immigration. They just have the brains to see that what we currently operate under isn't working and that we need stricter limitations on who can and can't enter the country

  19. So much inaccurate information here. If your going to put something out there for people to watch at least make it accurate. I would say without splitting hairs all the information was wrong

  20. This so called conservative government can't even govern themselves never mind the country they are making this country look like the laughing stock of the world

  21. Farage never promised the money for the NHS he said it could be used for the NHS ,ukip was to take us out of Europe it isn't a racist party it a anti eu party,

  22. Wow talk about biased video. This has to be the worst and corrupt video paid for by Soros group. Pathetic this channel should be banned.

  23. The thing that is kinda bugging me is that an American guy is talking about uk politics when his own American politics has gone down the drain since they voted for a plonker of a President

  24. Really? UKIP are the third largest party? 😂😂😂

    Maybe if they did their research – they would know that the SNP are the third-largest party in Westminster and the Conservatives are not anti-EU, it is neutral on the matter.

    Do Americans know anything? 😂😂😂

  25. Hello, I need help with a question for those who know about British political history . how did George Lloyd' coalition help democracy ? Please I relly need an answer as soon as possible .

  26. The Labour Party is not a pro-European Union Party and it’s not a true democratic socialist party anymore.

  27. Political parties 2019

    Conservative : right wing, somewhat anti Brexit but if Jacob Ryees Mogg or Boris Johnson take up as leader then it will definitely be pro Brexit
    Labour: left wing, more centralised government, remain and with a leader who might be pro Brexit
    Green: environmental policies, as well as a lot of socialism
    Liberals: at this point, nobody knows
    UKIP: right wing and is keen on Brexit
    DUP: very Traditional right wing values, very conservative

  28. This video is 3 years old. But I always thought the Aristocracy and Landed Gentry were the same. In fact, I'm pretty sure they are.

  29. Why do you have to compare the Uk politics to America?It literally has nothing to do with the subject 😂

  30. If the Labour Party became the liberal party in the early 20th century, where did the Whigs go? I'm pretty sure the aristocracy didn't just move out of the country. I don't quite understand.

  31. 2:47 The Irish Parties are not for Irish Independence, as Ireland is already independent, they are for Northern Ireland, with parties supporting the UK and others for Irish-Reunification

  32. The Nordic countries and Labour party do not support democratic socialism, but rather social democracy. No, they're not the same thing. Social democracy is just libertarian capitalism with a greater emphasis on public services.

  33. Why Do Americans Make Videos About The UK Lots Of You Are Doing This And Doing It Badly Most of You Do Not Have a Clue And End Up Getting Owned By The Very People Your Talking About…

  34. The Liberal Party wasn’t left wing, it was a centrist/centre-right liberal party which supported economic liberalism. Winston Churchill was a former member of the Liberal Party before he defected to the Conservatives.

    This video has countless errors and is not a credible source on UK politics.

  35. The Labour Party is now a socialist party in the UK under Corbyn, under the previous leader Ed Miliband it was democratic socialist and under Tony Blair/Gordon Brown it was social democrat party with a mixture of capitalist influences.

    The Nordic ideology which you refer to is not democratic socialist, it’s social democratic. The Nordic countries operate a system which we used from 1997-2010 and a system which ultimately failed miserably.

    The Labour Party which will be contesting the 2019 General Election will be ideologically socialist, not democratic socialist.

  36. There is one thing for certain, the whole political system has failed the nation and it must be changed. Parliamentary democracy is a non democracy load of rubbish, the last three years have proved that. there must be a written constitution for starters, with more referenda, because referenda is the only weapon that the people have to control wild and stupid politicians.

  37. nordic countries' economies are not "democratic socialism" at all. they've got a very capitalist social democracy…

  38. This is a load of rubbish, the third largest party is the Scottish National Party, UKIP is a small extremist group, nothing more!

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