good morning YouTube so here’s the scoop
my buddy Carrie actually just bought that fry for fate we’re flying out to
Florida tomorrow to go pick up this four five eight and then we’re gonna drive it
all the way to Indiana but here’s what’s really crazy is he actually bought it
for his friend Ryan so if you saw my video where we were doing the drifting
stuff carry the hero thank you Carrie that was all how you doing bye Carrie
and Ryan were the two guys that came down from Indiana super super nice guys
and we hung out and did drifting which was epic tomorrow once I get to this
dealership in Florida we’ll go check it out all right so we’re at Gulf Coast’s
motors Motor Works yeah take a look PPF damage there and there brad has ruined
me the PPF you see the radar detector installation
that’s kind of carbon everywhere all the wheels are not shaped but here’s a
problem so the front tires are 2011’s the rears are 2012 so nine years old and
eight years old that’s not fly also the PPF see yellow
in a bit tiny little itty bitty bit damage yeah yeah cooter I filled in
carbon the black roof the interior is just gorgeous look at this interior oh
my lord Wow yeah it’s carbon fiber that’s carbon
fiber all right so we got them to probably most likely agree to replace
the tires which seems fair I mean they said that they were like new which the
treads good but the year nine years old is not good that’s that’s a little
sketchy something feels like five years old and six years old but nine years old
I don’t trust that uh drive in a minute we’re gonna go look at another car
though so let’s go look at this that’s a phrase never guineas times are
MacLaren’s oh yeah there’s a Senna and a Porsche 918 Spyder oh dude that four
five eight skip the fan of the gray huh trying to go looker great with grey
interior Lutz even got carving on the rear yeah
Harry’s think about this one I think you should because to hundreds a little
steep but it’s like at 3100 miles but it does have the axle left it does have the
parking sensors it does have their verse camera it does have the shift lights a
decent amount of carbon and this grey color is just sexy go whole loper on us
you’re gonna do a Porsche 918 spyder doing it in this acid Green is a good
decision this this looks sick as hell although I
don’t like the penis wheels I don’t know why they ever came up with that like
clearly they weren’t thinking very straight Oh ran the ferry congratulations Carrie
so we got pick him up in the airport all right we’re waiting for Carrie to arrive
should be any minute now his flight was delayed oh look at the jacket already
had it oh well yeah especially wear that now
this is real this is real okay I got some for you I said I’m going down and
getting in a car and driving straight back to Indiana shoes oh that’s terrible
how come I said I just got to pick up a car and get it home shoot and why would
she even say this she goes Chevy I’m going to visit my friend for a week and
the older guy next to me I’m going to see my son what are you doing I’m just
got to run down here and get a car Oh what is it like I’m already not one to
talk about it oh yeah I don’t know why most people think it’s great I may be I
feel like I’m lying or something like this can’t be really happening and you
guys really aren’t gonna be here your imagination I’m gonna wake up any minute
I was thinking that coming in so I was filming me like when I got off the plane
I said Ryan I hope you’re okay with getting a surprise that us doing
together but it’s bound to be worth it so as of now my whole family has no idea
where I’m Anthony think I’m in Indianapolis working she thinks I’m
meeting with you oh don’t you okay because I was I said I’m his business
partners named Dan so I said I’m meeting with Dean and Dan okay so I see which
Dean it’s 7:00 no it worked it’s seven o’clock at home also and I
I would be home for dinner at 9:00 she said okay see you then so when we get
down here I figure before we pull in to do the rib battle the exhaust zombies
outside of my in-laws yeah we will get on and FaceTime the family and it’ll all
be on that’s gonna be holy because I’m gonna have to admit why I don’t show up
yeah yeah at some point she’s gonna know that you’re not actually coming home
Ryan’s wife doesn’t know we got a qisas garage today I had
somebody go get him she has no idea nobody in thing when I
got the need Annapolis on 465 I turned my location services off so every
Janelle and all of them would still see it quit their 465 so it wasn’t to the
airport or anything when I turned it on or you know what oh my god it’s crazy can you believe it’s here no it’s real
Wow yeah yeah it’s kind of shocking you need
to sit in it it’s really shocking isn’t it headliner just the bomb oh my gosh oh
my gosh this is crazy this is crazy this is crazy it’s crazy yeah it’s gorgeous
just gorgeous man Wow I’m shocked I’m speechless it’s a pool of carbon fiber
it is beautiful it is beautiful my goodness oh my gosh I can’t believe it that’s a
lot a lot of years talking about it you know a lot of years thinking about it a
lot of your shopping a lot of your saying someday today is some days yeah
this is good stuff I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun to
have talked about it so long and shop for so long yeah instead you were gonna
do it for so long you still don’t really believe you’re
gonna do it I think I think I really just never thought I would bring myself
to do it yeah it feels pretty good Wow it’s like
you lived it so much watching videos and watching everybody else do it it’s like
you think you know the sound and you know what it’s gonna be like to sit in
it it’s like you’ve experienced that all these years thinking about it and listen
to it and debating what you would do if you did something and it still doesn’t
seem like it’s happening oh but it’s so much better than you imagined isn’t it
yeah yeah yeah this is a work of art yeah that’s sexy Marcy maybe even the
diffuser the spoiler the side skirts even even the gas door the Scuderia
shields like everything but these are carbon fibers yeah this is carbon fire
I’ve never seen that I’ve never seen the Catalina and carbon hey that’s right
Kerry you spared no expense I really spectacular spend no expense
what is this like his 50th birthday or something I said not sure which one it
is if you moments later that doesn’t sound as fun is when we went down to the
Ferrari show talking about buying cars y’all ready Florida down the window once
you go back over there to the cardio fitness Drive something home what a
sucker didn’t even know it are you kidding all right I’ll get on it
all right bye oh you can’t ask for better than that oh my god later on when
he’s going you were on the phone with me while you were standing there looking at
my car and talking about keep forward all the way my first driver oh my gosh feels like
we’re about to get in trouble we just shouldn’t be doing this all right
there’s no way we should be doing this we are kind of gonna get in trouble
good good oh yeah my in-laws are here but I’m going to call my wife and kids
your wife does not know you’re in Florida she thinks I’m in Indiana at my
desk in my office right now hey guys what’s up where’s mom Meredith yeah she
can she get on here I’m gonna be late for dinner tonight cuz I’m not a home
and I’m not in Indy and I’m not in Indiana right now I’m at Cypress woods
hanging out with my buddy dan normal guy super car from Texas and the two of us
are getting ready to head home in Ryan’s new Ferrari I bought today without him
knowing about it so we’re doing a little birthday surprise to Ryan yeah he
doesn’t know it okay just let me know what you want babe so here’s what we’re
doing if you like the scent like to look at this we’re gonna drive this bad boy
home a thousand miles we’re gonna clean it up and put it in drive garage and
then we’re all surprising we will be home tomorrow
evening and then we’ll clean it up and see if we can get it to him tomorrow
night or Sunday while he’s at church what you think is he gonna be surprised if he’s crying so Gregg Kenny I’ll
remember your birthday it is perfect it’s exactly what he wants oh I’m sorry
awesome that is bad timing it is your birthday today Austin a guy you’re
really awesome gift cards from Harbor Freight you know happy birthday and
we’re now getting ready to go rivet through the moon outside your mom and
dad’s house and wake them up or get them out and they have no idea either
everybody on here don’t tell anybody nobody knows no we’re driving it right
now yeah we’re real car guys we don’t trailer all right talk to you later good
what’s going on down there we’re freezing to death I’ll bless your heart hey I’m feeling the need to come down
and get water before you sell this house are you still up for you you in bed I don’t know I hear it your phone now I
hear it your phone hi yeah it’s me come on out and see what we got out of here like you always dreamed about birthday
present Oh I just felt Janelle no family they have
no idea was your either okay so you’re driving home we are we’re gonna have a
good time this is Damian pleasure to meet you major normal guy super car so
it’s about 1:00 a.m. I don’t know where we are we’re somewhere in Florida and we
are pulling off the front trim because the headlights on this are pointing way
too low Wow like way low like it probably wouldn’t even reach the
building so we’re gonna fix that real quick because well we’re gonna keep
driving so we’ve got a lot of screws that come off Kari gets the wrench a
phrase this your first time wrenching the first time and I was hoping it would
be a long time before it was my day one day one we didn’t get out of the state
yeah we have you made it out of Florida yet with gas station tools yeah yeah
with the low-low know we’re a little crappy gas station kit we bought for
like nine bucks or whatever it was like google it guy that did the PPI on this I
know you guys know what the hell he talks about so if you ever need to
adjust the headlights that’s I do it we should probably turn them on it’s gonna
say how far to go yeah cuz I only know which direction it is but I know it’s
one of the two yeah there we go oh yeah that’s too high let there be
light all right it’s after 2:00 a.m. we’re
stopping for the night we’re in Gainesville we were hoping to make it
out far we didn’t quite make out for it but we’ll go for it tomorrow don’t worry
the next day good morning YouTube it is well that for 7:00 a.m. so we slept for
like four hours now we’re gonna hit the road we still have over 12 hours to go
today so it’s gonna be a rough day we have to do some you know shifting off
driving I’m tired I want to get Matt but we have to start driving soon so yeah
let’s get going with it can talk let’s get going
well Kerry’s in shock but there’s still a Ferrari sitting here this morning
how’d you sleep it was hard yeah did you want to go out
and like drive it in the middle of night I was afraid I was gonna wake up and it
was not real it was all make-believe yeah it was very strange getting ready
this morning you went through smiling thinking it’s really going to be out
there too there’s no way it’s gonna be out there it can’t be real how long does
it take before you really think it’s normal that you have one oh it takes a
long time many many many months if not years if ever
it’s gonna feel like it’s exciting a lot of days yes yes it is it is alright alright stopping at gas and take a break
right try it in Georgia sound like that no we had a truck stop they’ll have 760
miles to go yay all right so we’re just on the outskirts
we’ll outskirts of Atlanta and we lost over an hour due to Atlanta traffic so I
knew Atlanta and we decided to make a detour we’re gonna swing by James’s
house so James from full octane Garage you guys have seen Emma Channel multiple
times why do we need 24 burgers because 20 wouldn’t be enough
super super nice guy carries back in the wheel I’m back at it yeah he mind got my
turn need some more speed and need some
country roads is what I need is none of this traffic searcher absolute torture
so Kerry’s been dreaming of having a perk of a forever
and when you get the form of eight with the stock exhaust whoa tire tire
holy crap with all that tire shredding everywhere okay that was close
whoo got to pay attention folks carries were driving this thing forever and the
stock exhaust is really not what you expect out of this car especially if
you’ve heard cars like lopers and even mine sounds better he just got to modify the exhaust of
this car very surprising how quiet it is and how it doesn’t have the sound do you
think it would but you’ve heard all those wonderful exhaust you’ve watched
it online you watch teach if you watched your videos and you can’t accept
anything but that screaming f1 sound and it’s not it with the stock one it’s not
there don’t worry we’ll fix this thing look at it right quick yeah soon very
soon yeah as soon as we get to this house we’re gonna pull the vacuum line
so at least it sounds a little better and then product gets some sort of
exhaust so I just realized I haven’t even asked Carrie said you guys can
understand he’s explained to me but I want you to understand how this whole
thing came about so Carrie yes how did you come up with
this well it’s I mean it’s been a 20-year dream of mine to buy one and it
kind of always figured it was going to happen and he and I have been best
friends I mean I’m a knowledge we’re brothers Betty weird blood tight
and we best friends we work together we’ve got businesses together and so
over the last couple years I’ve pretty much got him hooked on all kinds of cars
and Ferraris as well to go to Las Vegas and rent them and had a ball so it’s
really made him want one as much as I wanted one
so I’ve been getting really serious and ready to buy mine so of course he’s just
gonna go along as well say he’ll get one too I knew he wanted white and red I’ve
been shopping for mine and a different color and probably a spider he wanted a
certain lon certain colors certain spec and a Cooper
so as I’ve been searching like crazy for the last three months serious this one
popped up and it was his perfect one so I thought you know I would take the
company checkbook that he and I have together of the businesses we do
together and I just go buy his dream car for his birthday that’s coming up in a
few days and it’d be way more fun to do that than that wait and find mine and
him go find his so I think he’ll be more than happy to be out of the shopping
part of it and just be on the receiving end of it so it should be great and you
know my birthday is in about three months so if he wants to grab the
company checkbook and get even with me I won’t have any problem yeah he’s got a
good guy like you to help me so that’s how it happened he does everything for
everybody it when he didn’t have any money to buy Ferraris he would give
somebody the last dollar he had so it’s give back to him all right we’re about an hour out of
Nashville we’re actually at the exit for the Jack Daniel’s distillery which we
went to for the bull run GT rally give me a straw all right those of you that
have watched my channel well might recognize this driveway in this
gentleman right here we’re at James this place again from full octane and garage
what you bring to my drive we’ve got to see some of the Jags Jags yeah just a
wee all right we got four hours to go it’s 8 o’clock so we can in past
midnight it’s actually like 8:30 last leg though last four hours of driving no
home stretch oh hey you TV I don’t know if you can see me maybe I come over here
in the headlights but we’re like an hour from his house and I was in the car
started making weird noises not sure what’s going on you want tap the gas oh dude you know it was it was a stuck
now this whole time we’ve been driving with your stuck valve so it was so quiet
because the valve was never opening sound yes oh my gosh that’s gonna be
awesome yeah you gotta be kidding me no you gotta be kidding do you know this
sort can sound like a dude again oh my gosh that’s incredible we just drove 12
or 13 hours with the Quietus a Ferrari that exists I think the vowels now just
broken open oh we’re gonna break some stuff open
what are this buckle up buttercup no way yeah oh my gosh oh my gosh that’s
amazing we had it’s like we’ve been driving a Honda Civic the whole time
yeah oh my gosh this is incredible it’s like
a little brain you come oh my gosh that’s amazing oh my gosh it’s awesome we made it we made he made Fairly we got
a little close call we had to go to the gas station he was worried that people
are gonna recognize him like it now quick never and go to bed because I’m
tired Carrie’s happy great by the way guess
the Prius yeah your head is bigger in my hand like that feet yeah oh yeah yeah we
like dog lows on this channel that’s crazy nobody’s that honest
Tuesdays we almost had a disaster okay some of your birthday and you always end
up at my birthday or Christmas and sneaking in your in my garage but I’m
gonna run it over there did a garage can you run up here before you go to lunch
how is that you

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