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Welcome to HowToCookThat, I’m Ann Reardon
and this is … Matt! And today we are going to make a birthday
cake for Matthew. We are also going to do a KITCHEN TOUR, I
feel like we’ve got so much on. We’ve had so many birthdays lately, we’ve
had Jedd’s birthday, we’ve had Dave’s birthday and tomorrow is Matthew’s birthday
YAY and you are turning 13. Everyone asks that in the comments “how old
is Matthew? He’s turning 13”. The other question that I get a lot in the
comments is “what cake should I make for my sister or my Mum or my brother?” And my answer is always to find out what they
like, it’s their cake. So Matthew likes things like Sarsaparilla
(Root Beer) which I don’t like so I wouldn’t put that in a cake if I was choosing but he
might like that. Yeah I’d love Sarsaparilla in a cake! You’d like Sarsaparilla in a cake. Ok well let’s find out what else you’d like. So do you want like a 3D sculpted fondant
cake with some sort of theme or character this year or something a bit plainer? Um, probably something a bit more plain because
like I just want something that looks cool but tastes delicious as well. Good, okay so getting a bit too old for Thomas
the Tank and all that stuff definitely. Okay so you want something, maybe if we do
a round stacked cake. Vanilla or chocolate cake? Probably vanilla. Okay what would you like between the layers? What sort of flavours do you like? Maybe meringue and strawberries and cream
and I really like that Fizzy Chocolate that you made in the Fanta cake. Right, so we’ve got some Fizzy Chocolate,
Sarsaparilla, Cream, Strawberries and Meringue. Do you think all those flavours will go together? Maybe, we’ll see! Well, I’ll let you go and I will get cooking
because we have a party tomorrow to celebrate you. Yay! For the vanilla cake we need sugar, eggs,
vanilla, milk, oil, flour, baking powder and salt. And I’ll put all the recipe quantities on
the website and I’ll to that below. Add the salt and the baking powder to the
flour and whisk them together to get rid of any lumps and to aerate it. Pour the milk and the oil into a bowl and
whisk those together too. Put the eggs into a mixer bowl with the sugar
and the vanilla and whisk that on high speed until they are light in colour and look nice
and fluffy. Turn it onto low speed and add in a third
of the flour, followed by half of that milk and oil mixture. And then repeat that until all of your ingredients
are added and you want to mix it until it is just combined, don’t overmix it. Fold some baking paper in half then in half
again and then fold it in half again along that line there. Put it on top of a baking tin and draw around
the line so that the middle of it is in the centre of the tin and you get the angle of
the arc there. Just cut that out with scissors, then open
it up and place that into two 9-inch round baking tins. Pour the mixture into those 2 tins, dividing
it equally between the 2 and then bake them in the oven until a knife inserted into the
centre comes out clean. Once they’re baked, invert them onto a wire
rack. Carefully take off your tin and then peel
off the baking paper and leave those to cool. For the meringue we are going to need egg
whites. To separate the eggs I just crack the egg
and then hold it upright and open up the top so that the yolk stays in your bottom shell. Tip it between the shell a couple of times
to make sure all the white is out and you’re done. As well as the whites, we’ll need some sugar
and a little vinegar. Add the vinegar and the sugar to the bowl
and whip that on high speed for several minutes. Now it is important that you don’t have any
egg yolk in your whites or they will not whip up. Lift the beaters to check that they’re stiff. That meringue is looking nice. Pipe spirals of meringue onto baking paper. Now I’ve drawn a circle the size of my tin
onto the paper so I know what size. And I want it to be a little bit smaller than
the baking tin. You need 3 spirals. And then with the left over, pipe little meringues
that are going to go on top of the cake. And we want to bake all of these in a slow
oven so they can dry out on the outside but they’ll still be nice on the inside so that
when we add the cream they’ll turn into like a marshmallowy layer in our cake. Now to make sarsaparilla syrup we are going
to need sugar and sarsaparilla. Remember you can use any soda that you like
here if you don’t like sarsaparilla just swap it out and heat that in the microwave until
the sugar is dissolved. And then you just want to leave that to cool. For the sarsaparilla jelly, we need sugar,
gelatine and sarsaparilla split into 3 quantities (I’ve got all those details on the website). Add the gelatine to the smallest bowl of Sarsaparilla
and mix that in well, then add the sugar and leave it for a few minutes for that gelatine
to soften. Now pour some of the sarsaparilla into a bigger
bowl with all of that softened gelatine and sugar mixture and microwave that until the
sugar is melted and the gelatine is dissolved. Add the remaining sarsaparilla to cool it
down. Now line a tin with plastic wrap and pour
in the jelly mixture and refrigerate that until it is set and then we are just going
to cut it into cubes and use it on the layers of the cake. Now for the fizzy chocolate that he asked
for. I’m using white compound chocolate, sherbet
(google ‘Ann Reardon sherbet’ for this recipe) and popping rocks. Melt the white chocolate and then simply add
in the sherbet and the pop rocks and mix them in well. When I did the Fanta Cake I didn’t use pop
rocks in it but I think it’ll go well in this cake. Spread that out in a thin layer on some baking
paper and leave it until it just starts to firm up. Once it is a little firmer, cut it into long
shards that you can poke into the top of your cake so it gives it some more height and makes
it look really majestic. Now for some buttercream. Combine the icing sugar and butter in the
bowl of an electric mixer until they go lighter in colour and look fluffy, that’ll take a
few minutes. While that is mixing let me show you around
the new kitchen. We’re just put up the beautiful blue splash-back,
that was the last thing that I had to do. I had to pain the back of it and get it installed
into place, which was quite tricky. Dave and I were trying to juggle it in there
but I’m happy with how it turned out in the end. We’ve got lots of storage, plenty of drawers
so that I can have all the things that I need organised in there. And in this cupboard I have all brand new
appliances that Kitchenaid generously supplied for the new kitchen. And there’s been lots of love from you guys
in the comments for the new pink mixer that I’ve got, they’re from Kitchenaid as well. And I have this huge open storage shelf for
all my camera gear and baking tins and yes I do still film and edit all my own videos
so I need room for all that gear too. Making this kitchen has been a labour of love,
it took longer than expected. Me and Dave worked hard, we even got a friend
called Russell to come over and help us with some of the bits that we didn’t know how to
do ourselves like sawing through the metal … sparks going everywhere there! And putting together cupboards which said
they just needed a saw but there’s no way you can cut in a circle using a saw, so we
had to get out some other power tools and put all that together. So it’s gone from being a total mess to being
this totally organised, beautiful place to bake and make videos and just make beautiful
food. So I hope that you love it as much as I do,
leave a comment below, letting me know what your favourite bit of the new kitchen is😀
Okay so that’s the new kitchen and this is the other side of the kitchen of course with
the HowToCookThat sign and the bench in the middle and I’ve brough Jedd in because I thought
he might like make his brother’s cake, would you like to help? Yes. I thought you would. Ok so we’re going to start off with one of
our layers of cake down the bottom. And then we’re going to get a spoon of our
syrup that we made earlier that tastes of sarsaparilla and spoon it over the top of
the cake. That’s it, all of it. Spreading it out. So everybody gets some on their slice, that’s
the way a bit more because see these people don’t have any. There we go you’ve got it. Next we’re going to put the meringue disk
but in order to put them in the cake, we’re going to need something to make it moist. A normal pavalova would have cream and strawberries,
so we are going to make up a strawberry cream. So Jeddy you’ve been asking to use this mini
mixer since we got it so today’s the day. Can you pour the cream in and with that cream
we are going to put a little bit of icing sugar, not too much because the meringue is
very sweet so don’t need heaps. Good job, that’s the way! And then we want to mix it with these strawberries,
so can you tip the whole bowl of strawberries in too. That’s a lot of strawberries! It is, can you get it in? What cake did you have for your birthday? Minecraft cake, put a thumbs up if you saw
that video. 👍🏻
We’ll just turn it on low, if we turn it on high it will go … everywhere! Like on the Sugar Bowls. When it went BANG! Just as well you weren’t in the room for that
one. Can you turn that onto low for me. That one? Yeah that one would be good, that’s the way. It’s splatting a little bit, what we want
the mixer to do is chop up the strawberries and whip the cream so we are going to end
up with like a strawberry flavoured cream. It’s going to be yummy. Yay, that’s looking good. Okay so we’re going to get a dab of cream. Dab! And pop it on here. I’ll just put it in the middle because cream
is quite soft it’s not good structurally so what we’re going to do Jedd is we’re going
to put some buttercream around the edge. I probably should have done that first but
I’m a little bit distracted. Okay so we’ll put some buttercream around,
yes you can help. Squeeze around the edge. Keep squeezing, squeeze, there we go. So then we’ll put a bit more cream right to
the edge of that. Now Jedd we are going to need a layer of meringue. Meringue lollipop! Grab a meringue and pop it right in the middle
on top. Can you do that? Ooh careful you might need two hands. Right in the middle. Yay! Good job that’s perfect. We are going to put a little bit more cream,
not much but a little bit on top of that because the meringue will absorb all the moisture
from the cream and go nice and marshmallowy. Oooh. Do you like marshmallow? Yes. Marshmallow is the best. So I’m not actually quite sure how this is
going to hold up as a cake Jedd, it might all just slide off each other. But this is what Matthew wanted. Yeah, you cut it and all the things just slide
off. That would be a pity. Okay more simple syrup or sarsaparilla syrup,
pop that on top of this one. Good job, I like the way you’re doing it super
carefully. Good job buddy, I’ll just grab a little bit
more there. Well done, so now we need some more cream. Yeah! Add some more of that, cream and strawberries. So it gives the cream like a pinky colour
because it has all chunks of strawberry in there. Oh you know what I forgot again? Piping! We’ll just put that in the middle, then we’ll
pipe. Twist the top so it doesn’t come out, okay,
you ready, squeeze. And spin, there we go. Good job do you want to spread that cream
in the middle out? Whenever I’m filming something for HowToCookThat
Jedd always asks if he can help don’t you? Yes. He loves helping. I help with jobs outside. You do, you help with so many things. Wonderful. I’m just going to put some sarsaparilla jelly
on the cake so that it tastes even more of sarsaparilla. So you get those little bursts of sarsaparilla
flavour through. We’ve got strawberries and sarsaparilla. I’m not sure on this flavour combination but,
as I said, you’ve got to go with what the birthday boy wants in a cake. And that’s what makes it special is because
you’ve made it just for them. Another layer of meringue please. Pop it on top. Good job, can I straighten it up just a little,
just there. Wow. Bit more cream and strawberries you think. Yes! And we are just putting a little layer there
because otherwise, meringue is high in sugar and it will draw all the water out of the
cake and we don’t want the cake to get dray. So we are going to put the cream on it so
it draws the water out of the cream and it will make it that marshmallow we were talking
about. Yes. Sound good? Yes. Okay, another layer of cake. You can’t see the sarsaparilla jelly. No because we’ve hiddlen it in the middle. It’s like a secret. You know it’s there don’t you, but Matthew
doesn’t know it’s there. Put the sarsaparilla syrup on top, do you
want to do that. A little bit more around this side. Now what do we not want to forget this time
because I’ve forgotten it every time? Piping. Piping first, that’s right. Give it a squeeze, there we go. Not quite, you need to squeeze a bit harder. Ready? Squeeze! Oh, not that hard! Okay we’ll just put that bit in the middle. Squeeze, there we go that’ll do. It needs a little more there. Good attention to detail, good job, high five. Now I’ve got cream on my hands. Oh you got it in my hair! How did I do that? Just go to the tap over there and wash your
hands. Or wash my hair! Yeah wash your hair, just dip your hair in
the water. And then come back over here, do you think
it would look a bit funny? Yes. I think it would look a bit all wet. What’s next, some sarsaparilla jelly, you
want to do it? Just spoon some of that on top, there you
go. Another bit, oh that was a little spoon. Pop that one on top, woah this is going to
be a tall cake. then a little bit more cream. You want to give me a little dab of cream. Maybe a little more, okay pop that one there. There we go. Dab of cream. A dab of cream, did you know I found someone
on Google Maps the other day that was dabbing the Google maps camera. Last layer of cake, okay now we need some
more syrup on top. What do you think, does it look good on top
just like that? You think it looks good? No. No I don’t think it looks good on top, we
are going to have to put some decorations on top. Matthew was wanting fizzy pop rock chocolate,
did you want to taste some? It’s good. You don’t really taste the pop rocks but you
only taste a lot of the chocolate but you see after you’ve bitten into it, it’s just
like a sudden starts popping. In your mouth? Yeah. That’s a good description, that’s what pop
rocks are like. They pop in your mouth. Rice bubbles. A bit like rice bubbles but do they taste
like rice bubbles or Rice Krispies? No. What do they taste like? They taste like sweet, oh they taste like,
kinda like warm icecream or something. Like icecream, like you’d imagine icecream. Right I think we should start with the popping
candy chocolate, what do you think? Yes. Can you get a piece and just go like this
with your piece, just poke it into the top like that. So it’s going to give the cake even more height. Push that in. What do you think, looking good. Might need a little bit more, maybe here. How’s this going to fit in the fridge. Yeah it’s just going to be massive. I think we’re going to have to move the shelves
in the fridge to make it fit. Can you pop some meringues in, just around
the top whereever they fit. And I’ll pop some strawberries in and we’ll
see where they fit. So that just gives a little bit of colour
otherwise it’s all a bit monochromatic. Yes a little bit white. Do you know what monochromatic means? No. One … colour. That’s right, so you were right when you said
a little bit white. A lot white. So we want some other colour in there to make
it look a little bit more interesting. Can you put some down the middle, drop them
in, that’s it. Drop some more in so it piles up in the middle. I think this is looking pretty good, do you
think Matthew is going to like this cake? Yeah, I think so too. Is it yummy. That’s the best part of helping make cakes
isn’t it, you get to eat some. Yeah. So what do you think Jedd? Do you think Matty will like that cake. Yes, I think you’ve done a fantastic job,
high five. I’m going to go get Matty, I’ll be back in
a minute. 1, 2, 3. Woah! Boo. It’s so cool, it looks so delicious I just
want to eat it now. This has pop rocks and sherbet in it so it’ll
be fizzy in your mouth, we’ve got meringues and strawberries, then in between the vanilla
cake we’ve got meringue and strawberries and cream and sarsaparilla jelly… I love sarsaparilla! We know that’s what you asked for you funny. And Jedd doesn’t like sarsaparilla, he tasted
it but he still put it all over the cake because it’s just for you. Awww. We love you Matt, happy birthday for tomorrow. Yay. And we will enjoy eating this at the party. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more crazy,
sweet creations, click here for more cakes without fondant and here for the latest video,
which is this one at the moment but it won’t be in a week’s time. Make it a great week and we’ll see you on
Friday. “Oh how baby I love you”.

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