The Voice IT | Serie 2 | Battle 1 | Suor Cristina Scuccia Vs Luna Palumbo

Next battle for team J-Ax is the most
awaited. The first contestant is 25 years old She comes from Sicily but all the world is talking about her
for the first time on the ring Ladies and Gentlemen make some noise for Sister Cristina Her rival’s voice is still echoing in the Studio since her Blind Audition
Ladies and Gentlemen 23-years-old, from Salerno Luna Palumbo Let the Battle begin With a song by Cindy Lauper Ladies and Gentlemen
Sister Cristina Scuccia and Luna Palumbo Wow Awesome! Cool! Sister! Sister! Sister! It’s a great battle amongst two unique voices Amazing! Talking about girls having fun,
those girls over there had a lot of fun Your fellow sisters, Sister Cristina! Luna come here! Awesome guys!
What a performance! J-Ax… No, please do not talk to me for the next three hours.
Let the others talk I have to pull myself together Piero, this performace was so rock’n’roll, wasn’t it? To me it was like a Buñuel’s movie,
maybe not everyone knows who Buñuel was He directed some surrealist movies where all the rules were overturned. How do you feel?
You rocked the house! Listen, do not ask me how I feel, as…
as usual I am confused Super excited, thrilled Thank you Raffaella may I ask you, how did you like that? To tell you the truth, Luna has totally enchanted me Sister Cristina, you nailed it, you have such an energy
You do belong to the stage All the things I tell to my team, you do on your own and I am sure J-Ax will chose you
otherwise he will go to hell Noemi, what about you? Top! The coolest thing!
It made me think of the movie Sister Act. Music makes the people come together
and to make it happen here at The Voice is amazing I do am a believer
and I think that having brought God in here it is extraordinary, because nowadays
we do miss the spiritual dimension. Thank you! It’s been wonderful. Thanks to J-Ax for creating this duo.
They really rocked our house. I cannot imagine what’s going on in your head
the decision you have to make is hard indeed. One of these two girls will leave your team Ok then, first I’d like to thank them
for giving me such an emotion. I am making some free satire here, I mean
nobody asked me but, since I joined The Voice I have been shooting wisecracks on everything
even on the ’80s. but this was a song from the early 80’s,
the best part, when hope was still high. And it is about some girls who wanted to have fun
the same way as boys had. To me this song is a spiritual song. Luna you have been amazing.
You have superpowers. I mean, while you sing, your hair grows.
Like you are a Curly Super Sayan from Dragon Ball. You are just the way you are. As per Sister Cristina,
I am afraid that people will ask for her holy-antidoping tests. After this performance she unlocked next level
like in a video game, she is now Mother Superior. Putting wisecracks aside, I noticed this which is extremely uncommon. When Sister Cristina sings
she gives joy, and this is her gift. I know it from watching my fellow coaches and the audience.
It happens with immediate effect. I am utterly sorry, but I have to make a choice. I’ll go ahead with Sister Cristina. Sister Cristina wins this amazing battle
and goes to the Knockout round with her coach J-Ax. The relationship between the Devil and the Holy Water continues.
Congratulations! Ladies and Gentelemen, Sister Cristina. Sister! Sister! Sister!

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