The Wedding Party, Episode #1 | #TheWeddingParty

Hey, everybody, I’m Ben Higgins. You might be asking, what the
heck is The Wedding Party? Well, you’re not alone. So we’re going to walk
into Ashkar here in Denver, sit down and discuss the
details of what exactly The Wedding Party is. The reason I want to be a
part of The Wedding Party is because in
life, there’s a lot of things that are traditional
and kind of routine. There’s very few
moments where we can celebrate something special
in a large group of people. And weddings are
definitely that. There’s something unique about
the idea of so many people coming together for a
common reason, which is love and connection
and a commitment. So The Wedding Party to me
represents something a lot bigger than any one wedding. It represents all of us
standing together and saying, we’re making a
commitment to each other. So for me to be a part of that
and bring friends and family into that is really
something special. If anybody knows how to pursue
love in an untraditional way, it’s me. I went on The Bachelor, which
became a very defining moment and event in my life
in the pursuit of love. And there’s really nothing
less traditional than going on a reality television show
that millions of people watch and dating multiple
people at one time, trying to find that
one special person. But I did it. And it worked. I fell in love. And even though today
I sit here, single, I still believe that the
nontraditional approach to love can win. We go about life looking
for that partner. We go about life looking
for that connection. Most of the stories on
true love that you find come from unexpected places. They come from a random
meeting in a coffee shop, a meeting on a
plane, a bar, and sometimes reality television. So for me to be a part of a
ceremony that’s nontraditional, to be a part of a
ceremony that maybe doesn’t fit into the common
mold, I believe in it. It fits. It makes sense. And it’s something that I want
to be a part of, because that adventurous spirit, that
celebration of life, bringing people
together in one moment. Even though we’re not used to
it, maybe we can start to be. What I envision for each couple
is to feel like a celebrity, feel like they are celebrated. They are the people that
people are looking out for. When they walk down the
aisle, every head turns. Eyes fill up with tears. What I envision for
these couples is to feel that intimacy and
uniqueness like it was just their wedding but to know that
it’s maybe even a lot bigger than just their wedding, because
they’re sharing in that moment with a lot of other people
can mean the same thing. I’m partnering with DiningOut
Events for this event, because they have the best
connections to the best food in all of Denver. We’re going to bring in some
of the coolest restaurants, the best chefs, just
help this celebration go from just a normal wedding to
a completely amazing festival. There’s still a lot of
things that we’re not saying about this
Wedding Party, because we want them to be surprises
for every guest. The couples that are
going to be there. Their friends and family
that are going to be there. We have so many
things that are going to happen at this event
that will surprise you. I mean, can you imagine
the elements of this that we haven’t
talked about yet? [MUSIC PLAYING] This will be a
celebration of a lifetime. But we’d never be able to do it
without our awesome sponsors. Thank you to
Generous Coffee, who has gotten behind The
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