The Weekly Challenger: 50th Anniversary

I think The Challenger really serves a good
purpose. Now I’ve been subscribing to it ever since
it’s been out. It’s delivered right here every Thursday. Never heard anyone say anything bad about
him at all because he was always a positive man. Every time you saw him he was basically trying
to help. And that was Mr. Johnson’s thing that he believed in positive messages and not just filling the paper up with negative
stuff. And he was just a great man, he did so
many great things in the community. The Challenger does a great job of covering
those little tiny stories as well as the big important stories. The church news, when a new neighbor come
in or move out again, I say, it’s not gonna be in the St.
Pete Times but news important to the community is in
The Weekly Challenger. He was able to give the facts of what was
happening in the community, the new stores that were being built, the new buildings that were being built, you know, what the kids were doing with school and he just put so much into the paper and
I still have some of the old papers back from ’67, ’68,
’69. The stories and the things that he, how he reached out in the community and helped us
to grow. And I’m sure that Cleveland Johnson would
be very proud of his daughter carrying on his tradition. of his daughter carrying on his tradition. I think that Lyn has done even more. She’s expanded her fathers ideas and ideals to make sure that she fulfills her father’s
dreams because the paper is still positive. They’re not filling it with garbage and who
shot who… it’s not that. It’s the positive things that makes the community
better that she’s concerned about. I think it would be a real travesty if The
Challenger didn’t exist. It would have a huge econmic impact on our
community. But also it would just be wrong because it has been a voice for folks that look like
me. I would get on the phone and the computer and organize rallies and do whatever I could to make sure that that didn’t happen. Thank you for sharing with this community Cleve Johnson and the Johnson family for 50 years of service to our community. We would not made it this far without having a vehicle, or an engine, like The Weekly Challenger. So… onward and upward.

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