The Whole Story: Little Heroes Joker w/ Spiderman, Batman, Paul Fun in Real Life Comic SuperHeroKids

Truce? Truce. That was a good practice fight. Yeah! Ok, I’ve been thinking about something. We have not fought a bad guy in like What, a month? Huh! You’re right! I guess that’s a good thing! Huh, I guess. It just makes me worry. Why? We are basically untouchable. Sup bub? Oh we were just training. Guys be careful. Somethings coming. I can smell it. Like what? I don’t know. But it’s big. Bigger than anything we’ve dealt with before. Peace. Maybe he is right. We should be careful. Nah, nothing can hurt us. Hey are you okay? What’s happening to me? Take my hand! No! (Earlier) What are you doing here? I’m searching the galaxy for the legendary freaking awesome fanny pack. That is some pretty cool gear you’ve got. Was that sarcasm? No, I just think it is cool stuff. Are you making fun of my awesome LootCrate gear? No, no, no It’s not a phase dad! Are you done with your hissy fit? I don’t throw hissy fits! Take my hand! No! Well, that wasn’t that bad. Again? I know who did this. Deadpool, I’m going to need your help. You called? Where did you come from? I go where ever the writers need me. Huh. Did you find anything yet? I know who did this. Wait, you know who did this? Who did it? I’m not telling you. Please? No. Please? No. Please? No. Please? No. Why not? Some things are better not known. But I want to know! It’s you! Haha! I guess the joke is on you! That’s the Joker? That is so disappointing! They have no idea! Ah! Superhero Kids! How nice of you to come to join me. Here You’re not the Joker. Yeah, your Joker is a joke! Haha, that’s a joke! That was a good one! I like that one! Anyways, no! It is I! Joker! Here to stop the superhero kids which is you! I must stop you! You’re bad at acting. You stumble all over your words. Well, you got me. My name is Paul It’s pretty obvious. Your pants have SpongeBob and Patrick on it. They are pretty cool by the way. Really? Well golly gee I got them from… He was pretty annoying! Joker! Uh, oh! What’s the matter Deady boy? Can’t take a hit? Leave him alone! I”m just too powerful! This is Sparta baby! Here’s Johnnie! Shake my hand baby! Come on, we have got to get out of here! Say your prayers mother lickers! Haha! They are just blanks. You don’t think I’d kill you already do you? We are never going to get out of here. Yes we will! You run and I’ll distract him. But how? I have my ways. Hey Joker! I challenge you to a pun off! Oh this will be fun! Good luck Deadpool. It’s high noon Joker! Where are you? Western themed. Nice! Kind of old fashioned though. I thought you would like it. Enough with the chitter chat. Let’s get down to business. Giddy up cowboy! Any who buckaroo! I guess now it’s a sit off instead of a standoff. So, anyways, are you ready to finish the fight? Oh yeah! We are going to do it my way this time. Now with Deadpool out of the way Nothing can stop me! Wolverine! Joker and Deadpool and other people Are you ok? What’s the point? I lost my powers. I’m not even a superhero anymore. I don’t even have a power. It’s not the power that makes you a superhero They’re here! Did you miss me? What’s wrong? Can’t handle a little joke? Sucker punch Taking out today’s trash! I’m unstoppable! I need help. They’ve beaten everyone. Except for…. Um yeah? Hi? Yeah, this is Paul You thought you could beat me. And I beat all your friends. I’ll save you Batman! You guys are pathetic! There’s noone to save you! Don’t be so sure. It’s the final Paul down Not this joker again! I’ve come to stop your bad guying…. Joker I don’t work for you anymore! You have the audacity to think you can betray me? I rule these people! They got the best of me but I beat them to the dirt! And you think That you are the one that’s going to defeat me? No But I have to try because that’s what heroes do. What? Sorry. Wow! You took out the Joker in one pow! Yeah, how did you do that? I don’t know I just kind of did it! Wow, I guess you are superhero material. Yay! A new member! This will be a fun training montage! Why did you hit my butt?

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