Thembalethu Ntuli Just Got Married

If you didn’t know, you might think this
person you are seeing on the screen right now is some 7 year old boy. But trust me, he is not even 17 years. Actually he is a 27 year old man. Yes, you got me right. Thembalethu Ntuli is a 27 year old South African
actor and comedian, who just got married this weekend, spicing up the weekend for South
Africans, with social media buzzing with congratulatory messages in favour of the brand new couple. In this video, we are taking a look into the
wedding, as well as the background info about the person behind the name Thembalethu Ntuli. Please stick by, and do well to subscribe
if you have not done so already. So Themba got married to Hope on Friday 15
March 2019, and the ceremony took place in Zimbabwe. The two, according to sources, have dated
for quite a while, and so they were two hearts already locked up in love for each other. Themba is 27 years, and Hope is 28 years. The first images of the ceremony were shared
on social media by an award-winning cinematographer and film director, Ofentse Mwase, whose message
for the couple reads as follows. “Two hearts that have fallen in love with
each other, can truly learn how to flow in sync with one another. They’ve loved each other every day since,
but today, they chose to do it forever. Congratulations, Hope and Themba, on your
Beautiful Union”. So who is Thembalethu Ntuli? Well, Thembalethu Ntuli, also known as Themba
Mncube, is a South African actor and comedian, best known for his recurring role as young
car guard, Pule, who was adopted by Kilowatt Club owner, Suffocate, on the etv soapie,
Rhythm City, from May to June, 2008. He is also known for his roles in television
commercials. Thembalethu grew up in Ekhuruleni, on the
East Rand, and attended school in Germiston. He has been acting since primary school, and
took drama classes from Grade 8 to Grade 10. Please check in the description box below,
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  1. Awwwwarkward. wife is beautiful and built.I don't know how it's going to make out in the bedroom. Freaky. She needs a full grown man to take care of manly duties.💪💪💪😁

  2. Very nice themba you deserve to have a wife doesn't mean because of you are born small you must not have a wife ugot feelings as a human that's nature people have to understand and stop being judgemental anyway dear you wife is beautiful and also magnificent wedding wish you all the best God bless you

  3. You might be small in statue .But there is a big man inside of of Lucky brother and hev many children as you want .you will be a great father .

  4. mabey he never get luv from his mother. so now his gonna get all in one luv and sex even thou his dick not gonna touch anywhere but atleast he is in love.

  5. Big up to you brother for finding your self a lifetime partner. I wish you all the best with ur family big bhutie

  6. Oh my God Mampara on mzansi Biskop …..😍😍😍congrats guys😍😍😍

  7. Congratulation MTHIMBANE u deserve happiness lv is a sweetest thing in human success…GOD BLESSES U

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