Theme Parties: Summer Fridays with the Kissters (The Frugalicious Show)

[music] A: We are the Kissters and we are here to
give some great tips on how to throw an unforgettable party! Here’s just one of
the many ways to be the host with the most at your summer shindig! C: A theme is something we can all get behind!
Who doesn’t love dressing up or drinking a cocktail that harkens back to
a different time or different place? A: Try one of these fun and easy themes for
your next bash! C: The Classic Hawaiian theme! – think umbrella
garnished cocktails and leis! A: A puff daddy inspired “White Party”-
this is easy to put together and there are no excuses for your guests to not dress up! Anyone
can do all white! Just don’t spill a vodka cranberry on your outfit! C: Cowboys and Indians- this is fun and easy!
You can even play party games- Cowboys versus Indians! Your teams
will already be picked for you! A: Lights! Camera! Action! Have your guests
dress up as their favorite movie characters. This allows for a large
range of ideas and options. Or be more specific and have a brunch party themed Breakfast at
Tiffany’s! Who doesn’t want to get glammed up like Audrey for a swanky breakfast! C: For more goodness on all things frugal
stay tuned to The Frugalicious Show and Check out The Kissters Show at

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  1. doing a garden themed party 4 my moms bday next week and the idea of asking every1 2 wear flowery clothing, bright colors & so forth i think could b a good idea.

  2. @ginamike1 I think that's a great idea! And so sweet to throw a party for you mom πŸ™‚ Love the garden idea, so many cute and thrifty ways to tie it in. Hope it's a success! Thanks for watching πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for posting such awesome giveaways too even though I don't get to win, it's still fun to enter because they're easy to enter.

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