They Met, Moved In, & Married in Only 7 Weeks!?! | In Love or Not

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  1. My parents got married after 4 weeks of meeting. It’s been 21 years now, and they are still head over heals for each other. Makes me think maybe sometimes the traditional ways are the better choice. I hope I can have a lasting relationship like them 💖

  2. Her personality, thoughts, and attitude appears to be similar to mine! I knew they were in love the moment he started talking and she kept looking at him and vice versa.

  3. My guess was they were in love 😍 When they started talking about struggles I just thought Oh, would be such a shame if they were not an item anymore ☹️ But was glad to hear that they are still a couple 😁. I’m Asian married to a white Canadian but now in the process of divorce. For us things didn’t work unfortunately.

  4. i guessed that they were in love because , by what they said , they did struggle a bit & they still loved each other throughout the process , it’s all about not giving up on someone that you love .

  5. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred covenant relationship. It saddens me that these two met it with such emotional immaturity and a sort of whatevs kind of attitude…oh yeah, if this is going to be hard well I'm outta here. Really? YES I guarantee you it IS going to be hard at times…good grief, how can you come to that point in life and not realize that? Please don't have children, or even pets…you have way too much growing up to do. I really hope they make it and help to grow each other up, and grow in depth.

  6. Yes I knew. It was the way he looked at her when talking, direct almost like telling her directly, reaffirming, the unconscious body gives away signals.

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they are soooooooooo cute together!!!! I love you guys!  life is quite the ride but you guys got this!  God put you both together for a reason 🙂

  8. Yes, they are in love. Now, if I can get it right and know the man who is real and in love with me then that would be great for me too. Hihihihi. Peace! 🙂

  9. I was waaaay off lol but I’m glad i was wrong, they look so happy together and that poem was just beautiful. Wish them many years of love and happiness.

  10. When I layed down my eyes on my current 5 and a half years BF for the first time, I told my friend standing near me that I would have married him. As soon as we introduced ourselves, we felt in love. We were just 17. It was like he was what I have been waiting for all my life. We are still young, 23 and finishing our studies in order to get a job and move together in. It is so difficult to be apart, but I guess when you don't have your own financial stability, it is better to wait before living together. Only now I start to see where our lives are heading. Hope for the best but I know our love is the only one and real

  11. its not hard to spot real love, its genuine feelings, smiles and looks, you can never fake a soul connection….beautiful couple

  12. I just love her! I love them! I’m so happy they made it work. I love that they just did everything and worked it out! He so shy and you can tell she just makes opening up natural for him. They give me hope for love. I love this channel. It keeps me positive during a really hard time in my life! Thank you soul pancake! 🤟🏾✨💛

  13. She cute, almost too cute. I can imagine her as an older woman or mother being just as feisty as she is now. I am not used to seeing this from Korean women, whose personalities tend to be more demure.

  14. I was prepared for anyv result. They are bioth emotional.
    They almost made me believe in online dating .
    A great couple The poem was beautiful .

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