Things Get Physical at Jared’s Birthday Party | Siesta Key

(upbeat music) – Alex sending
private text messages to Robby is just childish. – You’ve always been real too, like, the second, we’ve
already talked about this, but, you know, like–
– Hey, guys! JJ, can I talk to
Alex for a second? – Yeah, of course. – [Juliette] He obviously
just wants to hurt me and I’m over it. Hi.
– What’s up? No drink? – Oh, I had one, I don’t
know where it went. – Mm-mmm. – (laughs) So, those
screenshots you sent to Robby. I kind of trusted you with that. – I mean, you can
spin this on me but I see that I’m
broken up with Robby, I never stopped
caring about you. Blah, blah, like, you’re
in one of your moments. And then I go on Instagram and
I see you’re at this party, and I was like, “Oh,
really (beep) this kid.” I mean, you know how
I feel about him. – Yeah, we broke up
and I went to his party because I was his friend. Oh that’s cool
– Okay, okay. So now that you know that I
still have feelings for you, how ’bout we speak
about that you still have feelings for me? (suspenseful music) – I don’t know what
you’re talking about. Of course I have feelings,
I have different feelings. We have been talking.
– I wouldn’t say talking. – We’ve been literally
talking on the phone. – Okay what’s wrong with that? You told me you loved me. I love you as a friend.
– You love me as a friend? – I don’t want to see you hurt. – Don’t make this just about me. This is about you too. If you didn’t still
have feelings for me, why would you be messaging Robby No I would really like to know. – I messaged him
because you told me something that I
believed and then I see you’re hanging out with him. So I’m like, “(beep) this kid.” I didn’t want to
rain on your parade. – That’s not why you did it
because it made you feel better. – You told me that
while you guys were still together and I let it go. – No, I saw you, we
talked at your house. And then, I realized
I’m not ready to be in a serious relationship again. Hey.
– So I broke up with him. What’s going on here?
– Hi. Can I butt in?
– Yeah, go for it. – What are you doing? – She’s mad that I
sent the screenshots of you saying you were never
over me, yada, yada, yada. – Were you on those? – Oh yeah, I owned it for sure. Told Robby the truth.
– What are your boundaries? Clearly you know that
we’re together now and now you’re
here at the party. – I think that’s something
that you guys need to speak about as well. With who, you?
– No, no, you two. – Do I owe you that? – No I don’t wanna
talk to you about that. – I mean she sees when
you call, she does. – I see all of your
texts Juliette. – Does she hear what you say? – Yeah, she hears what I said. No I don’t think she does
– Yeah, she does. – So you’re okay with
him telling me that
he still loves me? I never said that.
– Oh, really? – No I really don’t
care, I’m just over the behavior and
if it keeps happening, I’m done, over it. I actually want you to leave.
– You’re boyfriend. Oh really?
– Yeah. Don’t you think it’s
time for her to go? – I mean– – That’s funny because
Alex and I talked on the phone this
morning and he said he promised he
wouldn’t kick me out. That’s actually false.
– It’s false, for sure. When did we talk this morning?
– At 3 a.m. We were banging
yesterday (laughing). – You want me to pull
up the phone calls? – Yeah please. – Please do, all your
psycho phone calls. We would love that. (Alex laughing) (Alyssa laughing) (water splashing) (beep) – [Female] Stop! (beep) (beep) (glass breaking) – [Announcer] Don’t
miss “Siesta Key.” All new next Tuesday
at eight on MTV.

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  1. Alyssa had every right tbh I’m getting tired of Julliet

    25% of the comments: whose that 40 yr women when Alyssa looks better than Juliet sweetheart needs to go and find someone who values her cause shawty looks desperate

  2. Nah if two people in my life that we all were in the same situation as them, and I get taunted and laughed at like Alyssa and Alex did to Juliette. You think you’re just gonna sit and watch? I would’ve been physical just like Juliette. Whose alyssa to say “I’m kicking you out”, this 40 year old is pissing me off 😂 is petty for no reason and has qualities of a BULLY

  3. I actually like Alyssa ♥️ Jules just needs to move on already and find someone that truly values her cus it’s not Alex and that’s forsure

  4. At this point Juliette is getting annoying
    How many more seasons is she going to chase and whine after Alex !
    Girl move on I’m tired of hearing and seeing it

  5. Why does Alex get a pass to be messy? I’m tired of all these people sucking up and kissing ass just because he has money! There ALL minions.

  6. Once again Juliette starts drama and once again Juliette is going to play the victim. Im so surprised. I didnt see this coming for the third season in a row.

  7. Juliette is at fault for continuously talking to him. She should’ve blocked him from her phone and from all forms of social media.
    Alex is at fault for EVERYTHING else. He should’ve never text screen shots between him and Juliette to anyone. He did it because he himself was jealous. I do think he likes Alyssa, but he’s not over Juliette.
    I think BOTH Alex and Alyssa were wrong for laughing at her. Alex only did that to not piss Alyssa off. Alyssa only did that because she is just as jealous of Juliette and her history with Alex as Juliette is that he’s currently Alyssa. Given the fact she is dating Alex she should hold him accountable for his actions. He’s the one with her who owes her respect. Not put it all on Juliette.
    Chloe is the most obnoxious person. She is no friend to Juliette at all. She tried to embarrass Juliette even more by asking about the glasses in front of Alex and Alyssa. Not for nothing, but when Juliette was shown walking into the party with them on my thought process was Kelseys sunglasses were on point. Why is Juliette wearing those ugly things?

  8. Alex about to get a quick wake up call once that baby comes and he realizes he wasn't careful having a baby with someone who looks like all she wanted and See's Alex for is 🤑💲💲💲💲💲

  9. For someone who doesn’t care for anyone on the show. I love how Juliette doesn’t try to act big and bad to Alyssa as she does to the others 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Juliette is savage asf haha 😂 😂 almost beat kelseys ass bopped the Mario coins out of Chloes ass punked out Amanda & pushed Alex in the pool and exposed alyssas titties haha 😂 😂 I love her!

  11. 0:02 that bikini was made for Juliette. Chloe reminds me of fat-Fiona and Alex reminds me of thin-Shrek. His skin already has a greenish hue….. he just needs to slap on some Shrek ears.

  12. The I only had a one time and one day one of day and day one one time and I only have a to day and day one day and write a one time without going t and one one time and day

  13. Alyssa reacted first , both her and Alex must think they’re still in high school. I wouldn’t tolerate that bull 😂 push her ass in the pool too

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