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– It is July 1st people! My birthday month! And the day of the July soap release of all the birthday soaps. Per usual, I will go through very quickly all of the soaps that
will be available tonight at eight p.m. Central Standard Time. Once again, this is the last time we’re having the release
on a Monday and at night. We’re now gonna switch it to
a Saturday in the afternoon. Hopefully that will give
you international people a little bit of wiggle room so that you could not have to
stay up ’til like three a.m. And for all of you people that’re just coming home from work, hopefully you’ll be off on a Saturday. For the low-tops, we have Pinata Party, Fairy Night, Anna Karenina,
and The Great Pyramids which might have another name, Kenny may pick a another name. Whatever, it’s the Egypt soap. And for high-tops we have
Save the Sea Turtles, Rainbow Candies, which is
the Skittles-inspired soap, Birthday Cake, and Jungle Waters. Once again, all of those
will be in the shop tonight so set your alarms. We will have an Instagram
reminder as well. You can click on that
and it will automatically set an alarm to your phone so that’s a very helpful thing. And so, without further ado, let’s go ahead and make
that Birthday Cake soap that you can only see the top of but the inside is actually
super cool as well. So we’re going to begin by pouring our lye water solution into our oils. Just gonna move my stick blender around in the oils first to make sure that there’s no air bubbles
caught underneath it. And then we’re gonna pour
this cooled lye water down the shaft of the stick blender and blend this on up until light trace. (upbeat music) Okay, this soap batter looks perfect. It’s nice and fluid and
it’s still holding together. And using this little digital scale that I got from Amazon, I’m gonna pour off one pound into here. And since our two accent
colors are poured, we’re gonna move off this big bucket and this little bucket to the side. And we’re gonna work with
just the first accent. So we’re gonna start by
doing a triangle design by tilting our molds to one side. So the first color that we’re using is Blue Tide from Mad Micas. Gonna pour that into this container, wiping it out with the
world’s smallest spatula. This was sent to me by a lovely member of the Royal Court after I talked about needing a teeny tiny spatula. I didn’t even know these existed. They sent it to my PO box and I have been forever grateful. I will leave you guys a
link to them down below. And also by the way,
these cups that I’m using? These are made out of corn, they are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly and compostable. I will start by mixing this in with my scrapey scrapey spatula. And then I will put in the fragrance oil, blend it up with the stick blender and we’ll begin pouring it
into our Bramble Berry molds. The fragrance oil we are using today is the Sugared Strawberry fragrance oil from our standard line. This is a super secret
source fragrance oil blend that I developed years ago. (blender whirring) All right, let’s pour into
our two Bramble Berry molds. These molds are brand-spanking new, they’ve never been used before. And to prop them up, I’m gonna use these two
sample jars from Nurture Soap, just gonna turn it on the side here. Gonna do the same to this one. And then I’m gonna pour this blue down the very side here in this crack. This is what’s gonna make
that lovely triangle shape. Gonna do the same over here. And we’re gonna make them even. I’m just gonna keep checking to make sure that they are in fact even. Gonna scrapey scrapey
out my little containey. All right, so now that this layer’s in, I’m gonna set it off to the side and we’re gonna mix up the next one. ♪ Dee, dope, dee ♪ ♪ Dee-dee doo, di-di dee ♪ ♪ Dee, dee, du-du dee ♪ ♪ Di, du, borp, borp, borp ♪ This next color is I Dream of Purple, this is another Mad Micas color. It is the perfect shade of lavender. Had to do a purple because
of The Purple Cupcake. Just gonna get this off my little spatula. Wipe all the extra off of here. Ooh, what a lovely shade of purple! No titanium dioxide in these, I want them to stay nice and vivid. I added the fragrance oil so I’m gonna blend this up now. (blender whirring) Fragrance oil blended in, let’s pour it into the molds. Okay, so now I have taken the
first layer off the block. I’m just gonna fill it in with the purple, come over to this side and do the same. And I’d like this to be
slightly, slightly angled so I’m gonna prop this up now. And we’re gonna scoot it off to the side. Now this next layer is
going to be glorious because it’s going to
have hot pink and white. We are using Reborn Strong Pink, this is from TKB Trading, this is my favorite hot pink of all time. It does such a good job. I am actually gonna blend up these colors before adding the fragrance oil to them. (upbeat music) I think all my unicorn lovers are gonna be really happy with this one. And then for this layer, I’m just gonna stir in
the fragrance oil by hand. Keep it nice and fluid
for as long as possible. Then I’m gonna pour the
pink in from up really high, make sure it gets down to the bottom. Then I’m gonna come a little closer and just put some right on the top here. And I am gonna scrape out the container. And it’s time to pour it into our molds. Now the molds, I’m taking
off of the two sample jars I had them sitting on since they’re really, really stiff now. And then, using my
spatula to break the fall, I’m gently going to ladle
in this next little bit. Oh shoot, I spilled on
the brand new molds! I can’t pour anymore, I have to fix that. Okay, next little bit, I’m gonna try not to spill on this one. Gosh, that always bothers
me whenever I spill it. I like my molds to look
as clean as possible. I’m one of those people
that when I’m creating, I like my area to be virtually spotless, I am not a messy person in that capacity. You might find my laundry
undone for two weeks but gosh darn it, my
workplace is gonn’ be clean. All right, so all of
the base is in the mold, it smells so stinkin’ good. So it is time to mix up the soap frosting. (upbeat music) All righty, so our soap
frosting has set up and on the sides, I put some
more of that lavender Mica and some more hot pink colorant, mixed with olive oil so it’s gonna make this really cool streaky pattern. I’m gonna begin by putting three across. It’s gonna take a second
for that color to come out and that’s just fine. It’s gonna be mainly white. Here comes some of the pink. And now the rest of that purple. All right, that looks amazing. It’s gonna look really
nice with the embeds that I have picked to go on top. And I will keep turning the piping bag so that most of the color
is facing the outside. One good thing about adding color to the top of your soap in this manner is that whenever the person uses the bar, it’s not gonna wash off. If you do a Mica drizzle,
that will wash off. This way, it won’t and it will be visible the whole time they’re using the bar. I cannot believe that I am
going to be 25 this year. That is so old! I do feel like I’ve done
a lot in my 25 years. I’ve had a couple of
friends turn 25 recently and start going through a
bit of a quarter life crisis. I feel like I already did that. (laughs) I did that whenever I didn’t know if I should continue making soap or not but I’ve had a lot friends
go through that recently and I just don’t feel that way. I do feel like I’ve done
such a lot in 25 years. I have two kids, I’m married, I have a business, I own
a house, it’s just a lot. I also feel like I’m
just generally so busy I don’t have a lotta time to think about, “What am I doing? “Where am I going?” I’ve got too much to do to
sit around and think that way. Which is honestly sometimes a blessing and it’s sometimes a curse
because being that busy can also just kinda wear you out. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, I think that also has to go
with having a big family. Having a big family, there’s
just not a lot of time to sit around and think. Everyone’s busy,
everyone’s doing something, there’s always a birthday party or somethin’ to celebrate, it’s awesome. So what have I learned in my 25 years? I’ve learned a lot. I still have a lot to learn but I feel like I have learned a lot. One of the things I’ve learned is life is way too short for you to try to be anyone but yourself. I know what it feels like
to be the weirdo, trust me. Every time I go to a family reunion, I am definitely the strangest, most abnormal person in the room. I know what that feels like. But trying the spend your time being someone you’re not is exhausting, it is not very rewarding and
it’ll just take it out of you. So be yourself, that is
something I’ve learned. I’ve also learned that kindness and generosity really pays off. You’re the one that’s giving but oftentimes you end
up receiving as well. Ooh, I have a little more, I’ll put a little more on top here. In business, I’ve learned
you are allowed to say “No”. You are allowed to say “No”. Whether that’s to a proposal, a collab, maybe an inquiry for a wholesale
order or private label, you’re allowed to say “No” to that. If it’s not a good time
for you or your family or you’re just not connecting with maybe the other brand or person, you don’t have to do that. And it can save you a
lot of mental heartache. Also if a brand, an
organization or an individual is taking advantage of you, get out. Get out of that situation. All right, that is some
of the most fun piping I have done in a while. So before it gets too
hard, one of the additions we are adding in are these paper straws. I’m gonna stick it in on this side. The Purple Cupcake uses a lot of straws, she makes little meringue lollipops. So she always starts by putting that straw right in the middle of it. I’ve also learned to take
the high road in situations that might be uncomfortable or could simply turn into
drama with hurt feelings. Always take the high road. If the person’s looking
for an apology, apologize. If they’re looking for a
fight, simply walk away. If they’re looking for
sympathy, lend an ear. In my 25 years, I have learned who I am. I know what I am here in the world to do and I know what I am striving for. And I don’t always think about this and I don’t always think
that I’m 100% grounded in those truths but deep down in my core I know what I’m supposed to be doing and I think that is such a blessing. I know not a lot of
people, and not everybody, know what that’s feels like. I’ve learned that when it comes to art, do what makes you happy. Run against the grain, if you need to. Do something different, do something that no one’s done before if that’s what you wanna do. All right, with all the paper straws in, I’m gonna go ahead and turn this around. And we’re gonna add some more embeds, we’re gonna add some of these blue waffles and we’re gonna add some of
these little pink soap gumballs. I told Shelly who is my embed maker, she’s also my sister, and we are affectionately
dubbing her the Empress of Embeds because she is by far the
best person at making them. I told her I wanted some
lighter and darker hot pink and she did the perfect colors. They will match this pink perfectly ’cause she used the same colorant. I’m gonna start by putting in the waffles ’cause they’re the big one. I have learned that finding the balance between work and home life is a difficult but very
necessary thing to do especially if you own a small business because those of us who
do, us entrepreneurs, tend to be workaholics if
we don’t watch ourselves. And all work and no play
makes Jack a very dull boy. Ooh, I think I’m gonna put the little pink gumballs
on the other side, that seems to be where I
have the most room for them. I have learned that dreams
really do come true, that magic is 100% real. I learned that when I was very young but have since been reminded
of it multiple times, especially when I went to Disney World. I’m convinced. I have learned that if
you are uncomfortable with something that
someone is saying or doing that you should speak
up and let them know. And to not be afraid of the repercussions. And that’s just some of the
things I’ve learned in 25 years. I’ve still got a lot to
learn and a long way to go. Okay, this soap is lookin’ fly. Let me just turn it slightly so y’all can see those waffles. And now for the part
I’ve been waiting for! We are going to add vegan sprinkles. Look at this bag, it came in a holo bag. I will leave you guys a link to these vegan sprinkles down below, I got the Big Birthday blend. And we are going to add a generous amount all along the sides. And there are so many
different types of sprinkles in this blend, including ones
that look like little geodes. Look at this, it’s like a little rock. I’m gonna put him right
on top right there. Okay, with all the sprinkles on, now it’s time for glitter. Y’all didn’t think I was leaving glitter off of this soap, c’mon now. We’re gonna put some large
biodegradable glitter on top. I’m just gonna sprinkle it on the sides, it’s gonna get on the embeds, gonna get on some of the sprinkles, on the top, on the side,
oh it’s gon’ be great. Can’t even finish my sentence. (laughs) It’s gonna be so great. I’m also gonna take
some Gold Digger glitter and I’m gonna sprinkle that on top so we’re gonna have some
gold and silver glitter. And that gold is gonna tie right in with the straws that we used. Right on here, this Gold
Digger glitter by the way is from EcoStardust, they are a British company and I have to pay an absolute fortune to get it imported over here. But it is worth it because it
is the best gold bio glitter I have come across yet. And now, very carefully,
I’m gonna open up this bag of 24-carat gold gold leaf. Because of the delicacy of the gold leaf I have removed my gloves. The only thing I am touching
is the gold leaf itself and this application brush. You have to be very, very
careful with this stuff because it’s very dainty. I’m just gonna put it right
here on these little waffles ’cause that’s what I’ve
seen The Purple Cupcake do. Real gold leaf is very, very delicate. It will stick to anything it touches, basically the first thing it touches is what it’s sticking to. It’s also expensive. If you’re getting 100 huge
sheets of it for 10 bucks, you’re not getting real gold leaf. All right, with the gold leaf on this soap is complete! Hello, happy birthday. (laughs) I am digging the look with the straws and all the everything. This looks so delicious, if it was a cake I would totally eat it. So we’re gonna let this
sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we will come back and we will chop up all of these bars, after this quick commercial break. We are back to cut the Birthday Cake soap! Also, I don’t think I ever told you guys why exactly I picked to use strawberry fragrance oil for this? I picked it because strawberry cake was my favorite growing up. That’s the one that I
picked the most often whenever my mom let me
pick my cake flavor. Strawberry cake and
vanilla icing was ma jam. Okay, so I’ve turned it on its side. I’m gonna press down with Evangeline. Gonna pull one outta the middle here. And this is what it
looks like on the inside! I am dead. Look at that. When all is said and done, this does remind me of The
Purple Cupcake Instagram, I’m so happy because her
stuff is just so fantastic. And of course, the little gold leaf. The little gold leaf really makes it. Also, it smells so good. And look at the sprinkles! Oh, I just love it. Maybe I will try to make
my actual birthday cake look something similar to this. By the way, my birthday is July 26th but we have to make all
of our soaps in advance because there’s a cure time on them which means just the
time that the soap has to form its chemical structure
and release all the water. It’s what makes the bars nice and hard. So all of the soap-making videos that I do for soap releases are filmed far, far in advance, sometimes up to two months in advance of when you guys see them on YouTube. So yes, I’m making my
birthday soap in a month that is not even my birthday month! Okay, so the question of the day is do you buy your cake at a store or do you make it from scratch at your house for your birthday? Like I said before, my mom
always made ours from scratch but I have lots of friends whose parents had a favorite
bakery they liked to go to so let me know by clicking the I in the upper right-hand
corner of the screen. I will be interested to
see what you guys say, especially those people
from other countries, what do you guys do for your
birthday cakes over there? I wanna know. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video, if you did please give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, leave us a comment down below. If you’re watching this after
the release has gone live and have snagged some goodies, also tell us those in the comments below. We’re really curious to see which ones you guys are really
gonna dig from this month because there were a lot
that Kenny and I were like, “This is gonna be great, “they’re gonna love this one, “they’re gonna love this one, “they’re gonna love this one.” We wanna know which ones
you actually like. (laughs) Make sure you do something
fun for yourself today, whether that is going out and eating a little bit of birthday cake even if it isn’t your birthday or buying yourself a
little present somewhere. A little tiny thing, it could
be a pencil, I don’t care. Get yourself a little present. See there? You’ll have a little
cake, a little present. It’s happy unbirthday. And if July 26th happens
to be your birthday, which is my birthday, early
happy birthday. (laughs) And happy birthday all
July babies as well. Anyway, I’ve detained you long enough. Please go about and enjoy
the rest of your day. We will be back on Wednesday
with the next soapy month. I cannot believe it, it’s just oh, summer is just whizzing right by. And if you are a Royal VIP member, you will already know what
Wednesday’s theme is going to be. You can sign up to be a VIP down in the description box below. Okay for real though, I’m done talking, I’m done talking this time. Have a marvelous day, I
will see you guys soon and bye for now! (upbeat music)

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