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This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is a case
ofErwin v. Hunter.You all have known
each other for 21 years. You’ve been married,
divorced, remarried, and another divorce
is possible because of allegations
of cheating. Yes, sir. JUDGE KEITH: Miss Erwin, you’ve opened
this case today.
Tell us why. You Honor, Amil, I think Amil
is sleeping with my friend. He moves very suspect. I don’t know where he work. He has secret phones,
secret emails, he has different
social media accounts. He just moves
very, very suspect. She always checking up on me
like she my probation officer. No, I’m his wife. He’s not
a single man anymore. You’re married. HUNTER: I’m married.
I’m married. You think he’s living
the single life. I do. I think he
wants to bring a bachelor’s
life to our marriage and you cannot. Well, Mr. Hunter,
you said you feel like
you can’t breathe. What is this doing
to your relationship? It’s making me
feel uncomfortable. I can’t have any friends.
I’m not able to… ERWIN: Because he’s not
allowed to do
what he wants to do. Be who I normally am. I talk to people, I… ERWIN: Females. Any female I talk to… JUDGE DANA: Hold on. I’m automatically
trying to sleep with her. I feel like I should have
more like an ankle monitor
or something. Your track record though. Your Honor, his track record
does not allow him
to do anything. Granted I had some past issues. JUDGE DANA: All right, tell me
about that. Tell me about
the track record, Miss Erwin. My last straw
with him is, I was getting up
every morning, I was making him breakfast,
I was making him lunch. For a whole week,
I’m thinking this man
is at work providing for our family. This man is at
a white girl’s house. Fired from his job. Had me thinking
he was going to work. For a whole week, he was
at this woman’s house. He’s not going to work. ERWIN: No, ma’am. He’s going to do
another woman. ERWIN: Yes. JUDGE DANA: Oh! Mr. Cutler. JUDGE KEITH: Yes, ma’am. If I was cooking you breakfast, and you was going somewhere, I don’t think you’d be here. I mean, this is… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Well… JUDGE DANA: So, the fact
that you’re still here… But don’t stop cooking me
pancakes and eggs. How’s that? I won’t stop
doing that. But you tell me,
how did you find out? I mean, okay, you’re cooking
breakfast, fixing lunch, how did you get from that to finding out
he’s with another woman. He came home from work and there was a text message
on his phone that said, “I hope you can deliver
tomorrow what you
delivered today. “See you tomorrow.” (AUDIENCE GASPING) And I take it he’s not
a delivery person. ERWIN: He is not. Ah. (WOMAN LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: A whole different
kind of package, right? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: All right. And so, so then, what
happened after you read
this text message? Well, I read the text message
and I like to clean
when I’m upset. So, I’m cleaning the house
and I find a camera roll. When I found
the camera roll hidden, it was tucked off,
ducked off somewhere. It was in my gym bag. JUDGE KEITH: A roll of film? A roll of film, yes. HUNTER: In my gym bag.
She was being nosy. She’s snooping. So I… So I took it and got it
developed myself. Um, and when
the pictures came out, everything came together
as far as that text message. That’s where he was. They had nude pictures
on the film, of him and her… (CLEARS THROAT) She’s taking pictures of him. And she’s taking… Okay, so you’re saying
there were naked pictures? There were naked pictures
on this… There were naked pictures
of them both. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Mr. Hunter, Miss Erwin says
your track record’s not good, and it’s starting to look
like it’s not very good. That was a long time ago. JUDGE KEITH: That was
a long time ago? JUDGE DANA:
You’ve turned a leaf? Yeah, I’m a new man. So that was
divorce number one? ERWIN: That was divorce
number one. But… All right. But… But… You got back together
at some point. Why… Okay, wait. She’s smiling. JUDGE KEITH: Yeah? JUDGE DANA:
She’s smiling. JUDGE DANA:
So what did brother man do
to get you back? Because I wanna know. I’m not planning
on getting divorced. I was gonna say, “What?” No, I’m not planning
on getting divorced. Okay, all right. All right. But I wanna know. ERWIN: I invited Amil
to come down
for his birthday week. He came for a week
and when he came,
I’m gonna be honest with you, it felt so natural. He felt natural. And I felt like this man
had changed. And that guard…
(SCOFFS) Went right down. And so he wooed you
back in that week? Like she said, it kind of
felt natural. We kind of
just fell back in love. Like I said, we’ve known
each other for years
and it’s genuine. It’s there. The love is there. So, you get back together, it’s good,
and you all walk down
the aisle a second time. What went wrong? He loves his privacy. He has to have
a secret phone. Everything has
to be separated. HUNTER: Not a secret. ERWIN: Everything. So… It’s a phone. I decided to take the boys
out on an activity day. JUDGE DANA: Okay. The kids found the phone
in the backseat of the car. They gave me the phone
and said, “Mom,
is this your phone?” I said, “No.” I looked at the phone,
the phone is active. It’s on. Texting co-workers. Asking if they
can go out on a drink. She’s like a detective, huh? If they can go out.
If they can hang out. He was googling some
co-workers on Facebook. Whole ‘nother phone
I had no idea about. Okay, and you submitted
a recollection of one of those text messages,
is that correct? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: All right. It says… (READING) And Mr. Hunter
responds, (READING) This is the text message
you believe you found
on his phone. Yes, ma’am. And so you think he’s flirting
with co-workers,
trying to hook up. ERWIN: Definitely. All right, Mr. Hunter… HUNTER: I wanted to hang out
with some other people. A drink is social,
talking about work, being with someone
other than your spouse. Not one issue. Not one issue. What? JUDGE DANA: But here’s
the thing, Miss Erwin. People network on the job, they build camaraderie
on the job. It’s not saying, “Meet me in
a hotel, blah, blah, blah.” ERWIN: I mean… JUDGE DANA:
Because you’ve gotta look… But why not tell me? Why is it such a secret? Wait. Why do I gotta tell her
every little thing I do? ERWIN: Your Honor,
if that was our only issue,
I can deal with that. But then, I think he tried
to sleep with my friend. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) You think your husband tried
to sleep with your friend? ERWIN: I believe so. She paranoid. ERWIN: I believe so. She paranoid. I recently had surgery. Paranoid. And I had my friend,
Samantha, come over
and give me a massage. JUDGE DANA: Okay. I was in the bed for days. I could not
get off the bed. I told her that Amil
would let her out and see her out to make sure
she get out to her car okay. JUDGE DANA: Okay. As I’m laying there, I notice
I didn’t hear Samantha’s car
start up for ten minutes. So I called her to see if she
was okay, and she said, “Yes.” She called me back
a few minutes later and said, “If I do another massage
for you, it cannot
be at your house. “Your husband was
a little too friendly for me.” JUDGE DANA: Okay, Mr. Hunter,
were you being too friendly? She was being friendly
with me, Your Honor. I had just got out the shower. JUDGE DANA: What do you
mean by that? I had oiled up.
I was letting her out. JUDGE KEITH: Wait, hold up. JUDGE DANA: Hold on,
hold on, hold on. JUDGE KEITH: Wait, hold up. You get out the shower,
you oiled up, and her friend sees you. The comment was, like,
kind of looking back at me,
like, “Mmm.” Have you had sexual contact
with this friend? HUNTER: No! None? HUNTER: Not at all. No! JUDGE DANA: Did you hit on her? That’s my wife’s friend. I
wouldn’t do nothing like that. JUDGE DANA: Did you hit on her? I don’t think me
being nice to somebody… That was a lie. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
wait, wait, wait. That was a lie. JUDGE DANA: What do you
mean “being nice”? What is “being nice” look like? HUNTER:
Get the door for you.
Letting you out. JUDGE KEITH: But you smiled. Of course. JUDGE KEITH: And you said
something nice back to her. “All right, see you later.” JUDGE DANA:
You went from, “Mmm.” You Honor… JUDGE DANA: Come on now. Wait
a minute. We all grown people. If somebody goes, “Mmm,”
you just go, “Okay, thank you.”
You gonna be like… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) There’s gonna be
a little something-something. Mr. Cutler, we’ll demonstrate
what it looks like. JUDGE KEITH: All right, so… JUDGE DANA: And you tell me
if this is what happened. JUDGE KEITH: So I just
got out of the shower. Ooh-wee! You know, I’m oiling up. Yeah, yeah. Guns a-blazing. Oh, what… Okay. (LAUGHTER) All right. Guns a-blazing. Yeah, we’re going with that. Guns a-blazing. JUDGE DANA:
Going down the steps. Mmm. Oh, “mmm” to you.
How you doing? I’m good. How you doing? I’m all right. So… (AUDIENCE MEMBER LAUGHING) Yeah, you know… ERWIN: Thank you. (STAMMERING) And scene. Yeah. ERWIN: Thank you. So, that was
a little close… HUNTER: That’s not what
happened in our
situation though. It wasn’t even close to that? No. JUDGE KEITH:
So, the bottom line,
Miss Erwin, you think
because of this delay, because she told you that
she felt uncomfortable
and wasn’t coming back, you believe
he slept with her, or… I believe
something happened. JUDGE DANA: Well, here it is. There’s his side,
there’s her side, and there’s
the masseuse’s side. And she is here to testify. Ron, would you escort her in? RON: Yes, Your Honor. RON: Ma’am. Go straight up to
the witness stand. Okay. Ron, would you escort her in? Would you state your name,
please, for the court? Yes, Samantha Hudson. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. Miss Hudson, what is your relationship
with Miss Erwin? Miss Erwin?
Oh, we’re friends. Mr. Hunter says that when you
were leaving after having
given Miss Erwin a massage, that you looked him up
and down, because he was oiled,
fresh out the shower… HUDSON: What? JUDGE DANA: And went,
and this is a direct quote, you went, “Mmm.” And he just said,
“Have a good day,”
and sent you on your way. Is that your recollection of… Absolutely not. Absolutely not. All right. Well, you tell me what
you remember having occurred. Two sides to every story. HUDSON: He’s super extra. He was, like, persistent
on, like, literally, like, taking off his clothes
and going into the shower. The bathroom
is in same room as us. JUDGE KEITH: We wanna know
what happened. I felt like he was
expecting a threesome. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH: And why did you
get that vibe? What did he do to
give you that impression? He was making comments like,
“Oh, my God, that’s so sexy
and it’s turning me on.” JUDGE DANA: You giving his wife
a massage was turning him on? And you had just had surgery? HUDSON: Mmm-hmm. ERWIN: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: You know,
I’ve had surgery. Sexy is not
what it looks like. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Hunter. Were you trying to get
a threesome going? I love my wife. I would never
do anything like that. JUDGE DANA: All right.
Now you say he was
making these comments. Was he making them
in her presence or after you had
completed the massage? No, he made them
in her presence. JUDGE DANA: She just doesn’t… She was walking…
He was walking into the room. And he stood at the door.
I didn’t even know
he was there. I was, like,
standing over her. And her back was to the door
and I was going, you know,
down her back. And he was there.
I just happened
to look up, and didn’t even realize
that he was there
until he was, made the, you know… Made the comment. Yeah, and
I was like, “God.” You know, because
he’s one of those people, you reach to give him
a handshake, and he wants
to give you a hug, you know. JUDGE DANA: Oh, boy. JUDGE KEITH:
After you finish your massage
and you’re about to leave, did you have a conversation
with Mr. Hunter? Um, briefly. We briefly had a conversation. JUDGE KEITH: What was
that interaction? I mean, he was just telling
me I looked sexy.
I had on leggings that day. He said, “Your…
Behind is looking nice.” I was just like,
“Amil, cut it out.” Because I don’t have
no issues with him.
Me and him are cool. You know, I’m really
good friends with Ebony. I’ve come over
and visited a few times, but he’s,
he’s just like a sexually charged Power Ranger. He does, he does… HUDSON:
He’s always super… Is that a compliment? All right, thank you so much. Thank you, miss. HUDSON: You’re welcome. JUDGE DANA: I think we’ve had
enough testimony. So let’s review what we have. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. To see if we can avoid or if we have
divorce number two. Number one. He has a past of cheating. And that led
to divorce number one. Number two,
she found a secret phone where he was texting
other women. And the third is, this interesting dynamic
between Miss Hudson
and Mr. Hunter. She felt he was pushing towards
some kind of sexual interplay
with the three of them. So, based on that,
Miss Erwin has said that if it
comes out that Mr. Hunter
is in fact cheating… It’s over. JUDGE DANA: …you are done. It’s over. This court has done
a full and compete
investigation. At this time, the court would
like to call licensed private
investigator, Eric Echols, and certified polygraph
examiner, Michael Williams, to determine,
is he cheating? (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Come in. RON: Step over to the monitor. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Echols. Yes, ma’am. Could you please tell us
what you and your team did to investigate these
cheating allegations? Well, Your Honor, my team
and I wanted to find out
where Mr. Hunter goes, um, when he’s not at home. JUDGE DANA: Okay. ECHOLS: So we performed
covert surveillance and followed his every move
over the past week. As you followed him,
did he make any stops
that seemed questionable? Well, I observed
Mr. Hunter leaving his home, and it appeared that
he was heading for work. But my GPS tracker identified
that he was not going to work. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Hunter,
you have a very interesting
look on your face. It’s interesting knowing
you’ve been… I didn’t know
I was being followed. I mean, yeah, if you knew,
he wouldn’t be very good. JUDGE KEITH: So, were you able
to find anything the next time
you caught up with him? ECHOLS: Well, I did see
something interesting. As I parked across the street,
I saw unidentified female
um, enter the house. JUDGE KEITH: You saw a woman
enter the house? ECHOLS: Yes, Your Honor. But then, upon further
investigation, it was discovered that it
was actually Mr. Hunter’s wife. JUDGE DANA: All right. In addition to the surveillance
that was conducted, we also had you submit
to a polygraph examination.
Is that correct? Yes. JUDGE DANA: And Mr. Williams,
you’re here with the results. WILLIAMS: Yes, I am,
Your Honor. Mr. Hunter was asked…
(READING) What was his response
to that question? WILLIAMS: Your Honor,
he said no. JUDGE KEITH: What did
the polygraph determine? JUDGE KEITH: What did
the polygraph determine? WILLIAMS: On this question, there was significant
physiological responses
which indicated to me, he was being deceptive. Told you. I got
no reason to lie. JUDGE DANA: All right. Mr. Hunter was also asked… “Have you ever had
physical sexual contact “with another woman “since you remarried Miss Erwin
on January of 2016?” What was his response? Your Honor,
the defendant refused
Mr. Hunter. JUDGE KEITH:
This is not looking good. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: Wow. Well, I think we know
where this is headed. But, Mr. Hunter, why would
you come to our courtroom to prove that
you’re not cheating, and then not
answer the questions? Told them the answers
don’t even mean nothing to me. JUDGE KEITH: Okay,
does it mean
anything to you that your wife
has just placed her ring on the podium
and just walked out of
this courtroom? It definitely means something.
Yes, it does. JUDGE KEITH: Ron, would you
please step out to see
if she’ll come back in? RON: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH:
I hope you realize
how serious this is. She has demonstrated
that she’s done. JUDGE DANA: Here’s the thing,
Mr. Hunter. This may not mean
a hill of beans to you. But it means
everything to her. What do you need to tell her? Ebony, I love you and I would
never do anything to hurt you, or jeopardize our marriage. I love you.
Please come back. Miss Erwin, is that enough
for you at this juncture? ERWIN: No. Tell me why. I take marriage
very seriously. I think marriage
is supposed to be forever. JUDGE DANA: I agree. The first time I did it, I thought it was forever
and it ended. So, for me, to sign back up
and do it again, to get the same results,
it’s heart breaking. And so, what
he’s saying to you doesn’t cut mustard at all? I don’t even hear him
anymore at this point. JUDGE DANA: All right. Mr. Hunter, I don’t know
what to tell you except
you need to figure it out. We have counselors
available for you. And, Miss Erwin, you seem very strong
right now. But it’s gonna hit you
like a bag of bricks. And so, we want you
to establish a relationship
with the counselors so you can manage that space. Okay. JUDGE KEITH: As we say
in this courtroom, “Don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance
for a good relationship.” Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING)

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