This Actor’s Cartoon Game Is Strong

– All right, Tara, in this one, Rocky’s at a mountain top. He gets swatted by the monster tail. He falls, tumbles, and rolls,
and falls off another ledge, falls another bunch of
feet, and then crashes. All right, um, watch my hands! – I’ll watch you. – Here comes the– (screaming) (groaning) Perfect. Get that one. – My name is Tara Strong, and I’m mostly known
for my animation career. I’m the voice Timmy Turner
from “The Fairly OddParants.” I wish Cosmo and Wanda were here. I was baby Dil. Hey, that’s my camera. “Powerpuff Girls.” I’m just as tough as
Blossom and Buttercup! I’m hardcore. Raven from “Teen Titans.” Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Originally, I was Batgirl alongside Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. I’ve had a really fun career. Man, that was one tough montage. So, I knew Timmy had to be
happy, mischievous, silly, kinda nerdy, oh, and
very, very adventurous. Sorry, I was just trying to help. Bubbles had this weird way
of pronouncing things, like, oh, I will have a pickie. I don’t know why it goes
L-E like that, but (laughs). Pooping. The time I booked “Rugrats,” I’d just got off a plane
with a screaming baby and I’m like, “That’s the
cry that I’m doing in.” Most of Dil’s lines were
in the stage directions. So, I’d be like, “Okay.” (babbling) (groans) (snorts) And that was like my lines. (laughs) I remember at the session,
we had to stop tape, and I’m thinking something’s wrong, and they said, “Tara, there’s
a new mom in the studio, “and you’re making her lactate.” (laughs) And you guys say I’m not funny. But seriously, this will
be extremely painful. In the case of Raven, while
I was doing the audition, it was similar to my own voice, and I thought just this
idea to have this weird guttural roll every
time she says anything. As soon as I started doing this, I saw all the people in the
booth kinda look at each other, and went, “That’s Raven.” Robin, stop! Batgirl was me. Like, it’s the only voice
I do that’s my own voice. – That was Batgirl. (laughs) Bullwinkle, it’s like that classic story The Lion and the Mouse
that we’re ripping off. When you’re voice acting, you have to tap into the ability to make something believable
without it being there. It’s a completely different
art form than on camera. You have to let the audience
feel what it’s like to fall off a cliff without there
actually being a cliff there. You gotta have to be
willing to play around and not afraid to look silly. And then, once you create a
character, in my experience, they, like, live up in my brain, and they’re just ready to come
down when it’s their turn. So I don’t confuse them. They all are their own entity. Basically, I’m a crazy person. – So I just need a long
scream as you just keep going. (screaming) Hey! – Whoa! – [Scott] What do you need at the store? Garbage bags. Ooh, yeah, yeah. Fried chicken sounds great tonight.

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  1. I always confuse her with E.G. Daily, who has also have voiced most of my childhood. They look so much alike. And both E.G. and Tara played character voices on Rugrats and Powerpuff Girls.

  2. When you realize that pretty much the majority of boys in cartoons are voiced by a girl😯😕😐😶😵😲

  3. She's incredibly talented! lol she's voiced so many of my favourites characters! feel like watching some fairly odd parents now!

  4. Im only 13 but shes made up my entire life…she played my favorite superheroes…and shes done my favorite characters ever…

  5. I never never ever ever would I have guessed that Bubbles from Powerpuff girls and the Timmy dude from that cartoon, had the same voice actors as Raven from teen Titans

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