This Celebrity Scaled a Gate to Get into Kate & Oliver Hudson’s Party

Woo. Woo. Welcome back, you two. I’m happy to see both of you. The last time you were
here, I was not here. You were here hosting
with your mom. Yeah, I liked it. I had a great time. Yes, and how have you been, sir? I’ve been great. Yeah? I’ve been great. Good. I’ve been hanging with my
sissy, doing our podcast. I know. Trying to raise three
children– trying. You both have three
children, right? Yeah. He raises children
really easily. This is what I do. It’s his best work. I just raise kids. [LAUGHTER] It’s your best work? If I was just paid for it. He’s the best dad. Are they the same ages? How old are your kids? I have the first one. So it’s Ryder, then Wilder– Right. Oh, look, there are my babies. That’s Wilder, Rio, and Bodhi. –and then Bodhi and then Bing
and then Rio and then Rani. And this is your new one. My new one, yeah. Oh, look, this is
such a great picture. Oh. I love it so much. I know– Yeah, so we had two
boys and a girl. –stuck together. It’s kind of weird actually. Yeah, we both had two boys. It’s very strange that
y’all have the same, but this new little
child of yours– Aw, Rani. Now, come on. Oh, stop. Oh, no, stop. [LAUGHTER] Yes she is– oh, she’s so funny. She’s so deeply funny. I actually think she’s got
the funny gene because– She looks like it. –she loves jewelry,
and so if you’re wearing any kind of
necklace, she goes, off, off. So you have to take it
off because she wears it. Oh, wow. Yeah, it’s a little concerning. She’s feminine but tough. Yeah, she’s not– She’s going to hold her own. Do you know what I mean? She’s tough. She likes the girly things,
but she demands them from you. Right. [LAUGHTER] Off. But she’s like– Shoes off! [LAUGHTER] That’s so adorable. It’s so great. That’s great. Congratulations. Now, will you keep having
children until one of you wins? No. [LAUGHTER] I have a feeling I’m probably
going to end up winning. I’m done, I’m so done. I don’t know if I’m done yet. I’m in that place
of, like, right now, Rani’s at the age
where you’re like– Sweet spot. –I want another baby. Yeah. But once she gets like four,
you’re like– ooh, four, five– I feel like my life
is back a little bit. They’re kind of in a groove. I understand. Yeah. Do any of you guys know what
I’m talking about a little bit? [APPLAUSE] Well, yeah. There’s like a window. Yeah. My window has
never wanted, ever. [LAUGHTER] The window has never
been open for one at all. Maybe you’ve never
had a window– ever. I haven’t had a window, but
I do think they’re adorable, and I like playing– So many windows. Yeah, playing with
children is fun. Yeah. And then, bye-bye. No, I know. [LAUGHTER] I get it. Now, it’s just interesting. So you both are very similar. Obviously, you have kids– three kids, three kids. Yeah. And you’re both in the business. Is this something you
both knew growing up, just because you had parents
that were actors that you both would go into this? I think, no. I mean, I knew. I never thought I’d
ever do anything else. I feel like I was just born– that’s exactly– it was just
that’s what I was gonna do. There was no knowing with Kate. It just was. She came out of the womb
performing song and dance and, hey, look at me. And I was– Wow. Like Ethel Merman. Yeah, Ethel Merman. She came out as Ethel Merman. (IMITATING ETHEL MERMAN) Hello. (IMITATING ETHEL MERMAN) Hello. Hello, world. (IMITATING ETHEL
MERMAN) Hello, my dolly. [LAUGHTER] Kind of. But it drove me crazy. I mean, this is why our
relationship as children was not very great
because I would– But the answer to the
question is you didn’t have– that’s not– you were free styling. You kind of grew up– that was your creative outlet. This is not what I was hoping
to do with my life has become a professional freestyler. But it was something
that I liked. You would’ve been great at it. I made movies. I liked to make movies. You know what I mean? She was acting and
doing her thing. I was making movies
and freestyling. He was just, this
feels like it’s easy. [LAUGHS] Right. I’ll go on a couple auditions. I’ll see what happens. Oh, yeah. And see, it worked out. And then you fell
in love with it. It did. It did. But what do you mean? Y’all hung out when you
were younger, right? Were you close? Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, we weren’t super close. Well– We weren’t super close,
but as we got older, and we got into our party
years, we got a little closer. Yeah, once we were old enough
to like each other’s friends, things were real good. Yeah, and we used to throw
crazy, huge parties that were over– Well, you’ve got to set it
up because it was before– we were naughty when our
parents would leave town, and we always had parties. Right. We had crazy– yes, we did. Mom would find out about it. If a lamp was broken,
it was like a real– it was not good. Oh my god. I broke a lamp once. I broke a lamp– And it wasn’t good. –on Memorial Day weekend. It shattered into
a billion pieces. And I think, right now,
if she is listening, I’m sorry because I have
not told you about this yet. She still thinks like a dog– Right, she still
thinks a dog did it. One of the dogs. Oh, wow. But what I’m trying to say is
as we get a little bit older and started having
fun with our parents, then our parents came to
our parties at their house. Right. Does that make sense? Uh-huh. So we’d throw the party,
and my parents just show up. But Kate would invite
the industry people, and I would invite the riffraff. Oliver– OK, Oliver– And she would always get pissed
off at me because she’s, like, who is coming to these parties? And who is Jose Hernandez? And who is Charlie Chadoff? And who are all these people. And that’s when she’d
be Ethel Merman again. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] (IMITATING ETHEL MERMAN)
Why are they here? (IMITATING ETHEL MERMAN)
Why are they here? (IMITATING ETHEL MERMAN)
Who are all these– they need to go home. [LAUGHTER] Wait, we have to take a break. OK, are you getting confused? No, never. I just wanted to make
sure that we’re– No, I understand
what’s happening. He brought the riffraff. He brought the industry people. What am I confused about? Well, it was a little– no– I have to take a break. You can’t. Don’t suck me again– suck me in again. [LAUGHTER] Ellen, you weren’t supposed
to tell people that. Right. Don’t suck me in to
your story again. [LAUGHTER] We’ll be back. We’re back with Kate
and Oliver Hudson. So finish the story. I have to tell the story. Basically, it went like– I always just wanted to make
sure everything worked out OK. It’s kind of like how
we are on our podcast. I just want to make sure it’s
a little bit more organized and that it’s not too crazy. Oliver’s like, let it get crazy. It’s fine. So I’m standing at
the door, making sure that people who aren’t
supposed to be at the party aren’t coming in. There’s 400 people
at my parents’ house. And I’m kind of freaking
out a little bit. The control freak in me
is like, this is not OK. And I see someone scaling– just literally scaling
an eight-foot gate at my parents’ house. And I’m going– I’m freaking out. I’m like, this person– and I see this,
and they come off, and they do a back handspring
thing and pose down. I’m about to yell at this
guy, and it’s Tom Cruise. [LAUGHTER] And I was like, oh,
I didn’t realize you were coming to our party. He’s like, I wasn’t invited. He’s like, I heard
there was a party. I’m like, yeah, Tom, come on in. Wow. So that’s how he gets
around everywhere– he just scales things? Yes, he is Mission Impossible. Wow. It was wild. I mean, I’m not kidding. It was an eight– By the way, though, at
the end of the night, Tom Cruise and Jose Hernandez
were having the greatest conversation. [LAUGHTER] That is true. Tom Cruise is a
friendly man, and he’s interested in a lot of people. That’s right. I think Jose Hernandez also
ended up the one sleeping in the bushes that night. Yeah, he did. Yeah, we woke up, and he
was in one of Mom’s rugs. Oh my god. Mom woke up, and she
goes, who is sleeping in my rug on the outside? She’s Ethel Merman too, I guess. What do you mean in a rug? What? Do you roll up in
a rug and sleep? Yes. Look, we have so much fun. [LAUGHTER] All right, let’s talk
about the podcast. Yeah. It’s Sibling Revelry. Explain what you’re doing here. We have never done anything
together creatively, and this was a great
opportunity for us to explore the sibling dynamic. And we wanted to be candid
with our relationship. And honestly, it’s
been amazing, even just for us, and bringing on
celebrities and their siblings to gain different perspectives. It’s a very important
relationship that we think is under
explored obviously. Yeah, and it’s
funny because even we’re learning so much
about it as we go, whether it’s each
other, other people. It doesn’t matter– it’s
funny because we think we know people, but
when you hear about them from their siblings’
perspective, you get a completely different
feeling about who they are or where they come from. And we didn’t realize,
ourselves, how much fun it would be for us. I think it’s been one of
the most rewarding things. Honestly, for me, it’s been
the most profound thing that I’ve done creatively. I know that sounds crazy,
but it’s just the truth. Working with Kate and being able
to talk about our relationship candidly– for some crazy
reason, when the mic is in front of my face, I’m
able to be more vulnerable and say more. I don’t know why. That’s fantastic. It’s been really fun. And I love that you
love it so much. That’s really great. I love it so much. It’s been great. All right, Sibling
Revelry is available on Apple, Spotify,
Google, or wherever you listen to podcasts. So why did I list those? Anywhere– it’s everywhere. [LAUGHTER] We’re going to play a
game with Kate and Oliver later in the show. We’ll be right back.

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