this guys married two e-girls?

nobody knows how to plan a polyamorous wedding like seriously we’re here to celebrate the love of summer Jimmy and cha-cha and it’s gonna be a fabulous day my mom and my dad and my sister and my other sister they chose not to come oh poor Jimmy can’t see all of his family members at his wedding well but on the other hand you probably have threesomes on the regular basis so I don’t think it’s that much to complain for you is there hey what’s up guys it’s Jay boy and today I went in ballcraft to his YouTube channel again and found this video about this guy marrying two women at the same time I love Eve our craft without your channel I would have nothing I could judge this manatee over I’ve always known I was bisexual when I met Jimmy it was like our first second date and I just told him like hey I like girls and what do you think about dating other girls three years later we met summer I already know what he thought about that I think he was pretty mind blown in the first place that he could score someone who’s already out of his league and then you came up with the idea to introduce another girl to the relationship who as well is way out of his league and in addition to that ten years younger – who’d Jimmy I can’t believe how lucky he is and I mean what’s up with that is he rich or something maybe he’s super charismatic or he has a huge [Music] you think you’re ready but I don’t think you’re ever ready I’m a little nervous but now I’m like got my coffee and me and my hair is getting done so I think everything is coming together you’re slowly okay I obviously have to mention that what’s up with these girls looks colorful hair tattoos and weird-ass clothing like I don’t judge by any means it’s a cool look if you like it well this do definitely has a type Hasson T who they look like to e girls maybe here’s a huge Instagram following and that is how he got light in the first place and also with one having red hair and the other one having green hair Jimmy my dude please color your hair yellow is so if you three out on the streets you look like a traffic light I I just wish that people would take past concepts out of today’s realism because what they have is beautiful speaking the father of summer I am so happy that she’s happy that’s why she’s healthy she’s happy what else could I ask for well thanks John you’re making it really hard for me to roast these people no but for real though that’s really awesome and also I really don’t judge them for the polyamorous relationship they have I mean obviously it’s probably not easy with being jealous and being 3 at a time all the time and with this being basically a pretty new concept of a family and what will happen if kids come into the mix I mean all of that is probably not easy but if you manage to figure all of that out and live your life together man all power to you that’s really cool I mean I wouldn’t want it by any means but if you do he’ll good for you Who am I to judge I welcome you here today to bear witness with me to the lifelong partnership of summer muchacho and Jenna these three love each other and so many of the same ways yet individual love overlap huh now that I see all three of them together is only one thing that comes to my mind man this dude is even called Jimmy what are the chances get out of here I do I do I do I do of course Jimmy does well tell me is it just me or does Jimmy give you off that vibe of being a third wheel I mean like I said I’m not the person to judge I have no idea about polyamorous relationships but if they work it out good for them especially considering a three income household only I haven’t even thought about this yet Jimmy’s family is a huge part of our lives and we wish that they were here today it’s gonna just be a matter of time for them to change their mind I think everybody was just really happy overall which was a goal completed health Jimmy’s family is just all be jealous I mean what’s wrong with these people are a strict Christians or something like that I mean look at summer his father as a contrast like he said as long as they’re a healthy and happy everything is Gucci and Jimmy has scored two wives that are out of his league so at this point is basically double happy yo family Jimmy you’ll be just fine believe me hail Satan [Music]

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  1. hahahah the traffic light comment xDDDD I personally thought the two girls were like some kind of weird christmas reference with the red and green. If they are happy, hey thats fine with me, I dont judge that at all. But what I do wonder about is how this guy managed to pull these two girls! He is absolutely nothing special. Its a mystery for the ages. Congrats on 100 subs! Also when they are all saying I do, not only does he look a bit like a 3rd wheel, he also looks like he himself has no idea how he managed to pull this off haha! But as I said, if theyre happy, good for them. As a single divorced person who has been alone for like 6 years, I think its fine to find whatever happiness they can, and to embrace it! Thats what we live for after all, some of us. Anyway, hail satan lol!

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