This is how stylist Seo Sookyung has her year-end party | Insta Famous Lives EP.7-1

(Insta Famous Lives 2) Hello, all viewers of ‘Insta Famous Lives’.
My name is Seo Sookyung. I’m sorry. My face is a bit swollen. It’s swollen because
I had a surgery not long ago. (Nobody wanted to know that information) I am now in front of a restaurant
at Shinsa-dong. I am here because we are having
our year-end party here. So, a lot of famous influencers who
are close to me are now in this restaurant. Would you like to join us
for our lunch party? Let’s go! (Who is at this party?) Ta-da! (They are the first two ladies) Hello! (They are blinding our eyes) She is the sexy flower of
‘Insta Famous Lives’. – No, you’re the sexy flower.
– No, I am not. – Hello to our show’s sexy flower, Jess!
– Hello! And she is her best friend, Eunjin,
who is a supermodel. – Hello!
– Hello! (A top model who is working
in various fields) (A top model who is close with
Jess and Sookyung, Kwon Eunjin) – Please show us your attire of the day.
– Our attire? (She changes her gaze) (She’s suddenly walking with energy) (Model Eunjin shows her clothes properly) (This time, it’s Jess’s turn) (She’s full of smiles) – Today, my concept is elegance.
– It looks different on you. My goodness. The dresses look different
on you. Wow! You look pretty. You look pretty even if people just
take random pictures of you. Right? (What should we do?
We just can’t hide our beauty) I am wearing something a bit formal
as I have to be the host soon. I am wearing a long jacket today. Today is a fancy day. I am wearing a checkered long jacket… that has vivid colors
like this yellow color right here. – It’s very pretty.
– It’s very pretty. This kind of jacket would look nice
if it were paired with black pants. But today, I paired it with a blank pants
with gold pattern… (She wore pants that have the same color
as the color highlight of her jacket) Please turn around. You look pretty. Please show us your walk. (This is what a real runway walk
looks like) Are you a model? (Try to look as arrogant as you can) (Laughing) You look amazing! (It’s great but embarrassing
at the same time) I’m embarrassed to do this
in front of models. (But I think I was quite cool) – Here, we have Potta with us.
– Hello. She is the YouTube queen among
everybody in their 40s and 50s. (She is the new user who has
taken control of YouTube) (She is loved by many for her various
beauty and fashion content) (The new YouTube star, Potta) (Elegant and beautiful) You look very beautiful today. (Her figure is as amazing as
a woman in her 20s) This dress naturally accentuates
your curves. I can’t eat because of this dress. (They burst out laughing) – She is Champagne Princess.
– Hello. Champagne Princess is not an unfamiliar
figure on our show. – Not at all. Today…
– Your dress is pretty. You look fancy. I wanted to look feminine today. Since you’re wearing colored leggings, you look very stylish. (She does the crane pose as she’s happy)
(Nobody told her to do that) Who are they? (The 3 influencers are posing seriously)
(Glenda Work, Glenda Mama, Glenda Funshine) That’s enough. They are the Mama Family. – Hello!
– Hello! (They are the famous ladies on Instagram) (The two of them are famous sisters) Not long ago,
2young and I ransacked a store. – I transformed into an idol.
– Yes, you did. (She showed the colorful, sexy,
and romantic look) – She looks like a doll, doesn’t she?
– Yes. – She is very pretty and has a small face.
– Please don’t say that! (Sookyung makes a face at how
adorable 2young is when she’s shy) – Cheers. Thank you.
– Cheers. Thank you. (A party should begin with a toast) Hold on. I have to take a picture of this. – Cheers.
– One, two, three. (The cameras are there to take pictures
of their one-day party) (This is a party that excites all of us) Our hands look pretty, too. (#Year end party during the day
#A shot of the one day party) (#Wine only for a toast) (Let’s eat since we have taken a picture) You’re not going to eat a lot, are you? – The two of you.
– We will eat. – Thin girls don’t eat.
– I’ll eat a lot and exercise later. I exercised in the morning
before coming here. (She exercised in the morning
so that she can eat) (Sookyung is surprised) – We have to exercise before coming.
– She exercised before coming here… – so that she can eat a lot.
– You exercised in the morning? (Sookyung is not a picky eater) (She keeps on eating) (She regains the calories she lost from
preparing for the party by eating) (She enjoyed all the food the most)
(Slurping) – I’m not supposed to eat lunch.
– Why not? – You should eat lunch and skip dinner.
– I will eat dinner, anyway. (This is the true miraculous reasoning) Jess told me to wear A-line dresses
like this when I go on dates. Men only look at her body because
she wears very fitting clothes. – They don’t care about her personality?
– Yes, that’s right. What should we wear? You have to wear comfortable clothes. Why do you keep on trying so hard
to dress up? (Just follow the flow in your life) We are done eating. We are going to take
our final pictures together. But now, Eunjin is going to give each of us
a lesson on how to pose. (A lesson on how to pose from a supermodel) (You shouldn’t miss this lesson) First, strike any pose you like.
Then, I’ll teach you what to do. (The photo-lovers gather around
under Eunjin’s instruction) You have to be in the middle. Yes. Sookyung should be in the middle. Everybody, please strike your pose. (Their poses look dull) This looks good. But can one of you do a pose
that’s something like this? – You should do that.
– No, I’m fine with this pose. – Shall we do that pose together…
– Okay. – since you’re the younger member?
– Sure. You should go that side and do a pose
just like this. Kneel down like this and pose like this. (That is the model’s flex) Sookyung, you should raise your head
and look downwards. (She raises her head as high as she can) Both of you should twist your body, put a hand on your hip,
and stretch your leg like this. (She stretches her leg as much as she can) This is what you should do
with your shoulders. Pull your shoulders as low as you can
so that your neck looks longer. (Please look longer, neck) How do we do that? (She stretches her arm) That’s great! (She’s satisfied) My goodness! (Finally, they are ready
to take their picture) (Sookyung the center, Glenda Mama’s hand,
the two sexy ones, the beautiful leg line) One, two, three. (Tips to take pictures:
1. Highlight your jawline) (2. Straighten your shoulders
3. Stretch the toes of your long legs) (4. Mix a variety of poses
5. Have one person who stands out) (#The insiders’ party during daytime) (#This is the way to take pictures) (#Where is the next party?) Time for myself. LIFETIME.

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