This Is The Real Truth About Shakira’s So-Called Husband

Pop icon Shakira and her partner, Gerard Pique,
have been together for the best part of a decade at this point. The Barcelona defender is known as one of
the greatest soccer players of his time, but what do you know about the man himself? Shakira referred to Gerard Piqué as her “husband”
in a January 2020 Instagram video, but the two aren’t actually married. When she sat down with 60 Minutes to promote
her Super Bowl halftime show, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer told correspondent Bill Whitaker
that she has zero interest in becoming Mrs. Gerard Piqué, saying: “To tell you the truth, marriage scares the
s— out of me,” she said. “I don’t want him to see me as the wife.” She went on to explain why: “I’d rather him see me as his girlfriend. Exactly.” “His lover, his girlfriend.” It’s like a little forbidden fruit, you know?” Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that
Shakira has taken this stance with a partner. Before meeting Piqué, the former Voice judge
was involved with Argentine entrepreneur Antonio de la Rua, son of the country’s former president. They started dating in 2000 and were together
for over a decade, but she didn’t feel the need to make it official. Speaking to USA Today in 2009, Shakira described
herself as being “semi-married” to Rua: “We function as a married couple. We don’t need papers for that.” The songstress is taking a similar approach
to her relationship with Piqué, partly because she wants to “keep him on his toes” as the
years tick by. “I want him to think that anything’s possible
depending on behavior.” The fact that Shakira and Gerard Piqué share
the same birthday is pretty romantic, sure, but it becomes a little less cute when you
discover that the sports star is a full decade younger than she is. Speaking to The Scottish Sun, the singer admitted
that she had her reservations to begin with. “He was only 23 when I met him. I was concerned about the age gap as I was
33.” Her concerns soon melted away, however, and
before long, she was writing a song about falling for her boy toy the aptly titled “23”. A fair few of Shakira’s songs have since been
inspired by her relationship with Piqué. She’s confirmed that “The One Thing” is about
the soccer star being her destiny, and Shakira actually references their age gap in the song
“Me Enamoré.” Shakira went to a Catholic school and was
brought up to believe in God. She released her first two records when she
was still in high school, despite the fact that her music teacher refused to let her
join the school choir. “He didn’t want me in the school choir, he
didn’t want me in the school choir.” “Why?” “He didn’t like the way I sang.” After her first two albums bombed, she took
a break to concentrate on finishing school and would, of course, go on to become a superstar
after graduating, but Shakira struggled with her faith in those early days. The vocalist told Elle: “I was always very religious, and for a few
years, maybe because it sounds so corny I was not feeling the love like it was supposed
to be, I started to think that there was no God. And suddenly I meet Gerard and the sun comes
out.” Gerard Piqué is practically royalty in his
home city of Barcelona, where soccer is less a sport and more a way of life. His grandfather was once a director at the
city’s world-famous soccer club, and he made sure that his grandson was signed up as an
official club member on the day he came into the world. Piqué was being touted as a future Barcelona
player as soon as he could kick a ball, and even though that eventually came true, the
strapping defender had to go the long way about it. He played for Barcelona’s academy as a boy,
but Piqué knew that he would have to look elsewhere for senior action after an embarrassing
encounter with Dutch coach Louis van Gaal, who was in charge of Barcelona at the time. According to The Guardian, Piqué met van
Gaal at a lunch organized by his grandfather. The notoriously stern manager looked Piqué
up and down, and then reportedly pushed him over and told him that he was too weak to
be a Barcelona defender. Many soccer coaches practice tough love, but
that’s just plain mean. Gerard Piqué moved from one famous soccer
club to another in search of game time, but it didn’t work out for the youngster at Manchester
United. He failed to settle in England, partly because
he was homesick, and partly because he couldn’t understand a word his manager was saying. But nothing compared to combative midfielder
Roy Keane, the one Manchester United player who absolutely terrified Piqué. Speaking to The Players’ Tribune, Piqué recalled
the time he forgot to turn his cell off before a big game. The then-18-year-old was already nervous about
playing alongside some of the greatest players of that generation, so the last thing he wanted
to do was stand out. Of course, that’s exactly what happened, his
phone went off in the locker room, and Keane reportedly flew into a rage. Piqué recalled: “You know the famous scene with Jack Nicholson
in The Shining, when he bursts through the door? That’s what he looked like…Finally, I spoke
up, like a little boy. Very softly, I said, ‘I’m so sorry, it’s mine.’ Roy lost his mind!” Enrolling in a summer course at Harvard in
2017, Gerard Piqué joined the prestigious school’s Business of Entertainment, Media,
and Sports program. Rapper LL Cool J and actor Channing Tatum
took the same course the previous year, and Piqué’s class was also full of famous faces,
most notably Katie Holmes. For Piqué, Harvard was all about getting
ready for the future. He already expressed an interest in following
in his grandfather’s footsteps by representing Barcelona at a boardroom level, and according
to those who know what that entails, Piqué is the “ideal person” for the president job. Former president Joan Laporta told radio station
RAC1: “He knows the club, he’s a Barcelona fan,
he’s a player, the best center-back in the history of Barcelona, and he has character
and the will to work. He’s shown that he’s ready.” Gerard Piqué may be a popular figure in Catalonia,
but Barcelona isn’t the only soccer team in the region. Barca’s star defender often comes under fire
from fans of the team’s local rival, Espanyol. There’s nothing unusual about fans insulting
opposition players with chants, but in Piqué’s case, he isn’t the sole target. In January 2020, officials hit Espanyol with
disciplinary action after its supporters sang a derogatory song about Shakira a total of
13 times during their match with Barcelona. This wasn’t the first time die-hard Espanyol
fans had used the Colombian songstress to get to Piqué. The club was fined around $26,000 in 2016
after supporters created an insulting banner and unfurled it during a game, knowing it
would be seen by TV cameras and, most likely, Shakira herself. There’s nothing that Piqué can do to stop
people bringing cardboard cutouts of his baby mama to games, but that doesn’t mean he can’t
get his own back during interviews the Barcelona legend stirred the pot when he suggested that
Espanyol wasn’t even in Catalonia. Shakira’s beau has a reputation as a serial
prankster in the world of soccer, and it’s well-earned. Gerard Piqué has played tricks on numerous
teammates, but, while his fans love his mischievous streak, his victims don’t always see the funny
side. The Barcelona defender made headlines in 2014
when, according to Spanish outlet Sport, he decided to set off a stink bomb on a team
flight to Finland. That might seem pretty harmless, but this
wasn’t even a private flight, furious airline staff apparently had to apologize to other
passengers for the unpleasant smell. The stink bomb incident is just one of many. Piqué and Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi
reportedly set a staffer’s moped on fire because the engine was too loud, although the duo
supposedly replaced it with the latest model the day after. “Aha!” Piqué once admitted that he also torched
some custom-made shoes belonging to his Manchester United teammate, Patrice Evra. Pique explained: “I went to the showers, made a little bonfire
and burned them.” Evra was not amused, and later revealed how
he got his revenge while appearing on quiz show A League of Their Own: “I take his shoes and I go in the toilet,
and I s— inside of them.” Soccer is so popular in parts of Europe that
it can influence politics, and nowhere is the line between the two more blurred than
in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. While technically and legally in Spain, many
residents of the region view Catalonia as its own separate entity, and debates over
independence have been raging in recent years. It was only a matter of time before Gerard
Piqué got involved, and he upset a lot of people when he did. “It’s often said that football and politics
shouldn’t mix, but the reality is that they do.” In 2017, the Catalan government announced
it was going to stage an independence referendum, which was quickly ruled illegal by the central
Spanish government. A number of Catalan officials were arrested
and clashes between police and would-be voters got violent, something Piqué urged against
on Twitter. Writing in the Catalan language, the athlete
offered his support for the referendum, BBC Sport reports. Piqué has never confirmed that he would vote
for Catalonia to leave Spain given the chance, but fans of the Spanish national side have
come after him regardless. Piqué has been booed by his own supporters
in numerous international games, many of whom see him as being anti-Spain. Gerard Piqué is a busy man, so busy that
he usually only sleeps for around four to five hours a night. According to Forbes, the soccer star begins
work on his personal business ventures as soon as he’s finished training, but all this
extracurricular activity is making Barcelona bosses nervous. Piqué’s purchase of FC Andorra led to questions
about whether a player should be allowed to own a soccer club when he’s still playing
competitively himself. He also upset a lot of people with his involvement
in a short 2018 documentary, produced by Piqué’s company, which followed striker Antoine Griezmann
as he decided whether to leave long-time club Atletico Madrid for Barcelona. Reports coming out of Spain suggest that higher-ups
at the club are so fed up with Piqué’s entrepreneurial pursuits that they started including so-called
“anti-Piqué clauses” in their contracts in 2020, in the hope that it will keep players
focused solely on soccer. Gerard Piqué has always been a polarizing
character, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Add in the fact that he isn’t afraid to comment
on hotbed political issues, and it’s not hard to see why some people just can’t stand the
man. Does he let that bother him? You know enough about Piqué at this point
to guess the answer. When asked about his detractors, Piqué said: “I take no notice and I have a good time. The world of football is a show. Everything is a farce, everything that you
read is a lie…When we get in a mess it’s because we want to, we want to add a bit of
spice.” The Barcelona star admitted that he used to
let his critics get him down when he was new to the game, but he’s too old and wise to
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