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The ones who spent their lives building a home for their family, Those parents are made homeless by their own children. They spend rest of their lives seeking for justice, Seeing them you will be bound to question yourself, Who is their guide? Their care-taker? In the search for the answer we ended up reaching
Joyram Seba Ashram at Tobin Road, Baranagar. Their we met Mr. Deb Kumar Mallick,
the founder of the Ashram who is a great example of living humanity
and kindest intension for everyone. In my Ashram, currently 317 elderly parents are getting daily meal. In order to feed 317 elderly people, everyday, I have to boil 46 kgs of rice, along with that 16 kgs of moong dal and vegetables. We serve rice, dal and vegetables as
this is within my capacity to give every single day to this parents. Every single day the food will be served to these people for that reason rice, dal and vegetables has been selected. Every morning food is prepared in the room we have a room named as “Bhog-er-Ghar” where the food is cooked every morning. We have 4 cooks who cooks this food daily along with them 6 more people helps in parcelling the food. Dal, rice and vegetables are packed individually. After the food has been packed, another
set of volunteers arrive at ashram, around 18 volunteers distribute the food accordingly. The reason why i always wished to do this work, to feed the abandoned parents daily, I had this wish since my childhood. My dad was not keeping well, His right side of the body was paralysed, I couldn’t see him take care my grandparents, Because he coudn’t do it as he was unwell. So i always looked up to my uncle as the head of the family My uncle and aunty. But my uncle and aunty always misbehaved
with my grandparents. Because they were old, uncle and aunty always
remained frustrated and irritated with them. “That why grandfather isn’t eating”? “Why haven’t you eaten yet?” “When will you eat?” “Why is your food left unfinished?” My uncle said, Why did he say? I saw my grandfather cry at the corner. Because his son mistreated him with faul language. I have witnessing that since when i was too young that old parents are often treated badly. Why? Why not eating? Why sitting? Why talking too much? Why talking so much? Go to your room! You stay in your room. Why did you come in this room? After this I saw that small room was for my grandparents, and big rooms were for us Me and my parents are in the big room. Uncle and aunty are in the big room. But grandparents are kept in the smaller room, Why? Why will they be deprived from everything else? So i decided when i will grow up, i will keep my grandparents in the bigger room. I have AC point in my room, Uncle and Aunty have AC point in their room, but there was no AC point in grandparents’ room.
Why will they not have AC point in their room? Don’t they have the right to have AC in their room? They have become old, so if one becomes old then one is deprived from everything. They cannot eat with us at the dinner table because they will take lots of time in eating that’s why their food is served in their room. “Here is your food, have it.” It’s just like a formality. As soon as parents grow older, things start to take
new angle of “Formality” That they need to be fed and rest they will lay in their room. They to desire to hangout. Like we go to park, I take my daughter to the park. Can’t they go to park? I take my family to holidays, Can’t my parents join us too? This was not just in my house but also in my neighbourhood. Grandfather, grandmother in the next door, “Why are
you sitting outside?” “It’s dusk, won’t you get back to home?” They responded, “No my son and his wife went out,
and the door is locked.” So if son and his wife goes out, then the door will be
locked and their mother will have to wait out. Why? Why are they deprived and neglected of everything? Why? will they be deprived? So I decided that i will grow up fast. When will I grow up? Please God make me grown up faster. I used to pray to God. Please make me an adult faster I will give these deprived and abandoned parents
the happiness they deserve. I will take them to park, to hangout, to walk, I will feed them, i will keep them in a bigger room. I grew up seeing this dream, that when will i grow up, and when will i be able to keep these parents happy? This is how i decided to feed abandoned elderly parents. The very first support i received was from my parents. My parents taught me that, “He who loves the living being, serves the God indeed” Serving humanity is the biggest duty. No duty beyond serving humanity. God didn’t brought me to this Earth. This is my believe. Others may not acknowledge this. This is why i consider those parents are my God. So my parents told, “feed those parents who are not getting food.” “Serve humanity” “No duty is greater than this” That is why i chose to follow my parents wish, also my neighbours and relatives acknowledged
this to be a good initiation, a great work “Keep it up” they said. With everyone’s blessing i am continuing this noble work. Many approached me with money to help me do this work. “Deb Kumar, i want to help you with donation.
You are doing a great job” I said, “I will not take money.” I, Deb Kumar Mallick, will never take money from anyone. “You please give me food materials.” “Give me rice, daal, oil and spices, but please don’t give me money.” Because in today’s time, This noble work of helping the needy has
turned into a new kind of business. “I am feeding people and posting its photo online” “Posting online to show that i am helping and feeding poor.” “Those people on footpath” Showing those photos to big organisations and
corporates, i am collecting money “Give me… “…The Fund” “I will take this fund to feed the needy.” They waste over 90% of the entire fund. But needy people are deprived of the food. In the name of food, education, clothing
they have started a business. But i am far away from that, I will never take money or fund, but one may help me
by providing me with raw materials. What will do with the fund? I will buy rice and daal only, so that i can cook and parcel the food to those people. That is why i never deal with money. I have never taken any money from anyone and in future
i will never take money from anyone also. With blessing and support of my fellow neighbours i have
started this work and will continue with this. When i started with this at that time i had only 5 people with me. Back then my mother was alive, Mother used to cook Maa said, “apart from we four family member,
even five more people can have this food.” Mom used to cook extra food and used to pack that up. My wife and maa used to pack it up for parcel, I used to parcel them to the ones who were in need. Thus this work got spreaded out and reached to many people.
Area’s club members came forward and told, “There are 2 people and their whose son is not feeding them,
will you feed them, Deb Kumar?” I said, “Yes of course i will feed.” This is how the number turned to 7. I got a call from next locality. “Are you Deb Kumar Mallick?” They said,
I said, “Yes I am Deb Kumar Mallick” There are 2 elderly people in my area, “Their sons and daughters have left them and settled abroad.” “Will you feed them as well?” I agreed, this is how it became 9 and then 90. From 90 it became 317 and counting. Couple of weeks ago you must have watched Dadagiri show Of Saurav Ganguli When i approached him, back then i had 262 people to feed. After having interview with him, my reach to the public expanded. My message was to feed the parents. and then many people approached me. That number 262, in today’s date it became 317. Sending food to all these people twice a day is a big task. Very big tast, to help me do this big task, many people from my locality and neighbouring locality, came forward to me. This is a good work. After seeing me in that Dadagiri show many people
came to know about me. That this is Deb Kumar Mallick, he feeds abandoned
isolated elderly hungry parents. Those people from my locality approached me and
things started to get lot easier for me. Today, in this Joyram Seba Ashram, The one which i created, It’s not funded by outsiders. Never ever collected a single penny, This Ashram was founded by my parents And it’s created by the money my parents had. I got 76 volunteers to help this Ashram. All these 76 volunteers, selflessly, solicitously, Stood by me. Deb Kumar Da, we are with you. Hand us over the food and we will deliver to them. In order to deliver foor to 317 homes, we boil 46 kgs ‘miniket’ rice. 46 kgs ‘miniket’ rice. We cook it and blanch it, Rice looks white. Why we focus on white rice? It’s because if rice is cooked well, No matter how daal or vegetable is cooked, it becomes edible. If this rice was of thick or red grain, or the ones we get from Ration Shop, Rs.2/- per Kg. If we serve that rice, all are elderly people. everyone is old. My food is only for those, it’s not for those homeless people on the streets or footpath,
and made that footpath as their home or bedroom, My food is only for them who are abandoned by their own children. Those mother, to who their son doesn’t give food. Those father, who gets beaten up by son. My food is for them, Not only food but also treatment and clothes. If they fall sick, i give my ambulance to them for Re.1/- My funeral van is also given at cost of Re.1/-. Sometimes i drive it myself. I can drive myself. Anyone falls sick, we take them to hospital in our ambulance. we get them treated there and also buy them medicine. After buying medicine we drop them back to their home. God hasn’t given me that much strength that i could
provide them with shelter yet. I am Deb Kumar Mallick, i am a cloth merchant of Gujarat A businessman from Surat, Gujarat. What ever money i earn from my business, I spend entire money on feeding those parents. You may call it charity, or you may call it feeding, For my family, my parents have left behind quite enough. Why people will not feed their parents? If I may ask you? Why people will not feed their parents? Why people will not feed them? When i was unable to eat my mom used to smash it… liquidify it… to make it easily swallowable for a baby, an infant, how will he/she eat? Has got no teeth yet. if he/she had teeth, could have chewed, a mother knows that, her baby has got no teeth, cannot chew food. so a mother smashes the food and feed her baby. Then is it not the duty of the son/daughter to feed their mother who lost her teeth due to old age. But what are they doing instead? They beat them up. Why doesn’t a mother like you die? Why doesn’t a father like you die? we sons and daughters are wishing for their death. because we are bound to take care of them. parents are meant to be kept in old-age homes. They deserve to be kept with us and get care from us. But we send them to old-age homes, leave them at unknown stations. we leave them at unknown bus stand, and lock them at home. We lock them in house and go to vacation at Bangkok, Patiyala. mother remains house arrested. you must have seen in the news. Everytime we see same news, parents are locked inside house and their son and
wife in law went for vacation. Why? The greatst thing on Earth is Mother! There is nothing greater that a Mother. Best God is a Mother. Best God is a Father. But we are torturing them. I, Deb Kumar Mallick, chose to feed those parents who sons are not feeding them, torturing them, locking
them in house, isolating them. I will deliver food to those parents every single day, They deserve to be fed. They deserve to get care. God has chosen me for this. This is my fight, my struggle, my social movement. You cannot simply leave your patents, you must feed them. They are gift of God. Because of them we are born. Then why will we torture them? Why won’t we feed them? Why should we send them in old-age home? This is my fight, my struggle. I have decided to pursue the biggest struggle of my life. that i will feed all hungry parents and will take care of them. This is my worship, this is my duty, i chose this my
primary goal of my life. This is how my family, my wife and I have decided that where ever we my any abandoned parents we will feed them. It’s just a little food, can’t we give it to our mother? can’t we give it to our father? because of who we are alive today? This is my goal, if needed i will struggle, i will fight, i will bring social movement. but we must feed our parents, because they are our true God. Right in the beginning he told, “i have no mother, you’re my mother” Any old person goes to old-age home, goes there with grief. no matter how ill one may be, they go with sadness. after getting him in my life, i have lost all pain. I really feel very happy. very happy. God bless him. I always tell him that you have to stand by them forever, and we all elderly people are with you. I may not have any problem but the ones who are not getting food, the ones who are not taking care of their parents. At least he is thinking for them. this is no less, isn’t it? That’s i have to say. When I lost my father, on the banque of Ganga i was told to Take off all your clothes and wear a white cloth. I inquired, what kind of system was that? it’s like i have always seen who ever goes to Shamshaan Ghaat,
has to wear white for next few days. i was told that it’s the law of nature, if mother or father expires, one has to wear white for next
14 days, and also sleep on floor. cannot consume non-veg, this is the rule. My father had done for my grandfather. so i have to do it for my father so after 14 days, of sacrifice, and sleeping on the floor, will eat only veg meal, cannot eat any non-veg food. This is for respecting my father. then after 14 days I will not get back my father. then my father will be on a photo frame. and i will put garland on that photo frame. Then how will i feel him again? how will i recall his presence? if due to some reason i had to remember my father
then i will recall him that time. I wanted that my father to stay beside me in each steps of my life just like he was in my childhood and to remain forever till death, and i wanted to feel my parents in each and every moment of my life That is why I chose to wear this white, ever since i was
at the banque of river Ganga. When ever i will find white cloth on my body, i will feel
my parents are with me. My struggle is for those abandoned parents. That is a family. So i decided to make a logo having a family. A logo will be made having illustration of a family. So i planned of putting entire family, where there will be a father a mother, a child. so i kept a father in my logo, as complete man. along with that a mother and a child. But even after keeping mother, father, child, something was missing. then i decided that a family can be of any religion, it can be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhism, Christian. so how about we make it in a virtual world. There will be few houses A family, home, and versatility of religions. This is how i made the logo of Joyram Seba Ashram.

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