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place me like a seal over your heart
like a seal on your arm for love is as strong as death it’s
jealousy unyielding as the grave it burns like blazing fire like a mighty
flame many waters cannot quench love rivers cannot sweep it away to my dearest little peanut I will never forget the moment my heart
met yours time stopped and everything disappeared except you and me it was
that moment I realized I found the one whom my soul was bran
I cannot believe today is finally here as I sit here trying to write these vows
I’m struggling not because I am at a loss for words but because all words
seem inadequate when trying to explain my love for you trying to explain my
love for you and it was like trying to explain God’s love and trying to explain
how he loves us in the depths and the way he does and there simply are not
enough words for that I want you to know how honored and privileged and blessed I am that even with all my imperfections you still chose me becoming your husband
is the greatest title and honor I will ever have this marriage is my calling
and I will answer it every time lord I pray that you will bless this marriage help them to always keep you at the center of it we pray that you bless this day open
our spirits and open our hearts so that we can best celebrate the love of Tori
and Branner on this wonderful marriage life won’t be easy but a man would be magical I don’t know what it will look like and I don’t know what will happen and I know that after seeing all the tests that we went
through to get here that our love can survive anything I’m beyond grateful
that I get to love you forever is my greatest honor in life as you know we are all gathered here to
marry Branner Getz and Tori however Brandner and Tori have made it
perfectly clear that this is not so much about them but about the one who brought
them together they want the author of eternal love to be their guest of honor
today we are here primarily to worship the living Lord Jesus Christ without the two of you this day would not have happened at all you two made this
possible and you made our dream come true so we wanted to do something
special to honor the two of you so as we enter this covenant with God
know this I chose you and I promise to choose you every day for as long as I
have a breath to breathe I will strive to love you better each day as your wife and your best friend where you go I will go and your God will be my God Branner and Tori in the presence of God
and these witnesses you’ve pledged yourselves to one another it is with a
great joy that I proclaim you man and wife I think it’s a good time to kiss
your lovely bride in partnership with Branner’s
thoughtfulness his immense heart and his steadfast love for you I see a life filled
with joy with success and with adventure Tori you were the gentle kind human
being who I believe continues to make Branner a better man every single day
it is wonderful to see you two people so happy together with so much look
forward to your love inspires every person in this room and just like she makes you better you
make her better and your guys’s love is a picture of God’s love for all of us
because there is no way that the two of you could be able to love each other
like this if he wasn’t in it

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  1. Branner's reaction when he saw Tori coming down the aisle 😭😭😭😭

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