This Robot is SO fun! New DJI Robomaster S1

– I can’t believe it either. – [Vintage Voiceover] Well,
I have a wonderful electronic invention I want you to see. It looks something like this. (warp sound) – This probably isn’t what
you thought DJI was going to be launching next, did you? ‘Cause I sure didn’t but
I’m so glad they did. They’re calling this an educational robot. This is the DJI RoboMaster S1. Since 2015, China has been
having this competition. It’s called the RoboMaster Competition and I had not heard of this
until DJI announced this. So this is kind of like a
smaller consumer version of what they use in the competitions. I have no idea what
I’ve gotten myself into with this unboxing
because this is something that is programmable. You also have to put it
together, so this thing comes in a bunch of different pieces. What I love about it is they’re calling it an educational robot
so this isn’t something that just comes in the
box already put together. This is something that you put together, that you learn how it works and using Scratch and Python you can program it. You can write programs on your computer, on mobile tablets, on Android, on iOS and you can share them
instantly with your friends or maybe even your not friends because this thing is
made for competitions. So after this unboxing, I’m
going to put this together and then I’m going to go meet up with some friends who also have one. Hmm, okay, this is substantial box. The box is actually not very heavy though which is kinda cool. Oh my gosh. It’s all in pieces. So, here’s our instructions
and this is the one time that you will see me place
these delicately off to the side because I think that’s
something I’m gonna need. So this looks like it’s
probably important. This is like a massive LEGO set. There’s a lot of pieces. Look at this lovely,
thoughtful little toolbox. That’s… that’s something. Oh my, this is gonna be really fun. If you guys are new
here, one of the things that I love so much is, I love LEGO sets and I used to love the Technic sets too ’cause you could actually
make things move and happen. I don’t even think this
is going to be that difficult to put together. Am I missing something? Oh, there’s more. I should probably just timelapse myself putting this together ’cause I’m probably going to be here for awhile. Oh look, it’s all together. Just kidding, this is
the one that they sent that was already
assembled and ready to go. It’s crazy how steady this is. So it has the two-axis
mechanical gimbal and using AI, it can identify other S1s,
it can identify people. If you guys are fans of
DJI and their drone line then you know that their technology and their software, they
integrate so well together. There’s also one other thing that’s not out when it’s launched. Don’t roll off the table
’cause you’re not on and you don’t know your name yet. Controller. There’s also these little water pellets. So these soak in water
for about four hours and then they have like
this little chamber that you put these in and
then you load it into the S1. Here it is, it’s like the
size of a Nintendo Switch. Okay, I gotta start
getting this thing together because I’m running out of time. How am I gonna have time to
learn Python in six hours? We’re about to start the installation. It is currently 9:34 pm, we start now. Think I might have to
pick this up tomorrow ’cause I don’t think I’m gonna get it done tonight ’cause I’m already tired. (upbeat electronic music) This took me way too long to do because I didn’t follow the directions (giggle). Here’s to following the directions a little bit more closely. Let’s go. (upbeat electronic music) It’s going well. I’m actually having a
lot of fun doing this. I’m gonna stop now
because I’m getting tired and I’m gonna finish the rest up tomorrow so I’ll be right back little robot. Back for day two. We’re finishing this up because tomorrow we’re gonna be taking
this out to a warehouse and I’m going to be playing with a bunch of my friends who also have this. Jenna is also here to help me, that’s my sister, and I’m going to put the building instructions on my iPad. This is so hard to see,
I had to get my glasses. ‘Kinda elderly now (laughs), I can’t see. (upbeat electronic music) – [Jenna] Show me what
the screen… oooh. Oh! – [Justine] Wait, where are we at? We’re over here. – [Jenna] It’s going to
take some getting used to. It has a personality. (upbeat electronic music) – This is so freaking cool. Oh, this is on slow (upbeat electronic music) (zapping noises) Now that it’s unboxed and all assembled I met up with some friends
that also have one of these and this is where it’s
going to be really fun. You can connect them all to one router and you can battle each other. So, let’s battle. (upbeat electronic music) We’re about to start our battle so let’s meet our contestants. – My name is Faruk aka iPhonedo. Word comes from taekwondo, to break stuff. – Friendly breaking? – Friendly breakdancing. – (laughter) I’m Justine aka iJustine. This is my first time battling. That’s all I’ve got. – Aldryn Estacio aka FlytPath and this is gonna be interesting. – I’m Jenna aka Jenna
and I’m here for fun. Well switch away. (upbeat electronic music) – Three, two, one, let’s go. No! (upbeat electronic music) Oh my gosh, who’s hitting me? Am I hitting myself? – [Jenna] I’ve already got taken down – Who’s behind the TV? Ohhh! You caught me,
whoever is behind the TV. Oh, I got destroyed, I got destroyed. Oh, I just came back to life and I got destroyed, not cool. – (yelling and laughing) Oh
(beep), sounded not good. – Oh no, I’m stuck, I’m stuck. – Shoot. – Arg. (upbeat electronic music) Oh, sorry. Not really. – [Everyone] Ohhhhh. – Whoa. – [Aldryn] Oh, I gotta
hit everyone, seriously. Oh my god. – [Justine] This is incredible. – Holy cow, this is cool. Oh, no, no, no, no. – [Justine] Oh, I hit the TV. (upbeat electronic music) – (laughter) – I didn’t see that. Definitely didn’t see that. – Ohhhh. – Guys, I think mine maybe died. – That was incredible. – That was unbelievable. – Holy cow. – So, we planned on
originally doing a battle mode but so much stuff is
happening so we just kind of were going into like a free for all mode just kind of trying to
eliminate each other. This was unlike anything
I’ve ever experienced. – Wow – I’m sweating. – Oh my gosh. – That was intense. – It was educational, if I might say. – I learned a lot about myself. – Yeah, me too. (laughter) – Well, the best part about not having a score is we all won. – Yeah, except I got stuck in
the ladder so I probably lost. (intense rock music) – There’s a couple different modes. You can use the infrared beams or there’s something else that you have already set up on yours. – Yeah, like you said, the infrared beam is a little light that comes out so you can kind of… has audio in there. But if not, you can actually activate the beads which are really cool. Takes about three to four
hours to enlarge the beads. They come in these really small pellets. – And there’s just a selection here that you switch from the
infrared to the gel beads. – Yup. Then you just have to turn that blaster safety on and then you can now trigger the beads that come out. – [Justine] No way! (robot zaps and clicks) Oh (laughter). – Definitely one of my favorite
features of this thing. (robot zaps and clicks) – We’ve done so many fun videos together but this one, by far, I mean, granted the flamethrower
stuff was really fun, but this was so cool. – This is something else. – What’s one of your favorite features? – The ability to program this because when you program this, it helps you with the artificial intelligence. – I saw you had yours programmed so it was actually tracking me as we were going and firing off the
lasers at the same time. – Yes, yes, and I wasn’t
even touching the controller. – No, it was amazing. – So if you’re capable of programming that way you have advantage. That’s why it becomes more
than just a regular game. – I think one of my favorite things though is we actually were able to bring it here and all play together. That was awesome. – By itself, yes it’s a lot of fun, but with friends, it’s
completely something else. – It was so great, this was so much fun. Thanks so much for being in my video. – Thank you so much for having me. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you go check
out all of our channels. I will put links in the description and let’s do this again soon. – We should. We gotta. – So great. – We have to, this is not over. – They’ll be more. We’ll see you guys later. (intense rock music)

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  1. I think it will be more funny if you guy attach bollon to the robot then try to get the opponet bollon.

  2. So I get to spend $500 on a physical super cool robot only to sit looking at a tablet the WHOLE time I want to enjoy playing with it? Shut up and take someone else’s money!!

  3. 1:42 HOTTT !!! Also at 0:01, 0:02, 0:03, 0:04 … to … 9:00 😍👍😎 But who would have thought, DJI doing a Rover!

  4. That was cool, I'm not a big "unboxing" fan. But i enjoyed this a lot thank you. So fun to see the genuine enthusiasm. Wish I lived somewhere that had folks interested in this sort of thing.

  5. The problem I have with this is the gun. It’s supposed to be an educational robot targeted at schools yet it’s got a gun on it. I’m a gun guy I’m just not understanding why an educational robot would come with a gun. I think it’d be fun to harass my dog with but as a robot used in school to teach robotics and engineering it doesn’t need to look like one of the failed robocop designs.

  6. I did notice a couple of things from your test – most notably either the robots need a MASSIVE open area, or controller sensitivity is currently too high for most people. Therefore, DJI could provide a way for users to manually adjust this sensitivity, so they can become more accustomed to it.

    Like the majority of their drones, battery life is super short as well, and still a pain to recharge. Surely it is time DJI offered a solar-thermal battery for their products?! Even a small 10000mAh solar power bank would be suitable.

  7. This video proves you are the perfect female. When you said 'this is going to be fun' when pulling the pieces out … you took home the top prize for most desirable women.

  8. Cmon your saying you love it because your just kissing DJIs ASS!
    Most family’s and kids can’t even afford this even schools would have a hard time to purchase.
    It’s not time fir this and they should stick with the drone world .

  9. In my senior design we bought something from adafruit, but I think this one much better! I really jealous kids nowadays, what an awesome toy!

  10. Dji is on a roll, creating market after market. This is so awesome of them, aside from the entertaintment value it has, like you said, the educational value is the huge thing about.

  11. That is super cool! You are the coolest lol! You pic super cool stuff to have on you're channel! I love it! 😎

  12. Python is a interpreted language but can be compiled into CPP code and compiled into assembly code which will be much faster.

  13. It would be really cool is these had AR and you could pick up items and traps in game that could affect the other players.

  14. I have two coming and I can’t wait. The only thing that just worries me was when she said “connect to the same router”. So we can’t battle if there’s no WiFi around? I hope that’s not true..

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