This robot will cook your dinner! | CNBC International

Meet the world’s first robotic kitchen. Equipped with two fully articulated hands,
this automated kitchen is able to cook on its own. Here it’s making CNBC a crab bisque.
How does it work? Moley Robotics invited Master Chef winner Tim Anderson in a special studio
fitted with 3D camera, where his every move from stirring liquids to turning the hob up
or down was recorded. The robot now replicates its movements. However, at $75,000, the first
models will not come cheap. But the company hopes to quickly slash costs
and make improvements. Is it worth it? Okay so that’s crab bisque with truffle oil.
Let’s have a little taste. It’s really nice. Okay I’m going to finish it. Mmm…

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  1. Баба стремная,волосы жидкие,лицо кривое да и язвах.один глаз вообще расположен ниже другого.
    я знал что немки страшные но не настолько же!
    Не поеду жить в германию

  2. Every bowl of bisque is different, the ingredients are the same, but different in age, ripeness, flavor, so on. However, all this robot knows is, 1 cup this, 2 tbsp that, stir 5 min on med high heat. It will do the job the same as a low wage know-nothing in a chain restaurant would, but it will never understand nuance. At least not for many many more years.

  3. they should make it programmable so you could train it to perform other food related tasks yourself. Then make those preferences available via social media. That way you can eventually have an entire library of dishes and tasks not out of the box.

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