This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition is available now!

This War of Mine… an amazing game. When I was a child I’ve always wondered what happened to those people at war… This War of Mine showed us the true face of war. In This War of Mine you can experience the many fates of affected victims in war. We really feel the true meaning of being in war. This War of Mine is a game I love playing… …because it puts me in vulnerable position that forces me to make hard choices. It’s not about surviving. It’s about how we survive. Will you remain a human? Or you become an animal? A game that… will change your perspective. And make you appreciate that you live in a peacful country. This War of Mine is one of the best video games I have ever played.

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  1. obrigado 11 bit studios, This War of Mine é incrível, tenho desde o lançamento e continuo jogando até hoje, o melhor jogo de sobrevivência que tive o prazer de jogar

  2. thank you so much for this amazing update !!! i played 100 hours before the update…in a week , its surely gonna be 200 hours ^^

  3. it will be cool if you make a character whos 14 or 15 years old… cause now there adults and little kids in the game but there s no teenie …

  4. Thank you 11 bit studios for making an amazing game! And not only that, thanks for changing my point of view, my philosophy and how I saw war. You changed the war games genre, but I just hoped this game could get more attention, because it really deserves it! And after all that, not only you made us support charity, make tough decision and enjoy ourselves, you are giving us this DLC for free… i really don't know what to say! You guys are amazing developers and I hope more could belike you 😀

  5. I tried buying it for ps4 but they don't have it at game stop only in Ebay they have for ps4 and Xbox 1 can anyone please explain this to me

  6. Awesome work 11 bit studios, many thanks for this game and continuing updates. No game ever made me cry and think so much about my peaceful life, my family and kin…but This War of Mine did it. Thank you again guys…

  7. Thanks a lot for this. I bought it like a month ago

    I remember to try this game with a pirate copy and decide not to play until i could buy it. It took a lot of time but i can finally enjoy it.

    Also for new players i recommend you to play the first time without knowledge of nothing.

    For you 11 bit studios i would say make the ia more intelligent and give them the opportunity to reach you in hide sites when you go to them in front of their view. Also make that your survivors with out coffe and cigarettes get angry( destroying maybe some materials)

    sorry for my English

  8. este juego me ha hecho llorar y conmoverme, pensar y sentir como ningun otro, en momentos se me ha acelerado el pulso, al mover un personaje y tratar de que no lo maten. todo lo nuevo que venga de este es para mi tan chido.

  9. This is one of my favourite games ever
    I played countless hours of it on mobile and now I'm going to buy it again on PC
    Just……thank you

  10. New locations!!!!! Thank you!!! I am obsessed with This War of Mine. I've been binge playing it in the evenings and I've wanted new locations to try to get back that feeling of when I first experienced the game and didn't know what to expect.

    Thank you for this anniversary edition. Thank you for new locations and survivors. THANK YOU for making this game!

  11. Hi, the update has resetted my play history, and all the scenarios that I haven't played are now locked again. Please help :'(

  12. i routinely tell people you guys have made my favorite game. this free update is just another reason why, i have also bought your game on pc and Ps4 to support your numbers.

  13. At first, I never thought that TWOM would become the game that I spent the most of my time. Thank you for these scenarios really very critical.

  14. Wielkie dzięki za This War of Mine! Ta gra dostarczyła mi wielu emocji podczas grania w nią. Do tego pzyznam, że długo nie odpalałem jej, ale mnie zachęciliście dzięki tym poprawkom.
    PS. Mam nadzieję, że nie było dla was problemem to, że napisałem to po polsku.

  15. Może gra była by trochę przesadzona i zniszczyło by to jej kontent… Ale mogli byście wprowadzić jakieś DLC lub "inny tryb" apokalipsy zombie… Myślę że mogła by to być dość ciekawa opcja.

  16. After seeing this video a few days ago, it compelled me to jump right back into This War of Mine. Still just as good as ever. Keep up the good work, 11bit!

  17. 11 Bit Studios,you game amazing.This game is my favorite.Many characters, locations …You perfectly conveys the atmosphere of war.In This War of Mine worried for each character, your guilty conscience when you're not helping your neighbor… THANKS YOU!!

  18. bought it on steam as a early acces, never regreted it, this game is amazing, and so im a big fan and supporter, THANK U 11 bit, greetz from the-netherlands (holland)

  19. 11 bit you should bring in more ways to show the player that they are in a crossfire of a war im just saying that maybe you should bring in some other characters or ways the player can really feel emotional and immersed with game play my opinion is that you should make the military in the game more destructive and larger because when ever i play this war of mine i feel like there are only few places with military it just seems like they are too weak also one more thing you did REALLY well is the "karma" in the game (you help somebody they help you later on)really nice work anyway love your game just wanted to give some advice have a nice day

  20. Very nice to see some new content coming! Love your game forever! I have it since it was only half-an-yar old. It is getting better and better! However, there is one problem that every game has at some point: it's missing some important content for it's kind. I mean, there are more things that could be added to the game! Especially items with more functionalities! I can think of many… lets see… the most important ones in my list are: Clothes, because you need them in the winter and you can easily get them in times of war considering the amount of victims… then we could have Ragged clothes, that should be a "broken" version of the,. They can be brought back to use with fabric (also new crafting item). Fabric should be a very easy resource to access, because there are lots of it lying around in war. It should be used to make fuel (5 fabric = 1 fuel), bandages (5 fabric + the other ingredients = 1 bandage(s)), and, obviously, to "repair" ragged clothes. Considering it easier to make fuel now (fabric should stack up to 10), the improved heater should be harder to make, requiring a fan and coal to work. It should give the extra heat ONLY when coal is used in it… This can be done by adding the Cold Crisis addon from the Steam Workshop. This way the easier to get fuel is balanced out and still requires that small challange. Coal should be avalible in 2 variations too: Homemade coal (made in a Garden by placing wood chunks (another new item) in the ground and letting it there 5 in-game days) and high-quality coal, that can find and you can make in an Improved garden. Wood chunks should stack up to 5, and you can make 1 fuel out of 3 wood chunks. When making chairs and other wooden items you should also het sawdust. It should be used as a fertilizer. And not to forget, we should be able to make backpacks. A small one, with "broken" version included, a medium one, with it's own "broken" version included and a big one, with – belive it or not – it's own "broken" version. Also, in the game files there are more items that are unused from what I know. They have icons too! Give them uses and bring them in! That are only my most important ideas… I have way more, like being able to find and eat pet food… but that's another story! It took me 20 minutes to type all this stuff in so I'm tired… I hope that you are planning on adding more items into the game and allow more items to be converted to have other functions, like the wood -> sawdust -> fertilizer idea… Anyways, you have made a great game that I love very much, so much that I have spent 20 minutes to type in what I feel should be added! Have a nice day, I can't wait your appreciation of my idea and, obviously, a confirmation that you should add these and you are starting work on them! 😉

  21. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this, but will we be getting more songs added both ingame and to the soundtrack? The OST is FANTASTIC and I think most everyone was upset when it only lasted around 20 minutes. I know it left me wanting more. So would we possibly get more songs later on? Thanks so much.

  22. If it's not to much to ask could you add the write your own story into mobile so that we can get the whole experience of the game and not just the scenarios that you guys created

  23. This War Of Mine Help Me, changing my way of Seeing Things Around Me And Make Me Appreciate More The Things That I Have

  24. Soy de mexico y espero que entiendan el español, pero hay alguna forma de que saquen el this war of mine anniversary edition en dispositivos móviles?

  25. "In modern war, you will die like a dog for no good reason." – Hemmingway

    You could not have set the tone for this game better than that.
    I can't congratulate you enough on such an accomplishment. Just amazing.

  26. I'm on PS4 and I bought This War of Mine The Little Ones, like last week and I'm really enjoying the game but I don't have the Anniversary Edition. It's weird cause I bought the game on my phone Yesterday and I have it please help 11 bit

  27. Did this ever come to PS4? There were a number of really bad bugs I would have liked to see fixed too (mostly stealing on certain levels from criminals inflicting morale penalties when it shouldn't but also Greenthumb perk only saved water on herbs not veggies or something like that)

    Still love the game and looking forward to your new one.

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