Thomas Middleditch’s Fan/Stalker Moment with ‘The Bachelor’

So your wife is in the audience. And I understand that she’s
mainly here for Cardi B, not you. Yeah. No. She really was. No. I’m a dream enabler, I think. You make dreams come true. I make dreams. I don’t know if this was your
idea or hers, or you together. But I saw this photo. Let’s show the photo of
you looking over a wall. And explain– Oh goodness. Explain what you all are doing. Well, does anyone
recognize that wall? Because that is a wall
from ABC’s Bachelor, The Bachelorette. That is the house! And we were just driving
along in the mountains, as we are wont to do. And I slammed on the brakes
in the middle of the highway and said, dear God. That’s The Bachelor house. And I did a very safe u-turn
in the middle of the highway. And we got out. And that’s a legit
fan stalker moment. Is that the gate? Is that the gate for the– OK. So you recognized
that from there? Uh– yeah. Big fan. Big fan of the show. Wow. Yeah. And as a result, I posted
that on the old Instagram. Right. And one of the
producers said, hey, if you ever want to come by, see
a taping, let’s make it happen. And I said, yes, please. Yes, please. And you went and
watched a taping. I know you went to
the rose ceremony. But did you go to a
taping at the house? Yes. Yes. Look at you. That’s at the house. And there’s Molly. See? Another dream enabled. Yes. What a– You’re welcome. What a lucky woman you are. Did they hose it
down for you all? Because it’s always wet looking. It is professionally wet. It’s always wet. They always hose it down to
make it look better somehow. I don’t know why
that looks better. It’s permanently hosed. And you went to
the rose ceremony. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a– you know, I’m
fascinated by the show for multiple reasons. I think it’s a very interesting
psychological experiment. I agree. It’s like we’re watching
lab rats that are us. I’m like, oh, interesting. I would do it differently. But that’s interesting that that
person’s breaking down mentally in that way. And what’s crazy about
it is you can’t not be aware of the cameras. Like how I am constantly
aware of the cameras now. And we’re trying to have a
very relaxed conversation. But I know that it’s being
broadcast around America. Right. And so– And the world. And the world. Yes. And then uh– on top
of that, like imagine I’m trying to woo you. And there’s other men there. And I’m– and we’re trying
to desperately establish this romantic connection. Right. And you only have
like five minutes. So we’re like trying to
play t-ball or something. Yeah. It’s so bizarre,
don’t you think? I do. And don’t you think–
and I love how everyone’s isolated in the house. They have no contact
to the world. Just like booze and
the other competitors. Right. And you’re just waiting
for every person to have their moment
of mental breakdown. Yes. It’s the best show
on television. It is. Second best. Second best. Thank you.

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