Three star 22 course dinner at El Celler de Can Roca (2019)

The returning to number one and back on top of the world, the Acqua Panna best restaurant in Europe and also the San Pellegrino world’s best restaurant 2015 is El Celler de Can Roca! Coming up Joan, Jordi and Josep! Joan Roca: In El Celler de Can Roca we do a modern cuisine. A cuisine that is very respectful with the Catalan kitchen roots. It’s a cuisine rich in concepts and techniques, in products. And we make our interpretation. Jordi Roca: El Celler (of my grandparents) is in Sant Esteve de LLémena, a very small village in the suburbs of Girona, where my father was growing up. Joan Roca: Celler means wine cellar in Catalan. Josep Roca: Joan is the oldest, he’s the chef, he’s the one who had the clearest vision. He’s the architect of taste, he’s the one who makes any madness understandable. Jordi Roca: This is a small tribute to the bar (of our parents). It’s a starter that we’ll introduce very shortly (in 2014). It’s a pop up which opens and it resembles the bar of Can Roca with all details: Joan in the kitchen, Josep behind the bar and me in the clouds. Joan Roca: Well, I’m the oldest brother of us three who are running El Celler de Can Roca. I’m in charge of the kitchen. I’m cooking since I was little. It was clear that I wanted to become a chef and one after another we have been building this space where we can develope our work with excitement and passion. Josep Roca: And Jordi definitely the genius, right? Searching for the opposite sides and finding brilliance and be clear-headed. And always with a bold smile. Josep Roca: The connection, the feedback of the client is something that we master with a play of emotions of powerful connection of intangibles that are equal or more important for an experience than a taste, than a pleasure, more or less driven, more or less vegetal, more or less flavourful, more or less simple. Joan Roca: Here is were we come from. And now and then they create a very simple menu for the working class people, the restaurant is located in a working class neighbourhood of Girona. Joan Roca: Well, the first day we opened the restaurant, no one showed up and I think neither on the second day. Subtitles: Cristina Coves Mora

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