Three Year Anniversary Livestream

Shane: Okay. We’re live. Hannah: It’s up. S: I don’t have my glasses on. Should I wear my glasses? Didn’t we do this last time right when we began? H: No one’s on yet. [cross-talk] Ah! Hellooo! Our first comment! Hellooo! H: Do you want your glasses? S: No I can read that so I think I’m fine, right? H: Yeah.
S: Yeah. S: Welcome everyone. H: Hello!
S: We’re excited to be here today. S: Alright. The questions, I mean the comments, are coming in fast already. H: Michigan and Iowa. Hello! S: I saw Andrew Yarborough. Hi, Andrew! Very cool.
H: The U.K. H: Norway!
S: So I don’t know if you guys saw our S: posts about all this but today is the official S: three-year mark of the day that Hannah— Oh! We got our first super chat! H: That brings us to what we have decided to do for Super Chats, ’cause we didn’t know what to do last time. We have a wheel! S: When we get a Super Chat we will spin the wheel. Let’s see. What options do we have on here? Can you guys see them? H: Nose kiss, you know, like [demonstrates] like that. H: Smooch.
S: Mmm-hmm H: Tickle Shane. Shane made this, so that one’s a little bit weird, but, uh, tickle Shane. Oh no. H: Snuggle and cheek kiss. S: I should have put “Use Bathroom” on there, ’cause I need to go to the bathroom. [both laugh] S: So, we got our first Super Chat. Thank you very much Mark.
H: Thank you Mark. Let’s spin the wheel. S: Snuggle. That’s not— that was backwards for me. I didn’t read it. For a minute I was like, “hnngg?’ H: You started, then you second-guessed yourself. Snuggle! S: A little snuggle. Aww.
H: I don’t really know how to snuggle when we’re sitting here. H: But, good try. S: Awwww, all right, thank you Mark.
H: Yeah, thank you. S: Um, anyway, three years ago today Hannah reached out to me for the first time and that’s what began S: what became this amazing relationship. S: And so what we want to do today is go through some of our favorite S: photos and like memories from over the years. We went through all of our old photos and picked a bunch out S: and just talk about, um, all of that. H: Wheel! We have a wheel to spin.
S: Another Super Chat! S: Thank you very much. H: Uh oh.
S: That’s a …
H: Tickle Shane! H: It’s definitely on tickle Shane.
S: Oh no… S: Also, how do you guys feel about my wheel that I made? Well, Hannah made it. H: I mean, I cut it out but Shane designed it.
S: It was my— H: Oh! And then another one. Okay.
S: We got a super chat. H: Let’s tickle— ah okay… H: How do I tickle you? I usually tickle your armpits. Excusez-moi H: Shane is REALLY ticklish so as soon as you tickle- (both laughing) S: Stop, stop, stop. We have to keep the tickles short, ’cause I’ll die, I’ll literally go— H: You’ll die, you’ll throw up and die. S: Alright, another one.
Both: That’s on smooch! S: Alright.
H: Mmmmm. H: I love you.
S: I love you. We’re gonna spend the whole time doing this. S: Why don’t they let them build up and then we’ll just do a bunch all at once?
H: Sure H: Alright, so we have an album full of photos here and they’re in order, like time order. H: So we’re just gonna go through. S: Can you click off of that one that you have clicked, so that we can—. Yeah. S: Alright.
H: Okay. Both: Let’s go back.
S: To the very beginning— is your brightness all the way up? H: The first night Shane and I spent together— S: Hannah is infamous for having her screen brightness down. Thank you everyone for the super chat, we’re gonna— H: We’ll group all those too, right?
S: We’ll do a bunch all at once when we show a few photos. H: Yeah, I think so.
S: so here we go. H: Alright, first photo we took together when we were cuddling for the first time and— H: wait, let me just wipe my screen, I feel like it’s like a computer…(inaudible) S: Here’s my dirty phone screen. H: It’s not dirty. It just looks… there, it’s kind of dark ’cause it was night time.
S: That was our first moment cuddling together H: First cuddle. S: We were so happy! S: After like three months of non-stop face-timing, and just falling further and further in love, S: we had so much… S: …like built up, wanting to just touch for the first time.
H: Yeah we were so excited. S: Do you remember I actually took my shirt off? S: I was like, well if we’re gonna cuddle… remember that? H: Yeah, you were bold S: I was like—
H: I kept my shirt on. I did in this photo. I’m wearing a t-shirt. S: Thank you very much. Let’s thank the people that have given.
H: Yeah, thank you so much. H: So there’s three. Let’s spin the wheel three times H: Real quick. Both: Cheek kiss.
S: Aww! H: You can do my cheek next time. Both: Smooch! S: I wonder how awkward that looks.
H: I know, I hope it doesn’t look— S: I close my eyes so I don’t know. Both: Nose kiss!
H: This is kind of a hard angle. S: People are actively signing off.
H: Throwing up, they’re like: “this is the actual worst!” S: “This is not what I signed up for.” H: I know!
S: This is a terrible, terrible idea. H: I’m sorry if that’s disturbing to you all. S: You know what, we thought we’d experiment with something and—
H: Yeah if you hate it let us know. H: Okay, so then this photo—
S: Someone says: “I love how interactive you guys are!” S: Thank you.
H: Thanks. Um, okay. So May 12th was when that photo was, then a month later I visited again. H: This is June 8th and Shane got me a build-a-bear, so this is us snuggling with our build-a-bear. S: Look how not decorated our build-a-bear is!
H: Oh we didn’t wanna spend the money H: so we got the base bear and no accessories. S: We go in to build-a-bear and immediately S: every employee there is like “OH!! A wheel chair!! He’s here for his bear!!” H: Yeah…
S: so obviously there’s no way that, like… S: we were on a date and I was getting a build-a-bear S: for Hannah. They FLOCKED to us and they were like: “What kind of bear does he want to make?” “Does he wanna put the heart in it?!” H: Yeah.
S: What was like really awkward— There was a really awkward— I made a joke. H: There was a woman. She asked if we met in the parking lot! S: No, no, no. I MADE that joke!
H: Ohhh, you made that joke! S: Thanks for telling the punchline there Hannah.
H: (laughing) Sorry. S: So the woman was like… S: she thought we were brother and sister for a while. I was like “no, we’re dating…” S: And she was like “how do you meet?” S: And we— I, thinking I’d be hilarious, was like “Oh we met in the parking lot on the way in.”
H: Just— just now. S: Yeah, just today. And she goes (awkwardly) “ahhh…”.
H: Yeah she thought we were serious. S: She thought it was real! S: We were like no no no! H: It was so uncomfortable. H: Anyway that bear’s name is boytoy and he is my bedroom right now. H: Then this photo is the next day and it is… H: We went to a Louis C.K. comedy show. I got Shane tickets for his birthday. S: Louis C.K was one of my favorite comedians before all of the other Louis C.K. stuff went on. H: Yeah this was a while ago so, we didn’t know about all that. S: Pretty bummed about all that but um… do you remember that—
H: Back then we were excited about it S: —that show we went to that.
H: Yeah. S: You— we’re halfway there. S: This show was like an hour and a half away. We’re like halfway there and I was like, “You have your ID, right?” and you were like… H: “No??”
S: “Why would I need my ID?” S: And I was like, “Well #1 we’re driving!”
H: I know. S: “and #2, I think you need it to like get in like, to show you’re an adult or something?” H: I didn’t— I didn’t know! S: And I also think you didn’t have the tickets.
H: The tickets were under my name— H: No I had the tickets on my phone! I didn’t think I needed an ID to show with the tickets.
S: Oh, yeah. H: Anyway, we like stopped and, um, S: Called a friend of mine.
H: Yeah, we called Shane’s friend. H: She got my wallet from Shane’s house and brought it to her house H: which was right near where we were, so we like went there and got it H: and then we got to the con— to the show and like walked in the door and they were like H: (gasp) “Wheelchair!! This way, this way!” H: And then we like passed all of the lines and they like took us into this back elevator and they were like “What section are you?” H: and we were like—
S: Didn’t ask to see our tickets. H: “I don’t know the accessible one…?” H: They were like “Oh okay, it’s probably on this floor!” S: They just took us to our seats and were like “Here you go!” H: No tickets. S: We— I mean she, bought tickets. H: I bought them and they were like $50 each. I was annoyed. I was like… H: “Okay well, this was a waste of money, I could have just been like “I’ll take you for your birthday!”” S: But if you use a wheelchair and you are willing to risk it a little bit. H: Yeah… S: You can try what we did. H: We— No but we wanted to, we were like, “Oooh, like we should do this again!” H: I’ve never had to courage to not buy tickets and just show up to something. S: Imagine that we go in and we’re like “Yeah… handicapped… so that should…” S: And they’re like “Your tickets….?” S: And we’re just like “Nnnoo… Hand-i-capped. That’s… the wheelchair? H: Oh stop it. H: Okay, shall we spin the wheel a couple of times?
S: Yeah, let’s click these and read their names and say thank you. H: Okay, we have Chelsea.
S: Chelsea, thank you. H: Some of them might have timed out. I hope that they didn’t. Both: Teresa, thank you. S: Sarah, thank you. Both: Uber tails!
S: Thank you. H: Okay, let’s spin it like four times.
S: Let’s do like five or six. We got a lot. H: We definitely missed some. S: Snuggle?
H: It’s right in the middle! I’m spinning again. H: Smooch!
S: Oh it’s a smooch. H: Tickle Shane!! S: (groaning then laughing) S: Stop!! S: I cannot deal with that. H: Why did you put that on? You hate being tickled… Nose kiss! S: Urgh. H: Seriously?
S: You got some snot on me, I think. H: Tickle Shane again—
S: What does it say? H: Tickle Shane. It’s tickle Shane.
S: Don’t. Just do it. H: Aww, just do it. H: Nose kiss— I think we should have had more options, that’s the problem. H: Because now we’re doing this over and over and over again. Both: Snuggle!
H: Awwww. S: I’m gonna give you a neck area to get into.
H: Aww thanks. H: Alright shall we show our next photo? S: Yeah we got a few more though, let’s get these. S: Thank you Nicole.
H: Here we go, yeah. Thank you Nicole. H: What kind of wedding do we want? Oh, I don’t even know. l li— I can’t answer that. H: I’ve never really thought about my wedding.
S: A small, a small wedding. H: A small wedding. True. Maybe a destination wedding? Okay. S: No, not a destination wedding. H: I wanted to get married— you know where I want to get married— in Poland H: Don’t say not a destination wedding. Okay. Um.
S: This is a good photo. Well, it’s a funny story. H: The next day— these are like three days in a row. We went to visit my friend who went to Princeton. So we went to New Jersey. H: It was right near Shane’s house, and she— H: Is this inappropriate to tell? S: Mhm… we went swimming.
H: We went swimming. S: That’s all that matters. H: Yeah, so this is us. S: Swimming.
H: Hanging around outside of the pool. It was so beautiful that day S: And while we were swimming, S: something about the chemicals in the pool reacted with my loins. S: My unders, if you will. And we get—
H: Shane, why are you… S: We get out the pool and my unders are… S: My unders, I like that phrase.
H: No one wants to hear about your unders! S: It’s important to the story! S: They were on fire. Like, a chemical burn level. S: I suffered for a lot of that day because— I don’t know what was in that pool, but it… chemical burned me. I think— S: Not actually.
H: That was zero percent necessary to the picture. No one needed to know about that. S: That’s all I remember from that day! H: I forgot about that, I don’t even remember that from that day! H: Why would we care about the burn in your… unders??? Jesus! Okay, then this is ooh two months later. S: Thank you, Erin.
H: We’re skipping ahead to another visit. S: I just— I—. H: Thank you Erin. I think we’re missing some.
S: Yeah we have to do a few spins. H: Shall we do some spins?
S: Yeah. H: I’m trying to see—
S: If you missed it— H: Thank You Tracy, she’s in Minnesota. S: We have this really fun spinner wheel—
H: Seductive wink! Ah that would’ve been a good one! You’re good at winking. S: We should add— Oh wait I’ll just do one.
H: You can do that for Abby. H: Awww, you’re good at winking. I’m not— I’m not really. S: Do one more, try one, try one! H: Me? I just did! S: Oh, I missed it. S: You blinked!
H: No I didn’t! S: This is Hannah’s— this is Hannah’s—
H: I think I winked. Don’t be mean, I’m not good at winking! S: Wait, let me do your sexy wink. This is Hannah’s sexy wink. Ready? This a character I’ve been working on for a while. H: Oh my god! H: You’re rude! Okay, thank you Erin.
S: Thank you Erin. Both: (inaudible)
H: Thank you. S: I appreciate that.
H: Lauren NB. Let’s spin it three times. S: Let’s do three spins. H: Tickle Shane! Well this is just my absolute favourite isn’t it! S: Stop! Okay okay. S: Cheek kiss. H: Yeah, YouTube does take 30% of the super chats, someone just said that. Cheek kiss! S: Aww. Oh wait I get to do a cheek kiss soon!
H: True. I’m sorry. S: Next one don’t forget! Awww.
H: Snuggle! Give me a spot. H: Alright. H: Next photo, August 9th. Like I said two months ahead.
S: Thank you everyone. H: There’s not really— Oh, I want this to adjust. S: Yeah, there you go.
H: There’s not really a story to this. H: It’s just us on the couch in Shane’s basement where we spent so many hours. S: A lot of our time, yeah.
H: A lot of our time. H: That was our room when I would come and visit. S: Yeah, our daily hang out. I mean— what am I saying? H: Our daily hangout? S: During the day we would like, do activities when Hannah visited S: and then every night our routine was like— ’cause there was a bed down there that was like my room. S: We’d sleep down there. We’d head down with snacks and watch a movie.
H: Tea. I would always make tea. S: (burps) Excuse me. And we would cuddle on that couch. I miss that couch. H: I miss that couch too, it was so comfy. Alright, this is the next day. H: This is us in the car on our way to some restaurant, I’m sure, and— H: really the only story, there’s not— I don’t remember where we were going or anything,
S: There’s not a story? H: But it’s interesting because Shane’s wearing his neck brace that he used to wear in the car when we would drive. H: When anyone would drive with him.
S: Yeah, which is a good indication of how much stronger my neck muscles have gotten. S: I don’t need that in the van anymore.
H: Yup! S: If you’re new to our story S: I receive a treatment for my disease called Spinraza that makes my muscles S: not get weaker anymore as I get older. H: And has made you a little stronger.
S: Yeah, and so… S: That’s it. I can’t believe I used to wear that. I forgot about that, yeah.
H: Every— like religiously, you couldn’t go without it. S: ’cause otherwise would fall off. S: Have you clicked that 24 and 25? S: Oh, we did that one.
H: We did that one. S: Thank you Ronaldo. Thank you Heather.
H: Ronaldo and Heather. “For a special anniversary dinner”. S: Actually we’re taking a yummy dinner tonight. H: Yeah, we’re gonna make risotto actually. We don’t know what kind yet. H: We have a little cookbook that Shane’s mom got us so we’re gonna pick one.
S: All different risotto dishes. H: Tickle Shane! There’s something about the way we’re spinning this—
S: T— that was… S: I think you weighted it. Both: Snuggle! Awww. H: Alrighty, let’s see… H: Oops. Oh, man, I lost my spot. Okay. This is a couple of days later. H: We visited New York City and this was the visit to New York City that ended up giving us our battery tattoos. H: So we have a couple of pictures from this visit. S: And this whole story is in my upcoming book: S: Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse. H: Yeah, so we won’t spoil it.
S: Don’t spoil all the exciting stuff. H: This is Shane. In New York City he travels in the bike lane because it’s smoother than the sidewalk. Fun fact. S: Yeah. I don’t know how the motorist feel about that.
H: Probably not happy. S: The sidewalk is too bumpy! S: I’m just thrown all around so the bike lane is a lot easier. H: That’s us happy right as we arrived H: We didn’t know yet that the day would be—
S: It was so hot that day, remember? H: Different from the usual… it was so hot.
S: That’s like, 8 a.m. S: Here, wait. Can you see the timestamp on that photo?
H: At 9:30 a.m. S: And we are sweating. We are moist.
H: Oh yeah we’re pretty gross. H: There’s a picture of us completely drenched— I didn’t put it in here— because we had to wet ourselves in a water fountain, it was so hot. H: Do you remember, in central park?
S: In Central Park? Yeah. H: We Instagrammed that.
S: And I was sick! H: I was sick do you remember I was coughing and hacking the entire time? S: That was me, that was me, I was sick. H: Okay, I know for a fact that I had a horrible cough that summer.
S: You’ve rewritten history. S: I was the one that was sick in that— on that trip. H: Was it a different New York City trip when I was really sick? S: Maybe but remember I was drinking the water in the park, and like, coughing and too tired? S: to keep going cause I was coughing. H: This is Shane charging his dying wheelchair battery across from an exhibit in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. S: That was as my chair began to—
H: As you can see, he is not happy. I don’t know if you you can tell. H: Expression on his face; not pleased at all. S: My chair began to die really rapidly and S: in the story, in my book S: I talk about how that day ended up kind of in catastrophe but it was also a lot fun. H: This is—
S: This is the failure, the sweaty failure. H: Oh, yeah, we’re sweaty and gross. That is at the end of the day. H: When all of our plans have been ruined, but it was fun and we got a tattoo to commemorate it. H: Alright two days later. We went to Marblehead Chowder House and we took this picture in the parking lot. I really like it. S: I love that you’re giving the chronology of this. H: It’s all in order and I figure I may as well say how far apart they were. S: It’s nice. No I appreciate that. H: So that’s us going to our favorite restaurant. That’s really all I have to say about that. S: Let me look, wait hold it back up.
H: We do look really good. It’s a really good photo, and it was beautiful outside. S: Yeah, that was before we stopped caring about, you know, impressing each other with our looks. H: Yeah, I would like get ready and everything, and look nice. H: I was wearing like an actual shirt. S: Thank you Riley, Riley just pre-ordered my new book. I really appreciate that.
H: Aww yay! S: Let’s do a few spins.
H: Yeah, let’s. S: Thank you Jessica. H: Wait, let me go in order. Yeah, Jessica. Thank you. Both: Thank you Erin.
H: Oh, she had to go. And then Riley. H: Let do a couple of spins. S: That thing’s going to paper cut my arm.
H: Cheek kiss. S: I think I am better at that than you.
H: Alright. H: Nose kiss.
S: Nah, I want to kiss your nose. H: Awww that’s cute too.
S: Bleh. H: You’re so rude. Tickle Shane! A good last one to end on. H: Aww you’re so ticklish. Okay H: Next we went to your high school. Do you remember? S: For no reason.
H: Shane didn’t go to high school. S: What?
H: Well you wanted to— H: You weren’t in high school. You’d already graduated from college. S: Oh. (Sarcastically) “Shane didn’t go to high school.” H: He took me back to his high school to see what looked like. S: Yeah really it was just because it was late at night one night and we didn’t have an activity to do S: so I was like, “let’s walk through my high school” and then we took this adorable shadow photo. H: Yeah, there was a big wall and it was making perfect shadows. So we took a photo. S: Trying to be artsy. Do you think it’s artsy?
H: Artsy and cute. I think it’s artsy. S: That was that was our first photo that ever like blew up on Instagram. People were all like, “This it’s adorable!” H: It IS adorable. You have a hair on your nose.
S: Good think you didn’t nose kiss me. H: Oh then at the end of the month— this was a different visit now— I came back like two weeks later H: I was starting school. This is August 31st. So I was gonna go back to my sophomore year of school, I guess. S: This is actually our first summer together, and at this point we were like… S: “So, we can’t be apart” and that’s why you came back 2 weeks later. S: We were like, “well, this sucks!”
H: Before I go back to school for like nine months. S: Yeah, so we’re miserable.
H: So we were planning on seeing each other again like H: after my break for Thanksgiving. That was gonna be a good three months, so we knew we would be apart for Halloween. H: So we carved a watermelon. We tried to find a pumpkin, but they don’t sell them in August. S: That was fun. We named it something, do you remember?
H: I don’t remember the name. We did name it something. H: It was good. It’s pretty cute. S: We also attempted to make watermelon juice from the insides. H: Oh yeah… not good. S: But we didn’t puree it, I don’t really know—
H: We just put chunks. S: We just threw the pineapple in a jug.
H: Not pineapple. Both: Watermelon. H: In the jug and then added water to it, and it all separated.
H: Yeah, it was terrible. H: Pulpy and disgusting.
S: It was very pulpy. H: Alright, so on that same trip we went to Peddler’s Village, which is this really cute town. H: Well it’s not really a town. It’s in a town, but it’s a shopping area, but it’s meant to look really old. It’s adorable and quaint. S: Shopping doesn’t give it the right feel. It doesn’t feel like a shop— it does… It’s just like, a nice outdoor— a few blocks of— H: There’s just like, a pond and a wind— a water turbine. It’s adorable. S: Yeah, a cutesy little fairy place. I would expect to see fairies flying around in the air.
H: Yeah. H: Yeah so we went there. This is the photo of us there. S: This is also where Hannah puked on the sidewalk in public. H: Well, I think this is the day before— actually, THIS is the day before. Is this the same day? Let me see… H: This is the second— no, the next day. We spent the day in New Hope which is a town in Pennsylvania that’s really cute. S: I think it might be new New Jersey. I don’t know.
H: In New Jersey. Is it? There’s another one. There’s two towns together. H: And we had a great meal and then that night is when the wine story happened H: and the next morning is when I threw up. S: That story is on our channel if you go back and find our video—
H: “My most embarrassing moment” is what it’s called. S: Hannah— Hara— I almost called you Hara. “Hannah’s most embarrassing moment”. H: We should read a couple of these, hold on. S: Thank you Andrea, thank you Ada. H: Woah, wait I’m losing my—
S: Those are old ones. H: Yeah, Andrea, Ada… H: “Please make a Squirmy and Grubs t-shirt”. We really want to.
S: We’re working on it. H: Yeah, we ask people for— we asked designers to contact us so we’re gonna try to work with someone. H: And thank you Dan.
S: “Get yourself a beer, Shane”. H: He will!
S: Yeah. I will. Right now! H: Shall we spin? Someone also said if they could see the rats and I don’t know where that is on here. H: I’m confused. I think it might have gone away.
S: I think you may be making that up. H: I’m not! A super chat did. They’re right there but they’re not out. H: They’re hiding in their blue strawberry hut that they love. I love that. H: Lauren asked what the meaning behind the names Squirmy and Grubs are. H: You can actually watch a video about that. We talked about it in our 100,000 subscriber episode. S: We can just tell them too if you want.
H: Yeah sure. You can tell them while I spin. S: Uhh, these are— I’m losing my train of thought. I lose my mind when you kiss me.
H: Aww! S: Squirmy and Grubs are the nicknames that we gave each other very early on— Is this snuggle?
H: Yeah, it’s snuggle. S: Very early on in our relationship, I began calling Hannah Squirmy S: because she moves too much in bed at night. Like violently shakes and moves. It’s just like—
H: Yeah. S: And then you began calling me Grubs. H: I did because Shane’s hands sweat a lot. H: That’s honestly why. His names are always kind of grubby and I’d be like, “Aww, your hands are so grubby!” H: It’s not a bad thing. But yeah, so I called him Grubs.
S: Yeah so then we renamed our channel that. S: Because it’s cute.
H: Yeah. S: Alright, let’s do more— H: Someone’s asking what our parents first impressions of each other were. We do talk about our parents and what they think of our relationship in our first ever Q&A. S: (sarcastically) Basically there’s no reason to have a livestream, you can find all this info in our old videos.
H: No! I’m just letting people know— H: I don’t wanna say it like— We’re not ignoring those but we have answered those in our first Q&A. H: We talked a lot about our parents and stuff.
S: “Does Shane go to your swim meets?” H: Shane did go to all of my swim meets except for one that was not accessible. He could not go. S: Ooh I was mad that day. I was so mad.
H: I was mad that day too. H: Yeah it was annoying. Yup. (sigh) S: You know what we could do? We don’t need to do it right now but I just have an idea. S: With all these people watching, if everyone tweeted the hashtag #SquirmyAndGrubs at once, S: I bet you it would get trending. Like if everyone did it all at once.
H: On Twitter? H: I don’t have a Twitter so I’m not really familiar.
S: Don’t all do it now, we’ll save that for another time. S: I just thought that idea but if everyone did it. And then we could all tag Ellen and be like, “Get them on Ellen!” S: But that’s not another time, not right now. H: Let’s see, what other photos do I have. Alright— S: Somebody— wait, I want to answer that.
“Shane, do you find it annoying when people call you in inspiring?” S: Yeah, um… S: Mostly when the do it for something like, being out at the grocery store S: or like, for smiling in a photo. S: And they’re like, “Wow you being happy is so inspiring.” Because I live a really good life. I should be happy! S: Living with a disability is not automatically a negative, it just is [the way it is]. S: So yeah, I find that annoying. If people are inspired by my work or artwork, S: like I get emails from high school students that are like, “You’ve inspired me to be a writer”. S: That makes me really happy and I love that so… Both: Yeah. S: Didn’t someone say something really great— never mind. Go ahead. H: About inspiration porn?
S: I’d rather remember that quote but I can’t remember it, so… H: We do have a business email. Billy is asking that. It’s [email protected] S: Yes.
H: Yup. H: Can’t you like click something on our channel that says our email?
S: Yeah it’s in the “about” page on our YouTube channel. H: Yeah there’s definitely a thing on our YouTube. H: Alright this is from October H: So I actually— so we thought that we wouldn’t see each other. That was in August when we carved the watermelon, H: and then Shane had an event to go to and so I flew out for like 2 days— or like, 2 or 3 days. S: I was receiving an award.
H: It was depressing. He was receiving an award so I flew out to go to this event with him. H: This was our first event where we dressed up fancy.
S: Bring it— yeah, that’s the focus. There we go. S: You look so fancy.
H: Awww. S: Are you wearing your Birken—
H: Yeah, Birkenstocks. S: Birkenstocks and your dress? I love that look.
H: I just wanted to bring one pair of shoes because I only had a backpack, H: and I was like, I can’t fit another pair. S: Well it was fine, it was summery— it worked.
H: Yeah, it was fine. I don’t care about that stuff. H: Alright, we didn’t see each other for 2 more months. H: 3 more months, from October to December. H: Um, I guess that’s 2 months. S: And then I came to visit Hannah in Minnesota for the first time.
H: Yup. S: And so, back then I really didn’t have the whole flying situation figured out that well, S: so my brother, his girlfriend, and I, drove to Minnesota. S: To meet Hannah’s parents and to hang out with Hannah for a few days. H: Yeah. So, it was also my birthday. This is on December 18th. My birthday’s December 12th. H: So they brought these gross cupcakes that I love. What are they called? S: Tasty cakes.
H: Tasty cakes? H: They’re like those Little Debbie hostess cupcakes. Kinda like that but a Pennsylvania version and— H: Let me turn this sideways, it might be bigger to see. H: So they brought those and they— remember you guys didn’t have a lighter? H: So we had them— we had like candles but didn’t light them. That’s me pretending so blow out candles that aren’t lit. H: In the hotel room in Minneapolis when they arrived.
S: And we brought champagne and didn’t have a bottle opener. H: Yeah.
S: It was just a catastrophe. S: But, it was fun.
H: It was fun! H: And then we took our first visit to the Mall of America. S: (laughing) Someone commented all those wheelchair symbols. H: Aww, it’s you.
S: I love that. I don’t know how you do that. H: So then we went to the Mall of America for our first time. This is a photo of that. S: Yep, we’re stood in Mall of America.
H: It’s all white. S: That, I remember, was the first moment you you help me pick my nose S: Or like, wipe my nose.
H: Really?! S: I—
H: I hadn’t wiped your nose before then? S: You probably wiped it but I think you like—
H: Oh with my actual finger? S: Well, a tissue but yeah. S: I only remember it because I was like, “I have a booger”…
H: Oh yeah, there were people! S: And you were like, “I’ll get it!” and I was like, “Okay” S: And you began getting it with a tissue. S: And it was not coming out easily. Then I became aware of my surroundings and saw a table full of people S: Just staring at us as Hannah digs around in my nose. H: Aww. I didn’t care, I was like “I’m gonna get it!” S: Whatever. Let’s do a spin for Isobell. Thank you Isobell. We really appreciate that.
H: Yeah, thank you. H: A-Bomb…?
S: And an A-Bomb, thank you. H: 2 spins.
S: 2 spins on the love wheel. Both: Cheek kiss. H: Which one do you want?
S: I’ll do you. S: Oh, we got another one.
H: Yeah. Nose kiss. Kiss my nose. S: “Kiss my nose!” Both: Snuggle. H: Should we do another?
S: Yeah, we got 2 more. H: Yeah, Aaron.
S: Aaron, thank you. H: “My plans after graduation and how did my thesis turn out?” H: I don’t know how it turned out. We don’t find out until after they’ve read it for a while. S: Snuggle.
H: Snuggle. S: But you were happy with it?
H: Oh, yeah, I’m really happy with how it turned out, but I haven’t gotten feedback and it’s also pass/fail. H: So I turned in 4 drafts before that. My professor— my adviser didn’t say I failed those. She was pleased. S: And you were doing well with it.
H: Yeah, so I would be shocked if I failed. That’d be pretty— that would blindside me. S: Can you scroll up? I saw one that is not up there now. It was on the chat. H: It was asking how we connected with Chris from SBSK.
S: Well I just want to say thank you. Both: Thank you Kevin. H: Lottie. Thank you Lottie.
S: Thank you Lottie. S: We just emailed Chris on the main—
H: Smooch. S: On his main website info thing, S: and just told him our story, and he reached out to us months later. H: Yeah, it was a long time.
S: I thought he didn’t— he wasn’t able to do it. S: But then he was in our are and he was like, “Hey I’d love to film an episode” and we were like, “Cool!” H: “Okay!” So nervous.
S: Nervous but cool. S: Alright, let’s do more photos.
H: Yeah. H: Um, oh, this is the first photo we ever took with my mom. H: Shane had just met my mom for the first time.
S: I was so nervous. H: And this was at my niece’s Christmas concert for school.
S: Aww. S: Thank you Eunice.
H: Yeah, thank you. H: I got Shane a beer— like a table mini pong game, like beer pong. S: Because she knows that I would love to be about to play beer pong. H: True, but he can’t play the normal way.
S: But I can’t play the real way. H: So, it’s this little thing where you flip it with your finger and the ball goes into the cups. S: It’s so much fun.
H: Here’s us playing with just water. H: My nieces were playing with us, which is probably inappropriate. But we played that game so many times. S: Yeah, all your little nieces ran over. They’re between the ages of 5 and 12.
H: Yeah. S: And we’re playing explicit game. So we’re like, (awkwardly) “Alright, water. You can play too.” H: Well, we’ve never played it with beer because I refuse to drink beer. That’s probably why. S: Yeah, you don’t like beer.
H: Sad for you. H: This is cool. Okay, so Shane’s uncle— your uncle, right? H: Lives in Connecticut and works at the— he works as the person who collects animals? S: The head animal care whatever.
H:The head animal care person. H: So he goes to different zoos and like swaps sharks with them, whatever. H: I don’t know. He manages the animals at this aquarium. H: He took us on a behind-the-scenes tour. So this is us looking down into the shark tank that you normally can’t see. H: Which was so cool.
S: It was really cool H: He took us round the entire place and talked about all the animals, and all their names. They all have names and stuff. S: We were behind the scenes, behind all the tanks and stuff.
H: It was so cool. H: That was so fun. And then in that same visit— so I’m originally from Connecticut and that’s where I grew up. H: We visited Connecticut and went to my favorite restaurant that I so desperately miss. This is a pizza place called Rossini’s. H: It has the best pizza in the entire world. That’s really all I have to say about it. S: Thank you Riley.
H: It’s a wonderful memory. S: We’ve been in Massachusetts. We,, I’ve been to Massachusetts. Boston is in Massachusetts, right?
H: Yup. S: I love Boston. I don’t like driving in Boston, but I love everything else about Boston. S: You’ve been to Boston, right?
H: I have. I used to swim— I had a swim meet there every year, from 13 to 18. H: Someone asked if a service dog would be of any help to you? S: We’re actively looking into getting a service dog.
H: We are. S: And from what we understand so far the process takes a while and there’s a few different ways to go about it. S: So, we’ll be updating you on all that as it progresses. S: Probably closer to this summer is when it will really begin. Who was that? I missed that question.
H: I don’t know. H: Emily asked where in Connecticut. First Hamden and then Wallingford, right in the Wallingford-Cheshire border. H: So then this is also— this isn’t Wallingford, this is a pet store that has puppies. H: And now that is horrible, like I fully— I don’t support pet stores that have puppies, but they do let you play with them H: I’ve never purchased a puppy from the pet store, I don’t support them. H: However, it is fun to sometimes go in and look at puppies. So we did that and that and that is Shane holding a little puppy. H: We named it Flappy. It was a girl, I think. I don’t really remember. S: Flappy!! I miss Flappy.
H: We snuggled with that puppy and then didn’t buy it. H: They were also very expensive. It’s really a terrible place, but I did love it. S: You might as well give the dogs a fun time while they’re being held in captivity. H: Yeah, they were there so I may as well go play with them. I’m not going to buy anything. H: Yeah, I would go in there all the time to play with the puppies. I never bought anything. H: They were probably like, “You can’t do this”. H: I’d be there like, “Can I see that one please?” They’re thinking that I’m going to buy it. H: I’ve gone in once a year from the time that I was 8 to the time I was 19. S: Someone said, “Is it wise to eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting?” S: Yes!
H: Yeah, I have nothing against that. I mean you might get a stomachache but… it’s fine. S: That reminds me. Isn’t it the season of selling girl scout cookies?
H: Girl scout cookies? It is. We need to buy some. S: Mmmm.
H: I know. S: I think Thin Mints are probably my favorite. No! There’s peanut butter ones.
H: Peanut butter patties? S: Yeahhh!
H: They might be called something else. S: Ooh those things taste so good.
H: Mine are the Samoas. Those are my favorites. S: Thank you Patricia. Let’s do a few spins. We got a few that are unspun. H: “Where did I get this shirt?” Amber’s asking. So this shirt says— it looks crooked but it’s not— I love someone who is SMAzing. H: Shane’s non-profit actually sells these. Shane is SMAzing. S: Laughing Can you repeat that for everyone? H: Is it .com?
S: Yeah. S: You can get one. I think we have them in stock right now.
H: It’s so comfy. This shirt is also very very soft. I love it. S: The funds that we earn selling these helps us provide vital equipment to people that live with muscular dystrophy. So it’s a good cause. H: Is it a good cause? Tell us more about it Shane. H: That’s smooch, I think.
S: Smooooch. S: I was trying to do a big one.
H: You didn’t— Both: Nose kiss.
S: Let’s do a nose rubby. S: I’d appreciate if you didn’t exhale as we do that.
H: You’re so rude. H: That was (inaudible). Okay. H: ARoseInDecember asked if you ever had hospitalizations as a kid. H: You definitely did.
S: Yes, from [age] 2 to 7. S: When I had— at 7 I had my first spinal fusion— my only spinal fusion surgery. S: Where they straightened my spine and attached a metal rod to it. S: Before that I got pneumonia all the time because I was really like bent over and my lungs were like breaking. S: So I was in the hospital a lot as a kid. Luckily I don’t remember a whole lot of it. S: I guess I’ve like, blocked that out over the years. S: But I went to a children’s hospital in Philadelphia very often. H: DaddySchmuckers asks, “What’s the best hate comment you guys have ever received?” and I so badly want to answer that. H: You probably don’t. Shane doesn’t like to talk about the negative comments. S: I don’t. I just think everyone’s dumb that acts like that and we should ignore them. S: I mean, we’re doing advocacy in our own way. But you can talk about which one is your favorite. H: No, I would have to look. It’s okay, it’d just take time. I want to do an entire video about the negative comments we’ve received though. S: Yeah we think we will. I want to do that.
H: That’ll be really funny, responding to negative comments. H: How many warmies does Shane eat in a week? That’s such a good question. H: Probably like—
S: 6 to 8 maybe? H: Yeah, so a sleeve, like a normal serving of them is 3. H: But he never really eats all 3. So I would say he has them 3 times a week. So 2 each time maybe? H: So about six a week.
S: Mmh-hmm. Yeah. H: Alright. So then this is in March, so we went from December to March without seeing each other, I’m pretty sure. H: And this is my sophomore year. So after March, I was leaving for London for 4 months. S: No this— was that that trip?
H: Yup, that was this one when we were crying on the balcony. H: I was crying on the balcony.
S: Oh yeah. H: Our first time to Ocean City, we’ve only gone twice. The first time was that, the second time was when you were moving here. H: So yeah, I was leaving for 4 months. It was really depressing.
S: And like 4 months in London? S: So the time difference.
H: Yeah, big time difference. S: The lack of face time availability. We were we were not happy about that.
H: Yeah. S: Then we went to Ocean City for a couple days before you left. Just to kind of like, S: Have a fun time and try to keep our minds off of it which we didn’t as Hannah said. H: No, I was like, crying. It was terrible.
S: We were just like, tears and lots of— S: You were like, “I’m not going” and I was like, “Nooo”.
H: Yeah. S: And it ended up being amazing and you loved it.
H: I felt bad for you but you were fine. H: You know, like I feel like I would have been— if you were in London having a great time and I was home H: I would have been like, jealous of that and you weren’t like that. S: Well we had our fair share of moments that were difficult.
H: Yeah. S: Oh it’s adjusting— there, keep your head straight.
H: Oh sorry, I can’t look at you. H: This is us on the balcony, probably right after I was crying. S: It was in March. It was like, 30 [degrees]
H: It was cold, yeah. It was like, 50. S: No, it was colder than 50.
H: It was 50, it was not 30. H: Some days it was 30 but here it was— maybe it was? H: But Shane was wrapped in the comforter because it was cold. H: Then this is in July, so July 1st, I came back from London— S: Greetings from Norway. Thank you Andreas.
H: Ooh, Norway. S: Andreas? Am I saying that right?
H: I don’t know. How would I know? That’s really cool. S: I don’t know, you’re more worldly than I am. H: So July 1st I came back and flew to Pennsylvania. H: And Shane, at the airport, waited outside baggage claim with this sign strapped to his wheelchair. S: And your flight was delayed. So I was out there for a while.
H: He was out there for like an hour. S: ’cause I doubt that—
H: This is me arriving. S: You guys know that I like to be early. So I was there well before the plane was scheduled to land. S: All set up with my sign, like ready to surprise you, and then the flight was delayed.
H: Aww. S: Hundreds and hundreds of people walked by me just posing with my—
H: With a sign saying Squirmy, it’s not even a name. S: And it’s a small airport where people are not doing that kind of thing.
H: Yeah. H: Alright so I came and then that kicked off our one month road trip from that day. H: We left like— we spent July 4th with your family, remember? H: And then we left on the 5th for our month long road trip.
S: Yup. H: So our first stop was in— was this? Where was this? Was it Shipshewana, Indiana?
S: Shipshewana, Indiana. H: So this is us. We arrived at 7 p.m.
S: Yeah, it was around 7 p.m. and on the way, like around 6 p.m. we were getting really hungry. S: “Let’s stop for food” and so I brought up Google and began listening for places. S: And everywhere was closing, like before we would get there.
H: Yeah, nothing was open. S: By 7 p.m., every restaurant, I believe, in Indiana was closed down.
H: Yeah, we could fine none. S: There was nothing.
H: None within like, 3 hours of us. S: And to be fair it was a rural unpopulated area but like even the McDonald’s, I feel like or like, or a Subway, was closed at 7 p.m. H: Yeah.
S: So we ended up at a little family grocery store. H: It was called Miller’s.
S: Called Miller’s. H: This is us picking out our dinner. We were so sad.
S: We got microwave meals. H: Yeah, you got a sausage toaster scramble and I got a Smart Ones Weight Watchers pasta to microwave. It was so bad. S: We were also banking on the fact that the hotel would have a microwave, which, at that point we were like, “Oh god, it might not”. H: Yeah, if it didn’t— I should have gotten some chips.
S: It did though. Dinner was delicious. H: It was bad. I remember it was actually bad. S: Later in that trip we ended up in Chicago where we took this.
H: That was our next stop the next day. H: We were excited. That was in the middle of a road.
S: We tried to get a photo in the middle of the— H: Bridge.
S: Intersection. I think we made it. H: It’s cute. I love that photo. We look so happy.
S: It is cute. H: And then this is us in front of the bean. H: We had a selfie stick on this trip actually to take photos. S: It was summer. Ooh I can’t wait for summer and being outside.
H: Yeah. H: Then this is the Mall of America and this was the day that I dropped Shane on the ferris wheel. H: Yep, that was that day. S: There’s a video about that if you haven’t heard that story. H: Yeah, it’s the time that I dropped Shane. I gave him a concussion, I think_
S: Almost dropped me out of the ferris wheel which is like, 50 feet in the air. H: It was really— it wasn’t funny in the moment. H: This is us in front of the cherry and spoon in Minneapolis at the Walker sculpture garden. H: Very pretty, very cool.
S: Very cool area, yeah. It’s like an outdoor and indoor museum— art museum in Minneapolis. H: Someone asked what my best stroke is. It’s breast stroke. My best stroke. H: “I thought the spoon was St. Paul?” I think this— the Walker Center I think is in Minneapolis, right? H: Pretty sure. I don’t know, it has a view of Minneapolis. I don’t know where it actually is. H: Then we went to the badlands.
S: Yeah, the badlands were awesome. H: So we were driving out to Yellowstone and we went through the badlands. I love that, that was really fun. S: I liked that a lot because the badlands were really good for wheelchair accessibility. S: They had really nice paths. Really great paths.
H: All of the national parks that we went to actually did. Especially the badlands. S: Paved, or like wooden walkways.
H: Raised up wooden ones that were accessible. S: But in the badlands, even not on the paths, I could get right up to the edge. H: Yeah, we have a video of that.
S: On these giant cliffs where if I messed up I would have plummeted. H: Yeah, you are not protected by fences or anything like that.
S: That was cool H: And this is us at Yellowstone in front of that being famous fancy… whatever that is.
S: Yeah the molten mm— no. H: Geyser? No. Yeah there’s a name for it but I forget what it is.
S: The hermetic? There was a word for it. H: And then we were leaving Yellowstone, we drove down South. H: Through— I mean, it’s still Wyoming but the Teton National Forest?
S: Forest, yeah. H: And this view just popped up in front of us, we were not expecting it at all. H: Shane was like, “PULL OVER!!” and I swerved the car over like— H: I think I might have reversed on the wrong side of the road to get there. But we had to get out. H: It was so pretty.
S: I was able to get right up to that water in my chair which was really cool. H: And that was where I saw the ground squirrel, do you remember?
S: The ground squirrel, yeah. H: Yeah, I saw a ground squirrel. Like this bizarre breed of squirrel that I had never seen before.
S: They were mice, I’m pretty sure. Or chipmunks. H: No it wasn’t a mouse. And it wasn’t a chipmunk, it wasn’t stripy. S: Yeah so our little moment to stop and look at the mountains ended in Hannah chasing around the mice for an hour. H: It was so cute. Old Faithful? We did go to Old Faithful. H: And then this is Shane getting his tattoo in Denver. I was next.
S: Yep. S: This dude, his name is Drew I believe? Why do I remember that?
H: Woah, good memory. I don’t know. S: He tattooed both of us. That was cool.
H: Yeah, that was really cool. H: Thank you YourNameGoesHere. We appreciate that.
H: Shall we spin? S: Let’s do a spin for YourNameGoesHere. H: If anyone has suggestions for what else we should put on this, that would be helpful. S: Yeah or other ideas for—
H: Other ideas for what we should do when we get those [super chats]. H: Tickle Shane!
S: (laughing) Stop, stop! H: Why do you say stop every time?
S: Because I don’t want you to keep going. H: Alright. Oh, this is my favorite. This was in Texas. We were in this tiny down in Texas. S: Amarillo.
H: This is in Amarillo, this is downtown Amarillo, but we weren’t— we were staying in a smaller town. H: I think it was even smaller. H: And we went to a drive-in movie, so this is us sitting, waiting for the movie to start. H: It was like it like 80 degrees at night and we had the windows open. It was so perfect. S: It was beautiful and we ate pizza that we bought from a little pizza place nearby.
H: It was really good, I was surprised. S: And the movie was Planet of the Apes 4 or— I don’t know.
H: Yeah and neither of us— it was number 4. H: And we were like, none of us has ever seen 1, 2, or 3. S: And the screen wasn’t bright enough so you couldn’t see it.
H: It was such a dark movie. H: If you’ve seen Planet of the Apes, 90% of it is like pitch-black and like them creeping around at night and you could see none of it. H: But it was, it was just the atmosphere. It’s one of my favorite memories.
S: Yeah it was a nice atmosphere. H: This is us in Texas where we were staying.
S: Yeah. We stopped at a cool hotel and for some reason… H: They upgraded us!
S: Yeah, I don’t remember why. H: It was like a surprise they were like, “Just so you know like we’ve upgraded you to our
whatever suite and we were like “Thanks!” S: Yeah we didn’t understand why.
H: It was like, we paid with points. Do you remember that? S: Oh, was it because of the points thing?
H: We paid with Shane’s points? S: Credit card points.
H: Credit card points. So I don’t know but I think they just randomly selected us to be nice. H: It wasn’t even a disability thing because it was like before we got there, you know, so I don’t know what it was.
S: Yeah. H: But we were lucky and it was a gorgeous hotel room
S: Yeah. H: So pretty.
S: And we walked in and there was a balcony. S: And we looked down— we didn’t even know that the hotel had a pool. H: This was just on our route.
S: It was a random place in Texas. S: Rockwall.
H: Rockwall, Texas. S: Not what you think of when you’re thinking of, like, beachy vacation resort.
H: Yeah. S: It was on this beautiful lake and then we looked down and there’s a giant pool. H: and a live concert concert. Like a community— not with the hotel. A community concert and like boardwalk right by the hotel. H: And Gloria’s which is a restaurant that we ate at for 2 nights in a row. The best food ever.
S: Yeah, it was the most delicious… mmm… H: It was like Mexican and what, Venezuelan?
S: Argentinian? H: Argentinean food. It was so good. Like the actual— some of the best food I’ve ever had.
S: Yeah. Really good. S: “We call want to think she’s your nurse because you’re the prettiest woman in the world.”
Both: “Now put a ring on her finger”. S: But why can’t I be with the prettiest woman in the world? Why does that mean she has to be my nurse? S: Those two don’t— that— thank you for your super chat. H: Aww. They’re just saying you should put a ring on my finger because why wouldn’t you have married me already? S: I agree, I should. I agree, I agree. H: Anyway, this is us. This is my virgin pina colada that I shamelessly ordered from a bartender. H: Luckily, I think he thought that I was ordering it for like my little friend. S: ’cause I got a—
H: You got a sprite with vodka or something. S: So you were like, “Vodka sprite and”—
H: “A virgin pina colada!” He was definitely like, “Aww the kid wants that”. H: Shane was like all the way across the pool deck too. H: Alright. So then we went to New Orleans this was outside—
S: Ssh— H: What?
S: Nothing, go ahead. H: I remember it rained a lot this day and we were worried that our boat swamp tour would get cancelled H: and then it didn’t and we were so excited.
S: Yeah. H: So this is us holding a baby ‘gator that they had. H: Again, probably not—
S: I don’t know about that— H: I don’t know about the ethics of this situation.
S: Probably not good. H: Probably, I don’t know if they’re allowed to have ‘gators. S: But we didn’t take the tour to hold the alligators.
H: No, I didn’t know that was happening until I was thrusted an alligator. H: They really wanted you to hold it. It was like—
S: Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of that. H: But the tour was cool and it was just family-owned.
S: Just around the swamps of— H: Tiny, it was just that one guy. Remember? And then we sat in the cat after trying to figure out where to go to eat H: and he was like, “Excuse me. Can you leave so I can go home?” Do you remember that?
S: Yeah, yeah. H: He had to go home, close the gate and we were holding him up. S: Let’s do— we got a few super chats.
H: Okay. H: “Hello from Norway. Are there more people from Norway watching?”
S: Oh, thank you. H: I don’t know, is anyone else from Norway watching? Thank you. S: What is 100 NOK [Norwegian Krone]. Does anyone know the— thank you for that.
H: I don’t know. H: Spin! Aww we will spin. Yeah, thank you. Bronwen also did one. Let’s see, let’s spin. S: Someone said that we’re like wine; we’re getting better with age. Thank you!
H: Ooooh. H: Tickle Shane! Wow.
S: (groaning) Stop. H: Yeah, you’re so ticklish. I hope everyone else enjoys him being that ticklish. Cheek kiss! S: Couldn’t really reach on that one.
H: I know. S: “What’s your favorite beer?” I think Blue Moon is probably my favorite beer. What was it? Nose?
H: Nose kiss. H: Alright. H: Ooh, this is a good one. I put this in solely for the food. H: So if anyone has ever been to California Pizza Kitchen H: I hope that you have also ordered their butter cake. H: If you haven’t, it is a vanilla cake that the texture— I can’t really explain to you the consistency. H: It’s coated in like sugar crystals—
S: And then the rest is butter. H: It’s gooey.
S: Like, melted butter. H: But it’s the best vanilla cakes ever. So this is it, it comes with a scoop of Haagen Dasz vanilla ice cream on top. H: This is Shane and I, excited to have our butter cake. H: That was right after a Spinraza injection.
S: Yeah, there is one right by the hospital in Pennsylvania where I used to do injections. H: That was your first one. My mom was there.
S: Was it? H: Yeah, my mom came for Shane’s first injection. H: That was her first visit ever like she met Shane’s parents on that trip H: I mean that was her only visit to Pennsylvania, but yeah. H: She came and then your dad and my mom and us, we all stayed in a hotel by the hospital.
S: Yup. S: Right by California Pizza Kitchen.
H: And so Shane and I went to California Pizza Kitchen to get just this cake. S: “What’s the furthest you’ve ever been away from home?” S: For me it was a London or Paris. How about you?
H: I’m trying to think of geographically furthest. S: Africa?
H: Probably Croatia? S: Oh yeah.
H: Africa, I don’t think that would have been as far. S: True because you were on the East of Africa? Or the West, I mean. H:Well I’ve been to the Canary Islands which is by Morocco, and then my family lived in Liberia for a little. H: But that was when I was really little. But I think that Croatia would be further. H: Or Slovenia, that might be even further than Croatia. H: I’ve been around Eastern Europe a lot because my mom’s from Poland so we would go visit. H: So probably just Eastern Europe in general is the furthest I’ve been. S: Thank you Becky. H: Yes, if you have a California Pizza Kitchen near you that you haven’t gotten a butter cake from and you like vanilla cake, H: You really really really should try it. S: Someone says “Beer from Lone Rider”. I’ll have to try that. Thank you.
H: Ooh, you will have to. S: Shawnie really wants to know, she keeps asking, if we worry cheating or jealousy. H: Not really. No. No, we don’t worry. That’s not…
S: No. H: “Do you guys like the Minnesota State Fair?” We did not go last year. We’ve only had one while Shane was living here. I used to love it. S: I know. Immediately after we were like, “We’re gonna go to the fair!”
H: We were so excited. H: And then every single day, like you’d see the news and it would be like, H: “Three million people at the fair today” and it would show a photo of the crowds and I know how crowded it is. H: We just could not bring ourselves to do it. S: Yeah, I wish we’d gone now. H: ‘Cause there’s so much good food. We’ll go this year.
S: I know. Fried mayonnaise. H: I’m sorry that we didn’t see it Vanessa. H: Oh, are we doing a meet-up in Florida? We don’t know. If anyone wants us to do a meet-up in Florida can you let us know? S: Does anyone from Orlando or around Orlando—
H: Marco Island? S: I think we’ll do it in Orlando.
H: True because we’re not going to be in Marco Island for very long. H: So if anyone is from Orlando and thinks we should do a meet-up— S: Shawnie is really happy that we answered that question. Thank you Shawnie.
H: Aww. S: Yeah, I think around Orlando we’re thinking about doing one but let us know if you are in that area. I’ll try to read the comments_ H: We should do one in a Minnesota. We should, we live here. We should do one in Minnesota.
S: We should do one in Minnesota. H: A lot of people have said they’re from Minnesota also so we really should. H: So yeah, if anyone wants to do one in Orlando we will. H: “How many push-ups can you do, Hannah?” That’s funny. S: Can you do push-ups?
H: I can do push-ups. I don’t know how many I can do. H: I’ve never— I’m not the kind of person who likes to push myself to the limit of exhaustion.
S: Can we do them right now? H: So I’ve never found my limit of push-ups. I’ll do like three or four and then I’m like, well I’m mildly tired so I should stop. S: You’re a swimmer! That’s the exact wrong sport for you to be doing if you don’t want to be exhausted.
H: I know. H: I’m just saying like— I mean swim practice, it’s different if it’s like people around you and you have to make time but H: push-ups, I don’t know. S: Thank you Kevin. Oh, you left a longer message? Was it Kevin’s you opened? Both: Yes it was Kevin.
S: Thank you Kevin. H: On the community page. Thank you! S: We’ll go find that afterwards H: So, yeah, we’ll try to—
S: And thank you Melanie. “Are you subscribed to Pewdiepie?” H: No, we’re not. S: Not because we don’t like that channel, we just have never even looked at it yet. S: So we don’t know if we like it or not.
H: No, I have never watched one of his videos. S: Alright. H: Sorry, I’m reading this.
S: I know, I’m trying too. H: “Hannah why don’t you have swimmers hair?” My hair used to be the frizziest, most horrible hair in the entire world. Then it changed. H: I think it’s like one of those things where every 7 years your cells change because it just became less frizzy.
S: Yeah. H: Yeah, I don’t know S: Someone said, “I know someone on your swim team Hannah, and I’m from the U.K.” Aww. H: Aww! Who do you know? Who do you know on my swim team? S: Alright, let’s do more photos.
H: Let’s look. H: This is— okay. So Shane’s dad— do you want to? I don’t have to tell every story. H: Yeah, my dad rides a motorcycle that has a side car. S: which, back in the day, allowed me to take motorcycle rides. S: This is a photo of Hannah and I taking our first motorcycle ride in my dad’s side car.
H: We’re right in there, if you can see. S: Dad, if you’re watching, we miss you and mom and the sidecar. H: It was fun. It was very scary. You’re so close to the ground.It’s just a different perspective. S: Yeah. You could like, reach out and touch the ground.
H: Well, you shouldn’t do that, but it was very— it was fun. H: Then this is a month later and we went to— so Shane loves soccer. I— I don’t. I don’t love soccer. S: That’s fair, okay.
H: I don’t love any— whatever. H: And so we went to a soccer game. I don’t like sports.
S: I don’t love anything. H: Anyway, so we went to this. It was actually very cool. It was nice outside, there was a breeze. I like that it was outdoors. S: This is at the Philadelphia Union soccer game.
H: Ah yes, I think the team would probably be important to people. S: My favorite team in the MLS is the Philadelphia Union and Hannah got me this for my birthday, I think. H:I think it might— it was September. It might have just been for fun.
S: Tickets? Just to surprise me. H: I don’t know.
S: I miss the Union. H: But I got him tickets to like to show my support like even though I don’t like it Iwill go with you. S: You like the food, like the nachos.
H: Yeah! I got nachos with that fake cheese. It was really good. H: And then I went back to school so we didn’t see each other for like 3 months. This is sort of a theme. H: Then in December my swim team always took a training trip to Florida. H: After that training trip I flew to Pennsylvania, got Shane, and drove him back down to Florida for a little warmth trip for us. S: Yeah.
H: So this was us and we rented a house with a pool and— S: That’s us in the hot tub.
H: And that’s us in the hot tub. H: It was really fun. S: I loved that hot tub.
H: Yeah, that was— was that last year? S: That was last year, yeah.
H: Last year. H: Then so straight from there, Shane was gonna spend Christmas with my family. I had spent Thanksgiving with his. He was going to come to my house— S: We drove down to Florida.
H: Yeah, so then we drove up to Minneapolis. From Pennsylvania we went to Florida then up to Minneapolis for Christmas. H: This is Shane in my house and my brother Mike photo-bombing us. That’s just a cute photo. S: I bet Mike’s watching.
H: Maybe he is. H: Hi Mike.
S: Hi, Dr Mike. H: And then for my birthday, Shane had gotten me tickets to the Phantom of the Opera H: So this is us at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis that we love, about to see a show. S: I’m wearing the same hat.
H: Aww my hat! You even stole my hat all the way back then. S: I wore the brown-brown before the brown-brown was even a thing. S: That was a year before YouTube.
H: But I had custody of the hat. Like when you went home, I kept it. It was my hat. S: Yeah, yeah.
H: For the record. S: I also have a scarf on in that photo. S: Oh look, more evidence of my brown-brown. H: So we drove back to Pennsylvania to drop Shane off basically and H: Not we— I drove him back and then I was gonna fly home. We got stranded in Streetsborough, Ohio. S: Literally stranded, it snowed so hard. H: It was snowing and a car spun out on the highway in front of us and missed. It wasn’t even by an inch. H: Like, I am shocked that it didn’t touch us.
S: Yeah. S: So we made sure they were okay and then we made our way— H: Yeah, that didn’t hit anything. It was amazing. They just stopped.
S: Yeah they spun and then kept going. We were like (gasp) S: Oh it was so scary.
H: It was so scary. S: But we got— after that we were like, “You know what? This might be dumb to keep driving”.
H: “We’re done”. S: So we went and found a hotel.
H: Yeah. S: Did you show the photo?
H: Yeah I did. So that’s us. S: I just want to show my brown-brown again.
H: Oh, Shane’s wearing the hat again. That’s not important. H: Then that was December. I didn’t see Shane for another couple of months because of school S: I hope that people are actually following this timeline. S: It’s been disjointed with like, all of our other interruptions. H: Yeah. This is a pretty good summary of our relationship.
S: It’s a good summary, yeah. S: Thank you John.
H: I flew to Pennsylvania for the last time— S: Let me just answer John. S: Make content. That is our biggest advice.
S: Yeah. S: Just be consistent and keep creating. We did YouTube for like, six months before we really, like… got discovered. H: Before people, like, a lot— we had 4 thousand subscribers for a while. H: And then we had— Chris’ video went big and that got us on, like, the YouTube algorithm but we already had a lot of content for people to watch. H: Which made a difference because like if they click and there’s nothing there, they’re not going to subscribe. S: Yeah, so if I didn’t— make content.
H: Just have stuff up, yeah. H: So then I flew to Pennsylvania for the last time March 12th of last year, so almost a year ago.
S: The last time! H: This is Shane and Shane’s dad and I in the car on the way home from the airport. H: He had picked us up, or picked me up. They had picked me up.
S: See, I’ve got my trusty neck brace on. H: Yeah. H: Aww. H: And then we went down to North Carolina. Shane and his cousin Sarah used to do speaking engagements around Pennsylvania H: For their non-profit and this was their last in-person speaking engagement together. H: And the first one I ever got to see you do. So this is us right before they went on. S: Down in North Carolina. S: Actually at the school that Sarah’s dad— my uncle— was the, or is, the… H: Principal.
S: Principal. I was gonna say president. S: The principal of. S: So we spoke to their whole school and there’s some really great laughs. H: And I got to meet your yeah, your uncle’s—
S: Family. S: I have a bunch of family in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. H: Yeah.
S: Two of my uncles and their family. H: Yep S: Families. H: And then straight from there Shane and I went to Ocean City, Maryland for, I think like, one night. H: Because, remember we had to leave…
S: I forgot about that H: Like Shane had to— we had to leave Pennsylvania with him to get back here because my next term was starting. H: So we didn’t have a lot of time but we went to Ocean City for the second year in a row that same week which was kind of fun. H: This is Shane all bundled up on the boardwalk. S: I think that’s your scarf that’s wrapped around me. H: That is my scarf. It was so cold! It was really freezing. H: And, ooh, okay. In Ocean City… S: This is your favorite photo of all of them. H: This is my favorite. H: Okay. So in Ocean City, there are a number of restaurants. H: Um, they’re, like they stick out in my mind, some of my favorites. H: Like when I think of Ocean City I think of these restaurants and one of them is the Bayside skillet that is like a brunch-y type place. H: We actually have a mug from them. Like, we bought a mug from this restaurant. I am like, so in love with it. H: And they have these hot chocolates where they like, crust the rim with cinnamon sugar. H: Like, it’s just— it’s the little things. You know what I’m saying? And! They have, this was a Nutella strawberry crepe. S: Which is like your favorite food. H: Yep, that’s my ideal breakfast right there. S: And I have a, you know, decent human breakfast.
H: You have an omelette. You got an omelette. S: I got the savory. I don’t believe that breakfast should be sweet. H: Shane, we’re not having this discussion. S: I’m so against that. H: Oooh, that was so good. Ah, it was so good, so good. H: And then we drove home and the next day we had the photo shoot for your book. S: Yep.
H: Yeah, that was when we shot the cover, of me holding Shane. S: Hannah’s on the cover of my upcoming book because there’s a bunch of stories about her in it. H: And it’s called, “Strangers Assume My Girlfriend Is My Nurse,” so it’s—
S: Yeah. H: So it made sense for the cover. H: Anyway, when we were there the photographer Matt Carr took a photo of us just for us to have. H: Actually, is it gonna be in your book as like, an author’s thing or no?
S: I don’t…no. H: This might just be— I think this is just for us.
S: This is just for us. S: Matt Carr is a phenomenal photographer and so I mean check him out.
H: He did all the photos for Shane’s children’s book. H: And the cover of this book
S: Yeah. H: And was it the cover of your first book too?
S: Yep, he’s done all my books. Yeah. He’s really great. H: Then we drove to Minnesota and this is us outside of our apartment. Shane got to see it for the first time.
S: Yeah. S: Because the way that all went down, you had to sign the lease prior to my arrival so that— H: I signed it on Valentine’s Day.
S: Yeah, so that it would be ready for us when we got there. H: Yeah.
S: Uh, when I got there, and uh… S: Yeah, a seasoned apartment that we would be living in together for the first time. S: After like, 2 days of driving and moving out of my parents house. It was a cool moment. Very happy.
H: Yup, it was so exciting. S: A very happy moment. H: So that was March 21st when we arrived here. H: There was not a warm day— that day was pretty warm. We’re in like long-sleeve shirts H: It continued to snow for all of March and most of April. H: April 21st is the first day and we took this photo outside. It was the first day it was warm, H: And we sat outside for three hours. I distinctly remember it because it’s very important; the first day it becomes warm. S: That used to be my favorite hat and I lost it.
H: No, it’s in that basket. It’s over there. S: We have that hat?!
H: Yeah. It’s right over there. S: Why have I been thinking it was lost?
H: I wonder why you think we had lost it? H: I don’t know. H: Sabrina said, “Why don’t you get a better apartment that is better suited for Shane’s chair?” H: So we couldn’t find one. We had to be in this town where my college is and there were zero accessible apartments. H: So this was the one that was like the most easily made accessible. H: So the hallways are really hard for him to navigate in.
S: Yeah. H: The front isn’t accessible so I put a ramp out every time we come in and out. S: Yeah. H: But there’s no option. I think people don’t realize how inaccessible most houses are. H: My parents’ house we had to— they built a 12-foot ramps to get him inside. S: Next time you’re jogging around keep an eye out on how many houses have like at least 1 step to get in the front door.
H: Yeah. S: It’s something that if you don’t need to worry about it, you probably never even noticed it but so many houses have 1 or more steps. H: When we’re house-hunting that’s going to be really interesting trying to figure out— S: I can’t wait to vlog about finding our next apartment or house, whichever we end up doing.
H: Yeah. S: That’s gonna be really cool to— cool and probably frustrating.
H: Well yeah, it’s just going to take a while. H: And we have to move out of here like right after I graduate so there’s no way we’re getting an apartment right away. S: Yeah.
H: It’s just going to take a really long time to find a good apartment. Well see. S: We got a super chat we need to spin for.
H: Ohh. S: Thank you SweatyBetty? H: Oh. “Which one of you can handle most spice?” Me but I can’t handle a lot.
S: Yeah, probably Hannah. H: I’m weak but Shane’s weaker. Both: Nose kiss. S: Oh, I wanted to kiss your nose.
H: Yeah, you were like… H: I’m always confused as to if I should go up or down. S: “Do you guys argue? You seem so happy” by— Alexa asked that. S: We argue.
H: We don’t really argue about, like, big stuff. S: Yeah we haven’t had big stuff.
H: We haven’t really had a huge— H: The most angry I’ve ever gotten at Shane — we’ve talked about this before— is when he said that football was harder than swimming. H: The other one that I got so physically angry at you like I could like feel it in my soul, H: was when we were fighting over whether the singer in Pentatonics was a guy or a girl. S: In like, one part of the song. H: It was just that one person and I knew that it was a man and I know that he identifies as a man. It was a male person for sure. H: and Shane was convinced that this was a girl singing. He was like, ” No, it’s this other girl”. S: And I was wrong.
H: You were wrong. S: And I really believed it too.
H: I was so, so frustrated with you. H: We were driving, I remember that. H: So we actually talked about— H: The question is “How do we handle”— what?
S: someone said that their Echo Dot started talking when I said Alexa. H: Oh my god.
S: I love it. I wonder if ours began talking? H: Ours is in the other room. H: What was the question? I lost it. Oh, “How do we handle care-giving when we fight?” H: We actually did talk about this in our first Q&A, right? S: Yeah, it’s just— I mean it really just makes us have to communicate better, S: and practice communicating even when we’re angry and kind of, like, setting aside the argument too. H: Yeah.
S: Like if I need to use the bathroom— H: It really helps with communication because…
S: Yeah, it helps. H: If he has to pee like I’m gonna have to come over and then we have to like work out our argument so it does help with communication. Our arguments don’t last very long. S: Yeah, Thank you Collin.
H: Aww, thank you. S: Let’s do a spin for Collin. H: Hold on, we’re almost done with photos.
S: Okay. H: Sure, I guess let’s (inaudible)
S: I think there’s 2 or 3 in there. H: I already did some though while you were talking.
Both: Nose kiss. H:You’re not very enthusiastically kissing my nose.
Both: Smooch. S: Snuggle?
H: Snuggle. H: Alright, so the next photo… Oh, it’s the first time my dog Bella— so Bella was a little bit hesitant around Shane at first. S: Bella is a little bit hesitant. H: She— she like… she licks your hand in the morning and greets you and stuff. H: At the beginning, she was jealous. She didn’t want Shane near me.
S: Yeah, or around you. H: Yeah, around— just in the house basically. H: Like she would come in in the morning because she would always— her routine is to greet us in bed in the morning. H: She rolls around and gets like, really excited. H: She found Shane in my bed for the first time and was like, really angry and growled at you and left. Do you remember that? H: She was upset at him and I felt terrible.
S: Often she would just be like (grr). H: Yeah (grr). She’s a very vocal dog. S: Even now when she sees Hannah getting me ready in the morning she’s like (grr)
H: She moans! She moans to herself. H: So this is the first time she laid down next to Shane.
S: It was very cute. H: You can’t see— she’s too dark in this photo but Shane was pretty excited. I was excited.
S: It was a moment for us. H: It was pretty cute. Like, she touched you, she laid down touching you which was big. H: And then this is a family photo so that’s just nice. My brother and his wife and four kids live right near us.
S: Aww. H: So in the summer they’re always over.
S: Yeah. S: Thank You Melissa.
H: Oh, thank you. S: Let’s do a spin for Melissa.
H: Yeah. Both: Tickle Shane. S: You know I hate— okay, okay. H: Awww. S: Thank you PuppyKittenGirl.
H: I like how Jed Black says, “Not all swim practices are at 4:00 a.m. Swimming’s way easier than football.” H: Mmm. I disagree S: Nope, we’re not having this fight right now.
H: Sure. H: Aww, this is our first time going to Harry’s. H: So Harry’s is one of our favorite restaurants. S: Someone made a comment on a recent video that we have too many favorite restaurants.
H: Did they really?! S: Yeah and I think that’s true.
H: It is. We have like, 5 favorites and no second-tier. H: We don’t go anywhere else.
S: As soon as we like a restaurant we identify it as being our favorite restaurant. H: We’re sorry about that. Is that our last photo? S: Was it?
H: I don’t think so. S: Fuddruckers is also also my favorite restaurant. H: It’s not our last photo. Fuddruckers is not your favorite. We have 3 more photos.
S: 3 more photos! S: Have you guys enjoyed this format of sharing photos?
H: Yeah. Do you like our photos? S: Because we can do other ones, like childhood photos or travel photos.
H: True, childhood would be fun. S: Yeah. People are saying they like it. Thank you!
H: Aww. S: Alright, let’s do… uh… H: Okay, so this is— this was this past summer with us living together and everything and we visited my friend Helen who had just moved to Chicago. H: So Chicago’s like 6 hours South of us and we drove out. She took this photo of us—
S: Not South. East. East. H: Is Chicago East of us? Oh jeez. I guess it is. I think of it as being South. H: It’s like South-East, it’s not eastward of us. No, it’s South- East.
S: It’s not due East. S: Way more East than South. H: Okay, then we went— so that was actually on our way to Pennsylvania to visit Shane’s family and go to his non-profits 5k. H: So this is a photo of us at the 5k. S: This photo was taken by a friend of mine who’s a really good photographer named Jeremy Towen if you want to check him out on Instagram. H: He does very cool photos. S: You’ll be entertained for a long time looking at Jeremy’s photos.
H: Yeah. Yup. S: If you do, tell Jeremy that—
Both: We sent you. S: We sent him? We sent you?
H: Alright this is the last photo— that’s okay, don’t get wound up. S: The strength of the wolf is the pack. And the pack of the wolf—
H: NO. S: —is the strength? I messed it up.
H: Baby… Yeah that’s not right. H: Okay, this is the last photo.
S: Ooh okay— wait. Never mind. Go ahead. H: What?
S: I was going to tell them an embarrassing story from the joke that I made in the— speech thingy? S: My failed knock-knock joke. You remember that? H: Ohh you can tell that story, sure. S: I do virtual visits for my non-profit and that means I Skype, basically, just like this. S: With schools all over the U.S. and I was doing one a few days ago for a group of like, really young kids. S: First or second-graders. S: During these things the kids are able to ask me questions that they have. S: So I— a kid came up and was like, “What is your favorite joke?” S: I’m blank. I could not think of any joke that I know. S: The only one that came into my head is the one that’s like: S: Knock-knock. S: Who’s there? S: Banana. S: Banana who? S: Knock-knock. S: Who’s there? S: Banana. S: Banana who? You know? S: So I, attempting to think of a new joke but also do that, go: S: Knock-knock. S: And all the kids go, “Who’s there?” S: And I go, “Orange!” S: And they all go, “Orange who?” S: And I go, “Oh no!” in my head. S: I did the joke wrong. I did it the wrong way. S: So, trying to figure out how to make this joke funny, because I ruined it, I just kept repeating myself. S: Orange! S: “Orange who?” S: Orange! S: “Orange who?” S: They started dying. They thought it was so funny even though it didn’t have a punchline, so… H: And what was your punchline? What did you say?
S: At the end I was just like: S: Knock-knock! S: They were like, “Who’s there?” S: And I was like, “This joke doesn’t have a punchline…” S: (laughing)
H: Terrible ending but the kids loved it apparently. Shane says they loved it. S: All the teachers in the room had to be like (awkwardly) “I don’t get it…” H: Two things. MissGloriousGoop would like a shoutout so hello!
S: Hi! H: And then Billy wants to know if he can email us with an app idea. Anyone can feel free to email us, that is just our public email. So, yes. H: Alright, let’s see. H: Now. This is our last photo. It is— so after the 5k in Pennsylvania we drove down to New Orleans where Shane was going to the… H: Youth? Young adult literature… YALSA conference which is like the American Library Association young adult literature conference. H: Because his book was getting the Seibert award.
S: Mm-hmm. H: Very exciting. It was really really cool. H: Anyway, so we had to make our way down to New Orleans and we stopped in Mobile Alabama, and some of you may remember the story that we told in an earlier vlog a while ago— a very long time ago… H: About Shane throwing up.
S: Throwing up in a restaurant. H: In a quaint restaurant in Mobile. H: If you haven’t seen that video, you should really watch it. S: Not my best moment.
H: Not his best moment but we happened to take a photo at that restaurant. H: This is the day before this happened so we went home. The next morning we showed up and puked in the restaurant. H: So this is us like being really excited about this restaurant H: Smiling with the name. Isn’t that so funny?
S: Aww. H: Little did we know that the next day Shane would throw up inside of it. All over it.
S: All over myself in front of everyone. H: That’s when the people— we walked in and they were like, (excited) “You’re back. How have you been? How was your day?” H: And we were like, “It’s so great. We love this town” and then Shane threw up in the restaurant. So it was pretty embarrassing. H: Yeah, we have like a personal connection to them.
S: That full story is in an earlier vlog, you should go find it. H: Yeah. S: Alright, that is all of our photos. You have to go soon…
H: Oh yeah, I do. S: So why don’t we hop off. This has been really fun. Thank you to everyone who has joined us and sent us super chats. S: We really appreciate that. S: And to you, babe, happy 3 years.
H: Yeah, Happy 3 years. S: Let’s do one more spin for good measure.
H: One more spin? Should we? S: This will be our last spin.
H: Our last spin. Both: Snuggle! H: Aww we can snuggle and say bye.
S: Alright. Everyone have a good day and thank you so much. H: Yeah, thank you for joining us. H: Bye! S: Bye!

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