Throw a Ninja Party!

Hi, I’m Ian at And I’m Corbin
at Whoo! Today we’re talking about parties. That’s right. We’re doing a
ninja party. Yay! If you’re gonna
do a ninja-themed party, we’ve basically got
everything that you need. Basically the whole set up. From start to finish. Yeah. If you’re gonna do a party, the first thing you want to do
is get some friends. Don’t worry, Ian.
I got you covered. Okay good. Then you want to send
invitations to your friends. We have those. It’s called the ninja party invitation. It’s right here.
yeah. So mine says, “save the date.” “Bring a weapon.
Corbin the Formal Ninja.” Mine just says,
“Products Guy Ian.” Of course, you’re going to want
to put the person’s name. And then right where
it says RSVP That’s French for, “please
let me know if you’re coming.” March 27th All day. What’s on the 27th? That’s when the party is at Ian. We actually designed these. I actually designed these. In 2013.
Did you? The design is older than some of the people who will
be attending your party. They’re sold in eight packs. That’s a pretty standard
number for party invitations. Yeah so make sure that
you invite eight friends. or 16, or 24, 32,
40, 48,
56, 64,
72, 80,
88, 96,
104 and so forth. Yeah any multiple of
eight will do. Well now that we’ve been invited to a party. Ninja decorations. And what’s interesting about the decorations. They’re all–We have a couple
of different kind of collections. That are all coordinated, so
that they match. Ooh. Well they’re all ninja themed.
But some of them– like this is kind of a
black and red ninja theme. We have kind of a gold
ninja themed collection. Basically, they’re just —
you know — color coordinated. Oh, I see. So that they all go together. So you’ll know that they’re coordinated, because they’ll have the same name. Like, these are the ninja warrior. Yes, this is the ninja warrior stuff. Ninja warrior,
Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior. It’s kind of black and red. It all coordinates kind of
a ninja theme. And then we have ninja attack, which is also a ninja theme, but
just kind of a different color. Different color combo. It seems as though, the Ninja Warrior, we have the most stuff with. [Ian] Yes. [Corbin] Because not only do we have the decorations, the plates, the cups, but even like the toys
and things. [Ian] Yes. [Corbin] Also the [together] black white and and red. Yeah. Yeah. So we’ve got cups
for drinks. We’ve got plates. There’s two uses for these tiny swords. You can either use them to
sort of pick at food like– Cheeses. [Corbin] Cheeses. Salamis. [Corbin] Fruit pieces. Hold little sandwich squares together. Yeah. Also, if for whatever
reason at a party– I don’t know if this has
ever happened to you Ian– If you ever shrink down to
about 12 inches in size, a weapon is really useful. Also if you need to hold
three olives together in an adult beverage. Putting together a child’s birthday party is
definitely a reason to have a drink. I think these are sold in
like a 144 pack. So– A gross.
yeah. We also–we sell chopsticks. We have legit chopsticks. We also have these…
some kids have a little– When I was growing up, I had
a little trouble with chopsticks I’m an adul,t I have a little
trouble with chopsticks. I missed the critical learning to use
chopsticks period. There’s a Vietnamese restaurant by my house, and there’s a little girl. She couldn’t
have been six maybe seven using chopsticks with a
level of dexterity I will never have. And at that moment I realized that no matter how much I practice I’ll always look like someone who’s learning
to use a fork again after some terrible accident. But these ones hold the sticks together. You don’t have to–you don’t have
to be good at anything to use these. We’ve got these ninja party hangers. we’ve got this tablecloth–
Oh yeah, these are fun They have kind of a
spiral thing going on. We’ve got this tablecloth here. Pack of the balloons.
Come in three colors. Can you see the black one? [Corbin] No black one is hidden.
[Ian] No it’s right there. You can see it. You can see his eyes. We also have these party hats which we’ve been wearing this whole– When the hat’s on, you
know it’s time to party. Woooo, Oh we’re at a party. Play your ninja music. What kind of music do ninjas listen to? I don’t know. I imagine that a ninja just
listens to silence because they’ve got to be creeping. [Ian makes house beat with his mout h] Dubstep?
That’s how ninjas party. Yes Naybe some sort of hip-hop beat. [hip-hop beat begins] Just the beat Once you get all your
decorations out, then you want to start
planning games and activities. Games and activities. Absolutely. Yeah. There’s–I mean you can
look online for ideas. You get on Pinterest for some good ideas good kids birthday party ideas for games,
all that other stuff. You set a nice base. Get a theme and base going all this
stuff. I’ve heard you could take
pool noodles and make like karate weapons to have
kids smack each other with. Pool noodles are are safe and effective. There’s a game called forehead detective. I’ve played a lot of
forehead detective. So you must be really good at it then. I’m super good at it. Alright so so you can
play forehead detective with some plain white headbands,
which we sell. So we’ll go ahead and do a round of this. We’ll do a round of forehead detective. [Salsa music] Give me a marker Don’t look! [salsa music continues] oh we’ve got a side ponytail like it’s
the nineties if that’s the center of it okay so we’re all prepared You go first. Am I bigger than a breadbox? You’re huge. Am I alive? In a sense. What might I be
doing on a Saturday evening? You’ll be doing a lot on a saturday evening. [Clock ticks] Is it a…a chicken? You’re terrible at this game Am I a planet? You’re global in a sense. Am I a corporation? No. You are not a corporation. However there are a lot
of corporations involved We’re there now in a sense. The warehouse. More like where this video is. I’m Google Google lives there as well. I’m the Internet? You’re the Internet. Yes! This will take up a lot of
time for your party all right okay is this thing biological in nature? yes let me give you a clue You’re blue,
you’re round you’re so disgusting I would
not put you near my mouth. what is that
supposed to mean? is it a fruit?
yes A rotten blueberry yes Very good, Ian. so you looked at me
and you thought to yourself what also describes this person? you said rotten
blueberry? I think that’s pretty fu– So that’s a fun activity you can do to pass the time and possibly frustrate small children if they don’t know how to guess. so once your party’s over there’s an opportunity to thank your guests for
showing up a classy host will do this yes so to be a classy host– look I got a gift box on
my way out the door. thank you so much Corbin you can either give
your party favors in little totebags these come in a sack of
12 yeah six black
six red? yeah or these little boxes these are a little
bit bigger so depending on how stingy you want to be or look kind of like take out containers where I
think is super fun and kitschy and effective yes I got a little squishy
ninja Toy the little ninja plush doll yeah I like it
oh these are the flinger thing things you just load these up onto your finger like
this oh yeah sticky ninja stars. [both laughing] these are a ton of fun oh and these are
actually new these are [Ian gasps] Oh my gosh!
My childhood! Yes, a snap bracelet yeah the ninja slap bracelet you’ll notice they’re they’re a little bit on the small side for adults but
they’re perfect whatever that’s perfect yeah I’ll wear that
all day oh my got a black bracelet kids these days just don’t know so these
are new? yeah just this week and then we also have a little little stress ball
ninjas which hopefully the children won’t need as much as you do okay Oh look there’s more fun stuff in here. if you
like those little– remember those little army men
with a little platform on their feet you can buy a 144 pack a gross a little of little ninja men? that’s a disc shooter there’s so many
toys yeah we have so much ninja stuff in terms of toys and like kids stuff it’s ridiculous so you should just look at the website and see what we’ve got you can get 90% of your party sorted out
in like one order and have like a cool matching theme like that. and then like you know I’m gonna put a little food together couple
sandwiches stick them together with those sword things done done and done the easier the better right? KarateMart’s got your back we’ve got some
ninja candy that you can give out You definitely want to give that out right before you give those kids back to their parents right yeah the suckers are
cute too. these gummy ninja snacks are actually delicious you weren’t supposed
to eat that Ian. Luckily I planned ahead. And I got another one. You totally knew that you was gonna eat that didn’t you? I do work with this man I’m predictable Oh my gosh! These are so good. Aren’t they? they’re like a gummy candy but they’re
not so sweet as to be like cloyingly sweet and they’re very soft Right?
what do you think about it? oh my gosh whenever one of those boxes comes up
damaged I’m like excited about it what kind of damage, Ian? just you know if it’s
been dropped [Corbin] if Ian drops the box [Ian] I’ve never intentionally — [lisping] oops! earlier today
Ian said, “let’s do a video about parties so that we can open up
a box of those candies” did I say that? so that’s how you throw a ninja themed
party Thanks for watching this video thanks Yeah be sure to like this video comment below subscribe email us with your stories of ninja themed
debauchery pics or it didn’t happen but luckily with these tablecloths You can just go like this done we’re done. Party’s over thanks. .

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